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Mandatory free health care checkups for IEAs

Since the liberal mania took hold with blaming Homeland Security for the death of 2 children that were brought hundreds of miles in cold December weather where pneumonias happen all the time, a new policy was implemented, to check everyone, which will cost us even more money on Illegal Entry Aliens (IEA).

Of course “if it helps even one child be saved”, as Oprah and other liberal hucksters have stated when they frequently pull on heart strings, “It will all be worth it”.

Worth it for them because all they care about how it helps themselves in things like ratings for TV shows or their foundations that get donations or merely so they feel like they are better than the President.

I will believe that as soon as they send their money to pay for all the extra costs.

Thing is, these children were sick because of their journey, their being poor, not having enough food, eating heavy fried tamales when they should be having tofu, so they arrived sick, and the border patrol had already done what they could to help by taking the children to hospitals already.

So once again we have an implementation of TMOR (Too Many Overactive Rules).

Christmas is the most self centered day of the entire year

This illusion that it’s all about giving to others is bullshit.

Think this through.

  1. we refuse to not do it because we are worried what others would say, react, feel about us
  2. we insist on doing it because we are thinking of our own needs, I mean like to not do it we would be alone on Christmas, yes indeed, self centered
  3. we insist on doing it every year because it makes us feel good, again, self centered
  4. we think about what we will get for presents
  5. we waste money on people we know who do not need the stuff to make ourselves feel better while we ignore those who live on the streets as we don’t feel good dealing with such crap and it doesn’t make us feel good to give to those who can’t give back who we will never see again nor are our friends who will keep saying how much fun they had at our Christmas gathering, again self centered
  6. when we give to the homeless or needy and hungry we do it for ourselves because we feel better

Doesn’t make it wrong, just clarifying that it’s self centered.


Starting in the 1980’s pneumonia in gays was relabeled AIDS and given a “NEW” cause.

Yes in deed.


Body cameras are now bursting in flames

With every so called fix to a problem there comes a new problem.

It’s the law.

Body cameras that are mandatory as a form of protection and justice are being pulled from chests as one caught fire.

Chick-Fil-A feeds hurricane refugees, denies service to gays

Just kidding about the denial, but this is what a gay run business might do after losing the GWC* baking wars, they would tell the straights to go away. They would discriminate based on whether or not they were discriminated against.

There is so much hypocrisy in the gay community.

Whoops there go my advertisers due to boycotts.


Actually they even opened on Sunday, a break from their tradition.

*GWC is Gay Wedding Cake


Twitter goes extreme on anti illegal alien speech

As stated by The American Mirror website,

“The federal government, U.S. Supreme Court, and lawyers across the country use the word “illegal alien” to describe immigrants who illegally enter the country, because that’s the definition in the law. But Twitter makes its own laws, and the social media giant is now blocking folks from promoting any messages with the phrase [illegal alien], which its moderators apparently consider ‘hate speech.'”

So basically they are supporting exclusion.

They are alienating conservative voices.

It’s so weird that these online forums had championed themselves as bastions of free expression and are constantly making new rules forbidding it.

How about we use the term CRIMINAL ALIENS instead.

All undocumented immigrants that remain in the US are criminals.

Why bother with such platforms. I have no use for TwitTwatter or Fussbudgetbook.

I suppose the new term they will demand people use will be another stupid acronym like LGBTQ.

Instead of “illegal alien” the new PC version will be “UIWCHDTNOFOHOHOEOVP” – Unfortunate Immigrant Who Came Here Due To No Fault Of His Or Her Own Escaping Opression Violence and/or Poverty

Used in a sentence: “The obviously drunk UIWCHDTNOFOHOHOEOVP driver killed a 82 year old great great grandmother as he sped away from having killed a 3 year old child when driving through a neighborhood having been caught later the police reported that he was not a citizen, but because liberal retards were so concerned about him they set up a Go Fund Me page that brought in $200,000 for his legal defense expenses after which he was found not-guilty of manslaughter and was set free only to do it yet another time where 3 people were killed at which time he just fled the country and was never found.”

Don’t forgive and never forget

That’s the motto inscribed on the deepest depths of the minds of the letters #meetoo #you3 and @neverforgive.

It’s a sad state of affairs.

Most every religion of the world teaches forgiveness.

The religion of social media does not forgive.

It’s Satanic, torturing it’s victims for eternity.

It’s filled with hate.