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Roseanne killed by a PC overdose

The character of Roseanne O’Conner on TV is being killed off by an opioid overdose. PC police, which are never really correct, killed her off long before that. reference

Hole in space station is an album cover

The astronaut presented on Twitter an image claiming it’s from NASA showing the “hole in the space station” – it’s an album cover from 2014. Or as Elon Musk would put it, we know it’s fake because the album cover is a hole in the space station that looks so real. No shit. See for…

Paul McCartney jerked off with John Lennon

John Lennon of course is not around to defend himself. reference

This is the shit that gets dished out to older transgenders

It’s disgusting.

Marketing HIV

You can have the most incredible product, better than anything by leap years, and galaxies, but if you label it in such a way that it invokes FEAR/TERROR or other negative emotions including death, you might not sell a single item. Take for example a new electric car that is 1/10th the cost of any…

GOP auctioneer drowns out libtard protester in Twitter hearing

The republicans proved once again who can outsmart who. watch the short segment and read the details here on Fox News

Fucking the jungle

When a boss is worth $143 billion dollars and an employee that becomes disabled at work has to live in her car and is offered a pittance for a “buyout” with non-disclosure, why would anyone support this company. They supported states collecting sales tax for online sales because they know that the small internetpreneur will…

Trump will drop to his knees, blow, swallow says the suck shit

That’s what Kathy Griffin the lamest old fart comedienne that exists said about the President regarding Turkey’s new president. So I take it that’s a put down. Ok thanks Kathy suck shit, you have just insulted all LGBTQ+s. There is nothing wrong with or less equal than getting on knees and blowing, it’s something she…

Kelsey Grammer says “reproductive right” is a dishonest name for abortion

I agree. I do not believe abortion is good, necessary, healthy, but rather selfish. I believe more people are killed by “reproductive rights” than guns that is as long as you consider living things that look like people, are persons. LIVING THINGS THAT LOOK LIKE PEOPLE ARE PERSONS Kelsey Grammer was a fantastic regular on…

Liberal news uses the word fake on non liberals

Liberals are full of fake news. They never use the term in their reporting that much as it would associate them too closely with the president who uses it all the time calling out CNN as fake news, and many others who make up stuff. So today I see Gizomdo use it calling out fake…