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Don’t forgive and never forget

That’s the motto inscribed on the deepest depths of the minds of the letters #meetoo #you3 and @neverforgive. It’s a sad state of affairs. Most every religion of the world teaches forgiveness. The religion of social media does not forgive. It’s Satanic, torturing it’s victims for eternity. It’s filled with hate. reference

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Ricky Martin does not impress me

Yea at first swooned by his looks and charm and that he’s a married gay dude now which is so ground breaking, and both are “hunks” but after hearing him babble on recently about how, yes, he feels good calling his mate his husband, I had to start to wonder, “Hunk of what?” In the…

Sunset people

Donna Summer 1979. Disco daze. Bad Girls was the album. Average monthly rent was $280 and gas was 86 cents per gallon that you would fill in your Toyota Corolla you bought for $3,698 according to The People History .com It was only a year prior that the rainbow flag was born and it had…

Ringo Starr cancels North Carolina concert

“Standing strong” against the “discriminatory” bathroom bill the rich and wildly successful artists love to play politics. This time it’s one of the original Beatles who will not perform in that state for a scheduled performance in order to boycott the state’s law that protects the right for those who use men’s rooms to only…