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Ricky Martin does not impress me

Yea at first swooned by his looks and charm and that he’s a married gay dude now which is so ground breaking, and both are “hunks” but after hearing him babble on recently about how, yes, he feels good calling his mate his husband, I had to start to wonder, “Hunk of what?”

In the interview he was all giddy about spending 3 days partying. Huh? My impression in looking at this as seen here saying “I’m a husband but we’re doing a heavyyyy party”.

I am assuming that like with many fag parties he and others will be using drugs imported from Mexico, drugs that are illegal.

Heavyyy parties is not just alcohol.

This is a big but small assumption based on the fact that everywhere I go I run into QWERTY’s that do illegal drugs and that I keep running into people who say “Everyone knows that drugs are rampant in the gay community”.

How dare I support or swoon over anyone that is directly responsible for the problems of illegal drugs. I won’t.

Fuck Enrique Martin Morales or whatever the fuck he goes by now.

I mean fuck this whole concept that he’s swoon worthy. I think he’s an occasional heavyyy drug user of drugs that are illegal. He and many fags demanded fag marriage, they got it, it’s time he and other fags demand derogatory drug use be not supported.

Feature image of Enrique Martin Morales in a store is by Australian photographer Eva Rinaldi

Sunset people

Donna Summer 1979. Disco daze. Bad Girls was the album.


Average monthly rent was $280 and gas was 86 cents per gallon that you would fill in your Toyota Corolla you bought for $3,698 according to The People History .com

It was only a year prior that the rainbow flag was born and it had 8 colors.

Donna Summer once appeared at a Wednesday night meeting at Church on the Way on Sherman Way in Van Nuys California in a surprise event after she had disappointed her fans by becoming a born again Christian.

Red Hot Chili Peppers performed her “I Feel Love” in a short stint in Copenhagen 2006.

Ringo Starr cancels North Carolina concert

“Standing strong” against the “discriminatory” bathroom bill the rich and wildly successful artists love to play politics. This time it’s one of the original Beatles who will not perform in that state for a scheduled performance in order to boycott the state’s law that protects the right for those who use men’s rooms to only have men going in them and not women. I mean like really, transers still get to pee. Who gives a fuck if they dress in a dress and go to the men’s room. This whole fucking “we deserve to choose which bathroom we want to pee in” is bullshit. I don’t get a choice. I can’t go pee in the ladies room.

It’s not equality, so fuck all this crap. You go North Carolina.

Now let’s look at how many LGBT jobs will be lost because of celebrities jumping again and again and again on these stupid boycott bandwagons. All the gas stations near the concert venue won’t be giving overtime for employees. Same with coffee shops, convenience stores, ticketing places, travel agencies, no, celebrities don’t give a fuck about that, they just care about photo shoots. They have millions of $$ flushing into their bank accounts every year. What’s most important is that camera.

Many many thousands of dollars lost in wages and sales.

Boycott Ringo Starr.