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Bert and Ernie ARE/GAY/PROOF

The writer himself says they are a loving couple. That does not mean they have sex. You can be gay and not have sex. “Mark Saltzman, a longtime writer for the hit children’s television show Sesame Street, reveals characters Bert and Ernie are gay, ending years of speculation about the status of the duo’s relationship.”

Roseanne killed by a PC overdose

The character of Roseanne O’Conner on TV is being killed off by an opioid overdose. PC police, which are never really correct, killed her off long before that. reference

Don’t forgive and never forget

That’s the motto inscribed on the deepest depths of the minds of the letters #meetoo #you3 and @neverforgive. It’s a sad state of affairs. Most every religion of the world teaches forgiveness. The religion of social media does not forgive. It’s Satanic, torturing it’s victims for eternity. It’s filled with hate. reference

Trump will drop to his knees, blow, swallow says the suck shit

That’s what Kathy Griffin the lamest old fart comedienne that exists said about the President regarding Turkey’s new president. So I take it that’s a put down. Ok thanks Kathy suck shit, you have just insulted all LGBTQ+s. There is nothing wrong with or less equal than getting on knees and blowing, it’s something she…

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Golden Globe Awards, a place for all the elite better than most of us people slobber in a orgy of self and peer absorption pedestaling. After a few months of nauseating reports trashing men in the industry who were alleged, not proven in a court of law, to have done bad things to women as…

Wearing protection

I was recently joke prodded with the idea that I should wear my tin foil hat…….I guess this is because of my theories that HI viruses are not too heavy for flying needles on mosquitoes to carry and how I believe that there cannot be such a thing as HIV is described with out them…


Things Are Not Always As They Appear Jump to 6:45 in the video for fun mind bending fun where we learn how what astronauts see in space is distorted because Einstein had proven that light bends due to gravitational mass. Feature image by Mysid is the Lattice analogy of the deformation of spacetime caused by a…

Intersecting planes

As the country is being “united” by Trump (rofl) passengers are gettin dragged off planes for not complying with the rules. Libtards will blame Trump for this too. Hitler Air they cry! The man was dragged off the plane for not complying with their request, then demand, that he give up his seat. It is…

Wrestle with this

BOY/GIRL Lawsuit filed after transgender high school wrestler causes controversy Feature image By MatthiasKabel (Own work) Pankratiasten im Bodenkampf. Pankratiasten in fight copy of greek statue 3 century BC. Verkleinerte Nachbildung einer römischen Marmorplastik, die wiederum auf ein griechisches Vorbild des 3.Jhdts v.Chr. zurückgeht. Die Kopie ist von ca. 1900. Staatliche Antikensammlungen. [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 (…