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I think I should start a FUND/ME website.

We hear stories of people having gone through terrible things, and calls to help them. TV preachers use this tactic all the time, effectively.

They pull on the emotional heart strings so much that money pours in for people often those who already have money.

I thought about this whole funding thing after seeing a story about a woman who fucking killed herself after her long time partner died in a car accident and seeing that there’s almost 30 fucking grand there in the account for her family.

Does anyone ask how much the grieving family is worth?

The page says nothing about what the family might be worth.

Maybe they are worth millions!

I would never donate to any of these things without SEEING THEIR TAX RETURNS posted there so we know.

It’s more important than seeing Trump’s tax returns.

NASA engineer forced to admit his viral glitter bomb package was a FRAUD

And NASA engineers tell us they went to the moon.

I knew this thing was a fraud the moment I saw it.

It got 44 million views. That’s a pretty penny he made on that.

Fuck this liar.

And how much did NASA make on that fake men on the moon landing footage.

They will never ad mit to that.


Rage control

No word yet on new rage control laws by stupid deceitful liberal retards after a confession that “he killed his wife in a rage”.

The weapon? Hands.

Hands need to be controlled. Rage needs to be controlled. Death needs to be controlled.

How are liberal retards going to do that? Whenever there’s a shooting that hits their weak emotional centers they clamor together on their bandwagons for fun and gun control and never about rage control. Maybe they will start that.

That will be fun to watch too. How do you stop a rage incident in someone’s home? Mandate those smart home devices in every home to listen in? Each device should be a part of every smoke detector. They will be called rage detectors.

That will be a liberal retard suggestion as there’s not much else you can do, guaranteed.

Oh here’s another one, make it illegal to raise ones voice or hit someone. Sure that will stop it.

The liberals are not all retarded though, many are just cons. They lie through their teeth with claims their new laws will solve these problems and they never do. They have been making such claims since their beginning. Their plans never work.

Why is it that in states where it’s easier to carry guns that we have less of these crimes? Don’t ask a liberal for that answer if you want an honest intelligent one. They will just call for mandating more “gun free zones” where it’s always in these zones that guns magically appear out of thin air where they then ride in on their high unicorns with solutions on how to stop these events.

Conspiracy theorists are vindicated

It appears the “homeless” veteran and the couple that “got stuck” on the highway and helped the homeless vet get Go Fund Me money of $400,000 are all crooks.

It’s official, they were both in on the SCAM.

These kinds of scams people get away with on Go Fund Me all the time, this one was so obviously fake, I laughed when I heard about it when it first was publicized. Others use children with disabilities, their CEO’s all have fancy cars, homes, more than one home, travel, pensions, investment portfolios, trust funds, etc., not quite on the illegal scam level, yet scam non-the-more. They are doctors. The entire medical community wreaks of such money sucking sometimes teetering on scam funding methods that all favor themselves while constantly screwing the public.

Anyone who stated this vet couple was a scam publicly though was shunned. How dare any one question their motives was the battle cry.

People get swept up into the drama, the goody goody sappy stuff, so much so they just react and pour out all their money. The givers get that oh so good feeling inside. It’s basically SELF/CENTERED.

The heart string pullers know this. The con artists know how to manipulate. They are all over Go Fund Me and the Democratic party (that was a pun they are everywhere).

I too have fallen for it in my life with car repairs, investments, will work for food signs where they refuse to work when you offer them a job, fitness clubs that have “convenience fees” which are really “suck your money when you forget about these fees then you have no money for food that month fees”.

When people get sucked in they won’t listen. I heard that story about that couple that helped after the homeless vet gave them his “last 20 dollars” and it smelled like a dead horse and worse, it smelled like propositions in California that feed and house homeless chickens raised to be killed for food, giving them luxurious accommodations that the Cult of Ellen votes in while it lets people rot in the streets far enough away from their estates with BORDER WALLS that they don’t have to smell the urine on the sidewalks. Oh the chickens, they are important.

Again fuck you and your entire cult Ellen.

What’s worse, the medias. They hype up all these cons, like this one with helping the homoless vet, and profit from it while they then again run the stories that everyone has to read more of when they are found they were crooks and conned everyone.

If everyone shut off their fucking TV’s and internet and gaming and got hammers, wood, and building plans, imagine how many homes we could build, how many problems we could solve, how many new people we would meet instead of meeting fucking worthless profiles.

Hole in space station is an album cover

The astronaut presented on Twitter an image claiming it’s from NASA showing the “hole in the space station” – it’s an album cover from 2014. Or as Elon Musk would put it, we know it’s fake because the album cover is a hole in the space station that looks so real.

No shit. See for yourself.


Where’z the beef¿

The woman “ran out of gas” she says on the highway and a homeless man gave her $20.

She “was so pleased” at his self-less-ness that she set up a go fund me page.

Now it seems a year later that she and her pal seem to have gone and funded themselves, that’s the allegation and the homoless dude seems to have a lawyer who says the money is gone, all $400k that was collected from good people who were touched by the televized and internetized story.

When I first hear this sob story a year ago, listening to Kate McClure tell it, I had a sick feeling in my stomach.

That was because I ate too much sugar which for some reason does not contain WARNING: labels.

I did not trust her. I heard her tell her story again on other interviews, something was amiss. I felt like it was a con game, too unbelievable, seemed set up though the homeless guy seemed real.

Now they missed the deadline to provide the judge an accounting of where all the money went, they are in contempt.

The dude’s lawyer says that Kate McClure and Mark D’Amico have a new BMW and have taken trips to Las Vegas.

I would guess that’s where the money went.

Go fund me says they will cover the money lost so reports NPR.

I am often very suspicious of those who go public with their stories when there seems to always be money flow involved.

This happened with the Holocaust In Virology (HIV) early daze in it’s hysterical founding. It’s so much harder though to prove something amiss with viruses though as no one can see them. Testing doesn’t even see them yet the liars in the industry keep claiming it does. It’s a stretch how they define it but it’s obvious to those who understand how deceit works in channeling psychic energy.

CBD oil con games

Reading up on the “health benefits” of CBD oil which is outrageously expensive, one sees a statement like this quite often:

“CBD is rich in phytonutrients”. I thought this sounded so exotic, I don’t get phytonutrients from food, or do I?

Marketing geniuses use this word to deceive. All it means is plant nutrients.

Phyto is a greek word that means plant.

The reality is, minus the marketing hype, is that you are paying $68,000 a pound for plant nutrients that you can get in broccoli for $1.77 a pound.



Liberal lemonade takes a stand

Did Ocasio-Cortez ever have a successful lemonade stand when she was 13, which would be 10 years ago?

If she did, can she provide proof or even some one vouching for her, that she redistributed all her profits to those who were unable to be a success at making lemonade profits on her block?

I would guess she kept the profits for herself, yet as a part of her political platform, she promotes free stuff for everyone, paid for by those who would share their profits.

She goes around promoting socialism.

She is a Democrat candidate for the mid terms of 2018.

as seen here


feature image of what appears to be raspberry lemonade is by Artem Bali and you can see more of his works here

note we have not yet heard calls for bans of pictures of drinks with plastic straws in them, this should be a no brainer for no brainers

Con man cons Sarah Palin

Done by Sacha Baron Cohen aka piece of shit.

This liberal retard lying con man fooled Palin into believing he was a veteran. She sat and interviewed. He was in drag. She thought she was talking to a veteran, not a Hollywood con man looking for footage for a Showtime episode on people in America. This clearly shows how Hollywood liberal retards are not very smart nor to be looked up to. He apparently believes he’s so great because he fooled Palin.

Well duh, anyone can be fooled when you look entirely different than you do in real life.

feature image shows what is used to clean pieces of shit up.

image by hermaion see more of this great photographer’s works here

story here

Forced fees

Obama care had as an important foundation of making it work FORCED FEES. Everyone had to buy insurance or pay a minimum FORCED FEE.

Democrats applauded it.

That changed in the courts recently, forced fees no more. Democrats were aghast saying it was necessary. They say it will collapse. They said this was BAD.

Now we have the unions for government employees. They also claimed they had to have forced fees in order for them to work just like health care.

The courts also struck that forced fee down as not constitutional. Democrats are in the news hailing this as GOOD.

People who do this kind of crap are hypocrites and liars. The two things are the very same principle.

This is how Democrats work. They are desperate to get people to their side all they do is lie. Logic is not their priority.

They also spread lies about particles smaller than dust being more powerful than a speeding bullet.

When presented with logical arguments that shoot their views down they refuse to acknowledge they were seriously in error ALL THESE 34 POSITIVE YEARS.

There is no such thing as a virus that only travels on dicks and needles unless there is a virus that travels on dicks and needles and needles.

Needles that belong to mosquitoes, syringes, and dicks inject HIV into everyone they poke, the same way that unicorns poke people.

HIV is an utter fantasy.

HIV + rates + dropping

The new claim is that in London the HIV rates are dropping.

There is a simple reason for this, PREP is causing less people who are sick with the flu to go get tested. They see no reason to keep testing when they are on the pill.

Thing is, HIV tests are nothing more than an indicator that the body either has or recently got the flu or a hundred different things. Hysteria and marketing has pushed gays into more and more testing, in fact they often do it regularly, until PREP sugar pills. Now they “are protected” but this is based on a lie.

HIV is a scam. HIV testing is a scam, it doesn’t find any specific virus, it finds all sorts of stuff, basically showing if antibodies were there or not.

Antibodies respond to all sorts of things. The “HIV test” does not find HIV it finds antibodies, none specific, just like finding cars on planet earth from a satellite or like finding HIV/FLU remedies in the pharmacy.

Now the guys on the sugar pill preparation are not getting tested regularly because after all “I’m on preparation so we can have sex and not worry” and they feel fine and there’s no reason to go to doctors or clinics now. So the guys getting tested now are the ones that have their share of ills or just don’t do PREP because they are already positive for the flu/hiv.

HIV testing is like testing for a bank robbery at 2am.

The police show up after they are gone and see that someone stole money. They don’t know exactly who stole it, just that some H for human stole it.

The police are like the HIV test. They look for some kind of evidence that someone was there. HIV/TEST does this, just finding that some invader was there.

In a robbery though analysis further can indicate who exactly stole it. In HIV the analysis that leads us to the culprit, is that viruses are found but they are nothing more than cell shit.

It’s the biggest blunderopoliticillhystericscam in history.

H for human in Immnue-eiei-o Deficiency Virus testing is like finding rusted out cars in a parking garage where one entire floor fell on top of other cars in New York City and trying to determine what causes the rust.

They know that something causes rust so they test for water and salt then say “Lo and behold, we found the cause of Acquired Rust Syndrome” when in reality it’s the rust in the structure that is the problem.

The structure is the human body.

They don’t test for how the structure is being maintained.

Gays dump so much alcohol into their structure, rusting out rebar in cells. They do drugs, which creates cracks in the structure as well.

The HIV test finds cracks. Everyone has cracks. No test determines how many cracks and rust there is in HIV testing.

HIV is an acronym. Why get tested for acronyms unless you come here to test for it and learn that it’s a scam.

If there was a virus that infects via cock and needles, mosquito needles would be and have been transmitting it for decades, centuries, eons.

So now with the rates dropping because of PREP sugar pills the chants and cheers will continue until the entire brainwashed gay community becomes militant once again and demands everyone take sugar pills to completely eradicate it.

Wash on.

Feature image of map of London Streets pinpointing London Station by MRSC (OpenStreetMap ( [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Where’s V Aldo?

Aldo is perplexed about Acronaming.

They call it HPV – Human (redundant term) Papilloma Virus. It could really just be PV or in this case P.

THE/H is unnecessary just like with HIV.

Take a look at the last headline from Reuters on the bottom. Bottoms get fucked.

They call it “Human Papillomavirus”. Where did the V go?

Oh I see it now, next to Waldo, they squish the P and V together into a gooey mess. They do this with lemons, those who know you don’t have to just make lemonade when life gives you fruit.

Doctors w/ brains and could careless about borders ask: “I will test you for P” or “Have you been tested for PV, being that you are obviously human there’s not need to call it HPV.”

Alas, the way the medical community labels CD (Cellular Debris) or V is like a builder labeling bricks. Think about it. Brick by brick they build their fortunes.

So now it’s become a man’s disease. How odd these sexist viruses are. Before it was a woman’s disease. HIV is basically a gay disease.

MD is a Medical Disease.

Aldo just barked.

Maybe I can use my CP  to find him.

Feature image OF/GOOEY butter cake that is squishy by Topher0128 and is in the public domain.

Image snapshot Google News on October 18, 2017 points out how the term HPV doesn’t match the term “human papillomavirus” any more than HIV matches “Human Immune DDDDDDficiency Virus”


The petition to ban DHMO had been widely received by the public.

DHMO is dihydrogen monoxide.

It has corrosive properties which means in the body it can destroy certain minerals such as the iron that is necessary for cells. In large quantities it can wreak absolute havoc in communities. It can also move HIV around in the body.

People were stunned that this chemical was in the drinking water when they found out about it and wanted it banned.

They called up their politicians who were ready to send new bills to their State Legislatures and Congress.

Reference Wikipedia entry on dihydrogen monoxide which states:

Dihydrogen monoxide:

  • is also known as hydroxyl acid, and is the major component of acid rain
  • contributes to the “greenhouse effect”
  • may cause severe burns
  • contributes to the erosion of our natural landscape
  • accelerates corrosion and rusting of many metals
  • may cause electrical failures and decreased effectiveness of automobile brakes
  • has been found in excised tumors of terminal cancer patients

Despite the danger, dihydrogen monoxide is often used:

  • as an industrial solvent and coolant
  • in nuclear power plants
  • in the production of styrofoam
  • as a fire retardant
  • in many forms of cruel animal research
  • in the distribution of pesticides. Even after washing, produce remains contaminated by this chemical
  • as an additive in certain “junk-foods” and other food products

Problem was, as those who got tricked by this scam (like the HIV acronym scam) learned (or didn’t learn) is that DHMO is water.

DHMO is water.


The April Fools Joke that first was published in 1983, the same time that HIV/TRASH was taking hold (which has conned almost everyone for over 30 years now except those who understood chemical names and acronyms like DHMO) fooled almost everyone. This one was easy to spot, HIV is more complicated because it’s more like religion, no one has ever really seen HIV, well, except for Hans Gelderblom who states basically that HIV is cell shit.

Oh and he’s no internet troll, he’s one of 3 of the world’s electron microscope operators. Asking him something about HIV and viruses is like asking the men of Apollo what it’s like to be on the moon.

Here’s a test, ask your doctor if they are for a DHMO ban or not.

IMGAY/COM is one of the few bastions of acronym understanding found on Earth.

I strive to inform the public of hoaxes in virology.

HIV – Hoax In Virology

When HIV is eliminated from the body, primarily lodged in the mind, it gets mixed into DHMO.

One must ask, what properties of a virus prevent it from being found in water when it’s found in the body which is mostly DHMO.


Think about that.

If you respond by saying, or your experts sayyyyy “it dies” have yourself or them have so much fun explaining how a dead thing dies when it hits the air or when it hits all the crap we are being told about dead non-living viruses.

All viruses are NOT living things.

Feature image of DHMO By Booyabazooka at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Jay8g using CommonsHelper., Public Domain,

My country ’tis of HIV

My country says gay blood is worthless.

Coming out of a week where the top story was how we are supposed to honor our US flag and country by not kneeling at a fucking stupid football game one has to ask what does my fucking country do for my gay blood?

It imprisons it in my body. Yes indeed, it will not let it escape into the rest of the community.

This matter has been highlighted once again by a gay celebrity, this time Lance Bass who was in a boy band.

Concentration camp anyone? Notice the cells.

German and Italian occupation created cells and camps

How is any fag supposed to hold a country on such a pedestal when it says “fuck you to you and your blood”.

There is nothing wrong with gay blood. There is a lot wrong with government and those that get into “power” who dictate who can do what based on garbage.

Think. Just think.

There is 9 straight blood cells to 1 gay blood cell. The straights have 9x more chance of getting cellular shit called HIV.

Yet gays “get it” 9x more than straights, thus the ban.

But that makes NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER. Viruses are stupid particles. They are not gay. They don’t go only to gay bars. They hitch rides on the breeze, and on mosquito knitting needles. If they where what the threat/cause was everyone would be getting “it”.

“It” by the way is a new horror movie. It’s not as scary as government run blood concentration camps.

Yet it’s the “gay communities” fault ultimately and each of them that routinely get tested with tests that are erroneous, and a big lie. They bought the lie. The non elected gay leaders and celebrities pushed this cellular shit on the community. In panic, fear, and hysteria it became the rule, no gay blood will infect the “blood supply” for the next 300 years.

The belief that what is actually cell shit causes complex disease conditions that have had multiple other causes until one day when our country declared that it was not all those other causes but rather just one, a virus, is absurd, and proof of this is the gay blood ban.

Just ask any grandma mosquito and her knitting needles.

My country tis of HIV.

Feature image snapshot Google News 10/4/2017

Image by By PANONIAN – Own work, Public Domain,


The teacher at a college is being blasted for having history incorrect.

The quiz had multiple choices and the black student was stunned to have been corrected. Two of the choices were:

“C”: “Black family bonds were destroyed by the abuses of slave owners, who regularly sold off family members to other slave owners.”

“D”: “Most slave families were headed by two parents.”

Student picked “C” (wrong). Most slave families were headed by two parents.

Just off the top of my head, “D” seems correct, makes sense that a slave owner would find that it’s more efficient and overall works out better for slave families to have both parents around.


But NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, the Black Entertainment Television online site has to write up and perpetuate the myths of “C”.–slave-familie.html?google_editors_picks=true

And Google of course has to perpetuate it as well (notice the end of the Uniform Resource Locator).

So there was a civil Twitter war that President Lincoln started and the girl who was graded “incorrectly” (correctly) says “she hopes that she raised awareness about whitewashing history.”

OMG whitewashing history? Is this what they are promoting? That is sickening.

People who believe that crap are slaves to their media masters!

Wikipedia states:

While slavery was institutionally recognized by most societies, it has now been outlawed in all recognized countries,[4][5] the last being Mauritania in 2007. Nevertheless, there are still more slaves today than at any previous point in history:[6] an estimated 45 million people remain enslaved worldwide.[7] The most common form of the slave trade is now commonly referred to as human trafficking. Chattel slavery is also still practiced by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. In other areas, slavery (or unfree labour) continues through practices such as debt bondage, serfdom, domestic servants kept in captivity, certain adoptions in which children are forced to work as slaves, child soldiers, and forced marriage.[8]

Debt bondage is especially prevalent in the United States.

Feature image entitled “The White Slave” by Abastenia St. Leger Eberle – “The Survey”, Journal Publication, Ohio. May 3, 1913., Public Domain,

Suze Orman thinks gays are different than straights when it comes to money

She stated “There are 11,092 differences between heterosexuals and gays when it comes to finances”.


and then there’s the free book!