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World famous fighter is making stone sculpture of himself

Connor McGregor is getting stoned.

This is awesome.

I predict the sculpture business is going to be big in the United States.

Now the question is, does the Christian sculpture maker have the right to NOT sculpt stone of two men kissing?

Yes of course he does.

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Sticks on a stick

Worship stick. The ceremonial pole.

God, they put on the pole.

Maypole is one that only is seen 7 months before December.

Yggdrasil holds the universe as a world tree.

It told the sotdae which way the wind blowed.

Image credit by Hjmin (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


God doesn’t know what the fuck he is doing

For those who hold onto their beliefs that God created us gay, how is it that so many have succumbed to the doctrines of lab priests that chant the need to be saved by Condom?

Jesus! God created us in His image, without cellophane or latex wrappers.

Using condoms is a slap in the face of The Creator.

The Creator gave you antibodies to trust for redemption.

God didn’t make sex to be wrapped up in a protective tidy sanitary sterile package, it was meant to be shared.

Warnings have been declared throughout eternity about trusting evil mutating ideas that traverse the mind in angelic clothing.