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Alleged serial killer in Toronto’s gayborhood

The alleged murders of several men are tied to sexual relations between the accused Bruce McArthur and his alleged victims and the case is spurring the opening of cold cases dating back to the 1970’s.

On this site there is a video of the police statement about these horrific murders.

I imagine someday someone doing a similar prepared statement to address the murders of my friends in the gay community who were killed by AIDS drugs and the complete mess of information bastardizing a virus and erroneously hailing drugs as killers of only one particle of matter when they also kill the basic foundation of my friends lives, red blood cells.

It would have the same serious and somber tone, matter of fact, principled.

The video would be posted online for all to see and the public would be in shock, dismay, and accept it as truth just as they do with such reports by officials who know what they are doing and do it well as seen in this police statement, which is the direct opposite of what we seen in the HIV/AIDS authoritative communities.


Not even one week after the mass shooting that killed 17 students in a Florida school and Bing puts up this as their headline news. How insensitive.*

Bing news image top left feature story on February 19, 2018 at 7:45 am pt

*Dick Pick Statistics! OMG. I post this as a rebuttal to the idiocy of the Democrats who are by their whiny misplaced demands of attention the FBI missed the clues.

Trump slammed the retard Democrat idiot self centered bastards that kept pushing the FBI to WASTE PRECIOUS TIME on their incredibly stupid blame game for not winning the election for Hillary Clinton in 2016 on “Russia collusion”.

After all this wasted time and energy the results were presented, making fools out of Democrats.

Trump pointed this out in his Twitter feed. Demtards made the FBI waste time on their stupid witch hunt, as the US becomes a laughing stock in revelations there was no collusion, and we find out the FBI missed all the obvious clues that this guy was going to do this horrific shooting that killed 17 kids.

Instead of prioritizing to let the FBI prioritize what really matters, keeping citizens safe, they kept up their political power manipulative games.

Now of course the blame shifts to heavy metal.

The retards in power called Democrats who don’t know priorities from a lake in the ground need to be removed from office if they are going to keep babbling about guns and not about the collusion that was going on between the shooter and his abuse of heavy metal. This collusion was spotted by the FBI but was not stopped because it was more important to do what Democrat leaders insisted was the top priority, investigate unicorns. That is always their priority. Fuck libtards.

* Microsoft which owns Bing News is libtard



Sue Icide

She is the internet’s popular porn star at 23 and killed herself. Not very smart.

She apparently wouldn’t have sex with a male porn star that she knew had sex with men, citing the danger to her body [because of the unicorn virus “HIV”].

She lived in Camarillo which is near where the fires in Ventura county are raging. She lit up a Twitter firestorm with her comments telling those who accused her of being homophobic to fuck off.

Moral of the story: When creating fire storms, you need to get the fuck out of it’s way when it comes at you or you will burn yourself.


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What will they think of next

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Alexis Arquette

Her life was one that entertained many humans during a great part of her 47/360 degree rotations on this spinning round ball we live on.

She was first born a man. Later became a woman, a transexual some would call her but really, not a transexual, she was a woman. She starred in 40 movies. Most of us haven’t even starred in one!

At 19 she landed her first sizeable film role playing transvestite Georgette in the screen adaptation of Last Exit to Brooklyn.[1]

list of movies she was in

image shows her attending VH1’s “Daisy of Love” Premiere Party at My House, Hollywood, CA on April 26, 2009 – Photo by Glenn Francis of