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Sue Icide

She is the internet’s popular porn star at 23 and killed herself. Not very smart.

She apparently wouldn’t have sex with a male porn star that she knew had sex with men, citing the danger to her body [because of the unicorn virus “HIV”].

She lived in Camarillo which is near where the fires in Ventura county are raging. She lit up a Twitter firestorm with her comments telling those who accused her of being homophobic to fuck off.

Moral of the story: When creating fire storms, you need to get the fuck out of it’s way when it comes at you or you will burn yourself.


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What will they think of next

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Alexis Arquette

Her life was one that entertained many humans during a great part of her 47/360 degree rotations on this spinning round ball we live on.

She was first born a man. Later became a woman, a transexual some would call her but really, not a transexual, she was a woman. She starred in 40 movies. Most of us haven’t even starred in one!

At 19 she landed her first sizeable film role playing transvestite Georgette in the screen adaptation of Last Exit to Brooklyn.[1]

list of movies she was in

image shows her attending VH1’s “Daisy of Love” Premiere Party at My House, Hollywood, CA on April 26, 2009 – Photo by Glenn Francis of