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Dogs get it

The lady on Channel 5 KTLA news “pet segment” on April 19, 2018 states that mosquitoes carry worms.

I guess HIV is too heavy.


The cake gets it.

Mental case makes mental case against guns

Old fart Pat Robertson is a huckster extraordinaire.

He is a conservative Fundamentalist Christian who just will not die. I look forward to seeing this pile of trash gone like all TV preachers, he is scum.

Being that he is a staunch fag hating gun loving Republican you would not expect to hear from his mouth calls for gun control, but that is exactly what came gushing out into the TV toiletverse.

I do not buy it. He’s a liar. He’s a deceitful pile of human energy.

For one, any of these elitists calling for gun control are hypocrites. They can hire all the guards they want, they can live in all the high security compounds they want and be protected 24/7. The rich who call for gun control are liars.

Robertson is a multi millionaire who can hire armed guards with weapons for his own personal protection, using the millions in donations and income he gets from his viewers of his broadcasts, schools, and empire. He is now is calling for gun control when he not long ago called for not politicizing a church shooting. He now gets The Hysterocrite Hall Of Hell’s Fanned Fag Flames Award for his shifty stance and hysteria induced hypocrisy.

Many years ago I was sucked into the Fundamentalist Christian lies. It took a long time to escape.

I recall in the early 1980’s Robertson predicting stock markets were going to plummet, I sold, they soared, he made a bundle.

Due to his TV ministry I sent him money when I had it, until I realized the con game these preachers play. He basically claims that he knows God better than God knows me. He and his kind brainwash people, claiming that God loves them unconditionally, while also claiming that if God’s children do not repent, God will send them to burn forever – not a year – forever in the pits of Hell.

This is such a mind game in order to get money from people. What so called caring father would do that to their kids for not obeying??? Banish from their house maybe as Dad says, “Not under my roof” as he throws the kid out on the street, but burn forever???

What an incredibly stupid doctrine.

So now he’s using the alleged Florida school massacre to con people into giving up their weapons so that they can rely on God to protect them. If only the criminals would follow lying Pat Robertson and know that God will take their guns from them, to protect His children, like how God will protect those who are unarmed with His unicorn army of angels.

Beware of bansters on bandwagons like David Hogg

When the riots in Los Angeles happened in 1991 due to unrest that was stirring over the Rodney King beating, stores in South Central Los Angeles were burned to the ground, from small mom and pop stores, to huge supermarkets and big box stores like FedCo and GemCo (the 90’s Wal-Mart and CostCo). The only stores that were not burned were the ones where the owners got on top of them with assault weapons, the thugs ran like a fag out of hell’s Pat Robertson 700 Club audience. So too the only families that were totally safe were the ones hiding behind assault rifles.

Had there been a 10 day waiting, “cooling off” period (current California law) on the day of the LA Riots, whereas those good citizens did not have those weapons and had to wait 10 days before getting one to suddenly and immediately protect their businesses, whereas police and military could not respond, and they not had assault weapons, which hucksters like Pat Robertson are now calling to be banned, another half of the city would be ash, maybe all of it, because the thugs with easy to get non banned matches would have kept burning buildings.

The rich elitists in the Hollywood Hills remember watching Los Angeles burn. Obviously either smoke got in the lungs of the liberal ones, and made them unable to process logic any longer, or they never saw this happen, as they call for bans once again.

Why are emotionocrats not also calling for “fire control”? They should be banning match sales.

Why? Because like with banning weapons, it’s not practical.

Government cannot protect everyone in such riots and government cannot stop them from happening. Imagine if the country was invaded, a bomb dropped, you expect the military and police to protect everything? They say repeatedly that even in just a stupid earthquake, for the first 4 days YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.

Look at history. Civil unrest is a regular occurrence. Even in the US The Civil War of the mid 1800’s killed 625,000 US citizens, that was 2% of the population! That number would have been 10% had there not been guns to “protect one’s self”.

It is the reason for the 2nd amendment that makes sure that the entire citizenship is a militia, ready to protect the country and individuals when things get out of control, speaking of which, porn, which religious leaders have persecuted for centuries, has been declared by Florida’s House of politicians, to be a threat to the public.

United States peoples living there in 1860 prior to civil war. Note 14% were slaves.

Total Free Population 27,489,561
Total Slave Population 3,953,760
Grand Total 31,443,321

Gun ban advocates don’t seem to consider that if the guns were not there, rock control would be next. People would not be able to buy rocks or cutlery after massacre by rocks. Then they would have to ban rocks and 2×4 pieces of wood, then when those were banned, tree branches, and cement.

Only then would massacres never ever occur again because as we all know when the public doesn’t even have tree branches to use for defense or assault, only unicorns would have the ability to kill people.

Oh and speaking of slavery, keep in mind the slaves were not allowed to have guns.

You get one guess as to why.

So while the loons with their cult followers babble about their ban on guns, the kind that saved many lives and businesses in the LA riots, there remains no phone call to ban VHC/AIDS*

*VHC – Video Head Cleaner aka “poppers” a chemical inhalant frequently used to enhance sexual pleasure in homosexuals, the amount inhaled in each sexual session is 1 billion times more than the chemicals including lead that was found in high concentrations in Flint, Michigan water. The reason I bring this up is because VHC causes AIDS and hysterics never fixes anything.

Feature image of warriors in battle between walls by pixabay on pexels and is copyright free.

It’s not HIV science

Even the rocket scientists know that science is not exact. We see this presented with rocket science which by comparison to medical science is kindergarten sleep time.

The article by Aerospace stated: “Where will Tiangong-1 reenter?”

The answer: “It is a well known scientific principle that any measurement or prediction will always have an associated uncertainty.”

And then we have those who hysterically insist that HIV science is certain.

HIV is the most bogus science ever devised. HIV is claimed to be transmitted by penisis, and other pointed objects like dirty hypodermic needles, yet they claim that dirty hypodermic mosquito needles are exempt from the discussion.

Viruses all travel by air. They are currently on a world tour. They don’t die because they are not living things.

Feature image by on and is free of copyright


The particles that are ascribed to be a virus that homo dudes give to other homo dudes is said to be rubbish.

Time to clean house of old ideas.


Feature image of a spring in oscillation which is a wave motion is by Svjo (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

They’re related

It’s interesting to, from this perspective, look at how language is used to convince people of things. For example, the Google news snapshot below from June 20, 2017 presents a headline that states “In just one year nearly 1.3 million Americans needed hospital care for opioid related issues.”

Sounds like opioids are causing a lot of hospital stays!

Not exactly, it’s about related issues, not the opioids. If someone is on opioids for pain they have issues with pain, back pain, overall pain, pain, pain, pain. The related issue is the pain.

So really, many of these “opioid related issues” are problems with pain, not the opioids.

This is important to understand when we look at matters regarding so called “sexual health” and where blame is placed erroneously.

Things that are related have as much to do with each other as do your relatives who are related. Just because something is related to something doesn’t mean that it’s what is causing something anymore than your drug addicted cousin who is related to you has anything to do with your interview for a job.

Even a relationship between humans doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s anything directly causing something. For example, the wife spends too much and starts bouncing checks. There’s a relationship between the checkbook bouncing and the husband. They are related.

In the early DAZE of HIV (Hysteria In Virology) they couldn’t figure out what was causing a disease the new interns at the hospital said they never saw before. It wasn’t new it was Karparsis Sarcoma, a skin cancer. Medias got hold of this story, and the whole world of medical treatment was abuzz with what is causing this? They saw that it was happening in men. They said that fucking was related to this falsely claimed new disease. It wasn’t happening in straights, it was gay RELATED.

It was initially called GRID – Gay Related Immune Disease

The disease they said was related to sex.

Really though, it was related to too much drugs, alcohol, and amyl nitrate inhaliation.

The relationship between sex was really nothing, just because sex was there, doesn’t mean that is what caused it, it was the relationship between the person and their use of chemical substances that destroyed cells.

They are related.

It wasn’t very politically correct though to blame the victim, the gay guy, so the blame instead went to “a virus” because it was related.

Feature image of man harvesting “opioids” from poppy seeds (actually just harvesting poppy seeds) is in the public domain,

Space rocks hit earth, embed in brains

The information age has aged into a 177 year old man that thinks it can still entertain us with his dance he did in front of parents at 3.

In this case we see it trying to inform and entertain us by using a rock comparison that doesn’t make any sense.

The asteroid they stupidly call “The Rock” was somehow named after “The Rock” in show business, and one of them is heading for earth today and is threatening to kill us all.

Well not really, it’s billions of miles away flying past earth, yet media sensationalism presents that it is a threat, and shows how big “The Rock” is in comparison to “The Rock”.


Clearly we can see for those of us who don’t have rocks in our heads that the size of the asteroid is about 17.5% larger than “The Rock”.

Actually, it’s not, it’s billions of times bigger.

So WTF/AIDS does a famous movie star who starred in an “Earthquake” remake about rocks that shift in the earth causing destruction, a movie that was the biggest waste of $10 I have ever seen, have to do with rocks flying past Earth? Is the asteroid a big star or is it just a dead particle of matter that threatens us because it’s considered a living thing because of movement.

Just like HIVe.

So the size difference is like the celebrity dude is less than 3 meters tall. The asteroid is 213 times bigger but that’s not how it looks in the photo.

This is the kind of crap they pull with HIV mania except in reverse, they make images in the brain of harmless particles of cellular debris into space monsters. The size of viruses which are cellular shit is so small, it’s like they want us to believe that an ant or mosquito could kill us.

Swat those ideas with space rocks and celebrity images.

Feature image of rocks in space by European Space Agency (ESA/Hubble). Credit ESA/Hubble in any reuse of this image. Full details at

Image of 2 featured rocks by Slooh for event that occurred in space on April 19, 2017 where a “Potentially Hazardous Asteroid 2014 JO25 as it makes its closest approach to Earth” at a distance of 4x the distance of earth to Moon.

Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education

During a committee hearing where US senators get to know more about who an upcoming presidential appointee is Al Franken who is called an evil liberal retard by some retarded conservatives, seemed to have his facts all lined up in order, with his T’s crossed and I’s dotted, whereas the appointee did not have a clue.

Betsy DeVos, the appointed one (as seen in the image above) is a privileged individual who married into the Amway fortune, has been working on trying to get Michigan schools privatized for years. She’s the head of something up there regarding privatizing schools. She promotes parental choice for what schools their children attend.

Privatization means investors get involved. It can be lucrative for those who invest. Problem is that like with any company the $ flow can become the #1 priority, not the end product, or in this case, the schooling. Too much of how these decisions are made is by board members and investors.

Another problem with privatization and a voucher system is distance/travel and states like Alaska where indigenous tribes are in tiny villages and the next one over that they might voucher to is 400 miles away. I won’t get into that here though.

In public schools there are numerous input mechanisms that dictate what happens in the system and what is taught and how. It’s not a system that looks for $ as the goal.

Throughout the hearing Ms. Ross was very pleasant and spoke well but one matter was of concern when in the hearing Betsy claimed that there was 980% increase in student loan debt.

Al Franken stated it was 118% and expressed his concerns to the committee about appointing someone who can’t get their facts straight in something that she claims she knows more than anyone about.

I looked it up, he’s 100% correct. Here is a section of the Federal Reserve accounting of debt found here.

It’s over 5 years between 2011 and 2016. During that time it increased 31%. In 2008 total student loan debt was $600 billion.


So from 2008 to 2016 it went from $600 billion to about $1400 billion. That’s an increase of 118%. That is EXACTLY what Franken stated in the hearing.

Where does Betsy DeVoss get her 980% number?

Maybe a unicorn told her.


Let’s look at those numbers again. She stated 980%. Franken and all other sources state it went up 118%.

This woman who fantasized this wild and crazy percentage would then believe that the student debt rose from $600 billion to (wait for it) $5.9 trillion.

Don’t take my word, watch the whole thing for yourself!

Throughout the meeting though she presented herself well and ending on a high note we see at the just before the 3.5 hours was over mention was made of how she helped the gay/qwerty community. It was quite the gay note.

Starting at about 3:23:50 the speaker reads a letter from Log Cabin Republicans (a gay group) who support her nomination and reflect on how she has stood up for gays – in particular one situation where she put an end to bullying of a gay worker of hers by a Senator who was threatening to OUT the dude against his will.

This is a Must Listen 2 (ML2) and shows the high level of character she has regarding the GAYBLT community.

Then again, that act could have been because she wanted to keep him in the closet.

Feature image of Betsy DeVoss at hearing provided by the internet.

Unicorn painting is described on Wikipedia as a legendary creature: The gentle and pensive maiden has the power to tame the unicorn, fresco, probably by Domenico Zampieri, c. 1602 (Palazzo Farnese, Rome)



Once again upon a time the news is presenting what mad scientists keep claiming, that there are super transexual lady bugs that are resistant to being told to leave. Kinda like those party guests that get drunk and don’t understand the words “go home” anymore.

Yes I equally write in a theme of fantasy as they do.

So this one is part of the Smith family, correction, the Enterobacteriaceae family, and of course there is an acronymized version, CRE.

Let’s study what these are. First, let’s take off the prefix “entero”, we have bacteriaceae. That’s bacteria.

What is entero? Wikipedia states that “In biology and medicine, the prefix entero- refers to the intestine”.

Ok, so let’s just call it intestinal bacteria, duh. We can acronymize that as IB.

Oh but they love to confuse people with fancy term$. If they just say intestinal bacteria, who will care, everyone has those.



The other thing that’s really fun, is how for so long we have been told to avoid infections by wearing condoms to protect ourselves from peanut butter. Take a gander at the second article featured about how Dr. Spook is now suggesting to immunize babies from peanuts by giving them peanuts. Let’s do this with viruses!

Inject us with HIV to become immune to HIV.


Hey it makes perfect sense. They say go get infected with peanut butter and viruses (as in with vaccines) to be immune. Thing is this happens daily as we breathe and as we get mosquito bites.

Oh it’s just so much fun watching mad scientists at work. Now I really want to get by a Mad Scientist so that I’m immune from all their nonsense gone viral.

Speaking of seeing things that go viral here is the 1934 film “Maniac” where Phyllis Diller (comedienne) was also in this film, where it features a mad scientist.

Mad/scientists have routinely created motion pictures in/our minds that “the virus” is a maniac (which is a fantasy like many slasher films) as seen in this movie trailer from the 1980’s, it’s like the HI virus is the killer and is randomly slashing cells to death.

Remember, they are all just moving images be they in film, digital, or in the mind.

Feature of mad scientist by director: Dwain Esper, cinematographer: William C. Thompson, studio: Roadshow Attractions, via Wikimedia Commons and is a screenshot from the public domain film Maniac (1934) showing Horace B. Carpenter as the character “Dr. Meirschultz” and this represents what I see in my mind with those who are hot to develop nuclear weapons in the war on AID$.

The image snapshots of Google news were from 1/16 and 1/17 in the year twenty 17.


Potty parity

When discussing politics to your Trump loving friends who hate political correctness and love swimming in apprentice stew, rose colored glasses are mandatory now as well as being politically correct in the discussion.

Yes it can be a challenge discussing how the planet will be spinning out of control around the sun for another billion years, but take heart, you can always throw the babies bathwater in their face as a way to get their attention.

So let’s chat with them about potty parity.

Wikipedia states: 

In 2013 that the state of California passed bill 1266 (“The School Success and Opportunity Act”) also recognized as the “transgender bathroom bill” which enforces gender-neutral toilets at universities. Bill 1266 only targets a small group of the population in the United States.

Pfft, what’s in a name!

Wikipedia also states:

Parity may be defined in various ways in relation to facilities in a building. The simplest is as equal floor space for men’s and women’s washrooms. Since men’s rooms include urinals, which take up less space than stalls, this still results in more facilities for men. An alternative parity is by number of fixtures within washrooms. However, since women on average spend more time in washrooms more men are able to use more facilities per unit time. More recent parity regulations therefore require more fixtures for women to ensure that the average time spent waiting to use the toilet is the same for women as for men, or to equalise throughputs of men’s and women’s toilets.[3]

Oh God, now this will be part of the issue, parity matters, equal time waiting for all genders, how dare they!

Wikipedia even went further stating:

Women spend more time in washrooms than men, for physiological and cultural reasons.[4] The requirement to use a cubicle rather than a urinal means urination takes longer;[4] twice as long on average in studies.[1] Women also make more visits to washrooms. Urinary tract infections and incontinence are more common in women.[4] Pregnancy, menstruation, breastfeeding, and diaper-changing increase usage.[4] The elderly, who are disproportionately female, take longer and more frequent bathroom visits.

Wikipedia sure talks a lot. Reminds me of the fat slobs that sits in the steam room expecting the fat to melt away, while they talk to you like someone pulled that string on their back, never shutting up and Elizabeth Warren who never shuts up about parity.

Of course, all this parity rights will be accomplished using millions of dollars spent on software and algorithms and consultants who are friends of politicians. Here is one of those tools that taxpayers might spend $1 hundred tribbion dollars on:

The Cuisenaire Rods



Consider The Following When Shopping For Other Ideas

Going to the bathroom when out shopping at Target only affects a very small part of the population.

Suggest they just remove bathrooms since it only affects a tiny minority of shoppers.

Feature image credit of a By Rubric – Ian Henderson, Rubric, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Image of Cuisenaire Rods credit By Hyacinth (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Catching things is not the problem. Not letting them go is.

Catching viruses. OMG. How many colds have you caught and let go of.

Who comes up with this crap that once you have caught a baseball or virus you can’t let go?

Anyone who claims you can’t let go of a virus is full of baseballs.

Not letting go of wacky ideas that viruses cannot be caught and let go of is the problem.

How many colds have you gotten from mosquitoes?

None? How exactly can you prove that the mosquito didn’t carry the cold virus?

Was it too heavy for it to carry? Too slippery for the dirty shared mosquito needle to transcribe it?


Image of the Lord’s Prayer in Gregg and a variety of 19th-century systems

Or is it HIV in disguise?

Understanding catching and releasing of a ball and catching and releasing viruses go hand in hand.

Transmit and transcribe that all you want, the message remains in short/handed or under/handed theory.

Sorta looks a lot like a doctor’s prexription.

See if you can catch this and hold on/to/it.

Short/Hand image in the Public Domain,

Feature image of baseball mitt worn on left hand of Willy Mayes during World Series 1954 by Davidm8985 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,