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2004 there was a Tsunami around Christmas around Sri-Lanka areas in the Andaman Sea.

2018 Indonesia gets one.

Tsunami change is here.

Why does Barbara Streisand keep alienating half her audience

She keeps making stupid political statements now saying that people who need people who support Trump vote the way their husbands vote.

She’s becoming more and more less needing of people in her old age I suppose.

Entertainers should really stick to what they are good at and thus after they are gone leave a rather fine legacy rather than one that pissed off an entire group of people, millions of them, who might not bring her flowers any more.

With Cher still in entertainment I don’t see how we are entertained anymore

In response to her remark saying that with Trump in office she doesn’t understand how we are America anymore I thought I’d come up with my own which shows how stupid her statement really is.

With Cher still in entertainment I don’t see how we are entertained anymore.

I dumped her as an entertainer about 20 years ago when she conned her fans telling them it was her “farewell tour” and then reappeared for tour$ year$ after that.

Cher was good when she was with Sonny Bono, that’s about it. After that she became full of herself.

Be entertained by those around you.

Be entertained by your pets and children.

Fuck BIG/ENTERTAINMENT which sold the lie of HIV/AIDS.

Cher helped that happen.

She helped kill my friends.

Friends adored her and listened as she pushed HIV on them.

I can be gay and enjoy fag jokes, others get hysterical & activated

Between the vape review dude Jai Haze’s podcasts which are so entertaining and Joe Rogan’s latest comedy special from Boston “Strange Times” which can be found on Netflix streams GAY/FAG jokes are awesome.

Some people get pissy, hysterical, defensive, and activated when they hear people make fun of gay shit but I’m gay and I love it.

BE/GAY not hysterical.

Rogan at the end of the show says “You people are the shit and I love you” as he exited the stage at the Stifel Theatre.


feature image of Joe Rogan “Strange Times” which can be seen on Netflix and dates for his show


Hole in space station is an album cover

The astronaut presented on Twitter an image claiming it’s from NASA showing the “hole in the space station” – it’s an album cover from 2014. Or as Elon Musk would put it, we know it’s fake because the album cover is a hole in the space station that looks so real.

No shit. See for yourself.


Fuck Willie Nelson

Fuck him. He’s headlining a Beto O’Rourke rally and fans say it’s betrayal.

He is backing a liberal instead of a conservative. He has long supported conservatives and it’s part of his genre.

It’s he’s changed from being pro gun to now pro grab gun.

It’s he wants the entire universe to be controlled by lunitics who believe Earth can’t cool itself because there’s a blanket of air that keeps it warm, try using that blanket of carbon dioxide at night – throw those comforters away all you need is CO2 to stay warm.

Oh give him a break he’s 85. Must be senile. Doesn’t even know who he is let alone candidates OBVIOUSLY.

Some now say he’s a tool of the demoncrats.



Don’t forgive and never forget

That’s the motto inscribed on the deepest depths of the minds of the letters #meetoo #you3 and @neverforgive.

It’s a sad state of affairs.

Most every religion of the world teaches forgiveness.

The religion of social media does not forgive.

It’s Satanic, torturing it’s victims for eternity.

It’s filled with hate.


Macho (2016)

 Macho (2016) on IMDb

This movie got an unfair low rating because it just doesn’t resonate with the more conservative straight crowd, it’s way too gay, but unlike many gay films this one is unique and doesn’t harp on the “gay relationship” as much as it harps on antics.

In the film the main character is a wildly successful fashion designer dude who has pretended to be gay through his entire career life because if he was OUT as straight he’d never be accepted with such high acclaim. When his own reality camera crew goes too far in violating his privacy so they can get the real scoop they find this out.

What follows is a whirlwind of trying to pretend to the world that he’s actually gay by dating one of his employee boys. That performance between the two is better than what I have ever seen in popular awarded movies. It turns the camera back at the straight community AND the gay community as they both have their own styles of prejudice.

This film is fun, dramatic, light, festive, FANTASTIC CAMERA WORK, and exceptional quality, a great view for the gay and gay friendly audience.



Cult leader invites Beto O’Rourke on her show

To push the kneel ajenda even further she’s having him as a guest to celebrate and discuss why it’s so great to RESIST standing at attention when the national anthem is played at football games.

Hey Ellen why stop there. Let’s teach kids to resist listening to their parents, following instructions of their teachers, and whenever a cop tells them something to do just the opposite. Let’s go to the Ellen show and kneel instead of stand and see how far that goes before being thrown out of there.

Yea that’s being a great gay icon you hypocrite.

Fuck you Ellen. You owe all men an apology for making fun of babies, boys, teens, and adults who have had their dicks hacked, put into a face cream that is wiped all over SanDra Bullock’s face, a guest you had there as you all laughed at how funny that was.

Fuck you Ellen you are no icon to men especially gay men who’s lives were changed forever having their most private parts mamed.

You Ellen are sexist, rude, and insensitive.

You have such influence, you could have put this to use to help men, instead you made it a joke.


Transgender conservative MAV: “Trump is your president – get over it”

Blaire White is a new sensation.

She says she has endured far worse vitrol from the LGBTQmunnity for coming out as CONSERVATIVE than any suffering endured from coming out as transgender by anyone.

No surprise there.

The LBTGmunnity can be viscous. And vicious.

Imagine if she also said that HIV is a lie.

In this video, in the theme of LIE/DISCOVERY the woman sees a psychic who says that she is pregnant.

Sylvia Brown (more famous in the 1990’s) did a reading for a mother who’s daughter went missing. Sylvia said that the girl was dead.

As the new millennium progressed, we see in the news that the girl was being held captive for over a decade by a sicko with two other girls.

I predict that psychics will be exposed even more for their fraud as time goes on and that we also will find out that we never did go to the moon.

Unfortunately though, HIV will still exist in the minds of many.

Wear protection from that.

Tin foil sometimes works.

MAV – Made A Video