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Legionaries Disease is in the news again.

A pool in Palm Springs seem to have caught it and spread it.

They should call this new one PSID for Palm Springs Immunodeficiency Disease if the naming Kings were consistent.

A Virus That Mutates is what we have here with all viruses. They are NEVER THE SAME.

They blinded us with science.

As seen on TV.


Are you HIV F+?

F+ = false positive

The HIV false positive rate is as bad as facial recognition cameras in Wales. Those are providing false positive rates at 92%. They were finding that all these people that were tagged as criminals were not, it was the technology that was criminal.

In reading this article about the failures of facial recognition I had to ask my self “Why are they not referring to it as just failure?”

The statement should be “Facial recognition cameras are wrong 92% of the time, they are providing a 92% FAILURE RATE.”

What is this false positive crap?

The tests are a failure but authorities swear by it.

Facial recognition is a failure but authorities swear by it.

See pattern here.

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