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Golden Globe Awards, a place for all the elite better than most of us people slobber in a orgy of self and peer absorption pedestaling.

After a few months of nauseating reports trashing men in the industry who were alleged, not proven in a court of law, to have done bad things to women as if women have never done bad things to men, it was refreshing to see the writers of the opening MC skit basically poke fun at the matter though trashing Spacey might have not exactly been on par with Weinstein, nevertheless they did a great job of doing their job, entertaining. Other years we have heard nauseating over emphasis of political views that over-permeate these industry award reely good shows.

Alas, as the show went on we get to the end and the big black woman speaks. She had a talk show once. She’s about to receive the CBD award. She has to buy a warehouse again to house them all. The woman has an ego like a freight train heading toward a snow pile.

In her speech she tells the story which she is good at of Recy Taylor, an black woman born who was “brutally raped and left blindfolded by six white men as she walked home from church in 1944.”

The story was told using “African-American” to describe the woman, and instead of using Caucasian, no, she uses the term white. It’s the thing these daze to trash white men. They have destroyed the world that created a system of wealth generation that she slobbers over.

The former nauseating talk show host should received the award for being a big bag of air, using storytelling to twist reality. She did it with health problems – HIV/AIDS/GARBAGE.

Look at her use of language.

Take a HEAR at how different it seems when it’s said as she actually said it, “Recy Taylor an African-American who was brutally raped and left blindfolded by six white men…”. Do you notice how it makes the woman appear better than the white men? I mean drop the rape part and just look at the two terms. This is how story tellers use language to get you into their world, a space where they purposefully want you to be, feeling all sorts of emotions that they want to elicit. This is the entertainment industry at it’s core.

The problem is that certain entertainers twist reality, and then move people to do things they had no interest in doing prior in a very crafty way.

Oprah is an opportunist. Note the above image. She and others like her use tragedies for their gain, get in the public eye, act like you will save them, like you care about them, then go back to your penthouse and watch yourself on TV and all the little people doing the real work.

She led the charge in promoting the failed theory that a virus was in charge of gay dudes dicks and entire bodies. It was HORSE/SHIT. You were not around then, you were a square then, and didn’t hear the terror that she and other story tellers created in people.

HIV was going to kill 2/3rds of the world’s population she presented on her show and of course it was due to a white dude, a flight attendant no less.

The story telling moved people to perpetuate non-non-nonsensical hype from other story tellers. HIV/AIDS was in the news daily and in all the talk shows. People flocked to their screens to learn.

Techniques used to elicit certain emotions for one’s gain:

1. Be sure to define an exact number of white men, or viruses, don’t leave it to their imagination. For example don’t say a virus, or a man, give it drama.

2. Use the general color when putting down someone who is American-European. Do not say European-American or American-European or dare say their exact nationality. Saying those although technically would be more appropriate and linguistically correct, when that’s said it brings the mind to wonderful Europe, we as STORY/TELLERS are not here to be fair, equal, correct, you don’t want to do that when subtly trashing white men. Make them ALL sound like gutter rats.

3. Never make the subject to be trashed seem equal in any way.

4. Get people excited.

These techniques have been used by many people to make themselves feel better, appear better than, etc. Sometimes it’s all for fun, but with her there always seems to be an agenda.

It was mentioned she should be President. Many love the idea.


Feature image of Oprah Winfrey visiting the shelter after other wind blowing phenomena had swept through (Hurricane Katrina) is a FEMA image and in the public domain

Fat faggot

I’m speaking of a large cigarette of course.

Milo was speaking of a professor.

I’m getting to like this guy again.

Take a look at this awesome suit he wore speaking (calling out) at a University in recent video.

He trashes a fat ass gay liberal professor calling him a ‘piece of shit’.

You go fag!

Hey he even gets awards presented at UC Irvine!

Feature image of fat ass fag credit By Cyberjunkie (Own work) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Piss on it

The Justice Department will withhold federal funding for a bazillion programs that North Carolina currently enjoys handouts of your tax microcents if they don’t rescind the transgender bathroom bill.

In reading the article from the NY Times found here I found this statement which i would like to comment on:

Tim Moore, the North Carolina Speaker of the House, called the letter an attempt to “circumvent the will of the electorate and instead unilaterally exert its extreme agenda on the people directly through executive orders, radical interpretations of well-settled common-sense laws and through the federal court system.”

I know some like this concept about the will of the electorate, the voters, and the claim that executive orders are being forced on people and “shoved down the throat” some say, but the problem is that we are talking about what we interpret the US Constitution to mean when it calls for equal treatment and the priority of enforcing equal treatment.

So it’s become pretty clear to me that people who feel like a woman and dress like a woman and want to use the woman’s rest room because they feel most comfortable there and safe, that to force them to use the men’s room is treating them unequal to others. No one forces anyone to use a rest room that they don’t feel comfortable in, I have never heard of such a thing, so why should anyone be told they can’t use the rest room that they feel most comfortable in?

You cannot say that because it may cause others to feel uncomfortable as an excuse to treat people who need to pee differently. If people become distraught by someone’s dress or perceived sex, they can still use whatever rest room makes them most comfortable. The constitution is not about providing comfort, it most fundamental provision is about equal treatment to form a more perfect Union.

Thus since comfort is not in our US Constitution, I can’t be concerned about that, I have to be concerned with equal treatment and the Justice Department is correct.

Thus in this situation the “will of the electorate” goes directly against the constitutional principles of equal treatment and cannot be upheld, otherwise what we have allowed in America is different classes of people and that is obviously unconstitutional by any stretch of it’s interpretation.

Take it in a different comparison, is it fair to discriminate in housing because of one’s way of dress? Whatever their sex is we already have laws that say you absolutely cannot discriminate based on sex but the same concept applies to housing discrimination based on dress when it comes to interpreting the basic constitutional principles. If we were to not allow such equal treatment where would it end? The thin voluptuous sexy models that are found in the night club ladies room could call for a ban on fat cows using it because they are offended by fat pigs and cows using their rest rooms and it makes them feel uncomfortable. It’s the same argument being made against men who dress like women and use the ladies room.

Now don’t have a cow about all this……here, have an abstract, created by using your tax microcents and all the profits generated for such studies by all the milk you drink provided you by fat cows.


This study examined whether dairy cows could distinguish among people based on the treatment received, whether cows used color as a cue to make this discrimination, and whether cows generalized their discrimination to other locations. Twelve cows were each repeatedly treated in a special treatment stall by two people wearing red or yellow overalls.

the full abstract can be found here