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Chicken little

Are not all chickens little. Have you ever seen a big cock.

Your guide to perversion

Pour some coffee, fill up the tank, speak your mind and when you are all done sit down and watch this film. . . . . click here to view dbrumm feature image snapshot of the beginning of the film “Your Guide To Perversion” described as: “Your Guide to Perversion” is taken from the ‘Sutro…


The vegetarian was bothered with being in the same room with a humanitarian knowing that humanitarians eat humans. Concept first seen here:

GOP auctioneer drowns out libtard protester in Twitter hearing

The republicans proved once again who can outsmart who. watch the short segment and read the details here on Fox News

Macho (2016)

This movie got an unfair low rating because it just doesn’t resonate with the more conservative straight crowd, it’s way too gay, but unlike many gay films this one is unique and doesn’t harp on the “gay relationship” as much as it harps on antics. In the film the main character is a wildly successful…

Jewtropolis, NY

LOL The hackers renamed maps of New York City (note I am not acronymizing the city name) Jewtropolis. For some odd reason there is backlash. They claim it’s anti-semitism. What? What is semitism? Oh my bosses say it’s being anti Jew. Is that anti Jerusalem? Or is that anti Jewish wherever they live? If so…

Free boxer

Pens now sing for our country

As you know Joy Villa has produced a singing pen, that’s right, a pen that sings the National Anthem of the United States and much better than Roseanne sang it in the 1980’s. This WILL bring the country together. As they write they can sing along with Joy. She was there in Hollywood to support…

And now a word from who should sponsor IMGAY

The LGBTQWERTY version could be called GAYNE. This is groundbreaking.

Get your kicks on route 666

Cheers season 10 episode 2 was named “Get Your Kicks On Route 666” Here is a scene where Sam, Ciff, Norm, and Frasier are stuck in the desert. As they talk about staying the night and the sun rising in the morning Cliff says that when the heat gets up to 110 “your lungs explode”….