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When DMV Won’t Give You What You Want, you give it to them.

He couldn’t get his license plate approved with his real name on it so he put it on the rear end of his truck tailgate.

The A is pronounced like an O.


Politics in Seattle were rather interesting in this Frasier episode which as watching it reminded me of some of The Things going on and on in congress now, such as the call to give people who do not want to work $10,000 a year and eliminating airplanes and automobiles that use archaic immoral fuels that will destroy the universe. I mean who could have imagined then we would really get people like Phil Patterson (character) in office who’s secret he shared with Frasier was that he…….**spoiler

It’s a must see highly rated episode playing on Hulu.

Phil was played by Boyd Gaines. The episode aired in November 1994.

Kelsey Grammer who played Frasier is one of the best actors ever seen in television.

**spoiler was abducted by aliens at one time

Chicken little

Are not all chickens little.

Have you ever seen a big cock.

Your guide to perversion

Pour some coffee, fill up the tank, speak your mind and when you are all done sit down and watch this film.





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feature image snapshot of the beginning of the film “Your Guide To Perversion” described as:

“Your Guide to Perversion” is taken from the ‘Sutro Tower Video’ educational films’ collection. It was produced in conjunction with United Filth Mongers, LLC, screenplay by Maury Vice, and was created with a grant of bagels from White Bread Productions, Ltd., an American Corporation. The film attempts to educate the average, righteous American, such as John Q. Public, and his average, upstanding world cousin, such as Igor X. Publique, regarding the horror and pitfalls that face fine, respectable folk throughout the world as they attempt to live good, decent lives during this era of evil, mass-produced, tasteless stimulation.

Many of the oft-seen perversions are explored in this movie, such as the sins of under-utilized caffeine, homosexualism, double entendre shampoo, lesbianism, sadism, radioactive atomically energetic militarism, mob starvation riotism, communist-coached sex educationalism, pornographicism, and other ‘isms’ left unnamed. Strategies for coping in a perverted world are offered the viewer, particularly those revolving around government-sponsored perversion shelters, which have been built in the United States in every town and city to house all upstanding, incorruptible American families in their efforts to remain normal.


The vegetarian was bothered with being in the same room with a humanitarian knowing that humanitarians eat humans.

Concept first seen here:

GOP auctioneer drowns out libtard protester in Twitter hearing

The republicans proved once again who can outsmart who.

watch the short segment and read the details here on Fox News

Macho (2016)

 Macho (2016) on IMDb

This movie got an unfair low rating because it just doesn’t resonate with the more conservative straight crowd, it’s way too gay, but unlike many gay films this one is unique and doesn’t harp on the “gay relationship” as much as it harps on antics.

In the film the main character is a wildly successful fashion designer dude who has pretended to be gay through his entire career life because if he was OUT as straight he’d never be accepted with such high acclaim. When his own reality camera crew goes too far in violating his privacy so they can get the real scoop they find this out.

What follows is a whirlwind of trying to pretend to the world that he’s actually gay by dating one of his employee boys. That performance between the two is better than what I have ever seen in popular awarded movies. It turns the camera back at the straight community AND the gay community as they both have their own styles of prejudice.

This film is fun, dramatic, light, festive, FANTASTIC CAMERA WORK, and exceptional quality, a great view for the gay and gay friendly audience.



Jewtropolis, NY


The hackers renamed maps of New York City (note I am not acronymizing the city name) Jewtropolis.

For some odd reason there is backlash.

They claim it’s anti-semitism. What? What is semitism?

Oh my bosses say it’s being anti Jew. Is that anti Jerusalem? Or is that anti Jewish wherever they live?

If so none of that makes any sense. Naming a map Jewish is just making a statement of what is perceived, lots of Jewish live there.

It’s sorta like calling an area of downtown Los Angeles Koreatown, just sorta as with Koreatown it’s actually a designated racist place that the city of Los Angeles approves naming that way. There are thousands of others like this all over the country.

Then if we look around the world we see all sorts of names designating race, Africa is one – African – France is another – French.

Why is it when Jewish neighborhoods are labeled Jewish they get upset?

It’s not like naming the neighborhood what would be actually offensive, “Penishackers”.


image snapshot of google news 8/31/2018 at about 6:04 am pt


Free boxer

Pens now sing for our country

As you know Joy Villa has produced a singing pen, that’s right, a pen that sings the National Anthem of the United States and much better than Roseanne sang it in the 1980’s.

This WILL bring the country together.

As they write they can sing along with Joy.

She was there in Hollywood to support Trump and do a “social experiment” (that used to be called “a setup” or “staging” for a story) where she was there with others as Trump supporters openly saying they liked him. Liberal retards of course showed up, and as Joy and the others stood there alongside his destroyed Walk Of Fame star that some liberal retard chopped out of the sidewalk with a pick axe one of them picked a fight, which became a brawl that had to be stopped by police.

Where are the liberals on banning pick axes?

feature image is a snapshot from the conservative activist’s Twitter page

TMZ was of course there too.

Ah so much time spent on computers and in front of screens.

And now a word from who should sponsor IMGAY

The LGBTQWERTY version could be called GAYNE. This is groundbreaking.

Get your kicks on route 666

Cheers season 10 episode 2 was named “Get Your Kicks On Route 666”

Here is a scene where Sam, Ciff, Norm, and Frasier are stuck in the desert.

As they talk about staying the night and the sun rising in the morning Cliff says that when the heat gets up to 110 “your lungs explode”.

This is one of the few times that we see clear evidence presented of how he exaggerates and doesn’t know what he’s talking about as much as he talks so much.

Kinda like internet publishers.

It’s a great episode you should watch in order to make your life gay.

Feature image by and content image snapshot of Cheers episode copyright whoever made that series

Another sleaze bag politician closeted flame goes down in flames

The young Ohio legislature politician, charming as he may be, after being found out as being a fully closeted gay, who acted publicly as staunchly conservative, who, as to be expected by such sleazedirt, would speak and act against LGBTqwerty rights, and is now OUT/ED and no longer a politician, stated this according to,

“We all bring our own struggles and our own trials into public life,” Goodman said in the statement. “That has been true for me, and I sincerely regret that my actions and choices have kept me from serving my constituents and our state in a way that reflects the best ideals of public service.”

Wow. It’s still all about him. Notice how he doesn’t say he’s sorry to the gay community. How about stating you are sorry for fucking and slamming the gay community into the ground and being part of the biggest hypocrites ever, which the fundamentalist Christian community is FULL/OF.

“Christian ‘Family Values’ Conservative Resigns After Sex in the Office With Another Man”

Image snapshot of Ohio House of Representatives webpage of formerly closeted SCUM/GAY fake human being that did not represent the public properly found on and is in the public domain and presented in the public interest


Getting a head

Fascinating, Kathy Griffith the comedienne, as I am sure you have already heard/seen posted a beheaded Trump bloody head her holding it.**


She also thought it was funny.

In some ways it is. Would have been better though had there been an event that would have put it in better comedic context.

So surprisingly the internet threw up on her and she sincerely apologized, took the image down though it’s all over the internet still and forever will be.

Apologized. Hmm. For what? Exercising her Constitutional right do do what she did? Exorcising her free speech that offends? Oh, she “apologized for offending people”. What? Wasn’t that the point?

It’s odd, she’s one of many who throw political correctness down the toilet, now she’s pulling it out. If there’s one person that was a sanctuary of not being politically correct it had seemed to be her.

When I saw this display I found it disgusting yet I support it and am now terribly offended that she would cave.

The whole stunt brings attention to some things.

This also puts her in the category of someone who’s NOT going to do whatever it takes to support and promote how deep our freedom of speech can go.

What she did is a textbook example of why it’s great to be in the USA. What she did is an honor of all who died in wars to protect our freedom of expression.

Same with burning the flag, no one should apologize, though they have that right too since it too is an expression of our right to almost infinite free speech protections.

So in essence the whole thing presents yet again how great this country is.

The other thing that is absolutely fabulous about what she did and she surely doesn’t realize it, is that the shock value it presented has reigned in some of Trump’s worst critics.

The horror of the image is so strong that many of those who are constantly “bashing Trump over a head with their hammer of words and actions” are taken aback and thus in response thinking a bit more humanely of the president. Some of those who hate him so much they entertain thoughts of how nice it would be if he were killed or beheaded are so tremendously horrified with the image that it pulls those thoughts back. It’s brilliant. It’s a perfect example of why freedom of speech works.

Who has done that with political discussion? No one. Just Kathy Griffin! Bravo! Heil art!

It’s also funny that Kathy is one of the biggest loud mouths against political correctness yet she fell into the pit of it. Hahahahahahaha.

She makes me laugh.

**image of beheading is posted further below as a politically email correct thing to do so as to not offend by placing it up high near text in case you are offended seeing it.










Feature image of Hitler youth in Nazi Germany performing a salute taken on May 1, 1933 Bundesarchiv, Bild 147-0510 / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Image of Kathy Griffin holding a beheaded Donald Trump (fake) as artistic free expression by Tyler Shields, Youtube.

This article should be considered as opinion.

Other references

FLU positive

OMG he’s FLU positive!

I have never heard anyone say that yet more people die from the FLU than other immune system diseases combined.

Yet we have Hysterics In Virology (HIV) parading around frantically screaming, asking “status” before having sex or cough and precedents in law that nudge people into the belief that they could face execution or prison time for not disclosing their Hysterics In Virology status.

Let me know when people start asking and offering up FLU status before talking to one another.

Maybe then I will believe in your claim that the world is full of sanitized sanity.

More on FLU positivitis disease here

Feature image found at

Stealth zing!

Ah another day in the free democracy of lunacy on planet Earth brings us a new headline fear campaign that brings that evil Satan/HIV into our consciousness.

This one is regarding “stealthing” which supposedly is someone taking off a condom during sex “without their sexual partner knowing it”.

The fearlines read like this:

Stealthing, the act of condom removal without their partner’s consent, is sexual assault – Allure Magazine


‘Rape-Adjacent’: Imagining legal responses to non-consentual condom removal by Alexandra Brodsky – SSRN

Rape/Adjacent? That’s a new one! Let’s acronymiziate that! RA.

Used in a sentence: “The fag took off the condom that was itching his sacred penis that part of which was hacked off by a doctor sanctioned by the CDC, American Medical Association, and other government agencies that don’t give a shit about the skin on baby boy dicks being circumcised without consent, and the fag smoked a fag which smoked after it was lit after it’s form of protection was removed without it’s consent after he came inside his partner.”


The word “stealth” is synonymous with secrecy.

The use of the term “stealthing” is like saying “secreting”.

It’s stupid. It can apply to anything.

Now about those condoms that all have holes in them that are bigger than viruses…….that according to the government official at the CDC heard proclaimed as far back as the 1980’s when this whole virus causation error took hold.


Feature image of F-117 Stealth attack plane has no copyright by unlisted (User RadicalBender on en.wikipedia) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Fat faggot

I’m speaking of a large cigarette of course.

Milo was speaking of a professor.

I’m getting to like this guy again.

Take a look at this awesome suit he wore speaking (calling out) at a University in recent video.

He trashes a fat ass gay liberal professor calling him a ‘piece of shit’.

You go fag!

Hey he even gets awards presented at UC Irvine!

Feature image of fat ass fag credit By Cyberjunkie (Own work) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Sending C and C’ing Sea Shells

I checked my mailbox for correspondence (C).

There was nothing there except two pieces of mail I sent to remind myself about something.

Then I saw SPOT run.

Went right PAST the postman over Athens.

I saw shells and seamen.


LGBTQ – Laugh Gaily By Testing Queries

SPOT – Satellite Pour l’Observation de la Terre

PAST – Predictible Alterations Seeing Transgeneralities

Image credit By Cnes – SPOT Image –, CC BY-SA 3.0,


We don’t need a pussy for President

Saturday Night Live TV show skit took shots at Trump’s pussy remarks from 11 years ago and Hillary’s drunken stupor and fake facade.

Very funny!

Watch here!


My opponent is a liar and cannot be trusted

This hilarious South Park skit pokes fun at the two candidates that are now left running against each other.