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Goal to end HIV/AIDS

Press release from Desert Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Project. I will make no comments here in this post on this. This is for reference.

August 22, 2018

Palm Springs, Calif., August 22, 2018—It was 34 years ago today that Desert AIDS Project started out of desperation, with little else but heart and soul to get it off the ground. It was the same year the HIV virus had been identified, and founders sought to keep the community educated about AIDS, and to provide social and psychological support to those suffering from it. As decades passed, medical services came in-house, dental and residential access was added, and eventually, the status of Ferally Qualified Health Center was achieved.

As we mark D.A.P.’s 34th anniversary, we recommit ourselves to providing holistic care to people living with HIV, and getting to zero new HIV infections. We also commit ourselves to responding to the unmet needs of our neighbors struggling to find health and a path out of poverty, regardless of HIV status.

“Using the road map created during the earliest years of the AIDS crisis, Desert AIDS Project continues to be led by the communities we serve to improve the health and well-being of the whole person,” said David Brinkman, D.A.P. CEO.  “We are humbled and grateful for the community’s partnership in creating lifesaving solutions for people in need.”

Our expansion, known as Vision 2020, will enable us to care for twice the number of patients and clients than we do today, increasing from 4,000 to 8,000. This will add more than 20,000 square feet to our campus footprint and includes 60 additional housing units.

The needs of our community have increased since 1984, but we remain ever mindful of our roots. Providing compassionate care and bringing an end to the HIV/AIDS epidemic will always be our number one priority.

George Sonsel, L.C.S.W., a founder and D.A.P.’s first Executive Director, remembers the disarray and disorganization in the community when he and seven others started D.A.P. Conflicting local interests, apathy among healthcare clinicians and civic institutions, and homophobia were only some of the impediments they faced in those early days. The tenacity and passion to meet those challenges created a standard that permeates the organization today.

“The respect shown for the initial efforts of your founders is evidenced by the dedication to D.A.P.’s long-term existence, breadth of services, sound administrative and fiscal practices, and building sufficient reserves for the perpetuation of the organization,” said Mr. Sonsel. “To the extent that I can represent those who came before, thank you for the consistent leadership, ongoing insight and creativity, and provision of quality services.”

Until there is a cure for HIV, D.A.P. stands by the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) 90–90–90 goal; ensure 90 percent of HIV infected individuals know their status, and that 90 percent are on antiretroviral therapy (ART), and that 90 percent of those treated achieve viral suppression.

There is no limit to the passion and effort D.A.P. and its partners bring forth to ensure that everyone living with HIV receives care and everyone at risk for HIV receives education and interventions.

To find out more about D.A.P.’s expansion plans, please visit

About Desert AIDS Project 
Desert AIDS Project (D.A.P.) is a Federally Qualified Health Center in Palm Springs, CA offering D.A.P.

Total Care – a combination of medical, dental, behavioral health, social services, support groups, alternative therapies, in-house pharmacy and lab, and other health and wellness services.  D.A.P.’s sexual health clinic, The DOCK, offers low-cost STD testing and treatment, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP), and free HIV and HCV testing. D.A.P.’s Get Tested Coachella Valley campaign, the nation’s first region-wide HIV testing and access to care initiative, was recognized by the White House for helping to bring about an AIDS-free future.

Visit, and to learn more.


KTLA anchors ask the question “Is it bullying to public shame people when they steal”.

Yes it is.

The individual is accused. Does not get a jury trial. Assumed guilty.

Becomes a target of massive harassment and abuse.

Try to tell that to anyone who is on the anti-bullying bandwagon and see what happens.

You will be publicly shamed and harassed.

This happened to everyone who has ever tried to speak logically about viruses that magically started causing 29 different diseases that all HAVE different causes.

They call it HIV/AIDS and it’s the stupidest most illogical definition ever devised by hucksters that spread like wildfire by bandwagoneers due to hysteria and fear.

HIV discovered in Paris now has cure discovered in Paris

You will be amazed at how close to the original finding of HIV that this discovery of how to abolish it is located. Same desk.

First of all let’s be clear, HIV is a figment of the perception of two Paris researchers who duped the world into believing that what they were looking at in the pictures of SLICES of particulates seen in an electron microscope were dangerous viruses capable of causing 29 different diseases under the broad category called AIDS. They stole this concept from researchers in Japan.

It’s a flawed theory but it’s swept the world by storm.

Then we have the electron microscope scientist that knows more than anyone about such imaging stated he thinks what they deemed HIV is nothing more than cellular debris. There are many others like him who have agreed. Cellular debris is like dust in your house, an annoyance, dirties things up, looks bad, but not anything major that would destroy the entire structure of where you are finding such particles.

Finding cellular debris is not something to worry about, unless maybe that’s all you find, just debris, no cells.

Rename it something scary though, like HIV, then you have another situation. It’s not all that hard to do.

After the US and the world bought the renaming of cellular debris as HIV, and paying trillion$$$ for research, a test and treatments made some people fabulously wealthy as testing, especially in the gay community, became routine.

We love throwing money at people who find things that make us feel like the Devil is being defeated.

So now the news is saying that at the Institute Pasteur in Paris they have discovered how to cure HIV.

Very interesting.

note: they say it wipes out HIV infected “reservoir” cells, now what the duck is that, they keep adding new twists to their fantasy. Funny thing, looking this up on Wikipedia we find this, Researchers from Kumamoto University in Japan have developed a new method to eradicate HIV in viral reservoir cells, named “Lock-in and apoptosis.”

Wait, who discovered this again? The other news stated it was the Institute Pasteur in Paris.

Wikipedia states that “This worldwide biomedical research organization based in Paris was the first to isolate HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, in 1983.”

So again, like before, they stole what Japan came up with first.

In reality, they isolated cellular debris, the stuff shed when cells die. It’s like dust that is shed from all sorts of things and all this talk about HIV and AIDS is a massive pile of garbage, actually, cellular debris, that if it were stacked on top of itself would reach to Pluto, that planet that stopped being a planet because of a scientific VOTE then started being a planet again as they changed their minds which is indicative of how science often works regarding things like cellular debris that is impossible to calculate what planet it’s going to arrive on as these hucksters send it to our brains via Uranus.

Baby powder never had asbestos

Johnson & Johnson is slamming these false inflammatory reports.

Their stock falls.

Guess who makes money.

Something is going on.

Something has been going on for thousands of year.

Then again, Wikipedia which is never wrong on anything other than HIV backslash AIDS states:

One particular issue with commercial use of talc is its frequent co-location in underground deposits with asbestos ore. Stringent quality control since 1976, including separating cosmetic- and food-grade talc from “industrial” grade talc, has eliminated this issue, but it remains a potential hazard requiring mitigation in the mining and processing of talc.[24] A 2010 US FDA survey failed to find asbestos in a variety of talc-containing products.[25] A 2018 Reuters investigation has asserted that pharmaceuticals company Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that there was asbestos in its baby powder.[26]

If this is true, then since the 1950’s as is claimed currently J&J knew that some asbestos was in their product as they used NFG talc up to 1976 though they likely had no solid proof of such until the FDA which also never makes mistakes except with HIV backslash AIDS declared need for food grade talc be used on baby bottoms and other bodies.

In 2017 a verdict against J&J was overturned, one of those multi billion dollar ones that makes jaws drop but this year 2018 a new one popped up.

The other one was dropped because the judge determined that there is no solid evidence, and conflicting reports on this matter.

We should trust Reuters reporters though.

They told us also about the reality of HIV while churches told us about the other Devil as they ignored Duesberg and others who are actually very smart. Ones like electron microscope scientists who casually laugh at the claims that “what they saw” there is a virus they labeled HIV presented to the public with all it’s terror like that of unicorn dieties like the Devil.

This real expert scientist that knows more about what’s looked at in electron microscope images more than any one in the Universe says all they saw was dirt, cellular dirt. He’s in the documentary House of Numbers yet try to find anyone who knows who this person is and how he says what they call HIV is cellular debris.

Cellular debris is like flaking skin. To be terrified of such a thing, to get routinely tested for it, and to try to prevent it, or treat it, is absurd.

HIV is cellular dead skin of cells.

The world has been fooled.

WHO did this! It certainly was not Johnson & Johnson.



Human Immunoeieiodeficienceieio Virus Fawlty Test Results Infected man is being accused of infecting 75 teenagers.

The madness continues.

The information age has made more zombies than ever who cannot understand the most simplest of concepts, that if a virus can travel on a needle it can travel on a needle, and thus, since mosquito knitting needles are not causing transmission of the virus, neither can dicks.

Or better put, if there actually was such a thing as “HIV” as is described as a virus that attacks immune systems, and transmitted by dicks, and needles, well then there would be viruses being transmitted to everyone via mosquitoes just like malaria.

LIES/ARE everywhere on the matter. Governments everywhere have been duped. They just can’t seem to understand.

Looks like a rat and smells like HIV

Adenovirus is now being blamed for causing paralysis in some children as some “new disease”.

It’s more likely they are suffering paralysis from bug spray and Roundup weed killer. Kids do play in the grass.

Wikipedia states it causes a cold and some respiratory problems.

So let’s look at the picture of the virus, as we know as long as we have a picture we know everything said about it is real.

Look ma, it’s HIV.

This photo is by Wikipedia user Graham Colm and used with permission and is taken with an electron microscope.




You figure it out. Maybe it’s a new disease. Maybe it’s an old one. Maybe it’s old and new.

After all that’s what they make you do with “HIV/AIDS” which is the “new definition cause for the same old diseases”.

HIV/AIDS is like saying that car crashes are caused by rain when it’s actually caused by slipping. The rain does not cause the crash, it causes the pavement to be slippery like SLIPPERY/SCIENCE causes all sorts of declarations to be made that are false/allegations.

HIV does not cause the AIDS, just like the rain does not cause the crash.

What is labeled HIV is not even harmful. Just like rain is not harmful.

I suppose when rain gets all bunched up together like activist behavior it can cause harm, but there is no bunching up of virus named HI as they couldn’t even find it in the blood with any test to this day, all they ever find is RANDOM antibodies. Finding antibodies is like finding hospitals in a rain storm, it’s even like finding hospitals in a tidal wave.

What was that sound, we just heard HIV/SCI/FIENCE crash.

Gee what could have caused that.

The diseases that were named “caused by the human immune deficiency virus” back in Orewellian 1984, yes really it was in 1984, all had other causes. The label acquired immune deficiency syndrome was a new label that lumped together 28 different diseases that all have different causes, suddenly supposedly all caused by one thing, which anyone with a brain would say MAKES/NO/SENSE.

Jack The Ripper’s victims were not whores

“Dr Hallie Rubenhold has argued that ‘sexist’ attitudes of policemen at the time and researchers in the 130 years since have led to inaccurate beliefs about the women who were killed.”

This is the kind of thing that happened with new “mysterious” diseases that were killing gays in the early 1980’s which in reality was not mysterious at all, they were all old diseases which all had well known causes but the politics of policing disease got hold and infected the public understanding.

Their diseases were not caused by a new virus never seen before, they were doing poppers and drugs and not taking care of themselves and partying 24 hours a day.

They called it gay related immune deficiency. It’s what happens when you are gay and you party too much, eat potato chips instead of a balanced meal and eat other junk, drink lots of alcohol, do drugs constantly, and never get any sleep. They called it GRID.

The gay politicical forces did not like it being just a gay disease, so it was renamed to human. They didn’t know what caused it they said, ignoring all the obvious things, and this is what many doctors will do, hunting for a virus instead.

So like with Jack The Ripper, the victims were deemed prostitutes because that calmed people down, this way they wouldn’t be living in so much fear that “it could happen to them”. They did this with HIV, said “oh it’s only transmitted by having dirty gay sex”. That calmed everyone down. You probably were not around when the hysteria took hold of anyone that had a TV set. It was just awful, every night’s news broadcast headlined HIV and GRID then AIDS for years.

They came up with treatments, using an old cancer drug that was pulled from the market because IT KILLED EVERYONE WHO USED IT.

2 – 2 = 0 but no one separated 2 and 2 to figure out that THAT IS WHAT KILLED SO MANY OF MY FRIENDS in the 1980’s.

Well, not no one, there were those like Duesberg who knew more than anyone in the world about retroviruses who tried to warn everyone that there was no retroviral cause, it was other factors, yet political preference took over, and because the need for public calm was paramount, the mind latched onto HIV as the cause even though the the world’s most knowledgable expert in looking at viruses under the electron microscope stated that what they were looking at was not even a virus, it was CELLULAR/DEBRIS.

In other words HIV is CELL/SHIT not a mutating monster capable of bringing down something that is trillions of times it’s size.

It’s kinda like the cell says “Oh shit, you are shit go away” and only absorbs the nutrients to rebuild, while the shit heads outside the body try to bombard the CELL/SHIT with killer nuclear bomb drugs that kill every healthy cell in it’s path like Hiroshima in the bloodstream and they got so many people to believe this was good medical science.


The dicistroviridae is a virus that is commonly found on flies, red fire ants, bees, regular ants, apids and some other species.

These are all vectors, they transmit viruses, bacteria, as does the air.

The dicistroviridae is in the same family of HI viruses, it too is a Positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus.

Look ma, it looks just like HIV.

image snapshot from Wikipedia page captured on September 12, 2018

Now look at the Hepatitis C virus, look carefully pa, the pictures are identical.

image snapshot from Wikipedia page captured on September 12, 2018

The credit states “Electron micrographs of hepatitis C virus purified from cell culture. Scale bar is 50 nanometers. Courtesy of the Center for the Study of Hepatitis C, The Rockefeller University” for both photos.

So it can be said that the Hep C Virus or HCV is the exact same thing as saying it is a PSSSRNAV or +ssRNAv

In medical terminology there are and endless supply of terms that actually refer to the same thing.

HIV is +ssRNAv.

Yet we also see it stated as +ssRNA-RT (the RT is “retro-virus”).

A retro-virus is basically a bass acting (backwards acting) virus.

“virus uses its own reverse transcriptase enzyme to produce DNA from its RNA genome, the reverse of the usual pattern, thus retro (backwards).”

This is a lot like how loony tooner tin foil mad hatters will claim that we are actually “born” when we die and that everything in time is completely opposite of how we perceive it, actually going backwards when we look at it as forwards.

In other words, when you get stung by a cock or stung with a red fire ant you might be getting +ssRNAv.



It’s sad that most people cannot tune in sharply to the concepts about viruses that reveal the clear picture presenting we have been lied to frequently.


feature image of TV antenna showing where the crow flied is used with permission courtesy of Marie .mclt see more works here

Stop telling children it’s OK to come out, it’s not

He entered 4th grade and after his mom said “I still love you” when he timidly came out to her, then he came out to his classmates. Did not go well.

He killed himself after being taunted.

So let’s look at this. I get real pissed when I hear our so called LGBTQ leeders push this coming out crap.

Hate, which is what was thrown at this poor kid who came out to his classmates, is like a rock, it sits all by itself not harming anyone, yet it’s harmful when thrown. It’s cannot be controlled with laws when haters decide to hate anyway.

Liberal retards like some of our gay community leeders who are “resisters” and gun control freaks, will push and push and push until they get their way with taking away constitutional rights to own a gun, and pushing homos to come out. Their self absorbed idea that they are doing good makes them feel like they won the war then, like had happened when they made new laws making hate a crime, and yet with all their wins, this kid killed him self anyway.

How could this happen, the leeders stated repeatedly they won. Their new laws would fix these problems.

His blood is on them in a sense.

LGBTQ/LEEDERS also have blood on their hands as they destroyed the lives of many of my friends who bought the lie of killer viruses.

The did what they were told, take HIV drugs or you will die.

They died, because the drugs killed them.


reference story on this terrible suicide can be read in full on Yahoo!

Where there’s smoke there’s HIV

Biggest California wildfires in history are a result of a couple of things, one was arson, the other is that liberal retards that control that state are tree huggers. They won’t allow logging so there’s no clearing of any of the old growth.

Granted in nature this system of fires that have ruined forests for millions of years has occurred and is a healthy part of the ecological system (note the word logical after eco) but this is America where we have people and homes to think about. People died in these fires.

Rather than get too in depth on that topic let’s look at the CNN snippet that appeared in Google News on 8/10/2108 at 8:35ampt which is titled “Smoke from the California wildfires is spreading 3,000 miles to New York City”.

It shows a map of the smoke pattern.

HI viruses are in that pattern too. If they are not please explain how they are not. Avoid rediculous arguments like “It’s only TBS (transmitted by sex)” as there is no evidence of that. That’s how it got from California to New York, sex in fires.

Some are going to think I am insane. Fine, please provide a logical explanation why a particle of ash dust that has sex with another particle of ash dust and caught HIV cannot be carried across the nation to other forests where it can have sex with other particles of ash dust coming out of chimneys.


feature image of smoke and HI viruses through the trees is by Pixabay


All virus particles travel by air like dust particles do so to illustrate this fact I went to space and snapped this image with my cell phone camera and interestingly enough there were particles of HIV and West Nile Virus that assembled themselves in such a pattern as to be able to see it from space. Dust did this also. They obviously wanted us to know they were there.

In reality though you would think that somewhere in the internet you would find posted images of HIV as it travels from Africa to the United States like West Nile Virus does. Note the fact that East Nile Virus does not exist, mainly because it cannot swim west across the Nile River, but why would I note that?

I had to make my own image reference by adding test that refers to where HIV can be found in the air, HIV which is surely by all logic and odds traveling along with all the dust across the Atlantic in order to give viewers an idea of this concept which is reality, but see if you can find anyone that will admit to this.

Everyone buys the lie that viruses cannot travel by air. What do they explode because of the pressure? I’m sure that’s one of many unscientifically proven explanations used by some of these hucksters in virus science. Note how HIV also made it’s way to the white part of your computer screen.

The original doctored image was found here and interestingly enough doctored by a doctor.

The image is public domain as it originates from publicly funded CGI or maybe some kind of floating cameras that for all we know could also have contracted HIV when some space man jerked off I mean like them must jerk off up there right? And that’s where HIV comes from right? Come to think of it when all us jerk offs jerk off couldn’t HIV get shot into space like a rocket? Hmm. Yes in deed.

Technically the acronym HIV is wrong, it should be HIDV. The ID is Immune Deficiency.

Speaking of technicalities and precisely communicating diseases where on Earth did the acronym HIV/AIDS come from? Hell. It’s the most illogical one ever. It certainly did not come from the mathematical sciences of which is rarely applied precisely to medical science. Everyone knows in mathematics that when you use a / that it’s division. Why are we dividing HIV and AIDS up? Precisely.

That would mean HIDV over AIDS would have the two ID’s cancel out because like one divided by one is one, ID over ID is ID, the H is for Human which is redundant, really it should read IDV over AIDS, the tow ID’s cancel out leaving V over AS or in other words virus causes or is associated with causing Acquired Syndrome which of course makes as much sense as saying you caught the flu which is what you may actually have had that caused a positive HIV test result.

Renowned mathematician denounces HIV/AIDS theories

Calls them politically formed.

Said the government merely commanded the National Institutes of Health to state the cause of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome was a virus without the cause actually identified nor a connection logically established.

From that point things took off. Once government says something is so everyone jumps on the $$$$ bandwagon.

“In the last years of his life one of his big fights was about HIV” as stated on page 15.

He submitted Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences which was on the state of HIV research and government actions on so called HIV drugs. It was so cavalierly rejected it was stunning.

He pointed out that David Ho’s paper on the subject of HIV slash AIDS lacked rigor and used mathematics inappropriately.

An excerpt of his statements:

Even if one virus could cause the twenty-six infectious and non-infectious (!) diseases that are now defined as AIDS, the following would be true:

  1. AIDS would be contagious. But, there is no case report in the peer-reviewed literature of even one doctor who ever contracted AIDS from one of the 929,985 (2004) American AIDS patients in twenty-three years. Moreover, not even one of the thousands of AIDS virus researchers ever contracted AIDS from their “deadly virus”, as the New York Times calls it.
  2. AIDS should appear within days to weeks after infection, because the AIDS virus, like other viruses, replicates with multiplication rates of 100 to 1,000 within twenty-four hours. But AIDS is said to appear only five to ten years after infection by its hypothetical viral cause.
  3. The epidemic would spread randomly like all viral epidemics. But AIDS cases in the U.S. and Europe are highly nonrandom, 80% are males, of which 1/3 are intravenous drug users and 2/3 are male homosexual users of toxic, recreational drugs like nitrite inhalants and amphetamines and are prescribed DNA chain-terminators.
  4. The epidemic would have formed a classical bell-shaped time curve, increasing exponentially and then declining exponentially owing to natural immunity within weeks to months, like a seasonal flu. Instead AIDS increased slowly over a decade and has since leveled off, without ever inducing immunity against itself. Thus AIDS fits a lifestyle—but not a viral epidemic. I hope, therefore, that those who saw Lang’s AIDS engagement as an Achilles heel might reconsider.


New building collapse

When I watch this brand new mall in Mexico City collapse I think about science and engineering in the medical industry and the construct of HIV.

HIV coming across the Atlantic in massive plume of dust

The weather for January 28, 2018 shows a massive dust “plume” that is heading across the Atlantic Ocean.

With it comes HIV and all other African-African viruses.

If the North America is lucky it will only hit Central America and South America.

HIV – the virus like all viruses that get transmitted by air, needles, cocks, bodily fluids, and more.

What’s that you say it dies when it hits the air?

Oh my, my dear child, viruses are not living things they can’t die any more than risky atmospheric fluids die.

Who told you they are even living, someone trying to sell you something?

Viruses are like particles of dust. They could be a problem. They could irritate. They only kill when they are dumped on you.

image snapshot from June 28 18 a 4:47pmpt and archived here in the interest of public teaching and reference under fair use principles

Get tested go to jail

That’s how it would be on the board game. You’d land on the space, pick up a card, and instead of “Get out of jail FREE” it would say “Get tested go to jail”.

I say this in jest though this situation is not funny.

We now have another person being “sent to jail” so the headlines read, for not informing his girlfriend for “having HIV”.

He never should have gotten tested. No one should get tested.

Authorities who never make mistakes and ignore the facts presenting how these tests are garbage, believe the tests are God’s only son here to proclaim results and redemption.

They rely on the ministers of HIV dogma.

So the guy this time was a cop. He didn’t tell his girlfriend. He’s sorry.

Yet the people will not have such threats to humanity without punishment.

Disregarding that all viruses can also be spread by coughing, the Jewish HI virus is sent concentration camps.

It’s like Hitler’s regime.

Apparently there’s more than one cop that did this!

If only one lake is saved

“If only one live is saved it will all be worth it” is the claim.

That is huckster sales talk.

I thought about this when reading that the volcano that is ejaculating hot lava out of the dick called Earth, there was mention of a lake on the big fat island filled with water of course, that the lave is flowing into and evaporating.

“If only one lake is saved it would all be worth it”

It’s like those who make those huckster claims could come in (if it wasn’t so obviously absurd) and say that if only one fish in the lake was saved it would all be worth it.

It referring to doing whatever it takes to stop the lava flow into the lake.

Hucksters do this with the fantasy called HIV. They present the concept that they are saving lives by providing poisonous ingestibles to people. The human body can process a wide variety of poisons and survive, even rattle snake poison can be eliminated. So when they “save lives” with HIV drugs really what is happening is that the body is surviving the lava flow of poisons that are no where near the strength when the fantasy of HIV was first discovered. In those dark daze a very strong poison AZT was laced in the formula at 5 times the current dose. It’s like a deer in the headlights being hit 5 times will most certainly die whereas if it’s hit only once it will only be injured and likely run away, lick it’s wounds, and survive many more years.

Unfortunately politics, fear, hysteria all rule.

This takes me to the absurd, PReParing for sex. I never in my wildest dreams thought there would be the day that the gay public would be so duped that they would believe they would have to take a pill before having sex.

Species smeices

The experts at deceit now claim that Zika may be carried by another species of mosquitoes.

Prior the belief was that only certain ones ate their spinach.

Never fear though, HIV can’t be carried by these Zika species mosquitoes because HIV weighs a ton. If a mosquito tried it would crush him flat.

Anyone who believes this garbage that states that a virus can only be carried by certain species of viruses or rocks should have their testing examined.

Feature image of hypnotic trance that reflects what everyone that believes in HIV is in by David Cossolato see more of his work here

Too heavy

A virus that is not too heavy for a hypodermic needle to carry but is too heavy for a mosquitodermic needle to carry.

We are supposed to believe that.

99% of us do.

Feature image of a virus too heavy to lift by a mosquito or a body builder is by Victor Freitas see all his images here

OMG Duesberg was right

That is what at some point the masses of denialists will say, that a man who knows more about retroviruses than anyone on the planet, knew more about human retroviruses than anyone and that “OMG Duesberg was right”. For now though there are still too many that just cannot grasp how deeply they have been deceived by HIV/HUCKSTERS. Others have known how HIV is harmless since the beginning of the hysteria epidemic regarding drug abuse deaths when this whole HIV pin-the-blame game started. Duesberg was there meeting it head on and repeatedly insisted everyone was on the wrong track. They ignored him. They mocked him. They are idiots and or egomaniacs. They can’t grasp the most simplest of concepts, viruses travel by planes, trains, automobiles, air, sneezes, and mosquito dirty needles so if there was this virus lurking in men’s cocks and in their blood, everyone would be getting it anywhere there is air and mosquitoes. That in itself blows the entire doom and gloom and take meds thing to pieces. But they can’t get it. The information age will be known as the period of more misinformation than any time in history.

From Peter Duesberg website:

“On the basis of his experience with retroviruses, Duesberg has challenged the virus-AIDS hypothesis in the pages of such journals as Cancer Research, Lancet, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Science, Nature, Journal of AIDS, AIDS Forschung, Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapeutics, New England Journal of Medicine and Research in Immunology. He has instead proposed the hypothesis that the various American/European AIDS diseases are brought on by the long-term consumption of recreational drugs and/or AZT itself, which is prescribed to prevent or treat AIDS.  See The AIDS Dilemma: Drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus.”

Passenger virus.

HIV is a passenger virus. It goes along for the ride. It’s like saying that HIV which was sitting in the passenger seat that was playing with a Bumble Ball caused the car to crash when the driver was drunk.

It’s like saying that a virus that is just a passenger on a cell is what caused the body to be destroyed when there are chemical warfare is prevalent.

The HIV denialists all believe it wasn’t all the alcohol, drugs, 72 hour awake sleep schedules, chemical weapons and lack of repairitive times that did it, no, it was the passenger riding on the cell trying to get the hell out of that war zone body that did it.

It’s like these HIV huggers believe that the ones fleeing Syria are the ones responsible for the destruction that is everywhere. It’s that kind of stupid logic that has permeated the HIV industry.

Duesberg had it right.

HIV is harmless.

Claiming HIV isn’t is like claiming that if you catch a Bumble Ball that infection with bumble balls is attained and cannot be unattained. It’s a passenger ball.

And this takes us to PReP again, since HIV is not a killer virus, PReP is ridiculously unnecessary except for those who are getting rich off selling it.

Feature image of a virus is by w:User:Graham Beards and is used with permission as per wikimedia commons.

Image of bumble ball by Damian Yerrick () is a toy that like HIV was popular in the 80’s and 90’s. The Bumble Ball was made by Ertl Toys and are totally fun. 


Bullys call bullys bullys and thinks dey so cool

This is so hilarious and incredibly childish behavior as writes about David Hogg calling Laura Ingraham a bully as if it’s such a great thing.

This dude is bullying her after she bullied him after he bullied everyone. My gawd he stands up there at the podium and talks like fucking Hitler.

What’s so funny is how gay rags like The Advocate have a history of bullying.

They all bullied Dr. Duesberg and others like Christine Maggiore who said HIV is bogus science. They still do anytime any one comes forth and exposes the HIV/LIE.

They cannot seem to get it through their heads that a virus is not a living thing that dies when exposed to air. They can travel by plane, and be injected into anyone with mosquito needles.

If there was such a Horror In Virology everyone would be getting it.

The non-unicorn facts are that disease is complicated and has many causes, especially diseases that are not one but many as is the very definition of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

Only the non hystericals get it.

In immune syndrome diseases the concept that one virus causes it is ridiculously stupid, unless that is, you can convince the masses and make tons of $$$.

More on the Hitler like dude’s bullying here.



“It is a well known scientific principle that any measurement or prediction will always have an associated uncertainty.”

How come most people don’t understand this?

The PReP community doesn’t. They think they take the pill and it protects them from space invaders.

The HIV/TEST community doesn’t seem to get this either.

“In the case of most reentering objects, the uncertainty associated with predicting reentry location is extremely large and precludes an accurate location prediction until shortly before the reentry has occured. In general, it is much easier to predict an accurate reentry time rather than an accurate reentry location. Based on Tiangong-1’s inclination, however, we can confidently say that this object will reenter somewhere between 43° North and 43° South latitudes.” – regarding the Tiangong-1 reentry into Earth’s atmosphere from space (falling satellite) as written by

They cannot even predict entry location!

So then in contrast we have medical science in the field of immune systems which are a billion times more complicated than aeronautical space administration systems telling us they know for sure what viruses do and don’t do.

That is so laughable it’s not funny.

Pity party time

Karl Schmid, some actor, revealed he is HIV super duper whammy sky is falling oh my god how will I live positive.

google news snapshot on Mar, 26 2018

Once again the world reacts with sympathy, cards, well wishes, and sadness.


Because the world is brainwashed. Miss Information has informed everyone so boldly that there are unicorns called HIV that have pointed syringes on them either in the shape of a penis or a hypodermic needle, pointing at everyone, ready and willing to infect them.

They ignore that if the thing was real, that HIV blood sucking mosquitoes would spread them also.

Hey don’t spoil the party. People love their woe is me drama.

People won’t listen to you when you try to inform them of real facts.They will dump on you, treat you like trash, yell at you, defame you, start campaigns to have you banned from living on Earth and more.

People have a love affair with HIV drama. That will never change.

Protect yourself from the infectious drama.



HIV Rates Rise

Google news snapshot Marche 16 2018 presents a story presented for about the 700 trillionth time that there is such a thing as a virus that only travels through a mans dick and ass and through drug infused dirty hypodermic needles and not those dirty needles that mosquitoes carry and use to inject into HIV tainted veins.

The HIV theory is such bullshit. If there was a virus causing it (what is it? = it is immune deficiency) everyone would be getting it from mosquitoes and the air because both of those things carry any and all viruses.

And this new thing to take a pill before sex to protect you from getting HIV is such a joke.

Tattoos might cure HIV

The article stated, “the permanence of tattoos is caused by something called macrophages — immune system cells that swallow up foreign debris in the body” so if you get a bunch of tattoos it would stimulate the immune system and swallow up HIV.

Of course that flies in the face of conventional wisdom that claims that nothing can swallow up HIV, once it’s there it’s there forever though that persistent claim makes as much sense as saying that once a human enters a building it is there for ever and cannot be removed. Even a criminal that enters a building will be removed eventually.

HIV cannot remain there forever, unless maybe they are like an illegal alien whereas when it enters someone’s body in the sanctuary state of California, it cannot be removed, it’s protected by the body governing removing such invaders.

ISC’s swallow up foreign debris. HIV is foreign. It gets swallowed. Immune System Cells have a deep throat.

Get tattooed.

I am basing this idea merely on what is said by others that one could reach this conclusion. It’s really not much different than how they reached the conclusion that HIV is ONLY transmitted by sexual fluids and syringes made of metal.

Since tattoos stimulate the immune system which swallows up HIV/CUM one could investigate how this process works for more fun and profit.

feature image by Dan Prado in the public domain found at



The headline at The Hill read,

A lack in affordable care may lead to HIV resurgence


They think that because there could be cuts in health care that HIV will explode along with heads.

Of course we know that all these statistics are simply based on a faulty test where if you test POSITIVE all that means is that you were once exposed to the flu.

Don’t be a unicornhead. Those who practice unsafe HIV/DISSEMINATION are telling lies.

Everything stated about HIV is like it’s coming out of the mouths of unicorns which do not exist in reality.

To make this more understandable to the rest of us who know HIV/FARCE quite well, the headline would make more sense if the word “unicorn” replaced “HIV” since they are at their core the same thing, so it would read like this, “A Lack In Affordable Care May Lead To Unicorn Resurgence”.

Scary thought.


feature image of a unicornhead in the public domain found at


The Humane Society of the United States Chief Operating Officer Resigned Due to SHA*.

Soon there won’t be any men in power anywhere.

In the USOA you don’t have to be guilty of a crime anymore to be guilty.

HIV has been considered guilty for decades now, even though it didn’t commit the crimes of sexual harassment or disease.

It’s all about the money.

* Sexual Harassment Allegations

Even a rocket scientist didn’t know

But the amateur did know, how to find what they had lost for 10 years.

Like with HIV/AIDS which is the most convoluted disease name in history, experts can make claims that something is not there, when it actually is there, and, the other way around.

In this case, it was the amateur who found it. IT/IS a satellite:

As seen in Tech Times:

In a blog post, Scott Tilley describes that while searching High Earth Orbit for signs of the mysterious Zuma satellite, he detected signals from satellite 2000-017A instead, the IMAGE satellite thought to have been long dead.

More data gathering confirmed that the signals were from IMAGE indeed. However, when his original blog post did not get the attention of anyone who could possibly do something with the discovery, he contacted the principal investor of IMAGE, Dr. James L. Burch, last Jan. 24.

Two days later, he got a confirmation from Richard J. Burley, former ground system manager and mission director of IMAGE. Burley said that the engineers at Goddard Spaceflight Center have detected a signal consistent with IMAGE.

HIV/AIDS is supposed to describe a disease where if you have sex with someone infected with the virus you could get sick for the rest of your life, “immune system malfunctioning Major Tom.”

The experts, like NASA, are missing something.

First, let’s look at the stupidity of HIV/AIDS as a label. AIDS is a disease. HIV is a virus. The virus causes the disease.

Flu is a disease. TFV is the virus that causes the disease. They don’t call it TFV/FLU or FV/INFLUENZA because naming it like that would be stupid but that is what they do with immune system deficiency which is claimed to be caused by a virus. They call it HIV/AIDS. THEY are lost, like satellites.

AIDS is the disease and there is no other causes besides HIV is there?*

Let’s ask an amateur to look out there in space for an answer. It’s more likely to be floating around there than in the space between medical science ears.

Better chance an amateur figures it out than experts that have schedules and appointment$.

Or did they know about it but LIE/TO the public since the satellite was first found for sale in the classifieds?

An amateur finds a satellite that NASA can’t find, while they declare it Lost In Space and ask congress for more money for new satellites.


In the case of HIV/AIDS it’s sorta the opposite, they discover it, and then ask for more money to find more of it, what orbits it takes around humans, and how to control it’s path.

One thing in common, request for funds.

HIV/AIDS is found orbiting the imagination. Yes it is indeed there.

It was the amateur that discovered it.

* Actually there are other causes, 29 of them not related to HIV at all since AIDS is a syndrome of diseases. See if you can find anyone that has AIDS that isn’t also HIVI (that extra I is for Infected). So to be consistent, all the other diseases under they massively broad category of illnesses called AIDS should be when diagnosed, added to the front of AIDS with that back-slash. For example, Fungus can cause AIDS so it should be said that when one gets Fungus Disease, that it be called F/AIDS. Or better yet, call it F*AIDS.

Image of satellite orbits by Rrakanishu and used with permission under GNU Free Documentation License

Feature image of a satellite sandwich not suitable for human consumption or by HI viruses is in the public domain and made by NASA’s multi-million dollar fantasy department.


HIV + rates + dropping

The new claim is that in London the HIV rates are dropping.

There is a simple reason for this, PREP is causing less people who are sick with the flu to go get tested. They see no reason to keep testing when they are on the pill.

Thing is, HIV tests are nothing more than an indicator that the body either has or recently got the flu or a hundred different things. Hysteria and marketing has pushed gays into more and more testing, in fact they often do it regularly, until PREP sugar pills. Now they “are protected” but this is based on a lie.

HIV is a scam. HIV testing is a scam, it doesn’t find any specific virus, it finds all sorts of stuff, basically showing if antibodies were there or not.

Antibodies respond to all sorts of things. The “HIV test” does not find HIV it finds antibodies, none specific, just like finding cars on planet earth from a satellite or like finding HIV/FLU remedies in the pharmacy.

Now the guys on the sugar pill preparation are not getting tested regularly because after all “I’m on preparation so we can have sex and not worry” and they feel fine and there’s no reason to go to doctors or clinics now. So the guys getting tested now are the ones that have their share of ills or just don’t do PREP because they are already positive for the flu/hiv.

HIV testing is like testing for a bank robbery at 2am.

The police show up after they are gone and see that someone stole money. They don’t know exactly who stole it, just that some H for human stole it.

The police are like the HIV test. They look for some kind of evidence that someone was there. HIV/TEST does this, just finding that some invader was there.

In a robbery though analysis further can indicate who exactly stole it. In HIV the analysis that leads us to the culprit, is that viruses are found but they are nothing more than cell shit.

It’s the biggest blunderopoliticillhystericscam in history.

H for human in Immnue-eiei-o Deficiency Virus testing is like finding rusted out cars in a parking garage where one entire floor fell on top of other cars in New York City and trying to determine what causes the rust.

They know that something causes rust so they test for water and salt then say “Lo and behold, we found the cause of Acquired Rust Syndrome” when in reality it’s the rust in the structure that is the problem.

The structure is the human body.

They don’t test for how the structure is being maintained.

Gays dump so much alcohol into their structure, rusting out rebar in cells. They do drugs, which creates cracks in the structure as well.

The HIV test finds cracks. Everyone has cracks. No test determines how many cracks and rust there is in HIV testing.

HIV is an acronym. Why get tested for acronyms unless you come here to test for it and learn that it’s a scam.

If there was a virus that infects via cock and needles, mosquito needles would be and have been transmitting it for decades, centuries, eons.

So now with the rates dropping because of PREP sugar pills the chants and cheers will continue until the entire brainwashed gay community becomes militant once again and demands everyone take sugar pills to completely eradicate it.

Wash on.

Feature image of map of London Streets pinpointing London Station by MRSC (OpenStreetMap ( [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Sue Icide

She is the internet’s popular porn star at 23 and killed herself. Not very smart.

She apparently wouldn’t have sex with a male porn star that she knew had sex with men, citing the danger to her body [because of the unicorn virus “HIV”].

She lived in Camarillo which is near where the fires in Ventura county are raging. She lit up a Twitter firestorm with her comments telling those who accused her of being homophobic to fuck off.

Moral of the story: When creating fire storms, you need to get the fuck out of it’s way when it comes at you or you will burn yourself.


Feature image by:

This photograph was taken by Glenn Francis (User:Toglenn) and released under the license(s) stated below. You are free to use it as long as you credit me and follow the terms of the license.

Attribution :  © Glenn Francis,



HIV – the virus that is the premier religious symbol of being gay – is now said to be preventable from becoming infectious.**


When you read the gobbledygook these sci-fientists write about this stuff it’s like taking a trip with Dr. Spock through space, except he actually uses logic, these guys don’t.

The fantastical journey through HIV/SPACE is wrought with scientific mumbo jumbo, used to confuse.

Then of course, since this is coming from “experts” in the field, when it’s presented, what lay person can grasp anything other than the statement of HOPE that like OMG/HIV infection could be stopped! Hail science!

**The article is archived here at and for convenient and important study it is also archived here with highlighted areas of primary concern:

A new study had found a way to prevent HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) from developing into an infectious agent. The virus, responsible for AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) caused the death of more than 35 million people across the globe so far and continues to run largely unabated once it infects someone. 

This new study brings hope that the scenario might end for good. It was led by researchers of both the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the University of Delaware (UD). The findings appeared in Nature Communications on Nov. 24. The interdisciplinary research team conducted seven years of detailed studies on the structure of HIV, both in early and later stages of its life cycle before making their breakthrough.

“People used to be fixated on the static structures of viruses, but they are not rock solid,” said Tatyana Polenova, professor in UD’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. 

“Viruses like HIV and their constituent protein and nucleic acid molecules are dynamic entities that are constantly expanding and shrinking, Their motions are like breathing,” she said.

Before looking at the way the team broke the virus’ progress towards an infectious agent, a little background into what happens while the HIV virus develops would be useful. When the virus develops, the protein building blocks in its body get cleaved from the master protein termed Gag. But the final step in the virus’ evolution — from being noninfectious to infectious — had remained a mystery. In the present study, the team sought an answer to this.

With the aid of cutting-edge technology, the team found that a major peptide called spacer peptide 1 (SP1) needed to be very mobile if the final stage was to happen (peptides are short chains of amino acid molecules). Otherwise, the enzyme that acts as a cleaver wouldn’t be effective.

Polenova mentioned this curious phenomenon when she said, “This peptide is always there in the final maturation step, but we were surprised that it is so disordered and dynamic.”

Now that the researchers found that the SP1 peptide getting cut was a key reason why the virus turned infectious, their next search was to prevent that from happening. After numerous experiments, they found Bevirimat, an anti-HIV inhibitor could interact with the SPI peptide and prevent the virus from turning infectious. However, the efforts to create an administrable drug to prevent HIV from turning infectious are still going on.

“We have to have a sense of these short-lived molecular fluctuations and processes — of protein cleavage and capsid generation. To add a new generation of capsid inhibitors to prevent HIV, you have to have very specific times and rates at which these drugs will works,” said  Juan Perilla, an assistant professor at UD.

Interestingly, this study also points to a new direction in which plenty of scientific research seems to be moving — from a lone scientist or scientists from the same discipline working hard at the lab to a more inter-disciplinary effort.

Other than the universities already mentioned, teams from the University of Illinois, National Cancer Institute and the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, collaborated for the study.

Ok, let’s now get out the frog, time to dissect this garbage. I am going to do the stuff that you would want to cover your eyes for –

Ok that’s done, now you can look. Here are some of the key points I want to address:

  • structure of viruses are not rock solid
  • they are dynamic, always changing
  • the master protein called Gag – comon’ this is obvious – inside joke!
  • final step from being not infectious to infectious has always been a mystery – if this is so how is it possible that they can create all these drugs that have forever claimed such lofty goals of controlling HIV
  • SP1 – Spacer Peptide 1 – Greetings Captain – this journey through spacer we arrive at the peptide galaxy
  • peptide getting cut is a major factor of it becoming infectious – ‘scuse me why is it now being said to be “a factor” and not “the factor” – this is the most obvious huckster ploy that used car sales men/women/transexuals use – say one thing then say another – they just contradicted themselves
  • protein cleavage and capsid generation – picture protein which is used by cells for repair being broken down into pieces – this is more sales talk, extra words that really don’t mean anything – this is the natural process in the body, protein is cut into pieces by the chef with a protein cleaver – nothing new
  • capsid generation – capsid is the protein shell of a virus according to Wikipedia “the capsid contains the genetic material of the virus”

Ok, so the capsid is what they are attacking. Take for example the CMV virus (note I just said virus twice). CMV is the CytoMegaloVirus. It’s Herpes. Who knew. It has a capsid coating like crispy rice cereal can have a sugar coating. To supposedly kill the coating, you kill the way the coating operates. That is basically what they are trying to get whomever they can to believe this garbage to believe. Sugar also has a , that way you are not getting too much sugar in your diet. The coating (capsid) contains the genetic material of the crispy rice is what they want you to believe. This is what they are presenting, unicorns that have a sugar coating.

So if A – structures of viruses are not rock solid and B – the capsid (shell of the virus) is what they are supposedly stopping with an inhibitor, how on God’s rainbow unicorn filled Earth is the inhibitor (drug) going to inhibit moving targets? Likely, as with all AIDS/DRUGS they will drop nuclearinhibitor drugs to bomb the hell out of it all, or better put, they will use drug cleaver inhibitors to stop it from being cut it all into pieces as that is the newly discovered last step in the process of HIV/REPLICATION.

Problem is, inhibitors can’t pick and choose what they inhibit on what. So what you have is another sales pitch. The process of inhibiting via drug modalities cannot pick and choose what proteins it stops getting cleaved. In other words, since your body needs cleavers, that is breaking down proteins, the inhibitors stop protein break down (thus replication of HIV) but it also stops break down of protein needed for cells to rebuild into muscle, organ tissue, blood cells, etc.

Great plan.

To make this more visually understood, picture a fine cleaver manufacturer in Paris, France that produces/replicates the best cutlery on Earth. The liberals in the USA influence their election on Twitter, putting in a president that approves laws to control guns and knives in order to save lives – part of the law states that all cleaver manufacturers need to be buried in cement, thus stopping replication of cleavers, thus putting an end to death.


Feature image shows a real Unicorn that was discovered by scientists while traveling through vast space of the medical community mindiverse and  is by Royroydeb (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


This syringe with a drop of water on the end of it doesn’t have HIV in it. It appeared in an Ars Technica article regarding how computer viruses are injected in computer programs and cause “damage” in the sense of the computer not functioning the way it is supposed to.*

Seems obvious that it doesn’t have HIV in this syringe because HIV cannot be transmitted by syringes. Oh wait.  It can so the experts say. Maybe it is there. How does one know? Syringe testing!

So if it can be here, exposed to air, how is it they don’t say that it can be transmitted by syringes on mosquito mouths? They have dirty mouths. They can spread HIV/LIES everywhere including backyard BBQ’s.

HIV hucksters come up with wild and whacky explanations that remind me of Bugs Bunny Road Runner cartoons and Acme products.

“Oh the virus dies when it’s exposed to syringes” or something like that they say.

The truth is that viruses are not living things. They cannot die any more than a car tire dies when it loses air from a puncture.

But wait, it loses function! That would be the argument. They claim it “dies” when exposed to air. Pfffffft.

If air was puncturing HIV we would have anyone that breathes seeing the loss of HIV function and infection.

Oxygen permeates every cell of the body which causes HIV/BLOWOUT.

Thus, the idea that “it never leaves the body, just hides” and I guess simply holds it’s breath makes as much sense as saying the tire that was pulled off the car died and never leaves the trunk thus the blowout cannot happen again.

The minds of those who believe HIV/LIES seem to think like those who believe that Russia is so powerful that it caused Trump to be elected. It wasn’t that the other candidate was hated by those who know how crooked she is, no, Russia did it, LOL.

Hillary LIED/TO the gay community WHEN IN POWER WHERE SHE COULD CAUSE GAY MARRIAGE TO BE REAL, voting as a US Senator as representative of the gay people who she claimed she supported, voting AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE. How can any gay vote for that betrayal?

It wasn’t that she’s a habitual liar that she lost, it wasn’t that she was a politician like all of them, no, it was because Russia was more powerful than the United States and free speech and it, more than the United Kingdom and all other Democratic societies forgot their Twitter passwords.

How any gay could support her is mind numbing.

This whole blame Russia thing is the stupidest thing I have ever seen in politics.

Actually it’s not funny but what can I do. People choose to ADOPT/LIES and make them their family.

*Viruses in programs are different from viruses in humans, in computers they are sets of instructions. Programs that get infected are sets of instructions. Instructions infecting instructions. Basically that is like a repair manual for a car combined with one for a microwave oven. When the mechanic is done you can fry eggs in the glove box. In humans the virus is supposed to have a set of instructions that infects the instructions of a cell. I think we could then say that instructions are infecting us and that is what the I stands for in HIV. HIV, the Human Instruction Virus where people are instructed with infected concepts on how infections are instructed. I – Immunodeficiency – is caused by a set of instructions.

Feature image from Ars Technica article on computer viruses and the article about them was captured on December 2, 2017 and archived here


Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Human Immuneieio Deficiency Virus, Do They Really Exist?

Only in the mind.

Science is often full of shit.

It’s easy to fake results when you are dealing with things that have bazillions of factors that cannot be accurately measured.

The HIV/UNICORN virus is one of those things. Same with dark matter, and other space junk.

In the case of HIV those who “saw it” in the electron microscope actually saw space junk called cellular debris, but insisted it was alien creatures ready to destroy the population of planet Earth, thus calls to Hollywood and the president were initiated.

Reference page archived at

Feature image of “this three-dimensional map offers a first look at the web-like large-scale distribution of dark matter, an invisible form of matter that accounts for most of the Universe’s mass. The map reveals a loose network of dark matter filaments, gradually collapsing under the relentless pull of gravity, and growing clumpier over time. The three axes of the box correspond to sky position (in right ascension and declination), and distance from the Earth increasing from left to right (as measured by cosmological redshift). Note how the clumping of the dark matter becomes more pronounced, moving right to left across the volume map, from the early Universe to the more recent Universe” by NASA/ESA/Richard Massey (California Institute of Technology) in public domain


The cancer drug Opdivo is said to have “drained hard-to-reach reservoirs of his HIV infection too”.

Hard2reach? Reservoirs? I have NEVER in 30 + years of listening to HIV/CRAP heard them say HIV was in reservoirs.

It’s stunning how they come up with this stuff and people addit to their reservoirs.

If only they actually could find the thing that hides so well that they can’t find it as they have said consistently for 30 + freaky years of HIV bullcrap maybe there would be some believable ity to these statements but since there is no test in the world that finds it, these are all lies.



The truth is HIV is a unicorn virus. It only affects unicorns that turn into people when they drink tap water.

Image snapshot Bing News captures on November 30, 2017

Feature image of pathological lying page on Wikipedia snapshot taken on November 30, 2017


HIVianity is the religion of HIV.

It has infected many with it’s doctrine and dogma.

The entire HIV/AIDSianity cult reminds me of FC – Fundamentalist Christianity – which indoctrinates with partial truths mixed in with religious fervor, fear, salvation, and other things. As with most religions of the world, it ignores logic, the most fundamental of which is how dead particles of viral matter can get from one place to another.

I was sucked into FC at one time. I got out. The contradictions were too immense.

I almost got sucked into HIVianity in the 1980’s disco daze, but fortunately saw the contradictions being spewed out by the preachers of this religion at the start.

HIV is a cult. It’s a religion. It’s full of contradictions.

Even mosquitoes that carry the virus feel they don’t belong.

Feature image showing a religious ceremony of worship by Artist is Charles Sprague Pearce (1851–1914). Photographed 2007 by Carol Highsmith (1946–), who explicitly placed the photograph in the public domain.

I declare

The HIV/MESS pretty much has it’s history of declarations coming from one man, Anthony Fauci.

For 30 plus years he’s declared what HIV is and isn’t and the villagers have believed it.

Then all the villagers declared it, and those who listened to the villagers declared it, and because 99% of the world declared it, it was true.

Now Fauci declares HIV is not a threat if it is undetectable. Didn’t he once declare it was a threat when undetectable?

How is it that this man can change his stories and still be found credible? He declared it a death sentence decades ago. Hiv drugs killed people then. He never declared how they did that. Now he declares how Hiv drugs are keeping anyone from detecting the truth.

The declaration makes as much sense as saying you are safe in your home because government doesn’t yet detect any intruders. Then when the masked man robs you, or worse, government declaration is made that there was no threat until you opened the door even though you try to tell them that the intruder did it himself.

It’s like they want us to believe that even though the neighbor saw the intruder enter your home, and you suspect that he’s hiding somewhere, that he can’t come out and rape you because you took a pill that stops intruders.

So many of the statements made over the years contradict in this immune problem mess. Immunity is a complex system, with basic simple premises of how to take care of it. The entire concept of someone who has a virus that “can’t be deleted” where they claim once infected you are infected for life is scientific horseshit.

Viruses are not even living things and they are swept out of the body daily.

Now if we say that a blood cell was being buried in cell shit and couldn’t survive in the body, thus the body breaks down because of all that shit, that might be some cool shit, but in that case we would have a test to find such shit now wouldn’t we?***

All “HIV testing” does is look for antibodies, not virus, there is no test in the world that can find “the specific HIV virus”. There is only one way to find “the virus”  looking through an electron microscope, and when the world’s premier expert did that, he said that what the co-discoverers of “HIV”** saw there is what they wanted to see.

The expert in electron microscopy said he saw cellular debris.

In other words, what was there was CELL/SHIT, not HIV.

So who are we to believe? Government declarations, those who have financial interest, or the expert in electron microscopes and what is INTERPRETED from the photos.

All “human immuno-eieio-deficiency virus” terror induced research is based on random antibody study. Antibodies are the army of defenders that come in. When they finish their battle, some hang around. If someone sees antibodies (positive result) all that means is that they may have had the flu or other things.

Why isn’t government telling us this?

Because if they did, we would have to wonder why they told us the opposite, and we would see how these declarations killed our friends.

Or government is just stupid.

Declarations keep being made to get tested with tests that cannot find any specific virus, and then the story telling begins. They tell us that we are positive but undetectable or other things.

“Look ma, I’m positive I see a ghost but of  course it’s undetectable” is what they are telling us.

Fauci wants us to believe in ghosts.

Imagine Fauci in 1987 or 2017 saying “Oh we made a mistake, your friends died of AIDS drugs or recreational drugs”.

What they keep doing is all these round about explanations to keep the thing going, in part, because it’s what makes sense to them.

It’s rather complicated to explain to most people, as most are so infected with the standard buzz on this, but it’s really not that difficult to understand once you get rid of trusting all declarations on this subject handed to us by Fauci, finding the real experts, removing the terror/fear, and start using simple logic based on some basic understandings of what viruses are and are not and what so called HIV testing is and what it is not.

If it is true that HIV testing only finds random antibodies not specific to anything that could be realistically labeled HIV, the whole thing crumbles like a house of playing cards during a category 5 hurricane, and all statements made by Fauci appear as a baby talking gobledey gook trying to sell us used cars.

Hiv testing never finds virus. Period. Why on earth would any one get an Hiv test that doesn’t find Hiv???

It’s a bogus approach to what is most responsible for harming people, D*/AIDS and Aids (Alcohol Immune Deficiency Syndrome) which is what killed Rock Hudson. What do you mean who’s he? He was an alcoholic. Alcohol kills people.

Someday, when Fauci declares those things, and takes responsibility for causing the Holocaust In Virology, or when individuals start making their own declarations that they see the HIV/LIES, then we are making progress worth declaring.

All this other stuff about undetectable viruses and undetectable robbers is nonsense.

Image snapshot of Salt Lake Tribune article that was archived at on 11/26/2017

Feature image of hurricane Harvey is in the public domain because it contains materials that originally came from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, taken or made as part of an employee’s official duties. 

*D – drugs, both recreational and pharmaceutical, with AIDS drugs of the 80’s and 90’s being the crux of the homo holocaust

** co-discoverers Gallo and Montagnier agreed to share credit

*** viruses are cell shit and if they were the cause of aids whereas the immune system was being covered in it, we would easily be able to find all that crap instead of all that crap we keep getting from government declarations regarding complex immune system problems where as it blames something a trillion billion times smaller than alcohol and drugs


Gay Star News thinks that unicorns can be defeated.

It claims “This is how we will end the spread of HIV worldwide”.

I would say the way to end fantasies is to end fantasies. HIV is a fantasy.

Here’s some reality. The body processes everything that enters it. It also eliminates everything that enters it, well, not exactly, it does keep protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. to use to rebuild cells. What it doesn’t want or need it eliminates. That would include pathogens. Don’t expect to hear THIS/FACT from the HIV pushers though.

The wacky world of HIV wants you to believe in unicorns and other fantasies, and it’s been promoting this for decades, like that of believing in a virus being an intelligent creature that has a nuclear arsenal that kills mosquitoes that would never be able to carry viruses like a vampire would carry bags of fresh blood from a hospital to feed it’s young. The wacko world of science that is more about politics than it is anything, has dictated like a king that the virus isn’t carried by mosquitoes, cups, or flies on shit, and people buy it.

Those concepts like with unicorns just don’t make any sense though. So again it’s fun to read about these kooky claims that keep being made, latest again, for the billionth time, how we are going to finally end the spread of the virus which is “only spread by superhumans and super dirty needles” and this other fun one, that flies carry more bacteria THAN PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT.


HUH? More than suspected before? What the fuck is that?

Suspected? I thought science concluded, not suspected.

It’s one of those headlines that gives us clue to how the world of science really operates. It suspects things, rarely proves things. Yet that doesn’t stop humans from declaring things proven. Those are called LIES/DECEIT.

HIV/AIDS is that very thing LIES/DECEIT.

Basically this is another $tory just to sell $tories told by $tory teller$.

Now when we read all about it, instead of saying bacteria, the other article quoting from the original story, says flies carry pathogens. That would then include viruses as pathogens is a broader category. It’s like saying the world carries carriers compared to saying the United States carries carriers.

“A new study finds that flies could carry several hundred pathogens in their bodies that they can spread to the environment. Despite this, researchers believe that they can also use flies to monitor disease outbreaks.” – Tech Times

It’s also fun to read how in this story they tell how flies are important as pollinators.

Bees are pissed.

The story also states how the researcher$ want to breed flies that are free of bacteria, let them free, where they can collect bacteria, then these flies can be captured and studied.[2]


NSF (Not So Funny) though is how these same claims were made by gay communities 2 decades ago with their wacked out “Hit Hard, Hit Early” campaign which killed so many of my friends with the killer HIV drugs. Later, quietly those killer drugs that would “save lives” were “adjusted” to “safe levels”, killing the virus and the host of the drug softer and slower.

So then there’s the Gay Star News which paints gays as being “at the center of how we stop HIV” universe. How dare they blame gays.

How is it that gay rags keep blasting their own as carriers and as the center of the universe in what is causing this “thing”? That’s not equality. It’s disgusting. They have been doing this since this whole HIV/LIE started. They keep doing it. They will likely continue.

The gay community keeps bashing itself in the head with this HIV/LIE. It’s the very thing they say in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) about the definition of insanity.

DOI – Definition Of Insanity – keep doing the same thing over and over again which doesn’t give you the intended result, while expecting a different result.

So they preach that “we have the tools necessary to stop it”. The article is so terribly wrought with flaws in it’s assertions.

— EDIT ADD POINTS HERE LATER reference this article which has been archived and also saved in pdf on my computer

One of the funniest things I see now happening though in the acronym/world is the pushing of PrEP and PEP. It’s also disgusting and sad as it’s becoming that you can’t cruise online anymore without people proclaiming their HIV status and being on PrEP. So now if you are one of those guys like me who don’t get tested with tests that are bogus, you get labeled a risk and they don’t want to have natural sex with you, but rather, they insist you use condoms, which have holes in their natural membranes that are bigger than viruses, thus wearing condoms to stop HIV is like leaving a screen door open while expecting flies to simply realize they are not welcome in the house and stay out.

About that new term PrEP, it’s catchy, though I wouldn’t recommend anyone catch these hung sales and marketing tools as fighting HIV with PrEP and PEP is like fighting unicorns with swords.

Since HIV does not exist (it cannot exist or it would be transmitted by flying needles and PATHOGEN RIDDEN FLIES that cannot select who and what gets attached to themselves) then using PrEP and PEP is absurd, except in that it is making Gilead, the maker of the products, and those investors who own the public company, richer.

Need more? How about the “side effects”. These are direct effects actually, not sideways or upside down effects. Taking these PrEP medications can cause liver failure. OMG. Why do that? Although some of these listed are said to be rare, others are said to be common like stomach pain and decreased weight. Seems to me that stomach pain is an indicator of a problem. Maybe it’s just at war with unicorns and the stomach is getting poked with it’s horn.

Here is what is seen on the website as of November 25, 2017.


[1] Google News snippet dated November 25, 2017

[2] Tech Times as captured by the Wayback Machine archiving tool

*Flies On Shit

Fake virus

Fake news is in the news quite a bit today but fake human immuno-eieio deficiency virus is not.

A fake/real web site that calls itself “” claims it’s pointing OUT/OUT what is fake news and what is not.

It repeated a well known erroneous concept (as highlighted) that HIV cannot live outside the body thus cannot be transmitted to a banana or any fruitcake outside the body. This is one that is well adopted “as fact” and the were using this point it seems to prove that the story was “fake” because everyone knows that a banana cannot be infected with HIV because “HIV does not live outside the body”.


The “fake news” story they are commenting on is actually from a parody site, or what is considered FNFF (Fake News For Fun) but what’s highlighted above is an interesting thing to look at regarding what is fake and what is not and based on WHAT/PERSPECTIVE are we looking at, the looking glass, or clear 20/20 vision.

HIV “science” or what I call sci-fience disregards the most obvious flaw in the “causation of AIDS”. They say HIV causes AIDS but viruses travel in the air. If you doubt this just sneeze in someone’s face and ask if they are afraid they are going to ‘catch a virus’.

Regarding what is considered true in this supposed “fake news” story that “HIV cannot live outside the body” it doesn’t matter if 10,000 scientists believe that to be true, what matters is that non of them can explain with any sense of logic why a dead thing cannot live outside the body.

Not one scientist or whom-ever has explained this wild phenomena properly using logic, which is what is science is supposed to use.

Since viruses are not living things actually, they cannot die then outside the body, yet they keep claiming that this is fact, that “HIV cannot live outside the body”.




In the article notice the window to the right where I opened up the archived story. That is real news and fake.

I mean, it’s real in the sense that if HIV is real, then it IS POSSIBLE for a banana to be infected.

It’s fake in that this event in Walmart and bananas and a boy did not happen, but it obviously COULD happen.

The primary seething problem with their claim that HIV cannot be transmitted to a banana is that if HIV can (by all accounts of majority opinionators) be transmitted by non-living hypodermic needles, then it can be transmitted to a banana.

Thus any banana that’s taking drugs and not using clean needles can get the virus.

For that matter anyone that fucks themselves with a banana and is HIV positively, and they share that fruit with someone else, that virus can spread to the banana and the banana acceptee.

Thus anyone that believes the fake news that “HIV is real” is fucked.


Image of banana cultivars by By User TimothyPilgrim on en.wikipedia – Taken by TimothyPilgrim., CC BY-SA 3.0,

Snapshot of banana story from dated 11/4/2017


Try that sample of lipstick in the department store and you being a LGBTQI could get stuck with a sample of herpes.

Of course “authorities” in the fields of virus studies will say that you can’t get HIV from lipstick, cups, toilets, mosquitoes, or the air, because the virus dies when exposed to air and mosquito syringes are too small for the virus to enter or whatever made up story they tell you but if their claims were true wouldn’t herpes die too on lipstick?

Viruses are not living things.

HIV can be sneezed out of the lungs or when someone shits in the toilet the HIV that’s there can be flush/sprayed into the air so anyone can get it.


The reason we are where we are is politics and terror hysteria which came into play in the dark ages. That time began in George Orwell’s 1984 when Margaret Heckler announced “The probable cause of AIDS is HIV”.

Probable. Not absolute. At least the government health secretary didn’t say absolute they knew enough to not claim that at the time.

So since it was claimed “probable” media hype took hold, interviews were done asking what do you think about this, and all responses were assuming “it” was the cause of 29 different diseases labeled under a broader category stupidly referred to as acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Now it’s considered real.

AIDS, what a stupid name. Actually it’s not a name at all it’s a description/category/broader.

If a virus was the cause of 29 different diseases called AIDS that prior to Hysteria In Virology they had different causes, we would see anyone kissing or trying on lipstick  or breathing air getting it.

Image snapshot of Huffpost article dated 10/31/17. This publication used to be called Huffington Post.

Feature image of lipstick by Stephencdickson


Breath of fresh HIV.

Governer Gerry Brown in California signed a bill that lowers “knowingly transmitting HIV to someone” from a felony to a misdemeanor. [1]

How does one “know” such a thing (transmission)?

Testing confirms it? Testing is a SHAM.

The bill is SB 239.

They hope more people get tested with crappy tests in order to solve this problem once and for all.


[1] I read this at the Los Angeles Times page online here

G, maybe someone in the California Legislature is reading blog pages.

*FLAF – No Longer A Felony

**ROFL – Removing Ostentatious Felonies Logically

Feature image of monkies seeing and doing nothing about stupid humans By Barcelona.Zoologico.Mangabey.Gris.jpg: Year of the dragonChlorocebus_pygerythrus_Grüne_Meerkatze.JPG: YokySchimpanse_zoo-leipig.jpg: Thomas Lerschderivative work: Graham Colm (talk) – Barcelona.Zoologico.Mangabey.Gris.jpgChlorocebus_pygerythrus_Grüne_Meerkatze.JPGSchimpanse_zoo-leipig.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0, and was originally found online here

Unable to detect

Cut tips on a condom.


Finally admit.

What a country.

“For the first time, the CDC admitted that HIV can’t be transmitted if you’re undetectable” – NewNowNext

What if the scissors had HIV on it?

Feature image of scissors by Lucasbosch

Image snapshot of 2 stories in Google News section aggregate captured on October 6, 2017


The particles that are ascribed to be a virus that homo dudes give to other homo dudes is said to be rubbish.

Time to clean house of old ideas.


Feature image of a spring in oscillation which is a wave motion is by Svjo (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

HIV – it’s cell shit

THIS/MAN saw a debris field.

2 other men saw what they wanted to see – a killer!

A few more watching the mad dash to find a cause saw spot run away from the mania.

Who are these men I am referring to?

One is a man who knows ELECTRON MICROSCOPES and their images inside out and sideways, like no other person on the planet. He states that what was dubbed the cause of AIDS is actually cellular debris.

Cellular debris the cause of AIDS??

No of course not. Cellular debris does not cause AIDS, but those who forged the HIV/AIDS theory in the 1980 disco days (daze) and sold this theory to government spokespersons made this claim.

The entire foundation of HIV as the cause of AIDS is based on the idea that cellular debris was seen as “the cause”. It’s what’s in those photographs of “HIV”.

It’s not a virus that is seen, it’s garbage, debris from cells.

The entire claim is like calling dust and dirt the cause of disease. We don’t do that.

There is no killer virus. If there was, mosquitoes would carry it and penises would carry it equally.

The 1980’s was a weird time. Media latched onto the fear factor and it caught like wildfire.

The co-discoverers of “HIV” – which is actually cellular debris according to the world’s best expert in interpreting images from electron microscopes – presented their ideas to the world, they interpreted what they saw as being something I have acronymized as SRACPBC’s.

SRACBCS’s are Satanic Rituals And Sacrifices Performed By Cells.

When we have THE WORLD’S RENOWNED EXPERT in looking at things under the microscope saying that what they saw was DIRT, one has to take notice.

It’s hard for most people to understand this statement and what it means.

Really. How could the whole world be duped?

That’s easy to do. Just add fear, hysteria, drive for $, and sprinkle with hype and grassy activism.

Demands also play a role. The “gay activist community” as it was formerly known in those days, made incredible demands of government to solve the problem of gays dying in the early 1980’s.

These health problems started with drug abuse pounding cells to death. The cause later morphed into blaming a virus.

Reality is though, what they call HIV is nothing more than dirt.

This means that all the HIV testing in the world is flawed. In reality all HIV/TESTING does is find general antibodies in everyone, meaning if you ever had the flu, you could test positive!

Yet, even today, decades later, we remain at war, bombarded with “get tested” push campaigns and preventive pills to take now if you are GLBT and sexual.

It’s all based on the fact that what was seen in electron micro-photographs is actually not anything that kills, it’s dead stuff. Kinda like dust, which I suppose if you inhale enough of it you could die, but when there’s enough dust or dead cell debris that could cause death, it’s pretty obvious, and not found with HIV tests.

All HIV tests find anyway are antibodies, random antibodies, NATURAL TO EVERY HUMAN BEING in various quantities.

In other words, that PReP pill you are taking is unnecessary (since HIV is nothing more than dead dirt) unless of course you are trying to protect yourself from dead dirt like you try to protect your self from dead dust every day since you most certainly are also taking pills for that.

Featured image of a master scientist of electron microscopy who is my hero is presented in the documentary House of Numbers.

There’s no I in LGBTQ

I – Inclusivity

Inclusivity is not a part of the LGBTQ community, that’s according to one gay representative’s actions anyway.

Michael Musto claims one should dump their gay republican friends.

This of course is not inclusive behavior, which is something the gay community (before it became the acronym community) pushed for, for a long, long time. Inclusiveness was the battle cry for decades!

In an article (rant) about this concept he states, “I have no use for them and would find it more than strained to attempt exchanging friendly banter with them, knowing full well that they’re basically self-loathing climbers who are furthering the mistreatment of mankind with their empty headed emissions.”

ROFL – Too Funny

In the article he also states, “the show spans a lot of topics, but Penny keeps it together as a tribute to the LGBTQF experience, especially in the days when….”

OMG what the Fuck is F??

Read all about it here at, a “magazine” that is good friends with such political statements as “Get tested for HIV” even though testing is a joke, and has relationships with such claims that we should avoid HIV by getting on PrEP, and has associations with such political and business views that accept money in exchange for promoting toxic HIV medications which caused many of my friends to died of it.

Note, I never shunned my dying friends when they insisted that their views on HIV were correct.

Featured image is a snapshot from the Wikipedia page on “inclusion” dated 8/26/2017

Ice cream now causes aids

It’s a carrier of the virus! Yes in deed.

Well, that’s if a catheter is found in it, but if a catheter can spread HIV + in ice cream which is eaten and spread to humans via their stomach, well then OMG!

So ice cream is now considered a carrier of the virus.

I am not making this up.

They bought ice cream and found a catheter. So they called “authorities” and they were told to go to the hospital right away.

Tests for Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, F, G…… and the etc virus were ordered. That’s an order!!!

Now get this, the subject is told it will take 6 months for results!!!!!

Christofferson said the three family members gave blood samples, and each received preventative treatment for HIV and hepatitis A, B and C. She also told La Presse they wouldn’t have the complete results for six months. In the meantime, Samuel and Christofferson must submit to testing every month, and Francoeur every week. He’s also been taking oral medication. – Fox News

Testing every month?? Week???????????????? OMG why not every millisecond. What if they eat ice cream again!


ROFL – I laugh because it’s a joke, testing and the whole HIV theory is a joke.


I would assume that based on decades of claims by so called experts in the HIV playing field, it is because they basically don’t know how to find it effectively. Testing is so flawed and wacky claims that the virus incubates like an egg and will hatch have some scratching their heads like chickens do on the ranch.

I think people would be better getting their results by throwing darts at a wall painted with HIV + & HIV – to get results because testing does not even find “the virus” just random antibodies to “the virus”.

So ice cream and mosquitoes and penises and blood all transmit HIV + and let’s see what else, dentists instruments (not the flute) are all carriers, along with the wind.

And people run in hysterics and go through so much anguish over this fantasy.

That’s what’s not funny but you know what, it’s not my fault. I try to tell people like people warned others of Hitler and they don’t listen.

They voted in HIV, they voted in Hitler.

So here is what was posted publicly on Twitter:

This is so important to point out the massive flaws in their logic.

They used to say that you can’t get it from shared drinking glasses or ice cream, that was the battle cry forever, which evolved because of DISCARDED LOGIC that stated “Hello, I am logic, I will be serving you today. If HIV can be on a penis and get into you, then if HIV is on a drinking glass, it could get in you.”

So now they say you can get it from ice cream. So if that’s true, then anything that a used catheter touches could spread it like a drinking glass with ice cream.

For example, let’s say the catheter was handled by the person, the virus gets on the person’s hands, they handle a glass, that someone touched to their cock that had HIV all over it, or catheter ingredient ice cream, the virus gets attached to it (like HIV pushers are attached to their wacky theory of limited transmission routes that don’t include flying shared dirty needles on mosquitoes, and air) then that virus goes from the cup or glass to someone else hand, then ingested like ice cream that “has the virus”.

Boo! They got it. That is according to their LOGIC, not what these HIV politician experts in transmission say, it’s what their logic says. Logic follows a path. When we follow their logic it leads us into impossibilities.

Logic is not correct or incorrect, it is path-o-logical. Logic follows pathways. It leads us to different things like dead ends with the HIV transmission theory that has been promoted since 1984 when George Orwell’s predictions of fiction became reality.

For that matter, based on that logic they use, we need to seriously look at what they are stating about catheters, that they spread HIV. Seriously, let’s follow this seriously.

So if HIV is spread in urine (as we now know is possible because a catheter could have caught it and spread it to ice cream) and a dude gets some on his hands when he whips out his pecker to piss legally, just like a catheter, he should make sure he doesn’t touch ice cream or it becomes a carrier.

To be clear, these statements make it very clear that there is not only something wrong with the sexual transmission route and not mosquito needles theory that a killer virus lurks, it’s completely a bogus theory, and has been since day one of Hysteria In Virology (HIV) when Margaret Heckler, Secretary of Health and Human Services made the declaration in 1984 on TV, carried by CNN, spread like a virus to the world, that “HIV was the cause of AIDS” meaning that there is no viral cause of complex disease conditions “spread by gay sex” and shared dirty needles as if there was such a thing, everyone would be getting it as so many things transmit the virus, such as ice cream filled with catheters. HIV IS A LIE.


I also wonder to this statement “must submit to testing”. Must is such a strong word. I think it’s more like this, if they want to follow the hysteria and illogic they must submit to testing in order to possibly get a result they hope for.

I hope someday they all get tested for Acquired Information Deficiency Syndrome.

Most people get this by only relying on certain sources of information.

So beware, HIV & Satan believers, HIV can be transmitted by bodily fluids in ice cream.

Feature image of newest carrier of HIV “ice cream” is by Lotus Head from Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Unicorns are guilty

“Unicorns caused the death of so many, sticking their pointed horns into those they were pissed off at” said the spider to the wall. It was talking to the wall since that was the only thing that would listen.

His statement reflects pretty much what we have with imaginary causes of very very complex bodily systems and diseases HRT/ISPD and AIDS.

HRT/ISPD – Human Redundant Term Immune System Parasite Disease (some call this HIV/AIDS)

Unicorns are a fantasy but are real on paper in books.

HIV is a fantasy but is real on paper in books.

Like OJ being found guilty in the minds of most of the American TVwashed public, although 10,000 lawyers and 12 jurors found him INNOCENT, unicorns and SP’s were found guilty of causing AIDS.

SP – Specific Parasites

Just try to explain the innocence of Orange Juice or the innocence of Human Parasites (people don’t even know that viruses are parasites let alone what killer Orange Juice can do) to the TVwashed public.

It’s a pretty a maz ing th ing.

Feature image in the public domain by Franz Eugen Köhler, Köhler’s Medizinal-Pflanzen
Deutsch: Ziermais. A Unterer Teil der Pflanze. B Spitze der Staude mit männlicher Blütenrispe. C Mitte des Halmes mit weiblichen Blütenkolben. D Fruchtkolben. 1 Zwei zusammengehörige Ährchen; 2 ein Ährchen geöffnet; 3 Pollenkörner; 4 weibliche Blüten mit Deck- und Vorspelze; 5 Pistill mit Griffel ohne Hüllen; 6 Frucht von der Achse aus gesehen; 7 Frucht im Längsschnitt; 8 Stärkekörner. A, B, C, D verkleinert; 1, 2, 3, 8 vergrössert; 4, 5, 6, 7 natürliche Grösse.
English: Maize: (a) Lower part of the plant (b) top of plant with male inflorescense (c) middle of plant with female inflorescenses (d) ear/cob: (1) two pollen grains of a male inflorescense (3, 4) female flowers (5) female flowers with stigma (6) fruit bottom view (7) fruit side view (8) fruit cross-section views
Latina: Zea mays.
Русский: Кукуруза. A — нижняя часть растения; B — верхушка растения с мужским соцветием (метёлкой); C — средняя часть растения с женскими соцветиями (початками); D — початок; 1 — два колоска мужского соцветия — сидячий и на ножке; 2 — раскрытый мужской колосок; 3 — пыльцевые зерна; 4 — женский цветок с чешуями; 5 — пестик с рыльцем; 6 — плод (зерновка); 7 — плод в продольном разрезе; 8 — крахмальные зерна.

Talk testing 123

Helloo? Helloo. Hello. Hello. Polly speak like CDC.

The latest campaign to push the scam disease syndrome related to HI viruses is called “Talk Testing”.

Ok let’s talk testing. It’s not specific to any ONE/VIRUS. That mean’s you can have had the flu and you can test positive for HIV.

In other words, the HIV test is garbage. It doesn’t find anything specific that can only travel through dicks.

They won’t tell you this though, as everyone just spreads lies because that’s what they have been told, it’s trickle down medicalnomics.

Here is a snapshot of one of these campaign materials that is often used by gay cruising sites who all spread these lies.

They originate from the US Government sponsored Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CFDCAP).


The problem with this campaign though is that as with everything HIV related, when you start talking about testing and tell them that the test is bogus people do one of three things:

  1. Scream at you like a crazy person saying you are the one that’s insane
  2. Condescendingly say that you don’t know what you are talking about even though you have been talking testing for 35 years about how the test is bogus
  3. They ignore you as they don’t want to hear you talk testing in any way that conflicts with their religion and pray for your salvation

I think people generally find it impossible to believe that CDC and any medical influence could ever be corrupt or perpetuate myths that are corrupt and thus with the hysteria and fear ingrained in people’s minds that there’s a virus that can wreak havoc, people tend to believe what they are told because they are not the authority and “How could we be lied to for all these years”.

Unfortunately the HIV pushers are at the core, very corrupt, or just narrow minded. As Trump puts it, “drain the swamp”. As others put it “Take off the blinders”.

Some of the swamp people involved act uncivilized, after all, they lived their their whole life. That is not said in the term that is like in the movies or horror stories, it’s just that they act and make declarations of what causes what when they talk testing from a very narrow perspective. They can’t see through the forest through the trees because the swamp is in the way. The fact remains, from their perspective they don’t see what’s really going on outside the wetland that is filled with trees (and is not a forest) which are very beautiful to look at. Outside all of that we see a whole different world, one where we notice that when we talk testing, things don’t add up correctly.

learn about swamps here

The CDC acts as an authority, but they more like the Nazis when they make declarations of of who our enemies are in our bodies. It’s like they believe all viruses are Jewish and must be exterminated but the perceived threats are like those of the other holocaust, all based on imaginary concerns and unrealistic and biased ideals. One example of that is how the CDC is constantly targeting the gay community, oh sorry, the LGBTQK+ community. No, the gay community. They don’t target the L’s. There were 11 images as “campaign materials” on the CDC website all of which were showing men, not one woman. Viruses don’t discriminate, but the HIV theory pushers do. They say it’s affecting gays more than anyone. That in itself MAKES NO SENSE.

CDC talk testing page showing materials with only guys – July 2, 2017

The CDC acts like a military declaring war. They also have the interests of those who profit from tests and protocols all of which cost money. They may make some declarations factually like with FV (Flu Virus) being transmitted by air like all viruses, but as with any war, a general in charge can get certain things wrong. When we keep seeing casualties as the leaders keep telling a certain faction of troops to move forward with testing and drugs we have to stop and ask if the generals can see the cliffs ahead of us and all those troops falling off. We had to do that with their “Hit Hard Hit Early” campaign of the 1990’s which massacred many. Finally they got it but like with all endless wars, it never really ends. For example, look at the idiotic statement they make in the “talk treatment” section.

“If you are living with HIV, having an undetectable viral load level means that the amount of HIV in your blood is so low it can’t be measured.”

Excuse me SIR! but if something cannot be measured how can you measure it as being undetectable. Wouldn’t that mean it’s not there SIR! How can I be living with HIV when it’s not able to be detected SIR!?

See how that whole “undetectable” thing is nonsense? It’s a trick, a scam, like a religious cult would use to get you sucked into focusing on “the devil” or “the virus” in this case, after all we all know the devil exists even though we cannot detect him while we can test for the devil/virus. We are still infected with the devil even after we accept Jesus and religion in our lives, we have to keep going back to church to get rid of it, even though the devil might be undetectable he’s still there lurking. See how that works. It’s like religion. It’s all horseshit.

Well so far we talked testing and talked treatment and talked religion.

Now let’s talk about my friends who died in this HIV cult.

They get tested, they test positive or “undetectable” get on toxic medications and their livers fail. They die at an early age. They are labeled as the HI virus did it. It’s never all the drugs they took that did it. It’s never that they got it from a dirty needle that mosquito shared with other arms, spreading viruses like dust spreads in the air (which also spreads viruses), no, it’s the dirty homosexual sex that spread it.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s they hit hard with toxic medications and killed my friends. CDC condoned it. They are stupid generals fighting an imaginary war. You don’t start beating on someone who just got into a car accident, you gently carry them to safety. Hit Hard Hit Early was a slam on every cell of the body. CDC said do it. Then of course the person dies and it’s “because HIV did it”. It wasn’t the virus stupid.

Let’s talk testing. Don’t do it. You get labeled for life. They track your behavior. They want you to tell everyone your status for legal reasons so you don’t get sued or thrown in jail for having sex without informing the other person. They don’t do this with FLU which can be deadly.

Let’s talk testing. The tests are erroneous. Those who promote it are all spreading lies like flies.

Let’s look at more of what Centers For Disease Control claims:

Today, an estimated 1.2 million people are living with HIV in the United States. Thanks to better treatments, people with HIV are now living longer—and with a better quality of life—than ever before. If you are living with HIV, it’s important to make choices that keep you healthy and protect others.

Start medical care and begin HIV treatment as soon as you are diagnosed with HIV. Taking medicine to treat HIV, called antiretroviral therapy or ART, is recommended for all people with HIV. Taking medicine to treat HIV slows the progression of HIV and helps protect your immune system. The medicines can keep you healthy for many years and greatly reduces your chance of transmitting HIV to sex partners if taken the right way, every day.

If you’re taking medicine to treat HIV, visit your health care provider regularly and always take your medicine as directed to keep your viral load (the amount of HIV in the blood and elsewhere in the body) as low as possible.

Starting and staying on treatment will help you to be undetectable. Start talking about the options that work for you.

Oh I see, you are “undetectable” when you start treatment. Or is it you become undetectable like when you get the FLU and it goes away and there’s no more virus. Yea. So basically since the test for HIV doesn’t distinguish between influenza virus or many other viruses, and what it actually is finding is antibodies which are in response to any viral infection, when you are undetectable you no longer have HIV/FLU.

Think about this, Human Immun-eieio-deficiency Virus is really a bigger category, it includes flu, and other things. Viruses come and go. The whole HI virus thing is a lie. Getting the HI virus and then not being able to detect it means it’s not fucking there, or, it means the test is shit. Maybe both.

I’m glad we had this talk about testing.

You be the judge

Trump is doing so well with draining swamps it’s starting to happen autonomously!

News states that 6 members of the President’s HIV/AIDS advisory panel have quit in disgust.


Scott A. Schoettes is one of them.

Wikipedia states:

On June 17, 2017 Scott Schoettes, Lucy Bradley-Springer, Gina Brown, Ulysses Burley III, Michelle Ogle and Grissel Granados announced their resignations in protest stating in a joint letter published in Newsweek, “Trump doesn’t care about HIV. We’re outta here” [1]

How’s that for “dedication”.

Swamp members* never hang around when the waters drain.

*Current members as per Wikipedia

The council members as of April 2016 are:

Former members

Feature image in the public domain Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516) – “Last Judgement”. My interpretation as it would be applied to the acronym mess that tries to describe human health conditions so incredibly poorly, chaotically, and incoherently is that the the Human Incongruent Virustheory has reached judgement day.

A causes C

You may think that this is absurdly obvious…..Asbestos causes Cancer.

But many things cause Cancer.

Ok, now let’s state something equally as obvious….HIV causes AIDS.

But many things cause AIDS.

Yes indeed. There is about 26 different things that cause AIDS.

Pneumonia causes AIDS.

Liver failure causes AIDS.

(add full list later)

AIDS is not a disease like Pneumonia, it is a category, a “syndrome”.

So really it goes like this, if someone who is HIV+ and QTBGL+ dies of AIDS, what they died of is getting a virus that causes pneumonia that causes acquired immune deficiency syndromes. The label AIDS is a very convoluted way of expressing what is very basic, a virus causes pneumonia which can cause someone to die (or causes liver failure or other things).

The common understanding is that a virus causes a massive immune system deficiency and then these other “opportunist infections” take hold, but that makes no sense. There are many common ways that immune systems malfunction or become deficient. There is no test to see if someone has partied all night with drugs and alcohol WHICH CAUSES IMMUNE DEFICIENCY which causes “opportunist infections” like pneumonia to take hold.

The whole mess is a definition syndrome matter.

People don’t get a virus just by having sex, they get acronyms by having sex.

A virus is a virus, flying shared dirty needles can transmit that scary sexual acronym virus like it can with any virus.

If HIV was real as described, everyone would get it from mosquito bites and other things that fly and carry any and all viruses.

I posted the public domain image of the Flying Spagetti Monster touching ??? (some Roman dude) as it is a fantasy representation of a religious symbol like how HIV is a fantasy religious symbol that all worship and as a comparison of religious mindsets that believe in things that are not real but provide some sense of satisfaction in their worlds.

*inspired by

Feature image of flying things that also carry HIV (the Flying Spagetti Monster) by Niklas Jansson (Android Arts) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons






LDB is Leigionaires Disease Bacteria

It originated in 1976, some years before HIV.

The disease is named after the outbreak where it was first identified, the 1976 American Legion convention in Philadelphia.[14]

Let’s compare the naming of this to the naming of HIV.

HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Virus

LDB – Legionaires Disease Bacteria

It’s odd that it would not be named HDB – Human Disease Bacteria – what attributes does this bacteria have that make it specific to participants at 1976 American Legion Convention in Philadelphia?

When we study this we see that the air conditioning was dirty and contained the common bacteria L. pneumophila.

So it should be called ACDB – Air Conditioning Disease Bacteria

If it affected the LGBT community it should be called LGBTACDB.

When we look at the naming of what appears to be a specific bacteria, L. pneumophila, we see the L is not lesbian, it’s Legionaires.

So far all we have is a naming of pneumophila bacteria adding the term Legionaires but in reality, there is no specific bacteria that only gravitates to people who attend American Legion Conventions (ALC’s).

So far calling it Legionaire’s disease is a farce. It’s Pneumophila Bacteria. So what is PB?

It’s the bacteria that causes pneumonia. The humans that attended the 1976 American Legion Convention got pneumonia from bacteria that was flourishing in the dirty air conditioning system. They got pneumonia – P.

Ever leave the car on a hot day after driving and then get back in and turn the air conditioning back on and notice a stinky smell? That’s this bacteria. It’s everywhere. If breeds in damp dirty air conditioning systems.

So if we were to get sick from driving in a car with a dirty air conditioning system, we would go to the doctor and they could exclaim “OMG there’s this new disease caused by car air conditioning” and name it ADB – Automobile Disease Bacteria or call it CACDB for Car Air Conditioning Disease Bacteria.

This is the same as how they came up with LDB as a name for Legionaire’s who got pneumonia and how doctors started the misleading new label for immune system deficiencies that had names like pneumonia.

Like with HIV, really, they should, since the bacteria affects humans, and not just Legionaires or LGBTQ’s, call it HDB – Human Disease Bacteria.

But since it causes pneumonia, really the more accurate linguistic form would be PDB – Pneumonia Disease Bacteria as this bacteria causes pneumonia disease.

Of course how many humans would say pneumonia disease, it’s like saying human people. We just say pneumonia because we know it’s a disease. We just say people because we know they are human.

The stupidity of it is like calling the doctor a doctor physician.

Used in a sentence, “My doctor physician kept repeating himself with these terms like LDB which is like saying human disease bacteria as if I need to be reminded that I am human.

So why are they adding all these term$ to pneumonia? It doesn’t matter that humans that attended 1976 American Legion Convention in Philadelphia one bit as what they got was pneumonia caused by PDB.

So going back to HIV, we have this odd naming of a virus, in such generalized terms as if it’s something new when it isn’t. The virus affects humans, well duh. It’s like we should go to the doctor and he says “You have human pneumonia”. We would respond, “Well I’m human doctor of course it’s human pneumonia. I have P why call it HP, and why did the other doctor I went to that also sounded like an idiot tell me I had HIP which he said stood for Human Immunodeficiency Pneumonia when we all know that pneumonia is an immune deficiency disease? What is wrong with all you guys?”

Take a look at the official government page on this Legionaire’s Disease Pneumonia Bacteria Virus as seen here. Notice how they call pneumonia LDB even if you never went to Philadelphia.

Feature image of bacteria found everywhere on the planet all day every day that causes those who have ve$ted intere$t to give the same thing a multitude of different names is in the public domain as provided by the CDC Public Health Image Library.

Rocks as dumb as

The Advocate gay rag has a long history of proudly supporting the wacked out claim that there is a virus lurking in semen that cannot be transmitted by flying dirty needles, only ones that are handy, and by your cock, and The Advocate (gay rag) has been a long-standing-voice in the gay community which influenced politicians, professionals in health and disease services, and philanthropy.

They are amongst many who I blame for ignoring, or simply being too stupid, to get that HIV is a lie.

The rag is hopelessly lost in the divisive political system, always bashing Republicans and ignoring logic.

So it was not a surprise to read the following which was seen on Google News on May 24, 2017

What a stupid headline.

Or it’s brilliant.

It’s really brilliant, just like the stunts Trump, politicians in general, and all hucksters that want your attention pull, this headline draws in viewers.

It doesn’t make any sense though.

Trump is a billionaire. You don’t get to there by being “Dumb as Rocks”.

You also don’t get to be President of the United States being “Dumb as Rocks”.

Then again, maybe what they are inferring, is that rocks are rather smart.

They are smarter than people who get tested for HIV. They just sit there.

They don’t follow the Test Brick Road to nowhere.

Feature image of Charlie Brown in the famous scene where he was tricked into thinking he was getting candy

Swallowing this is hard

This week’s disease news:

Don’t swallow pool water – may contain parasites (keep in mind viruses are parasites so practice safe swimming to make sure you don’t get AIDS)

WHO spends more on travel than fighting deficiency in scientific analysis – they don’t spend as much on fighting AIDS or fighting other unicorns

Bacteria found in nacho cheese sauce – thus we can accurately state that nacho cheese sauce spreads HIV if an HIV infected mosquito lands in it and dies

Kissing bugs spread disease in humans – this is because they spread viruses and bacteria like flies



Feature image of a rooftop pool in Manhattan that looks bacteria, fungus, amoeba, and virus (parasite) free is by Hu Totya (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Snapshot from Google news with various headlines from various sources captured on May 21, 2017

FLU positive

OMG he’s FLU positive!

I have never heard anyone say that yet more people die from the FLU than other immune system diseases combined.

Yet we have Hysterics In Virology (HIV) parading around frantically screaming, asking “status” before having sex or cough and precedents in law that nudge people into the belief that they could face execution or prison time for not disclosing their Hysterics In Virology status.

Let me know when people start asking and offering up FLU status before talking to one another.

Maybe then I will believe in your claim that the world is full of sanitized sanity.

More on FLU positivitis disease here

Feature image found at


The Tick Virus is about to attack. Head for the hills. Or, turn off your devices.


Be on the look out they say.

I was looking out and looked at that tick I saw having lunch with the mosquito.

Both had HIV.

HIV had been at a luncheon, had too much to drink, and saw the tick and the mosquito and hitched a ride homo.

Feature image of transmission routes for automobiles, trucks, ticks, and HIV by Bureau of Public Roads & American Association of State Highway Officials (November 11, 1926). United States System of Highways Adopted for Uniform Marking by the American Association of State Highway Officials (Map). 1:7,000,000. Washington, DC: United States Geological Survey. OCLC 32889555. Retrieved November 7, 2013 – via University of North Texas Libraries.


The following snapshot of Google news April 26, 2017 is likely regarding “The Holocaust” that is alleged to have occurred in Germany and the surrounding areas due to Hitler and a concept that went viral at that time. It states “Coachella Valley Holocaust survivors honored in Sacramento.


At first I thought it was referring to all the fags in the Coachella Valley that have been killed by the Hitler virus and they were honoring their demise in the Gay Holocaust that was perpetrated by Hitler Infected Virology.

How can one deny that the Gay Homocaust/Holocaust/Hobocaust occurred?

HIV – Hitler Infected Virology

In reality, if the headline had applied to those of us who survived Hitleresque IV test pushers, that would include me and all the other living fags as we have survived the Gay Holocaust that occurred in that area where those in virology and public health act like Hitler in trying to eradicate things they claim, like Hitler did, will ruin the community of cells in a place one calls home.

Holocaust denial often includes the following claims: that Nazi Germany’s Final Solution was aimed only at deporting Jews from the Reich, but that it did not include the extermination of Jews; that Nazi authorities did not use extermination camps and gas chambers to mass murder Jews; or that the actual number of Jews killed was significantly lower than the historically accepted figure of 5 to 6 million, typically around a tenth of that figure.[2][3][4]

Feature image of “Jews on selection ramp at Auschwitz, May 1944” is a photograph by Ernst Hofmann or Bernhard Walte and this image was provided to Wikimedia Commons by the German Federal Archive (Deutsches Bundesarchiv) as part of a cooperation project. The German Federal Archive guarantees an authentic representation only using the originals (negative and/or positive), resp. the digitalization of the originals as provided by the Digital Image Archive. Note particularly that “For documentary purposes the German Federal Archive often retained the original image captions, which may be erroneous, biased, obsolete or politically extreme. KZ Auschwitz, Ankunft ungarischer Juden”

Clean mosquito exchange program

Nevada is giving away clean needles via vending machines.


It’s only fitting that the next step in the fight on AIDS and HIVe is by providing the public with clean mosquito needles, and providing mosquitoes with clean knitting needles.

This way the mosquitoes can be fitted with clean needles by back yard barb-e-quers so as to not get HIVe from mosquitoes and their dirty bloody AIDS infected needles from the HIV positive guy next door or down the street or the one at the hospital, and the mosquitoes while waiting can knit and be productive.

Feature image of what might be created while human size mosquitoes were to knit using clean needles. Image shows a multicolored stockinette stitch. Photo by Brian Sawyer from Westford, MA, USA (close_up) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Image of Google news snapshot grabbed on April 14, 2017


The packaged “salad” of cut up lettuce leaves was found to contain a dead bat.

“Due to the animal’s decayed condition, the CDC couldn’t immediately rule out whether this particular bat carried rabies, but recommended the two people who ate the contaminated salad receive treatment for the disease.” said the article at NPR.

Seems odd that they could not determine if it had rabies “due to it’s condition” when it’s also claimed by them that there is no test for rabies.

So rabies is both a virus and a disease? This is said like, “rabies causes rabies”.

HIV causes disease called AIDS so they say zillions of times now, not HIV causes HIV.


Flu causes flu?

HIV causes flu, not flu causes flu. We would never say flu causes flu so how is it that rabies causes rabies.

HIV causes flu. Human Influenza Virus causes flu.

Or was it all the crap we ate over the holidays with alcohol and the cold affecting how high the body furnace has to heat to stay warm while being provided motor oil for fuel was what caused the flu.

AIDS – Alcohol Inserted Directly Systemically

HIV – Hucksteritis Infecting Virology

If these rabies carriers were baseball players we would call them baseball bats and the CDC would claim that baseball bats caused baseball bats.

Feature image of various Bats – Chiroptera
Clockwise: Common Egyptian Fruit Bat Rousettus aegyptiacus, Mexican Free-Tail Bat Tadarida brasiliensis, Myotis myotis, Lesser Short-Nose Fruit Bat Cynopterus sphinx, Horseshoe Bat Rhinolophus ferrumequinum, Common Vampire Bat Desmodus rotundus. based on works by Uwe Schmidt, C. Robiller /, User:Zoharby, Prof. emeritus Hans Schneider (Geyersberg), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters, Anton 17

Oh my Rorschach

Ink is a funny thing. It can be used one way for good, it can be used another way for art, and yet another to induce confusion and clarity.

Then there’s pixels. They are causing universal warming.

Today let’s use them to do something to rid the world of viral concepts in understanding things inaccurately.

Life is a lot like an ink blot, it goes all over the place. In life we are dealing with a diverse set of idea sets. We interact with a host of governing conceptual interwoven publishments.

In convincing others of something, it doesn’t necessarily have to be true, it has to be convincing.

Take for example a used car purchase. They are basically just transportation devices, but a saleshuman could get you to buy one that titilates you somehow, by it’s color, it’s shape, it’s accessory.

Some shapes are big, some are stylish, some are small.

In the war on AIDS shaping the perception of the public has made us all visualize something that unlike a used car, we cannot see. No one has actually seen an an AIDS virus. All we have ever seen is what is claimed to be such, and in all reality, all we have seen is a SLICE of it.

Scanning electron microscopy merely grabbed a slice. Try to imagine your favorite automobile design, the one you would love to have in your driveway, now try to imagine a slice right down the middle to the right by a foot, and angled, and back about 2 feet, a slize that is 1 millimeter wide. What would that look like? Would it look like a car of your dreams? Not likely.

This is what we have with HIV – a slice of a “virus” and claims that it’s a muscle car on steroids and is a transformer and has a movie career. How can one tell that it’s such a thing? You can’t follow the slice everywhere it goes.

All HIV claims at the foundation of this mess were made based on this slice and dice.

They are rediculous assertions that were made, but because of activism, became belief systems, like those of religions, saying to do this or that to avoid HIV/SATAN.

Try to tell those who created this visual interpretation of horror to do what would then make perfect sense, remove the carriers when possible and test the carriers.

Oh they test the carriers called men with dicks in hand, but they don’t test mosquitoes.


Tell them to blast the mosquitoes (flying dirty shared needles) and they scream at you how wrong you are. How can people be so ignorant. They claim I am ignorant “HIV cannot be caught from mosquitoes, the virus is too heavy” they say.

OMG how stupid can one be regarding this one subject. Viruses are minuscule and are everywhere.

People can be very smart about 100,000 other things, but be stupid on HIV. They think it can be carried only by private parts and not by public ones.

Or are they not stupid, but rather just CONVINCED.

It was interesting to read this following Google news snippet:


The gay activism of the 1970’s and particularly in the 1980’s (it was not called LGBTQWERTY activism then) was successful in it’s activism regarding HIV regardless of how stupid the theory is, because it effectively convinced others of their views.

Their views came from two key sources, US government (well sorta, Centers for Disease Control is not exactly government), a corrupt scientist named Robert Gallo (convicted of fraud), and a media hysterica campaign that was fueled by stupid celebrities like Liz Taylor and Elton John, stupid in this subject, not many others. Then again, maybe they too were just convinced and are not stupid at all.

It doesn’t matter to success that one’s views are incorrect, success measures those views on adoption. It happened with the flat earth concept, actually, that flat earth thing is funny, people didn’t believe the world was flat in Columbus day, all you had to do was look in the sky and notice that, it’s today’s people that believe that they believed it was flat.

HIV is a joke, it’s a fantasy, it’s a lie, it’s a slice of imagery made into a monster because it looks like one just like someone can see a monster in an ink blot.

Google news snipped April 5, 2017.

Feature image is Rorschach ink blot 1921 By Hermann Rorschach (died 1922) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

California enacts the backyard BBQ law

Having Bar-B-Que’s in ones’ backyard or side yard could land the owners in jail if they don’t warn their guests in writing that they could get HIV from flying backyard syringes aka shared needles. These syringes are attached to mosquitoes and spread HIV.

April Fool.

What do you mean that’s not funny? Sure it is.

April is fooling you like they have about HIV.

April is fooling only about the jail thing and a California law warning requirement with backyard mosquito syringes, but the fact remains, a shared needle is a shared needle, blood from humans is attached to both and the infection risk of getting HIV from mosquitoes is 10,000% higher because they are everywhere where as sex is not always available.

So since April Fool’s is about pointing out foolishness, one must understand that they keep fooling the public into believing their crap about disease causations, and these bureaucracies go as far to as to enact public policy that if you don’t notify someone you have sex with that you allegedly have HIV, that you can go to jail.

That is real.

Even though they have no such warnings to visitors of national parks and all the flying syringes there that can spread HIV to people, they continue to spread like a disease their illogical claims, and people believe the claims, like those who followed Hitler believed his.

The good thing about all this though is that if you get infected by a dirty mosquito needle that has HIV, and it injects you with it, you are now immunized.


Featured image is of the Great Seal of the Bureaucracy of California. Note a bureaucracy is not something that can be caught, it is created, like disease.


RAP – Repetitious Assertive Paraphrasing

The problem with claiming that a small object can harm you is the repetetive assertions that keep being made that something is a certain way where if it was that certain way, it would be carried the same way that other objects that size are carried.

For example, if I am told to carry a baseball to the pitcher, being that I am the catcher, I can do that, the thing is not heavy, I can walk.

Now if I have a rock that’s about that size, and am told to carry it to the pitcher, what’s to stop me from doing that? Actually the question is, can I carry it the same way using the same thing, my hand and arm?

Sure of course I can.

But in HIV Wacky-Science RAP claims, this is not possible. They claim that a virus (like that baseball) can be carried by the person, or a syringe, and handed to another person, where they then have it, such as is the case with West Nile Hollywood Virus, but then they also claim that that person cannot carry a virus in the shape of a rock (HIV).

Their assertions are totally absurd.

If a mosquito can carry WNV then it can carry HIV, they are like baseballs and rocks, like the rocks in the heads of all who insist that HIV is real.

Thus, if there were such a cause, flying syringes would be spreading it to back yard BBQ’s and all who attend.

Thus, either the standard HIV/RAP theory is all wrong, or the standard HIV/RAP theory is all wrong.

Don’t tell anyone who is indoctrinated with the Holy HIV Bible though, they will say things like “HIV is too heavy”…..yea, like Balanced Rock.

HIV is a trillion times smaller than a mosquito and a zillion times less dense than a rock.

Viruses are all similar in weight and size, pretty much like how balls are all about the same size, and can be carried and handled.

Balls placed between the legs can be transmitted by air, plane, automobile, syringes that fly, coughs, etc. the same way that all balls can be carried.

The repetitive assertions have numbed the mind.

I repeat, the repetetive assertions have made you understand that viruses are like baseballs, they are thrown and caught.

Imagine the mosquito being tossed HIV as if you were being tossed Balanced Rock. The mosquito would be crushed.

This of course is a fantasy like Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote.

ACME HIV kits are readily available though.

Does one have to be stoned to get this concept of reality?

Feature image of Balanced Rock in Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods park by EvanS (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Unfake news

Fake news is in the news a lot lately. Even governments like Germany are taking action, making it illegal.

Too bad the fake news about HIV was never handled this way.

How does one determine what is fake? Who makes the determination?

Is something fake because a majority of people believe it?

There was a story about a boy being swept up in a home balloon some years back.

The story was fake when it was told by the father to the news. When the news told the story it wasn’t fake though. They thought it was real. When the public’s eyes were glued to CNN and other news outlets for hours as the story was being reported everyone thought it was real. It was not fake news when grandma was telling the story to her neighbor.

How can something be fake and not be fake at the same time!

If everyone believes something to be real, it’s real, until it can be proven to be unreal.

Flat earth was proven to be unreal by one person, but everyone else on the planet thought that was fake news.

Actually most people at the time believed the world was round, it’s today’s people that believe the fake news story that states that people back then thought the world was flat until Columbus sailed.

This of course brings us to the fake news story that various diseases can all be blamed on one virus, a virus that no test actually finds, that is said to be transmittable by dicks and knitting needles and syringe needles. Fake news as such is easily proven false, as if a sub-microscopic thing can travel on a syringe attached to a plastic tube, it can travel on a syringe attached to an insect, thus if HIV were real, we would all be getting it from mosquitoes.

Try telling this simple fact to anyone that believes fake news. You won’t get far.

People believe what they want to believe.

This story is fake.

If you doubt me, prove me wrong.

Feature image of A “lunar animal” said to have been discovered by John Herschel on the Moon
Deutsch: Vespertilio homo (Fledermausmensch aus der italienischen Ausgabe der Mond-Ente: Delle Scoperte Fatte Nella Luna del Dottor Giovanni Herschel.) English: Portrait of a man-bat (Vespertilio-homo), from an edition of the moon series published in Naples. (Courtesy of the New York Public Library.)


Media reports that “large flying insects in Los Angeles are not mosquitoes”.


For a moment there I thought we had another carrier of HIV/EE.

When I contacted the CDC/EE and all the vector control districts in the area, and all over the world including Antarctica, the Moon, and Mars, they all confirmed that these huge mosquito like bugs are too weak to carry such a load of crap.

The mosquito like bugs are the common crane fly. Even though they are about 25 cent times the size of mosquitoes, it is claimed they cannot carry HIV/EE.

Probably because they don’t work out enough and get their protein.

Of course we all know that mosquitoes cannot carry HIV/EE either because it’s way too heavy.


In the article it also stated that Susanne Kluh, Director of Scientific-Technical Services at GLACVCD said, “The insect of real concern is the one that bites, and that is the mosquito.”

Well even though the mosquito is the one that bites, it makes perfect sense when these scientifiterrificalists say that we have to be worried about insects that bite but we don’t have to worry about insects that bite when it comes to HIV/EE.


Feature image of Eugen Sandow who is considered the father of modern bodybuilding by Benjamin J. Falk (1853-1925) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Image of the crane fly which HIV is apparently repelled from by Alvesgaspar (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


SMS is the acronym (as if we don’t have enough of them) for Short Message Service. It’s a STANDARDIZED protocol for texting.

If we didn’t have a standardized method of texting, we’d all be using our typewriters, paper and quills, doves, and yodles to send short messages.

Standardization is not a part of HI VIRUS testing protocols when we look at the world.

Now if we use unstandardized protocols to send messages, you might say that standardization is not important as we can show how we use a typewriter or a quill pen and get the same message sent. Oh but we are using standardization. The standard is using one language.

In HI virus world testing there is no standard. It’s like trying to determine if the skyscraper to be built will be done using metric or or ancient Mesopotamian units of measurement like the Royal Gur and barleycorns or using King Henry the 1st’s yardstick which was a measure of how far his dog could run to one end of his yard to the other while chasing a cat. See how far you get building the Trump/Mexico/Wall using these measurements that are as precise as HIV testing.


Yet the religious belief system remains that A Virus That Causes Many Diseases That Have Different Other Causes As Well (AVTCMDTHDOCAW) can be found and discussed and understood and treated using these non-standardized protocols of measure which actually never even find virus, they only find the critters that respond to viruses, non-specific to boot.

In other words, what we have in testing is a method to determine that somewhere in the BODY of the United States that there are criminals. It’s like they expect us to believe that by using non-standardized methods of “determinations” such as the broad allegation that there are criminals and that we need to have police in place who have guns to “solve the problem” that it’s fixed.

The THI’s (Test Hallelujia Illusionists) have got most of the world to believe their relgious belief system. That’s what is there, religious beliefs.

HIV is a religious belief system that uses ancient ideas with the threat of death if you don’t subscribe to it, just like most religions of the world do.

Send a text to your friends about HIV/SMS and see what happens. Just like trying to get people to understand that no God would be Holocaust enough to send all his children to Hitler’s Hell, you are likely to not get that message through to them even though they hear it, because they are stuck using ancient methods of understanding viruses.

History of length measurement

Feature image of ancient telephone keypad is derivative work by: Marnanel (Image:Telephone-keypad.svg: Silsor) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Image of the Royal Gur of Akkad ancient system of measurement by Gurdjieff at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Awards were not nominated for any GAY actors this year and the whine community is not happy about it. Notice the headline here in this news snapshot.


Also worthy of mention is the award nomination presented to The Advocate as seen above which GLAAD* nominated for it’s greatness in presenting their well done articles covering LGBT+ topics.

I honestly could never nominate that publication for an award. Along with their truly well done nomination worthy stuff, they unfortunately include a lot of garbage/worthy pushing of retrovirus drug protocols and articles that perpetuate that mess.

That whole drug pushing scheme, which killed my friends, was helped along and seriously moved forward with a lot of help by these gay rags such as The Advocate and Frontiers Magazine who took gobs of money from drug companies.

And for decades these rags have gay bashed anyone who dares say that the medical community has it wrong and they have profited dearly with money they receive for the drug ads they run in full pages, brainwashing those, like my friends, who couldn’t fathom that a medical community, GAY community, reporting community, bandwagon community, and TV community could make such mistakes.

They have annihilated the words of real intelligence and wisdom coming from people like Duesberg who was known as the father or retrovirology, replacing it with their own religious beliefs about a virus that doesn’t exist except in the imagination, or be it may that it exists like Satan exists or like how a predator exists in a forest and that the suggested and even demanded protocol is to use a nuclear bomb to get rid of it.

I watched these gay rags Frontiers Magazine and The Advocate promote these annihilation protocols for years in the 1980’s and 1990’s. They killed my friends and my friends friends and my neighbor’s kids. I will never forget what happened.

For those who lost their lives due to HIV/AIDS drug pushing holocaust let’s have a moment of GAY silencio that lasts forever, or until these publications apologize.

Let’s boycott them in the meantime.

Yes that’s a laugh but what happened is not.

* Are they the ones that started all this BLT ham it up on why QUERTY crap?

** Blindazabat – the ancient LBTGQWERTY/GOD who watched patiently for the leaders of a time/past to handle the outbreak of misinformation. Pronounced “blyne-daaza-bate”.

Image snapshot January 31, 2017 at about 7:53 am pacific time.

Feature image of Faras Saint Anne dated 8th century,  Αννα η Μητηρ της Θεοτοκ[ου] [Anna, mother of the mother of God] source photographer National Museum in Warsaw. Arkady. ISBN 83-213-3308-7

Testing is a trap

Some faggot monsters live in Palm Springs.

I make no apology for that term which might offend some. I like the term faggot. Everyone should use it more.

I might apologize for an offensive term once the QWERTY fucked up HIV community apologizes to me for killing my friends with their offensive terms.

HIV is offensive. It should never be used.

HIV pushers and their doctrine of worshipers never apologize for supporting a highly offensive system of bogus testing that leads to a mixed up world of what leads to death and destruction of healthy humans and healthy blood cells.

They never once apologized to me for supporting the offensive prescribed poisons used to “kill the virus” as they all demand we go to war with this thing, and like all wars, men die because blood cells die.

I never/not get caught in that trap.

So here in beautiful Palm Springs California we are blessed with these little packets that are found in gay hotels and other places. They have a packet of lubrication and a condom. They are supposed to help stop the spread of HIV. There is no bug spray to stop mosquitoes from spreading it.


Image of a mosquito coil (insect repellent) by مانفی (Own work)

I guess these little packets could also be called PAK’s (Pro Anti-abortion Kits). They should be in churches too.

In the area there are roaming testing vans that now go to various locations like in front of gay bars to promote their health authority sanctioned cult of “getting tested”. They call themselves Get Tested Coachella Valley. They are the ones that put these things out there. I’m pretty sure they use tax payer $ to pay for these and all the related expenses.

Some think they are the ones that should get tested, on how HIV is a lie. I doubt they regularly test for this.

I see what they do as being a trap.

They remind me cults, extremist churches, and used car salesmen.

In a way the whole thing of getting tested and following their beliefs is like those fag bashers that come to gay events to protest saying everyone who parades around are all going to hell. It’s like these testing places claim that we are all going to hell if we don’t accept their form of redemption if we test “positive”.

It’s like the testing cult is telling us that testing is the Savior and to worship the gay sex Gods you must follow the HIV Bible.

It’s the exact same kind of scheme, and it’s equally hypocritical and contradictory to common sense logic.

Interpretation of blood tests for the false claim that one virus is lurking that can kill is like interpreting the Bible, it’s pretty much all over the place.

Blood tests for HIV really only find antibodies and they are not specific.

Specificity is important. It’s like telling someone to get you something and you say to them “get me something” and expecting them to bring back exactly what you wanted. If you were specific, they would have done it.

HI virus tests do not specify exactly what they are finding. They just say “Yup, antibodies are there” yet antibodies are always there.

HIV cults are the ones that have infected the world with their absurd claims and push to get tested.

Testing is against my religion!

It’s a trap.


Testing needs to stop.  Go test less.


Once again upon a time the news is presenting what mad scientists keep claiming, that there are super transexual lady bugs that are resistant to being told to leave. Kinda like those party guests that get drunk and don’t understand the words “go home” anymore.

Yes I equally write in a theme of fantasy as they do.

So this one is part of the Smith family, correction, the Enterobacteriaceae family, and of course there is an acronymized version, CRE.

Let’s study what these are. First, let’s take off the prefix “entero”, we have bacteriaceae. That’s bacteria.

What is entero? Wikipedia states that “In biology and medicine, the prefix entero- refers to the intestine”.

Ok, so let’s just call it intestinal bacteria, duh. We can acronymize that as IB.

Oh but they love to confuse people with fancy term$. If they just say intestinal bacteria, who will care, everyone has those.



The other thing that’s really fun, is how for so long we have been told to avoid infections by wearing condoms to protect ourselves from peanut butter. Take a gander at the second article featured about how Dr. Spook is now suggesting to immunize babies from peanuts by giving them peanuts. Let’s do this with viruses!

Inject us with HIV to become immune to HIV.


Hey it makes perfect sense. They say go get infected with peanut butter and viruses (as in with vaccines) to be immune. Thing is this happens daily as we breathe and as we get mosquito bites.

Oh it’s just so much fun watching mad scientists at work. Now I really want to get by a Mad Scientist so that I’m immune from all their nonsense gone viral.

Speaking of seeing things that go viral here is the 1934 film “Maniac” where Phyllis Diller (comedienne) was also in this film, where it features a mad scientist.

Mad/scientists have routinely created motion pictures in/our minds that “the virus” is a maniac (which is a fantasy like many slasher films) as seen in this movie trailer from the 1980’s, it’s like the HI virus is the killer and is randomly slashing cells to death.

Remember, they are all just moving images be they in film, digital, or in the mind.

Feature of mad scientist by director: Dwain Esper, cinematographer: William C. Thompson, studio: Roadshow Attractions, via Wikimedia Commons and is a screenshot from the public domain film Maniac (1934) showing Horace B. Carpenter as the character “Dr. Meirschultz” and this represents what I see in my mind with those who are hot to develop nuclear weapons in the war on AID$.

The image snapshots of Google news were from 1/16 and 1/17 in the year twenty 17.


Pins & Needles & Roots & Lions & Tigers & Teddy Bears

Understanding the processes of scientific study and how conclusions can be erroneous is important.

Just because a majority group believes a conclusion is correct, doesn’t mean it is so.

In looking into various drug regimines that are prescribed to patients, we see how this process of error can appear.

Wikipedia states: In 2013, researchers reported that tramadol was found in relatively high concentrations (1%+) in the roots of the African pin cushion tree (Nauclea latifolia).[75] In 2014, however, it was reported that the presence of tramadol in the tree roots was the result of tramadol having been administered to cattle by farmers in the region:[76] tramadol and its metabolites were present in the animals’ excreta, which contaminated the soil around the trees. Therefore, tramadol and its mammalian metabolites were found in tree roots in the far North of Cameroon, but not in the South where it is not administered to farm animals.[76]

Well isn’t that interesting, it was the drug coming out of the piss of farm animals and not a natural phenomena.

Now let’s take that concept to in study of ill gotten (Acquired) deficiency in immunity syndromes and continued dissemination of one/sided beliefs about causation. Here they looked at the root of the discovery of what caused what, but in absolutely zero studies by where all this HIV/CAUSE is based, do we find anything that looks at the effects of what people consume every day, which ends up at the roots of all their cells.

Well, some have looked at it, but none in authority have accepted that a cause for acquiring syndromes that make one immune deficient is any cause other than a parasite. They have rock solid as their belief that a parasite is THE/CAUSE, which enters the body, and ignore other things that enter the body.

Note: viruses are parasites

As with this discovery that it was actually the orally administered drug that was ENDING/UP in the roots, and not that the roots themselves typically had this chemical formulation, in viral studies affecting humans, small groups of people can reach conclusions that end up at the roots of the basis of many beliefs.

To claim that HIV (or what I like to refer to as the HI virus) is found somewhere and is the cause of something is like finding a drug at the root of a tree except in reverse.

In the case of the drug aforementioned it was found at the root, first assumed to be a phenomena of the tree itself, later found (since this kind of science is rather simple) that it was being deposited there.

HIV science claims what they are “looking at” is thought to be deposited there, but it’s been found that it’s really part of the way the body works, being that what they are looking at is really not something that attacks, but it something that is cellular debris.

They are blaming debris for something that it’s not at all capable of doing.

Though like with tree roots that have a drug found in them which get swept down a hillside from torrential rains and then clog up a stream, thus too cellular debris can clog things in the body’s streams, and thus we could say this virus is the cause of disease, but is it because of one virus or many, and like with tree roots that clog a stream, the trees do not attack the stream and the living cellular organisms in that stream, they are pushed there.

So how do we handle such clogs?

One way is chemotherapy to blast the clog to pieces. This is like bringing in dynamite next to a utility generation dam to remove a bunch of trees and their roots that have clogged up the overflow, when done, the dam is gone.

A better way to remove a clog at a utility dam would be to bring in some machines to remove just that part of the clog.

This is what the body does with antibodies. They come in and remove the blockages. Then when finished there are some pieces laying around usually found on the banks of the stream.

So called immune deficiency testing tries to find these pieces and when it does, exclaims “affirmative” but it’s like a boy scout that sees logs on the side after an timber cutting project saying “There’s evidence that the dam is clogged”. Seeing these things merely indicates that some pieces were found, not that there’s a clog, and it could also merely indicates that work was already done to remove the pieces from a clog in a stream or dam. A better way to handle this is to let the body do it more naturally and avoid clogs in blood streams.

Actually a Boy Scout is smarter than that, it’s more like a politician assessing the situation. Many in the medical world at the top of disseminating information are that very thing, politicians.

A better focus in health is “what caused the clog in the first place”? Was it the small amounts of cellular debris, or was it that huge oil slick the patient just had for dinner, and ice cream, and french fries, and cheezy tortilla chips that are so loaded with fat, 365 days a year, along with DRUGS/ALCOHOL that caused the landslide of debris to accumulate and dam up the immune system?

Did you know that most of the immune system lies in the digestive tract?

OMG 1 digestive tract + 1 oil spill does = immune deficiency!

Although the following image is not cellular debris it can represent it. If we had this teddy bear who’s fallen to pieces accumulate, say in a drain of a toilet, it would cause a diseased bathroom because every time we then tried to eliminate things from our bodies, it would end up all over the bathroom.

clogs can occur from various sources

a clog in concepts of what causes what can occur from various sources and that can cause mental problems so severe that one cannot understand that clogs are the root of so many health matters

Wikipedia entry on tree roots

Feature image of a Vincent van Gogh painting called Tree Roots painted in 1890 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Image of teddy bear in pieces By No machine-readable author provided. MatthiasKabel assumed (based on copyright claims). [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Scrub a dub dub

3 gays in a tub.

Google is said to have “scrubbed” search results to deny visitors results that would indicate that “the holocaust didn’t happen”.

I don’t deny the holocaust happened, it happened, books were sent to camp, and murdered. This is what Hitler did, 6 million books were burned because he got people to believe that it was detrimental to society to have certain things that “weren’t true” that were being disseminated freely. He would love that Google has scrubbed information the way he scrubbed information.

So Google is doing this with it’s search results, day say.

Thing is, I suspect this is another misleading news story that goes for the sensational.

Here’s a snippet from Google News showing the news sources and their headlines on it, grabbed on December 27, 2016.


I’m not even going to bother searching Google to see what it shows, I’m sure it’s not entirely scrubbed.

I did search with my pal though and got these results.

Funny how they insist as the first result the answer is YES, but as you can see they don’t deny that there is denial.


But did you catch something?

You might have caught HIV since you typed it in….an equally fantastic theory whereas Humans have a Deficiency in understanding that viruses are stupid particles of matter that float everywhere, and can be caught with baseball mitts when they are thrown around on baseball fields and other places humans find air.

Actually, what happens on when you search this question, is it goes not just to the web, it goes to the ANSWER tab. Take a look at that again.

It doesn’t scrub the web results.

Now all this makes me wonder, will there be denial that the HIV ever happened?

There already is denial. Holocausts In Virology are rampant.

For proof of this, just try to tell someone that a virus cannot possibly be transmitted by dickheads and the semen they eject yet at the same time not able to be transmitted by air and mosquitoes.

It’s such a sad world we live in, where people are so brainwashed they can’t understand some of the most fundamental facts and properties of things that are 10,000 times thinner than a human hair, thinking they have some magical properties that disallow them from being swept up in the wind and carried and transmitted by dirty mosquito knitting needles.

Keep in mind, viruses are not living things any more than an app is a living thing and also, my point which is always where I go with all of this is that there is NO/VIRAL cause.

So the next thing I looked up was HIV denial.

This snapshot of denial occurred on December 27, 2016 @ 5:40 am pt. It went right to web search results tab.


I do not deny that diseases exist.

I also do not DENY/THAT my page regarding the Holocaust In Virology did not come up.

Here it is, I titled my “HIV denial” page BE HEALTHY.

I do not deny that the basic premise of an almost exclusively “sexually transmitted” virus is the most ridiculous thing anyone could ever dream up and shove down anyone’s throat, getting them to swallow it as though they were preparing Foi Gras, which most of the “experts” in such absurdities have successfully done, with a beautiful presentation such as we see here.


It would be like denying that HIV theories are equally as scrumptious which would then also be scrubbed.

Mmmm, HIV causation theories ARE delicious.

Now that we’ve eaten a healthy plate of denial, where does this take us?

To Gilligan’s Island of course! It’s an equally unbelievable fantasy that entertains.

And how did we get there? Same way, a journey.

Note one watcher’s take on Episode 1 where he notices and critiques all the flaws.

This is what “denialists” do with the HIV theory, and it kind of makes watching the show less fun.

Those who are “not in denial” are like watchers of Gilligan’s Island, caught up in the fantasy, who are not at all interested in learning about what the flaws are in the production – it’s too technical – too analytical – and getting all into analyzing it like is not necessarily as fun to watch if you are going to look for all those flaws, nor is it really necessary because who fucking cares if there are technical flaws, it’s a fantasy, it’s entertainment, it’s for fun anyway.

HIV denialism is a bit/like this critique of a filmed production.

Those who love the “health problems caused by cocks” presentation will not watch a critique of it’s flaws, citing the final performance is what matters, how well it entertains the ideas that find a cause of disease other than drugs, bad lifestyle choices, bacteria, fungus, and medical treatment protocols that are toxic – destroying livers – etc. instead choosing to watch the show as it’s been presented repeatedly, to get tested and set sail on a tour that so far has been not 3 hours, but a whopping 282,800 hours (30 years) which oddly/similarly has left those who set sail on that voyage, stranded.

Certainly pointing out the flaws in a filming production is not the same as doing so for illness causation theories, as the end product of something like Gilligan’s Island is all about entertainment value so it’s not that important to find it’s flaws.

In contrast, there is need to look at flaws of designing a structure, albeit a bridge, skyscraper, or disease causation theory.

Also, for a number of people, looking at the flaws of production in the 1960’s situation comedy can be entertaining and interesting.

It’s usually not entertaining to look at the flaws in disease causation theories, especially when loved ones have died and it’s been attributed to those flawed theories, namely, it was a virus that did it.

No disrespect intended, I too have had friends die. I just want people to see how this production is going since these disease theories are about building and maintaining structures and not about entertaining. It’s a serious matter, and when flaws are spotted, they have to be dealt with.

There are many flaws in the concept that a virus is THE/CAUSE yet we have all the experts in denial.

It’s just like that company where the employees keep telling management that things aren’t being done right, and they can’t accept it, are too busy with their daily happy hours and other distractions, and then when the business fails, they blame Obama.

Curiously, there are those who also think we went to the Moon and Mars were MIV was discovered.

MIV – Martian Influenza Virus

When asked “Why do you hate science so much dude?” I have to reply “What the fuck do you think I am using?”

It’s not rocket science. Rocket science is simple to prove/disprove. This HIV/CRAP is like religion, they get you to believe something is real, when it is imaginary. Then when you say “Where’s the picture of the virus” which was one of those baffling little problems in the 1980’s, they come up with a photo of something and say “Here you go, that’s it” basically like how you send a dick shot of someone else dick to someone you want to impress.


555 HIV Boulevard, Suite QWERTY
Fantasyland, State Yet 2bNamed
Mars (next to the CGI flag pole left there by NASA’s fake Mars rover)

Feature image showing a collection of brand new squeaky clean toilet brushes (mostly used to clean shit and slime and grime and bacteria and viruses that come out of shit holes and land in toilets where they get flushed down the drain) by Frank C. Müller [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Image of Foi Gras By Charles Haynes from Bangalore, India (Foie Gras) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons