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I’m not lesbian I am queer

“Cynthia Nixon has been frequently referenced in the press as trying to become New York’s first lesbian governor — but the actress-turned-politician does not actually self-identify as a lesbian, instead considering herself as queer, according to campaign spokeswoman Lauren Hitt.”

full story at Fox News, the network that LGBTQWERTY’s love 2 hate event though they believe hate is a crime

Hoping to hear more PUBLIC/PEOPLE correct others for calling them gay when they identify themselves as fags.

It’s funny how LGBT has now morphed into LGBTQ “officially” whereas the Q is for Queer.

Queer used to simply describe all of those letters and actually, adding the Q is really stupid, as it really is like saying lesbian homosexual fag, or transgender homosexual lesbian bisexual or gay lesbian homosexual queer fagsexual or any of a billion other stupid terms.

For those who are all hung up on labels, please don’t ever call me queer, gay, or ESPECIALLY/LGBT, I am fag.

Macho (2016)

 Macho (2016) on IMDb

This movie got an unfair low rating because it just doesn’t resonate with the more conservative straight crowd, it’s way too gay, but unlike many gay films this one is unique and doesn’t harp on the “gay relationship” as much as it harps on antics.

In the film the main character is a wildly successful fashion designer dude who has pretended to be gay through his entire career life because if he was OUT as straight he’d never be accepted with such high acclaim. When his own reality camera crew goes too far in violating his privacy so they can get the real scoop they find this out.

What follows is a whirlwind of trying to pretend to the world that he’s actually gay by dating one of his employee boys. That performance between the two is better than what I have ever seen in popular awarded movies. It turns the camera back at the straight community AND the gay community as they both have their own styles of prejudice.

This film is fun, dramatic, light, festive, FANTASTIC CAMERA WORK, and exceptional quality, a great view for the gay and gay friendly audience.



Half the world is gay

The poll was conducted with teens and those in their early twenties, but really now, I believe that at this point we can conclude that it applies to everyone.

Whether they act it out is irrelevant. Half the world is H.



India may soon recognize homo sexuality

Comments on this include of course things like with Trump as president and his more conservative new pick for Spreme Court, the USA will make being homosexual a crime as it was during the Colonial British rule and New America, even saying that the landmark case in Texas where the state tried arrested 2 men for having sex in their own bedroom would be overturned.


The minds of the public have been opened up to see reality, and the group think has been squashed. What I mean is that the old mentality of high school locker room antics where if someone says they are gay, even though half of the guys there at least had experimented with gay sex, where they all pounce because THEY DON’T WANT ANYONE ELSE TO THINK THEY ARE GAY, is gone. Those days are over. Most people have never really cared what other people do sexually as long as they retain the choice to not have it happen to them if they don’t want it.

There is no way sodomy laws will be coming back so any reporting on that is more flake news.

BTW that’s what Trump always says, he says FLAKE news. The L is silent.

Bigger problem is what are we going to do when all these issues get solved!

Choose the most likely:

  1. resolve homelessness
  2. Teslas that fly for everyone
  3. go to Pluto which science deemed a rock instead of planet because most science, especially that of HIV science, determines what they deem as “fact” by a committee vote and not true science that exhaustively makes certain something is absolute, and HIV science is one of the most non-absolute sciences there is yet they, because of political committee votes, keep claiming they know better than fathers of retrovirology
  4. people who are married to the homo genous HIV/AIDS hypothesis will dump it after realizing that they have been conned


It’s completely stupid to use LG in LGBTQ.

It should be HBTQ.

Lezbos and gayfags are homos.

Bi’s are bisexual.

Trans are transexual.

Notice the word sexual in all those terms.

Now let’s use this in a sentence:

“The HBTQ community mostly believes in unicorn viruses and thus they allow testing centers to be set up right in front of HBTQ/BARS and I find this disgusting. The HBTQ community doesn’t want to hear the truth about unicorn viruses though so this practice continues.”


Feature image of two homosexuals being burned By Unknown – Diebold Schilling, Chronik der Burgunderkriege, Schweizer Bilderchronik, Band 3, um 1483 (Zürich, Zentralbibliothek), Public Domain,


Friday the 13th 1307 members of the Knights Templar were arrested for homosexual acts.

Claims were made that during Templar admissions ceremonies, recruits were forced to spit on the Cross, deny Christ, and engage in indecent kissing; brethren were also accused of worshipping idols, and the order was said to have encouraged homosexual practices.[35]

Feature image reference Wikipedia snapshot on October 12, 2017 at 6:49 pm pt main page

BATB gets G character

Disney’s “Beauty And The Beast” will present on March 17, 2017 their “first” gay character LeFou.

On one hand he wants to be the villan, Gaston, on the other he wants to kiss him and be with him so it’s said.

Thing is, the internet has been saying that he’s gay for years.

Feature image from the movie trailer

Standing ovation for a conservative outspoken faggot

Outside the event there were protesters.


Someone laying on the ground.

Maybe dead. Police response.

Hardly made headlines.

see non-national headline here

The ovation was in response to his statement that if he stops the event that the [terrorists] have one.

Notice how fashionable conservative faggots can be!



At the event he also mentioned that he is willing to try gay conversion therapy, later committing to trying it out as a journalistic experiment.



In this event he also made fun of the fear of the vice president forcing electro-shock therapy on the gay masses.




Click on the image to view the entire event if you can sit for about an hour.

Note that at about 39 minutes in he says to the entire audience “Hello faggots how are you?” which is like how Gaga calls her followers monsters.


Also at about 40:20 he brings out one of those siren horns, blows it (LOUD) once, and says it could be used later in case anyone causes a disturbance.

Trump should have one of these and toot his horn at protesters when he toots his horn.

And note the coming social protest, for those who are truly dedicated to making their voices heard, JFP.



Milo also states that to get something or other you need to “Rediscover your fucking sense of humor”.

No joke.

Why get all bent out of shape when humorizing one’s self is so much more fun.

A picture is worth a thousand gummies, when these people rise up against Trump this is what it basically looks like, a Gummie Bear rising up to take on eaters where the worst that could happen is he will be photographed and devoured.


Gummie Bear photo found here

TED talks too much

TED/TALK on Homo Sexuality is so fucking boring and rediculously stupid.

Why do people sit and analyze this crap. Makes them feel good somehow?

Instead they could be doing something productive like helping solve the homeless subject of their talk problem or selling stuff on Ebay.

TED have been talking for 26 years.

Their revenues in 2012 were a whopping $45 million.

To attend one of these verbal flows in 2017 it will cost you or your homeless homosexual friend $17,000.

reference: Wikipedia

Nick Douglas wrote for Gawker that “It’s for starfuckers” whatever that means.

I talked to my search engine and it revealed this:

ted talks suck


Hey let’s listen to the TED TALKS SUCK song which states in part of the lyrics “TED talks are shit”


Another article on states as a headline:

TEDx Speaker Gives Priceless Talk About How TED Talks Are Worthless

In stark contrast, many will attest to how helping a homeless sexual with $17,000 would make a world of difference.

Make a world of difference.

Featured image is of a young men’s homeless shelter called The Bowery Mission which was in New York City in the 1800’s and the author is Unknown – Official websiteTransferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by User:Logan using CommonsHelper., Public Domain,

Mr. Michael had suicides in family

George Michael is said to have been ‘living in fear’ of history repeating itself after previous suicides in his family.  Was so haunted by the suicides of his grandfather and gay uncle it stopped him from coming out to his mother until he was 29.

There was a major back operation, which left him in pain, and then came the disgrace of his arrest after being caught masturbating in a public lavatory in 1998.

Michael’s mother later told him her brother had been gay, but because homosexuality was illegal in Britain at that time, he had been unable to cope with keeping it a secret.

reference Daily Mail

This is interesting to learn. It presents a perspective as to why being real with one’s self, coming out, and finding that place within where it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks as if they think something they are the ones with the problems really, they are the ones that are fucked up in the head, NOT/YOU.

Be yourself.

Accept yourself.

Live this life!

Featured image By Édouard Manet – The Yorck Project: 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei. DVD-ROM, 2002. ISBN 3936122202. Distributed by DIRECTMEDIA Publishing GmbH.Data source: “Le Suicidé: Édouard Manet’s Modern Crucifixion”, Public Domain,