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Trump will drop to his knees, blow, swallow says the suck shit

That’s what Kathy Griffin the lamest old fart comedienne that exists said about the President regarding Turkey’s new president. So I take it that’s a put down. Ok thanks Kathy suck shit, you have just insulted all LGBTQ+s. There is nothing wrong with or less equal than getting on knees and blowing, it’s something she…

Woman tries to climb Statue of Liberty

Mistook it for a wall separating the United States from Mexico and Africa. When police got her down she said it was a protest. I don’t buy that. She was confused.

‘Roseanne’ TV show remake implodes due to Barr “racist” comment

The show came back for one season and with the atomic power of one mere Tweet it is gone! Kapow! Roseanne was on Ambian, a sleeping AID and on Twitter (bad combo – never take Twitter and Ambian together) and posted some comment about Muslims and monkeys would create a baby referring to one of…

NGTS – New Gay Theme Song

Brokeback Mountain performed live by Terrible Tim. This was an appearance at Comic Book Jones in New York City. Feature image snapshot from the video on YouTube entitled “Brokeback Mountain live @ comic book jones” captured on July 5, 2017

California enacts the backyard BBQ law

Having Bar-B-Que’s in ones’ backyard or side yard could land the owners in jail if they don’t warn their guests in writing that they could get HIV from flying backyard syringes aka shared needles. These syringes are attached to mosquitoes and spread HIV. April Fool. What do you mean that’s not funny? Sure it is….

Standing ovation for a conservative outspoken faggot

Outside the event there were protesters. Gunshots. Someone laying on the ground. Maybe dead. Police response. Hardly made headlines. see non-national headline here The ovation was in response to his statement that if he stops the event that the [terrorists] have one. Notice how fashionable conservative faggots can be!   At the event he also…

Climate change is gay

“I mean like hello, rainbows, gayyy” was the abfab line in this great Netflix skit where “Ann Coulter” played by Fortune Feimster joined Chelsea in a great little interview to promote her latest book “In Trump We Trust”. This happened after Ann Coulter actually cancelled a scheduled showing at the last minute and Chelsea said…