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Truvada for (4) Pre Exposure Prophylaxis

This is what the gays are being conned into doing as a preventive measure against the fantasy virus.

Another way of describing this is it’s taking the HIV med when you don’t even have HIV.

It’s the same med given to “treat” HIV “infection”.

Huh? That sounds stupid. I will leave it for you to judge.

I think it’s like:

  1. taking aspirin when you don’t have a headache to prevent a headache.
  2. taking blood pressure medication when you don’t have high blood pressure to prevent high blood pressure
  3. MJF taking Parkinson’s disease medication to prevent getting that disease as he went back to the future
  4. adding more air to your tires when they are normal and at the PROPER temperature, in fact tripling it so you are proprotected
  5. making yourself have a fever so you are protected from having too low a temperature
  6. using DDT to kill every insect in the entire world to protect you from insects and possible disease from flying shared needles on mosquitoes
  7. putting gasoline in a completely full tank so that you prevent running out of gas
  8. putting a large vacuum cleaner on the front seat, rear seat, and driver’s seat so that if you ever have dirt that needs to be removed you are prepared
  9. watching a movie in case you might want to watch it someday
  10. jumping into a lake that’s 35 degrees Fahrenheit because someone said to go jump in a lake

I also think it’s like ignoring that your body makes antibodies* that attack any virus that comes at it and that’s all HIV tests ever find.

Your body does this every time you have the flu, creates it’s own custom built supply of antibodies to remove any virus no matter how mutatilicious it may be and that’s all HIV tests find, antibodies, but many who promote testing make it sound like HIV tests find a specific virus, that super scary one that is falsely claimed to come from dick on ass sex and not on mosquito shared needles.

Those tests only find random defenders/antibodies. It can be positive if you had the flu or anything close to the flu.

They sell you fancy dancy new improved treatments “to rid you of it” but it’s like a door to door sales MAN/WO selling you 3 vacuums even though you already have those in your car. You already have virus killing antibodies in you.**

*Ask your doctor what antibodies are for if you cannot lick it up yourself.

It is always recommended to Take Antibodies As Prevention (TAAP) as a treatment for any viral infection.

Testing positive for HIV shows your body did just that.

Taking T4PEP is not something you could even pay me to do.

Keep in mind though that some have pills to sell that are said to super duper zap zowie kill viruses better than your body can naturally. I think using those 3 vacuum cleaners in your car as an example would do a better job, as what they called that scary thing HIV is nothing more than cellular debris which is found in your human body and car body and unlike a car, you shit the stuff out every day.

And like a car, when you “kill HIV” there is still a need to vacuum it out.

HIV tests do not determine whether you have dead or living HIV in it.

In fact, viruses are not living things anyway. Look that one up.

Why try to kill things that are not living things. It’s like trying to rid the world of unicorns so that you don’t get jabbed by that mosquito that’s landed on it’s horn.

** these pills they offer may kill bacteria thus some people do notice an improvement as the immune system is mostly in your gut but there are other better less toxic ways of supporting the immune system

Punishment for sins

A celebrity who is famous and in many well known movies said that Trump being president is punishment for America’s sins.**

Well at least that’s a statement that’s sane.

We have been barraged with so many liberal insane comments since Trump legally won the presidency over lying Hillary – who said she would vote in congress for gay marriage then did a 540 degree dizzying spin on that, voting no instead, and then she wants me to vote for her – no way hon, you had the power IN YOUR HANDS and you threw the gay community to the wolves I could never vote you into any public office ever again, and for PRESIDENT/OMG you must be joking.*

This statement made by a movie inner that Trump is punishment for America’s sins is amusing and very interesting to look at and compare to the past.

It’s on par with extreme religious conservatives that in the past commented on gays who were dying of AIDS drugs saying that it was due to their sins.

Drama as we hear from these babbling celebrities should really stay on the silver screen.

*Hillary DID/NOT/WRITE the book called “Trust Me I’m Lying”

**THE/ACTOR stated this ” ‘Trump is a curse, brought down on us as punishment 4 our sins. The slaughter of Native Americans, slavery, Japanese internment, Vietnam. ‘Every hateful, misogynistic, racist notion, intertwined w our better nature, Trump embodies those. He is us. Now we can face it + exorcise it.’ ”


The matters he refers to are so complex and people who make these statements are opportunists.

Trump will drop to his knees, blow, swallow says the suck shit

That’s what Kathy Griffin the lamest old fart comedienne that exists said about the President regarding Turkey’s new president.

So I take it that’s a put down.

Ok thanks Kathy suck shit, you have just insulted all LGBTQ+s.

There is nothing wrong with or less equal than getting on knees and blowing, it’s something she probably do as well, or does she suck cunts.

Regardless, the intent is to some how put him down.

Very bad Kathy. We expect an apology. We find your humor abusive and offensive.

Woman tries to climb Statue of Liberty

Mistook it for a wall separating the United States from Mexico and Africa.

When police got her down she said it was a protest. I don’t buy that. She was confused.

‘Roseanne’ TV show remake implodes due to Barr “racist” comment

The show came back for one season and with the atomic power of one mere Tweet it is gone! Kapow!

Roseanne was on Ambian, a sleeping AID and on Twitter (bad combo – never take Twitter and Ambian together) and posted some comment about Muslims and monkeys would create a baby referring to one of the top officials in the White House.

Now if this was referring to a Caucasoid this would be Acceptable Racism (AR) but it was not, it was referring to a Negroid, Valerie Jarret.

ABC cancelled the show. Barr apologized for saying something funny, or, for some a bad joke.

Today in America bad jokes are worse than shit on a stick.They end careers for thousands of people. Americans eyeballs made the comeback of Roseanne #1 and they within nano seconds made it disappear in front of their own eyes!

Americans are schitzo.

Note how there is no firestorm for the millions of tweets that routinely appear online that are racist.

This joke reflects the color of humor often used by black comedians against whites, which is entirely racist, or just a fucking joke stupid.

Inferring that someone is a Muslim monkey is not even remotely racist.

Monkeys are not Negroids. Monkeys are not Caucasoids.

Monkeys are STHA’s (Smarter Than Humans Apparently).

So how is it that humans can create something incredible and in one moment destroy it?

That’s what apes do, and all races and religions were a part of it from what my monkey said.

Feature image of primate scratching head over Roseanne comeback series cancellation by Pixabay. Twitter snapshot of racist tweet found on Fox News article about Roseanne’s tweet and cancellation here.


NGTS – New Gay Theme Song

Brokeback Mountain performed live by Terrible Tim. This was an appearance at Comic Book Jones in New York City.

Feature image snapshot from the video on YouTube entitled “Brokeback Mountain live @ comic book jones” captured on July 5, 2017

California enacts the backyard BBQ law

Having Bar-B-Que’s in ones’ backyard or side yard could land the owners in jail if they don’t warn their guests in writing that they could get HIV from flying backyard syringes aka shared needles. These syringes are attached to mosquitoes and spread HIV.

April Fool.

What do you mean that’s not funny? Sure it is.

April is fooling you like they have about HIV.

April is fooling only about the jail thing and a California law warning requirement with backyard mosquito syringes, but the fact remains, a shared needle is a shared needle, blood from humans is attached to both and the infection risk of getting HIV from mosquitoes is 10,000% higher because they are everywhere where as sex is not always available.

So since April Fool’s is about pointing out foolishness, one must understand that they keep fooling the public into believing their crap about disease causations, and these bureaucracies go as far to as to enact public policy that if you don’t notify someone you have sex with that you allegedly have HIV, that you can go to jail.

That is real.

Even though they have no such warnings to visitors of national parks and all the flying syringes there that can spread HIV to people, they continue to spread like a disease their illogical claims, and people believe the claims, like those who followed Hitler believed his.

The good thing about all this though is that if you get infected by a dirty mosquito needle that has HIV, and it injects you with it, you are now immunized.


Featured image is of the Great Seal of the Bureaucracy of California. Note a bureaucracy is not something that can be caught, it is created, like disease.

Standing ovation for a conservative outspoken faggot

Outside the event there were protesters.


Someone laying on the ground.

Maybe dead. Police response.

Hardly made headlines.

see non-national headline here

The ovation was in response to his statement that if he stops the event that the [terrorists] have one.

Notice how fashionable conservative faggots can be!



At the event he also mentioned that he is willing to try gay conversion therapy, later committing to trying it out as a journalistic experiment.



In this event he also made fun of the fear of the vice president forcing electro-shock therapy on the gay masses.




Click on the image to view the entire event if you can sit for about an hour.

Note that at about 39 minutes in he says to the entire audience “Hello faggots how are you?” which is like how Gaga calls her followers monsters.


Also at about 40:20 he brings out one of those siren horns, blows it (LOUD) once, and says it could be used later in case anyone causes a disturbance.

Trump should have one of these and toot his horn at protesters when he toots his horn.

And note the coming social protest, for those who are truly dedicated to making their voices heard, JFP.



Milo also states that to get something or other you need to “Rediscover your fucking sense of humor”.

No joke.

Why get all bent out of shape when humorizing one’s self is so much more fun.

A picture is worth a thousand gummies, when these people rise up against Trump this is what it basically looks like, a Gummie Bear rising up to take on eaters where the worst that could happen is he will be photographed and devoured.


Gummie Bear photo found here

Climate change is gay

“I mean like hello, rainbows, gayyy” was the abfab line in this great Netflix skit where “Ann Coulter” played by Fortune Feimster joined Chelsea in a great little interview to promote her latest book “In Trump We Trust”.

This happened after Ann Coulter actually cancelled a scheduled showing at the last minute and Chelsea said “The show must go on” using an Ann Coulter body double to do the interview instead.

At the end the host trashed Ann’s book as a piece of trash. Love that t-shirt bitch!