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Full list of Dodocrats that are all in on the Green New Deal

Anyone who votes for any of these people at anytime in the future is an idiot.

This claim does not necessarily apply to those who vote for themselves as some of them are not idiots, they are lying con things.

Many of the Dodocrat presidential contenders for 2020 gleefully support this absolutely insane plan that is literally insane and 99.999% unworkable by any stretch of the imagination that would be based on physics instead of unicorns and Santa Claus. To vote for any one of them for the nominee is really really stupid.

The take party

“The Democrats want to take your car, they want to take your house, they want to take health insurance, they want to take your air travel, and they even want to take away your hamburgers.”— Marc Thiessen, senior fellow, American Enterprise Institute

In the real world it is better to give than receive, unless you are a self centered egomaniac politician selfie maniac loon that truly believes we can be oil free and have a great country that’s faminless and giving means giving it all to them.

The Alexisioocasio Monster Thing politician selfie snapper scum baby in white KKK medical lab coat makes wild claims in her NGD which appeals to what has become the lunatic party of democrats that all think that Mother Earth is staying warm because of air blankets.

Air blanket warmth is the biggest scam ever to hit feeble minds.

Physics does not have a part in her new super hero plan her catchy like a flu Green New Deal which calls for the end of air travel, use of fossil fuels, and hamburgers. It’s literally a lofty plan created by nothing but CO2.

The O Thing is so fucking clueless and is the biggest bag of hot lying air ever seen in politics. You cannot even build high speed rail without oil, coal, fossil fuels, you can never in a million years have enough wind energy to create enough heat to melt steel for the rails and parts unless you burn down all the forests and of course they will make burning wood illegal too “to protect Earth” from global warming which in their dit wit heads does not have cooling even though we see it every year with Polar Vortexes that really cool it back down.

In her plan windmills will all be erected with butterflies all working in niacin and with one heave ho of their antennas the windmill will be upright.

Then the animal kingdom, being so grateful that she’s saving their world, will tighten down the nuts and bolts to hold it to the base. She has no use for oil, so she says, in reality she will be like all politicians and All Gorey Hucksters with the climate con game, they will keep their jets, cars, manufacturing facilities that serve their needs while taxing to death the public to pay for it so that the public will have their fossil fuel devices ripped from them as the government imposes so many fees, taxes, controls “to save us” no one will have them. She claims air travel will have to go the way of high speed rail.

When you try to talk to these brainwashed environMENTAL religious cult nuts they go into denial and defense, one of their arguments is spoken on the high horse that super cold vortex in winter is proof there is warming. No stupid it’s proof it’s cooling back down to normalize any extra warming, or the Earth moved back from the sun that winter by about 50,000 miles in it’s IMPERFECT ORBIT you stupid fuck.

No one can get through to these dumb fucks though as it’s their religion, it’s their fantasy as seen in the cartoons they grew up with. That’s all fine for them if they want to keep it to themselves, but it becomes a cult when they do what the cult leaders always do, make it a bigger problem that only they all collectively can solve, which always leads to the leader becoming rich while the followers get scammed.

In political cultism these methods are imposed by laws in government. Not much different, in cults it’s imposed by laws in the cult government. Jim Jones, Charles Manson, others all used those techniques that the demonicrat party is now using.

The New Green Deal is the biggest boldest bogusest concept to ever hit politics because it is not rooted in even the most basic of physics. You cannot even have these high speed rail transportation systems because of all the plastic that would be needed.

The New Green deal would eliminate plastic, it’s 100% derived from oil.

“Oil is Satan! We must kill the oil monster!” they chant.

AOC and green pals are all big fucking stupid losers sucking all the oxygen out of the room and expelling nothing but carbon dioxide. I’m not worried though, they think they are bigger than the abdominal snowman.

Theissen writes about how she is ignorant and DISHONEST.

If Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) were a conservative, all anyone would be talking about is how uninformed she is. She would be facing trick questions from reporters designed to expose her lack of knowledge, and brutal sketches on “Saturday Night Live” mocking her intelligence and fitness for office.”

Instead they fawn all over her because it’s what their audience drinks up, a lot of bull piss.

Saves water.

Enough penny to kill a flying dirty needle

THEZ/DAZE the grab you buy the attention box is telling us that a drug used for pain control can kill us.

Salt can kill us, so can water, it’s all in the amounts and ease that matters so when the news scare box tells us that we need to build a 7000 foot high border wall to stop the flow of illegal drugs like fentanyl which is a legal drug in the US prescribed for pain, and they say that enough fentanyl was seized last year to kill 25% of the US population, one has to step back and wonder, maybe even study and ask a question or two. As I stated, salt can kill and it’s readily available. Ingest a cup of salt and it’s not pretty. Hospital visit would ensue. Lucky to make it.

I’m rambling.

Point is this, as we see here this is the amount of fentanyl that is said can kill one person with one does of this, it’s a lot smaller than a penny. This principle of size being small and can kill is used to scare us about this drug IN THE RIGHT REASONING as it actually is well proven this drug is powerful and deadly.

They use this concept with HIV, the Horribly Incorrect Virology cellular debris terrorizing the minds of many.

I’m rambling again.

A mosquito could pick up all this fentanyl if it had a drop of HIV tainted blood on it, it of course would die after about ten minutes, but before it did, it could carry this fentanyl and HIV and inject it into a human.

It’s not likely that any mosquito would suck up this FHIV as it would detect by smell something is wrong so we don’t have a national security matter here by any means, but it presents the point that there are things that are lightweight and deadly that can be carried by bugs. These bugs like mosquitoes are technically referred to as vectors.

HIV is not too heavy to be carried by these vectors. Hocus Immune Virus Pocus will tell us, I mean really the HIV pushers, will tell us that HIV is too heavy for mosquitoes to carry as a means of calming that fear, while holding on to their wacky theory which no one will let go of that HIV is real.

HIV is not real, if it was everyone would get it from mosquito drilling expeditions.

Jesus helps build border wall

Maybe he would not, the question is asked though by MSNBC/CRAP/TV though invoking religion, blaming government for children dying in hospitals, but they call it dying in government custody, as if letting the child go free with the parents would have insured their health and wellness as they continued their treck through territories with no water and food, or remaining together would solve the health matter because mom was there.

These T/V/HUCK/STERS ask what Jesus would do.

He would tell them to repent for their sins, that’s what he always did.

What Jesus would do is irrelevant, he is not here. We don’t go around doing what Jesus did because if we did we’d also be stoned and crucified.

Someone please point me to some logical discussions on the BOOB/TOOB or internNOT.

I loved this comment on Breitbart:

Why do liberals never bother puzzling over ‘what would Jesus do’ when it comes to things like abortion, divorce, pornography, prostitution, homosexuality, promiscuity, drug-use nihilism, or the hedonistic excesses of our exhibitionistic screen-culture?

So to answer Joe Scarborough’s question “What would Jesus do?” regarding these children who are sick while in government custody, obviously Jesus would take them to a doctor or to the hospital, or lay hands on them and heal them. I think the acceptable and expected thing for those in government to do is take the child to doctors and hospitals rather than lay hands on them to heal like what Jesus would do.

Scarborough stated “That’s your government and my government that’s allowing little children to die while they’re being incarcerated”.

Another thing Jesus would do is point out that lavishing Jesus with expensive gifts was acceptable instead of giving them to the poor. Churches love this quote of his.

Bible quote from Mark 14:3-7 with added interpretation into the New Social Media Version** which reads:

While he was in Bethany, reclining at the table in the home of Simon the Leper, a woman came with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, made of pure nard*. She broke the jar and poured the perfume on his head [a crime now due to social offense laws]. Some of those present were saying indignantly to one another [as they texted and selfied pictures of it], “Why this waste of perfume? It could have been sold for more than a year’s wages and the money given to the poor.” And they rebuked her harshly [this is now called gift shaming]. “Leave her alone,” said Jesus. “Why are you bothering her? She has done a beautiful thing to me. The poor you will always have with you, and you can help them any time you want. But you will not always have me” said Jesus [pronounced Hey-Zoos].

So clearly it’s more important to give gifts to the wall builders who we will not always have, and give gifts of ‘promises fulfilled’ to those who we also will not always have as President as once the wall is built, we can then give gifts to those who are poor though in all reality, that goes on constantly.

What would Jesus do?

He would emphasize the need for protecting those who are most vulnerable, which is what Trump is doing and Congress is not, and Jesus would emphasize the importance of giving gifts to Kings before the poor as “you can do that later” and send those who are sick for healing, like how the USA is doing constantly that very thing weather or not or whether or not a wall is built.

*nard aka spikenard or muskroot is an essential oil made from Nardostachys jatamansi a flowering plant that grows in the Himalayas. In today’s society conservative Christians on news stations would make a stink about this aromatic plant’s essential oil being used on Jesus, or they should, as it was made in ancient Aegyptus at the time of Jesus and Aegyptus was a part of the Roman Empire, a province, and to the Romans, Jesus was a troublemaker and criminal who’s crucifixion deemed him his just desserts. It’s basically like buying Iraq oil today and lavishing Al Gore with it for his many climate changing limousines and energy sucking palaces and then when asked why didn’t they give that oil to a homeless shelter’s fleet of vehicles, Al says that he wouldn’t always be here and it was more important he get it than anyone else.

** New Social Media Version copyright 27 Dec 2018

HIV discovered in Paris now has cure discovered in Paris

You will be amazed at how close to the original finding of HIV that this discovery of how to abolish it is located. Same desk.

First of all let’s be clear, HIV is a figment of the perception of two Paris researchers who duped the world into believing that what they were looking at in the pictures of SLICES of particulates seen in an electron microscope were dangerous viruses capable of causing 29 different diseases under the broad category called AIDS. They stole this concept from researchers in Japan.

It’s a flawed theory but it’s swept the world by storm.

Then we have the electron microscope scientist that knows more than anyone about such imaging stated he thinks what they deemed HIV is nothing more than cellular debris. There are many others like him who have agreed. Cellular debris is like dust in your house, an annoyance, dirties things up, looks bad, but not anything major that would destroy the entire structure of where you are finding such particles.

Finding cellular debris is not something to worry about, unless maybe that’s all you find, just debris, no cells.

Rename it something scary though, like HIV, then you have another situation. It’s not all that hard to do.

After the US and the world bought the renaming of cellular debris as HIV, and paying trillion$$$ for research, a test and treatments made some people fabulously wealthy as testing, especially in the gay community, became routine.

We love throwing money at people who find things that make us feel like the Devil is being defeated.

So now the news is saying that at the Institute Pasteur in Paris they have discovered how to cure HIV.

Very interesting.

note: they say it wipes out HIV infected “reservoir” cells, now what the duck is that, they keep adding new twists to their fantasy. Funny thing, looking this up on Wikipedia we find this, Researchers from Kumamoto University in Japan have developed a new method to eradicate HIV in viral reservoir cells, named “Lock-in and apoptosis.”

Wait, who discovered this again? The other news stated it was the Institute Pasteur in Paris.

Wikipedia states that “This worldwide biomedical research organization based in Paris was the first to isolate HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, in 1983.”

So again, like before, they stole what Japan came up with first.

In reality, they isolated cellular debris, the stuff shed when cells die. It’s like dust that is shed from all sorts of things and all this talk about HIV and AIDS is a massive pile of garbage, actually, cellular debris, that if it were stacked on top of itself would reach to Pluto, that planet that stopped being a planet because of a scientific VOTE then started being a planet again as they changed their minds which is indicative of how science often works regarding things like cellular debris that is impossible to calculate what planet it’s going to arrive on as these hucksters send it to our brains via Uranus.

Ann Coulter’s tiny brain

She’s bashing Trump for not building that wall. Is she completely an idiot or is it she is just another media propagandist that knows how to play their puppets.

The wall funding depends on hundreds of votes in the TWO branches of congress.

She babbles maybe she misunderstood him when in his campaign, maybe he said he would build a mall.

What a crock. This woman can’t be that stupid. It’s slick puppetry. I hate that shit in medias.

They did this with creating the illusion HIV/AIDS the lie that has infected many brain cells.

Ann Coulter now has been defollowed by the President. Now THATS/POWER.

Famous publisher admits FAKE/NEWS

Der Spiegel admits top reporter of theirs faked many news stories and apologizes.

That’s one now of millions of fake news hucksters who sit at desks typing instead of fixing the real problems of the world.

The journalist was WINNER OF CNN’s ‘Journalist of the Year’ award.


Media lies about nicotine addictions

The popularized medias have stories about vaping with nicotine containing juices are so addictive.

These claims fly in the face of what vapers say such as this from an article in the e-cig discussion section of found here:

“When I smoked and didn’t have a cig I was a pissed off bear. I vape 12-18mg nicotine and can put my vape down for hours with almost 0 cravings.”

Maybe it’s not the nicotine that’s causing the addictions at all.

Since learning how science can be manipulated to favor those who profit from certain findings I would not be surprised if we have been deceived on nicotine.

How much does Marlo Thomas make pushing this St. Judes thingy

I turned on garbage television cuz I was bored.

I see The View’s Whoopie Goldberg speaking with Marlo Thomas who of course is pushing her St. Judes Hospital thing as she always does. I thought geez how much does this woman make from them by doing this. I have been bombarded with these St. Jude’s ads incessantly.

Of course no one on The View asks that questions, they are all in unison in lavishing praise for all she does and all St. Jude’s does for the children. They provide free cancer care to kids.

That’s LOVELY/BUT I did not find her salary and I did find that of the CEO of the hospital, over a whopping $1 million a year.

OMG – that’s obscene. So your donations to St. Jude’s goes to support that. They advertise on Fox News all the time.

Why do people send money to these organizations?

$8.2 million went to executives, not children, well, I guess the children of these executives get some of it.

Danny Thomas, Marlo Thomas father had been a spokesman for St. Jude’s prior when he was alive. Marlo was star of “That Girl”.

Marlo is said to be worth $35 million.

Charity Navigator is said to believe that a $1 million salary is not necessary.

Let’s see what’s on

“The charity-rating sites are filled with disgusted and dismayed comments from donors, many of whom have been sending $20 a month to St. Jude for decades, and finally decided to do some due diligence. They rage on about the palatial St. Jude “campus,” the exorbitant salaries of high- and mid-level staff, the dramatic decline in quality research, the abysmal treatment of front-line medical staffers, and the unconscionable amount of money that is spent to raise even more money.”

I keep looking for her salary and cannot find reference. Even it it’s zero, she’s certainly, like all celebrities, getting something back in round about ways, probably A LOT BACK.

It’s all starting to make sense now, the advertisers like St. Judes which features these slick heart tugging ads on the biggest network that pushes against government run controls of health care, has St. Jude ads plastered all over it, which is supporting LAVISH/SALARIES all over the health care map. They don’t want any controls implemented on that!

That girl is just not that appealing to me anymore knowing this.




One study said that 17% of Americans want Santa to be gender neutral.

They wish for Santa to do what they do to man’s so called best friend where they hack off ornaments.

I find what they do to creatures offensive. I want to live in a society where people do not bother me with their body part hacking and their hacking of the body parts of living creatures while telling me I need to accept what they do. They hacked my cock when I was 2 minutes old. Fuck your socially accepted hacking off body parts.

I find it offensive that people tell me how I should be socially wrong like they are as well. Fuck your socialist demands. You lie when you call it socially correct and politically correct.

Those people can suck their pompous ass lunacy of hacking off living things.

Instead of spending $45,000 on gender reassignment how about feeding a living creature and going to therapy. Do you know how much food that would buy a starving dog that’s waiting for the gas chamber?

How about accepting yourself the way you were born because you were born that way and accepting Santa the way he was born.

And while we are atit, fuck my blog.

Breitbart totally misleads readers on child Cuban refugee removed 19 years ago

They incorrectly and totally paint this event from when Elián was a small child as way to trash Hillary’s “immigration policy” of that time, thus trying to make the Democrats look bad, hypocritical, etc.

Elián González was forcefully removed from his American “home” and sent back to Cuba because he was technically the “property” of his father in Cuba and the law was such that he could not remain here.

The policy was not just Hillary’s it was that of CONGRESS. It was policy that is in law since the beginning of time. All governments since before Jesus Christ placed the priority of who a child belongs to on the parent.

The mother that came to the US illegally with the child, against the laws of the country she was living in, and against all laws of parenting in both Cuba, the US, and most countries of the world. The child was rescued at sea, THE MOTHER PUT THE CHILD’S LIFE IN SERIOUS DANGER.

The child was being kept by a relative here ILLEGALLY ILLEGALLY ILLEGALLY and after a long time of trying to get the family here to cooperate with the rules of where a child belongs when a parent is in another country, the US was eventually FORCED TO remove him from the uncle/family that was disobeying the law here HOLDING THE CHILD HOSTAGE.

This is far different than what is painting and I find their report on this DIS/GUST/ING.

Medias at the time this happened in 1999 were of course overdramatizing, blaming government for being “insensitive” which is what they do to get eyeballs and advertisers all the time.

reference Breitbart’s MASSIVELY/BIASED totally misrepresentative of reality article on this here


feature image of old car that is seen in the streets everywhere there as in Cuba they don’t just throw things away like we do in the US with cars and people

The dog took a shit in the yard and got arrested

Translogical transexuality proponents don’t seem to understand that their argument that men who turn into women who were born male but get messed up in the head and think they are really women or want to be such, do not have innate rights to use whatever bathroom they want any more than if they felt they were a bitch instead of human that they would be allowed to shit in public on someone’s front lawn.


Hocus pocusry

China scientist says he edited DNA creating HIV/PROOF babies.


This is like saying they are creating unicorn proof babies.

Justice John Roberts Roberts “is only the latest among the unelected to join this Fascist Gang of Unelected Shut Uppers”

Couldn’t have said it better.

The article on Breitbart points out how he joins a long list of those who use clever tactics to divert blame.

Roberts claims there are no Obama judges or Trump judges, just a group of magical fairy tales come real providing justice for all like superheroes but his method is diversion from the real issue, pointing out as Trump did that there are judges appointed by different political divides that rule using completely different methods of forming their judicial opinions. Trump called this out very matter of factly. Roberts slithered in his we are all one label.

This same strategy is used in medifical science, shifting blame to a virus which is often a fantasy, when the real problems are more complex, including constant bombardment of cells by alcohol which is a poison, and other factors. Many used this tactic on those who questioned the quickly adopted claim developed in 1984 that there was one cause of AIDS, guilt and shut upness. They use the bandwagon tactic of downplay of such claims that are in the minority that it’s not caused by a virus at all. Dare anyone say this publicly you will be lynched.

Although Roberts labeling of the courts is all warm and fuzzy making it appear as if it’s a happy group of people making toys for children for Christmas at the North Pole of Washington DC, such labeling that he uses of warm and fuzzy legislation is disingenuous.

The fall of the Romaine Empire

Can you imagine, Centers for Disease Control declares all turkey unsafe to eat on Thanksgiving?

This would never happen. They can do that to the lettuce empire though.



Starting in the 1980’s pneumonia in gays was relabeled AIDS and given a “NEW” cause.

Yes in deed.


Thanks Ellen

Ellen promotes to millions and millions of California viewers to give Taj-Mahal residences to chickens grown to be slaughtered and eaten.

Voters gleefully say YES/MASTER.

Egg prices double sometimes triple. Money I could have sent to create NO KILL LUXURIOUS SHELTERS FOR DOGS.

Then another proposition for more expanded even better accommodations passes adding cows to the mix of luxurious homesteading while human homeless increase exponentially.

Ellen does nothing for the humans but offers tickets to see her show.

Now Zacky Farms goes bankrupt.

Zacky Farms had been a household name here for decades, over 70 years.

There’s massive layoffs in Central California where the farms are.

See Spot run while this dog get’s caught and ends up stuck in a cramped cell waiting for almost certain death and chickens killed for food get better accommodations than MAN’S BEST FRIEND.

So thanks Ellen for getting millions of people glued to their TV’s.

The time spend on watching you could have been better invested in building dog houses and people houses.

Fuck TV.

feature image snap on 11-14-2018 of one of many dogs that don’t have propositions granting them luxurious accommodations like that of farm animals

UTAH: “first rabies death since 1944”

The man and wife would feed bats from their hands, the bats would even sleep with them, the man “got rabies and died” so is the claim, yet they say they were never bit by the bats while Miss Diagnosis was spotted leaving the state in a red convertible on her way to Las Vegas to gamble with the medical community.



Human Immunoeieiodeficienceieio Virus Fawlty Test Results Infected man is being accused of infecting 75 teenagers.

The madness continues.

The information age has made more zombies than ever who cannot understand the most simplest of concepts, that if a virus can travel on a needle it can travel on a needle, and thus, since mosquito knitting needles are not causing transmission of the virus, neither can dicks.

Or better put, if there actually was such a thing as “HIV” as is described as a virus that attacks immune systems, and transmitted by dicks, and needles, well then there would be viruses being transmitted to everyone via mosquitoes just like malaria.

LIES/ARE everywhere on the matter. Governments everywhere have been duped. They just can’t seem to understand.

PELOSI: Let’s hear it for pre-existing medical conditions!

Rah rah rah, the cheerleader roots for medical conditions that existed before.

Ever notice that cheerleaders never coordinate the game? They don’t sell tickets. They don’t run the numbers to see if the game is profitable or not.

Pelosi is a cheerleader.

You and I are the players on the field.

Republicans tend to crunch the numbers and tell you that we don’t have enough money to keep playing the game if we are going to keep letting everyone into the stadium when the seats are all sold out already and the line is stretching 5 miles down the road to see the game and we really can’t let everyone in.

Democrats keep their positive energy buttons on and their unicorn hats on telling everyone can get all the health care they need no matter what their condition or prior condition, money is no object to them.

I’d really rather have a unicorn in office than any of these Democrats who live in the clouds working on climate control while promising everyone on earth the world saying you will get all the health care you need even if it costs $7 trillion dollars because it’s your right!


Rhythm nation

NOT divided nation. NOT resist nation.

NOT boycott nation. NOT gun control nation. RHYTHM/NATION


WI/FI has standards why doesn’t HIV

802.11ac and 802.11n are names for newer standards for transmitting and getting wi-fi signals.

802.11a and 802.11g and 802.11b are names for older standards for transmitting and getting wi-fi signals. Those are called protocols.

These are named differently because they way they function are different.

There are no standards though when it comes to HIV/SCIENCE. Every country decides it’s own protocols.

You can get one of those lauded tests that “find HIV” in Canada and test negative, get a passport, then cross over into the US, get tested there, and you blood can test positive or negative. This is because there is not any standard. Tests are different. Why?

The liars in the HIV/GAME who’s kings and queens of the game make millions of $ pass down their declarations and the village people accept what they say without question.

None of what they say makes any sense.

Hot climate change air

Huffington Post, now renamed STUPIDLY “HuffPo” (because there is a limit on how many syllables each word can contain in order to combat climate change) ran a headline “Climate Change Comes to Roost in North Carolina”.

This follows the Category 5 hurricane that was at sea then the climate of the category changed to 4 then to 3 then to 2 then to 1 when it finally hit land so it was just a tropical storm though it rained a lot and caused flooding like has happened since the beginning of time.

People who believe in CC are stupid.

Carbon dioxide is claimed to cause a blanket in the sky that keeps the Earth warmer. Air cannot escape the blanket of carbon dioxide is what’s said by scientists who like Gallileo lied to fool other inquisitions.

To believe that a blanket of air is going to keep you warm is like believing you can go out in the woods in winter and take a CO2 tank of air, spray it all over you, and keep warm.

Air moves. Blankets are made of fabric. Air has no fabric.

Is it making sense just a little bit yet or do I still have to explain.

Or are you stuck following your CO2 religion.

Let’s cut down more trees so we can print more books and read more about it and “learn”.

Another manufactured fake crisis now it’s opioids

Mostly these things all become illusionary crisises due to MEDIA/PUSH and political posturing.

The FAKE OPIOID CRISIS has had center stage now, HIV/AIDS is a bore in the news (has been for decade or so now).

Deaths from opioids have gone down but you would not know that listening to the liars on TV.

Now those who are living with severe chronic pain have had to attend rallies to cry for their medications, saying that some doctors won’t give it to them any more.

Most of them cannot even get out of the house to attend, they are now in too much pain again.

Many people live in small communities with one doctor in town, if that doctor caves, all the residents suffer.

Opioid pain relievers are extremely effective.

Dear Stupid President, please STOP THIS SCAM.

Opioid deaths are not because of prescriptions pills, it’s abuse of street drugs like heroin but many doctors are not interested in fighting, they just want to get their paychecks, pay their mortgages on their nice homes and such, and enjoy their time away from their business.


FUCK/ABC they are using these lies to kill off Roseanne Connor on the rebooted void of Roseanne remake of the remake of Roseanne using her as a pawn. Her character will die of prescription opioid pain killer abuse. Then during commercials they may show the wacked out kid vaping vegetable glycerine as if it’s causes crazed looks and actions which is a lie then gladly present teeth rotting immune system destroying sugar coated cereal ads.

reference this brochure from the website

Fake X will fly someone around the moon

I’d buy that story if I had first bought the one saying we landed on it.

Actually it’s more likely we would fly around it than land on it anyway.

“It was only last year, in February, that SpaceX announced its intention to send two private individuals around the Moon by the end of 2018 aboard a Falcon Heavy rocket and Dragon spacecraft. That date seemed unrealistic almost from the beginning, not least because the company was already struggling then to meet a 2018 deadline to fly astronauts to the International Space Station.”

Hype X.

reference article

Hole in space station is an album cover

The astronaut presented on Twitter an image claiming it’s from NASA showing the “hole in the space station” – it’s an album cover from 2014. Or as Elon Musk would put it, we know it’s fake because the album cover is a hole in the space station that looks so real.

No shit. See for yourself.


The Beetles are dead

Future production of VWB’s are stopping.

So Popular Mechanics headlines “The VW Beetle Is Dead Because They Made It Too Good”.


That’s absurd, it’s been around for 70 years because it was good. It didn’t die because it was good.


There’s just too much competition now.

The writers go on to explain that the style changed from cutsy to beefy. That’s not “making it too good”. Again, proves CLICK/BAIT disease.

Then SpaceX claims they are going to sens a human to the moon. Once you click the bait you learn it’s not ON the moon it’s around it.

This will be easy to “accomplish” using computer graphics imagery. They will sell this as real.

We never even went to the moon in the first place. That’s the most fascinating lie ever.

They did it on a movie set. It was fake.

There are so many flaws like for one there is no crater under the craft from dust blown around when “it landed” as it was lowered there on the Moon by a crane.

Then there’s the blood facials that may have exposed clients to HIV.

Sandra Bullock should take note, she boasted on Ellen about rubbing penis foreskin all over her face and they and the audience thought it was funny. I thought it was horrific.

I doubt those innocent infants that had their dicks hacked in Korea were all tested for HIV.

Then there’s fibromyalgia, it doesn’t exist so says the expert. Listen to this absurd statement from Dr. John Bergman “Fibromyalgia is a collection of symptoms and doesn’t really exist.”

THAT IS THE STUPIDEST STATEMENT I have ever heard from a doctor.

It’s a label, labels exist. Labels describe a variety of things. Maybe what he means is that like HIV it exists in label form, but the full definition of what it is is a fantasy.

No, he gets into a rant about a patient and how he asked her “what shape is fibromyalgia”. What garbage. It doesn’t have a shape any more than the fucking flu has a shape.

This is con artistry yet again.

Meddling continues

Trump signed executive order declaring sanctions are a remedy if anyone in any country “meddles” in our elections.

That sound, I think that was another liberal head exploding though they will still find fault with this new law which they clamored for because Trump signed it and they all suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome – TDS.

They have been complaining about meddling and nit picking for 2 years as meddling within our country continues and no one says anything about that.

Arkansas meddles with Alaska’s and Florida’s.

Californian entertainers meddling with Texas.

Meddling everywhere.

It’s always OK when we do it.


Lies about heart attack study linking vaping

Fake news lies.

Today we see stories all over it about heart attacks being linked to vaping.

Here’s the truth.

Collusion is here there everywhere

300 newspapers all on the same day write editorials condemning how Trump regularly trashes their fake news.

No collusion there.



All virus particles travel by air like dust particles do so to illustrate this fact I went to space and snapped this image with my cell phone camera and interestingly enough there were particles of HIV and West Nile Virus that assembled themselves in such a pattern as to be able to see it from space. Dust did this also. They obviously wanted us to know they were there.

In reality though you would think that somewhere in the internet you would find posted images of HIV as it travels from Africa to the United States like West Nile Virus does. Note the fact that East Nile Virus does not exist, mainly because it cannot swim west across the Nile River, but why would I note that?

I had to make my own image reference by adding test that refers to where HIV can be found in the air, HIV which is surely by all logic and odds traveling along with all the dust across the Atlantic in order to give viewers an idea of this concept which is reality, but see if you can find anyone that will admit to this.

Everyone buys the lie that viruses cannot travel by air. What do they explode because of the pressure? I’m sure that’s one of many unscientifically proven explanations used by some of these hucksters in virus science. Note how HIV also made it’s way to the white part of your computer screen.

The original doctored image was found here and interestingly enough doctored by a doctor.

The image is public domain as it originates from publicly funded CGI or maybe some kind of floating cameras that for all we know could also have contracted HIV when some space man jerked off I mean like them must jerk off up there right? And that’s where HIV comes from right? Come to think of it when all us jerk offs jerk off couldn’t HIV get shot into space like a rocket? Hmm. Yes in deed.

Technically the acronym HIV is wrong, it should be HIDV. The ID is Immune Deficiency.

Speaking of technicalities and precisely communicating diseases where on Earth did the acronym HIV/AIDS come from? Hell. It’s the most illogical one ever. It certainly did not come from the mathematical sciences of which is rarely applied precisely to medical science. Everyone knows in mathematics that when you use a / that it’s division. Why are we dividing HIV and AIDS up? Precisely.

That would mean HIDV over AIDS would have the two ID’s cancel out because like one divided by one is one, ID over ID is ID, the H is for Human which is redundant, really it should read IDV over AIDS, the tow ID’s cancel out leaving V over AS or in other words virus causes or is associated with causing Acquired Syndrome which of course makes as much sense as saying you caught the flu which is what you may actually have had that caused a positive HIV test result.

Spending 1$ billion on illegals, nothing for homeless

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) handed out nearly $1 billion in grants last year for child welfare services for detained migrant children, the Associated Press reported Friday.


Meanwhile back at the street ranch, the homeless United States citizens in San Francisco get nothing while the hysterical emotionally deranged liberal retards make keeping ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN with their fake moms and fake dads a priority.

They do this because they watch too much TV and it makes THEM FEEL BETTER.

It doesn’t make them feel better to rally big for the homeless populations.

TV news doesn’t care about the homeless either because it doesn’t get them ratings. Yanking on emotions does.

$1 billion could buy the homeless in San Francisco 1,000 homes costing the average price of $1 million.

Seems to me the Republicans would rather use that money to help them and the Democrats would rather use that money to give lavish housing without cages to the “poor innocent children” who are illegal aliens and are mostly being used by their parents to scam the system.

Attention getting clown climbs Statue of Liberty

We can’t build the walls fast enough, they are even climbing the Statue of Liberty to get in.

The climber, she’s from Africa congo, not the best schools there. She claims it’s about protesting border policy.

Says children do not belong in cages. Well duh we all believe that, but when they come across our border illegally and some of those kids are attempted to be snuck in by coyotes for sex trafficking, we have to separate them and jail them.

I guess she never heard of jails. Where she’s from they just eat those who come into their villages illegally.

I mean like really, this crap is such from bulls, which by the way is now being targeted by women too. The running of the bulls is being protested. This is like the idiots at that Baptist church that would come to gay pride parades with signs saying “God Hates Fags”. They should have signs saying “Mother Nature Hates Men”, that’s basically their approach.

If this clown as the Trump puts it woo hoo likes open borders what the fuck is she doing here in the United States? She can go back to Africa.

Activist idiots are going to call that statement racist.

It’s not. It’s borderist. It’s countryist. Has nothing to do with race. I’m a countryist. I hate people who come here illegally or come here too easily with liberal let them all in policies having no education and then some of these bafoons claim they know better than those of us who went to school for 12 years minimum and tell us how wrong we are at handling our borders.

Of course liberals are cheering her on, none are saying like Liberty says “bring me your tired, your poor…….” and live in my house.

Another point that should be of disgust is that these kinds of stunts divert police resources to dealing with clowns in stead of other crimes but liberals will not care about that they need their drama fix every day.

How much $ did that crying Honduras child make?

That photo of the crying girl at the border with her illegal alien mom talking with the border patrol was plastered all over internet and print publications. Hundreds of millions of times that image was copied and seen. Her likeness was used to promote a fake story, that she was separated from her mom.

$18 million was collected in a campaign to raise money for “victims” of the actual separations that occured, which will all go to legal fees. Rachel Maddow and many others shed so many fake tears, oh boo hoo. Stupid fucks. Kids cry big deal, they get over it in a second.

“agents asked the mother, Sandra Sanchez, to put down her daughter, nearly 2-year-old Yanela, so they could search her. Agents patted down the mother for less than two minutes, and she immediately picked up her daughter, who then stopped crying.” reference

I’m wondering how much money is being paid to this little girl from Honduras and her mom?

The US press and others around the world have profited tremendously, the Democratic party used it as well and profited well, did this girl get $10 million?

Fuck no.

That’s the real injustice here.

Let’s talk about media exploitation.

Let’s talk about how they exploit images like this for their gain and distort reality using emotional hooks.


White people are not allowed to slang

Reaching the pinnacle of racist behavior our corporate and emotionally wicked society has declared in certain order that a certain race cannot use a certain word that ends in R whereas a different race can use the word that ends in R.

I am certain of it.

This twisted ideal has even made it to the biggest movie rental subscription service in the universe, Netflix.

It’s top dog Jonathan Friedland who was with the company for 6 years as Vice President of global corporate communications, was fired, for actually saying the full word that ends in R. White people are not allowed to use that word EVER now.

He previously worked in a top position at Disney. He has had a stellar career and his resume of accomplishments is unparalleled.

Here is evidence that this action is racist as stated on The Hollywood Reporter:

“For non-Black people, the word should not be spoken as there is almost no context in which it is appropriate or constructive (even when singing a song or reading a script)”

Really now. There are words that only Negroids can use and Caucazoids cannot use?

That is racist.

AIDS and HIV injury lawsuits are a startin’

Seems we finally got to the point I have been looking to see for decades now, where we are seeing those TV commercials for lawsuits that looking for people who have been injured and need an attorney, this time instead of car accidents, it’s due to HIV and AIDS medications.

Yes that’s right, HIV and AIDS medications caused injury.

HIV and AIDS medications have been injuring people for decades, many people know this, but proving it in the courts is another matter, but it’s finally there, real lawsuits. This one is only because the company that makes the drug made false claims, knowing that their drugs caused serious side effects. Other companies protect themselves by disclaiming that their drugs should not be used to treat HIV and AIDS in the fine print that no one bothers to study.

Now that it’s on TV it will be considered real, legitimate. TV is always so truthful.

I expect to see more of these in the near future and a community that will start shaking their heads asking “How could we have been deceived?”

Better question to ask is “How come I never believed those who tried to warn me?” and “How could I not have read everything on related to this Massive Medical Mess (MMM)?”


That’s “TDF lawsuit” not “TDFLQWERTYGLBTAL awsuit”.

Therese drugs are listed on the lawsuit site: Truvada, Viread, Atripla, Complera, Stribild

Feature image is a snapshot from the lawsuit website at as of May 31, 2018 at 1:31 pm pt.

Horseshit In Virology

After 35 years of rigorous research, there is still no cure for HIV. Current drugs can be used to halt the infection, but fall short of reaching hidden reserves of dormant virus that can lurk for life within infected white blood cells. If a person stops taking the medication, these viral landmines can be reactivated to make more HIV.

That statement makes no sense.The only way it makes any sense is by understanding that like with shit in the body, there is no cure for it. There is no cure for shit. The lies are ENDLESS.

And what the hell does the medication do then, show movies to HIV to get it to sit down for a while, keeping it’s attention diverted so it doesn’t make babies?

Viruses are not baby virus makers by any stretch yet that’s what they are selling.

These claims all these hucksters make are all bogus crap. Viruses are not landmines. They are cell shit.

Cells manufacture HIV like we manufacture shit. That’s all viruses are is shit. Shit particles are all different. It’s like they name all these different viruses with different names because they all look different, one is HIV one is FLU.

99.999999999999999% of the time there is no picture as only the world’s most expensive electron microscopes can see viruses and the world’s top EM doctorate holder points out that what the discoverers of HIV saw was likely cell shit.

It’s like the whole approach of these HIV repudiators is about destroying shit. They claim that we need to drop nuclear bombs on HIV/SHIT in order to control it’s population.

A better approach is just waiting for all this HIV/SHIT to drop in the toilet. That is what I did in the 1980’s when all this madness started.

Mental case makes mental case against guns

Old fart Pat Robertson is a huckster extraordinaire.

He is a conservative Fundamentalist Christian who just will not die. I look forward to seeing this pile of trash gone like all TV preachers, he is scum.

Being that he is a staunch fag hating gun loving Republican you would not expect to hear from his mouth calls for gun control, but that is exactly what came gushing out into the TV toiletverse.

I do not buy it. He’s a liar. He’s a deceitful pile of human energy.

For one, any of these elitists calling for gun control are hypocrites. They can hire all the guards they want, they can live in all the high security compounds they want and be protected 24/7. The rich who call for gun control are liars.

Robertson is a multi millionaire who can hire armed guards with weapons for his own personal protection, using the millions in donations and income he gets from his viewers of his broadcasts, schools, and empire. He is now is calling for gun control when he not long ago called for not politicizing a church shooting. He now gets The Hysterocrite Hall Of Hell’s Fanned Fag Flames Award for his shifty stance and hysteria induced hypocrisy.

Many years ago I was sucked into the Fundamentalist Christian lies. It took a long time to escape.

I recall in the early 1980’s Robertson predicting stock markets were going to plummet, I sold, they soared, he made a bundle.

Due to his TV ministry I sent him money when I had it, until I realized the con game these preachers play. He basically claims that he knows God better than God knows me. He and his kind brainwash people, claiming that God loves them unconditionally, while also claiming that if God’s children do not repent, God will send them to burn forever – not a year – forever in the pits of Hell.

This is such a mind game in order to get money from people. What so called caring father would do that to their kids for not obeying??? Banish from their house maybe as Dad says, “Not under my roof” as he throws the kid out on the street, but burn forever???

What an incredibly stupid doctrine.

So now he’s using the alleged Florida school massacre to con people into giving up their weapons so that they can rely on God to protect them. If only the criminals would follow lying Pat Robertson and know that God will take their guns from them, to protect His children, like how God will protect those who are unarmed with His unicorn army of angels.

Beware of bansters on bandwagons like David Hogg

When the riots in Los Angeles happened in 1991 due to unrest that was stirring over the Rodney King beating, stores in South Central Los Angeles were burned to the ground, from small mom and pop stores, to huge supermarkets and big box stores like FedCo and GemCo (the 90’s Wal-Mart and CostCo). The only stores that were not burned were the ones where the owners got on top of them with assault weapons, the thugs ran like a fag out of hell’s Pat Robertson 700 Club audience. So too the only families that were totally safe were the ones hiding behind assault rifles.

Had there been a 10 day waiting, “cooling off” period (current California law) on the day of the LA Riots, whereas those good citizens did not have those weapons and had to wait 10 days before getting one to suddenly and immediately protect their businesses, whereas police and military could not respond, and they not had assault weapons, which hucksters like Pat Robertson are now calling to be banned, another half of the city would be ash, maybe all of it, because the thugs with easy to get non banned matches would have kept burning buildings.

The rich elitists in the Hollywood Hills remember watching Los Angeles burn. Obviously either smoke got in the lungs of the liberal ones, and made them unable to process logic any longer, or they never saw this happen, as they call for bans once again.

Why are emotionocrats not also calling for “fire control”? They should be banning match sales.

Why? Because like with banning weapons, it’s not practical.

Government cannot protect everyone in such riots and government cannot stop them from happening. Imagine if the country was invaded, a bomb dropped, you expect the military and police to protect everything? They say repeatedly that even in just a stupid earthquake, for the first 4 days YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.

Look at history. Civil unrest is a regular occurrence. Even in the US The Civil War of the mid 1800’s killed 625,000 US citizens, that was 2% of the population! That number would have been 10% had there not been guns to “protect one’s self”.

It is the reason for the 2nd amendment that makes sure that the entire citizenship is a militia, ready to protect the country and individuals when things get out of control, speaking of which, porn, which religious leaders have persecuted for centuries, has been declared by Florida’s House of politicians, to be a threat to the public.

United States peoples living there in 1860 prior to civil war. Note 14% were slaves.

Total Free Population 27,489,561
Total Slave Population 3,953,760
Grand Total 31,443,321

Gun ban advocates don’t seem to consider that if the guns were not there, rock control would be next. People would not be able to buy rocks or cutlery after massacre by rocks. Then they would have to ban rocks and 2×4 pieces of wood, then when those were banned, tree branches, and cement.

Only then would massacres never ever occur again because as we all know when the public doesn’t even have tree branches to use for defense or assault, only unicorns would have the ability to kill people.

Oh and speaking of slavery, keep in mind the slaves were not allowed to have guns.

You get one guess as to why.

So while the loons with their cult followers babble about their ban on guns, the kind that saved many lives and businesses in the LA riots, there remains no phone call to ban VHC/AIDS*

*VHC – Video Head Cleaner aka “poppers” a chemical inhalant frequently used to enhance sexual pleasure in homosexuals, the amount inhaled in each sexual session is 1 billion times more than the chemicals including lead that was found in high concentrations in Flint, Michigan water. The reason I bring this up is because VHC causes AIDS and hysterics never fixes anything.

Feature image of warriors in battle between walls by pixabay on pexels and is copyright free.

Grindr shares HIV status

They are sharing location info and everything. What greedy fuckheads.

I learned about this UNSAFE/SHARING here: reference article

They must keep track of sexual activity too, following who you are chatting with, where your locations meet obviously showing that you probably had sex with that other app user.

Guess what, they do all of that, a source told me that they watch everything you do and the IT guys laugh with each other about who’s meeting who, going where, their status, all sorts of shit. They know where you are and what you are doing.

Fuck You Grindr.

Grindr will also remind you when to get tested for HIV. How wonderful.

How stupid. Testing is so unreliable. People are so totally brainwashed. Testing is a complete waste of energy. HIV is a scam.

You can be HIV + if you had the fucking flu last year.


The lies about viruses targeting the gay community has killed so many good people some of whom I knew.

In the 90’s the “Hit hard hit early” pushed hard core drugs on my friends and killed them. It was like dropping a nuclear bomb to get rid of ants.

I told them stay away from that shit. They didn’t listen. Others I met later said none of that HIV/CRAP made any sense and stayed away from it and are here today.

They never get tested anymore.

HIV is lie, scam, and a misinformation cesspool.

In the beginning (1984) it was said officially to be the cause of immune deficiency. How wrong! AIDS is not one disease and none of them are new. The 29 different diseases under that broad category all have different causes. There is no one virus that destroys an immune system any more than one bad apple spoils an entire orchard.

The main causes when GRID was discovered were drug excess, and alcohol and lifestyle abuse. In other words too much partying. GRID was “gay related immune deficiency”.

Smoke filled bars didn’t help either. Nor did inhaling nitrates. It wasn’t a virus stupid.

Hysteria and media hype that induced massive fear caused the public to demand a test for this new horrible disease which wasn’t new at all.

ACTUP fucked everyone with their demands. People became afraid to speak out against them. We see this crap go on with all sorts of things where people use intimidation tactics to get their way. HIV became gospel.

The fundamentalist gay community and the world adopted a solution to deal with “the situation” wear condoms for protection.

That was absurd, condoms have holes in the membrane.

It’s like wearing jeans to protect yourself from rain. No one is protected from viruses using condoms.

In 1987 someone from the CDC said this about condoms,

“Wearing condoms to protect oneself from viruses is like leaving the screen door open and expecting the flies to not come in”.

That was an official statement. Got lost somewhere in the hysteria because common sense does not grab attention, hype, fear, and madness does.

There is no killer human immune deficiency virus any more than there is unicorns, that is, a virus that terrorizes cells and is sent via dicks into ass holes. Get real people.

Viruses are cell shit. They get shit out every day. They call this replication. I call it shit.

When did shit terrorize you? You have a cup of coffee and you shit it out, viruses included. The body does that.

Sometimes the plumbing gets clogged. Other times people feed the bacteria to make them so happy they start having anchor babies that become naturalized body citizens, harder to get them to leave. This can happen with viruses too, but the idea that you get infected with one virus and then IT replicates is absurd. Your cells replicate shit, that’s it, it’s cell shit. Poop that shit out.

Gay rags perpetuate the lies.

Woe is the man that got sucked in to all the drama.

Grindr is another worthless player in the scam. Dump that shit.

I hate gay apps. They are all in it for the money. Fuck apps.

They have gay blood on their hands. All gay rags and shit have assisted in the deaths of my friends by pushing all this HIV/GARBAGE. They push testing for UNICORNS. They push toxic drugs. They push and push and push and make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ at it.

Fuck them all.

I want an apology from all of them. They helped kill my friends.

Blessed are those who listen to reason.


Pity party time

Karl Schmid, some actor, revealed he is HIV super duper whammy sky is falling oh my god how will I live positive.

google news snapshot on Mar, 26 2018

Once again the world reacts with sympathy, cards, well wishes, and sadness.


Because the world is brainwashed. Miss Information has informed everyone so boldly that there are unicorns called HIV that have pointed syringes on them either in the shape of a penis or a hypodermic needle, pointing at everyone, ready and willing to infect them.

They ignore that if the thing was real, that HIV blood sucking mosquitoes would spread them also.

Hey don’t spoil the party. People love their woe is me drama.

People won’t listen to you when you try to inform them of real facts.They will dump on you, treat you like trash, yell at you, defame you, start campaigns to have you banned from living on Earth and more.

People have a love affair with HIV drama. That will never change.

Protect yourself from the infectious drama.



HIV Rates Rise

Google news snapshot Marche 16 2018 presents a story presented for about the 700 trillionth time that there is such a thing as a virus that only travels through a mans dick and ass and through drug infused dirty hypodermic needles and not those dirty needles that mosquitoes carry and use to inject into HIV tainted veins.

The HIV theory is such bullshit. If there was a virus causing it (what is it? = it is immune deficiency) everyone would be getting it from mosquitoes and the air because both of those things carry any and all viruses.

And this new thing to take a pill before sex to protect you from getting HIV is such a joke.

Tattoos might cure HIV

The article stated, “the permanence of tattoos is caused by something called macrophages — immune system cells that swallow up foreign debris in the body” so if you get a bunch of tattoos it would stimulate the immune system and swallow up HIV.

Of course that flies in the face of conventional wisdom that claims that nothing can swallow up HIV, once it’s there it’s there forever though that persistent claim makes as much sense as saying that once a human enters a building it is there for ever and cannot be removed. Even a criminal that enters a building will be removed eventually.

HIV cannot remain there forever, unless maybe they are like an illegal alien whereas when it enters someone’s body in the sanctuary state of California, it cannot be removed, it’s protected by the body governing removing such invaders.

ISC’s swallow up foreign debris. HIV is foreign. It gets swallowed. Immune System Cells have a deep throat.

Get tattooed.

I am basing this idea merely on what is said by others that one could reach this conclusion. It’s really not much different than how they reached the conclusion that HIV is ONLY transmitted by sexual fluids and syringes made of metal.

Since tattoos stimulate the immune system which swallows up HIV/CUM one could investigate how this process works for more fun and profit.

feature image by Dan Prado in the public domain found at


They don’t get it

Cancer, some people just don’t get it.

And because of that, for those who do/might get it, the medical scientificastical community claims that cancer can be prevented by getting shot at.

BTWayside, that’s HPV/NOT to BE/CONFUSED/WITH the ATV (All Terrain Virus), that one hidden in the garage.

‘Tiz being touted as preventable by getting vaccinated.


The claim was for a long time that cancer in the private part of women was caused by the human form of the papilodopolusifragilistic virus, again, not the automated form, not the sheep form or the insect form, no just the human form, thus the all important capitalized H.

Then they added boys because of course viruses don’t discriminate by sex.

They do discriminate by sexual behavior though, they are turned off to those who have gay sex because they are FCV – Fundamentalist Christian Viruses.

Image google news snapshot dated February 19, 2018 at 7:20 am pt

I grew up in the 70’s. I’m in my 50’s now. That makes me pretty wise at 70 – 50 = 20.

I have seen the evolution of medical sci-fience P/R.

P – progress

R – regress

They are hucksters. Cancer was never caused by a virus until the marketing virus made it possible.

Some people just don’t get it.

The “cancer vaccine” is IT – Immune Therapy.



The Humane Society of the United States Chief Operating Officer Resigned Due to SHA*.

Soon there won’t be any men in power anywhere.

In the USOA you don’t have to be guilty of a crime anymore to be guilty.

HIV has been considered guilty for decades now, even though it didn’t commit the crimes of sexual harassment or disease.

It’s all about the money.

* Sexual Harassment Allegations


Golden Globe Awards, a place for all the elite better than most of us people slobber in a orgy of self and peer absorption pedestaling.

After a few months of nauseating reports trashing men in the industry who were alleged, not proven in a court of law, to have done bad things to women as if women have never done bad things to men, it was refreshing to see the writers of the opening MC skit basically poke fun at the matter though trashing Spacey might have not exactly been on par with Weinstein, nevertheless they did a great job of doing their job, entertaining. Other years we have heard nauseating over emphasis of political views that over-permeate these industry award reely good shows.

Alas, as the show went on we get to the end and the big black woman speaks. She had a talk show once. She’s about to receive the CBD award. She has to buy a warehouse again to house them all. The woman has an ego like a freight train heading toward a snow pile.

In her speech she tells the story which she is good at of Recy Taylor, an black woman born who was “brutally raped and left blindfolded by six white men as she walked home from church in 1944.”

The story was told using “African-American” to describe the woman, and instead of using Caucasian, no, she uses the term white. It’s the thing these daze to trash white men. They have destroyed the world that created a system of wealth generation that she slobbers over.

The former nauseating talk show host should received the award for being a big bag of air, using storytelling to twist reality. She did it with health problems – HIV/AIDS/GARBAGE.

Look at her use of language.

Take a HEAR at how different it seems when it’s said as she actually said it, “Recy Taylor an African-American who was brutally raped and left blindfolded by six white men…”. Do you notice how it makes the woman appear better than the white men? I mean drop the rape part and just look at the two terms. This is how story tellers use language to get you into their world, a space where they purposefully want you to be, feeling all sorts of emotions that they want to elicit. This is the entertainment industry at it’s core.

The problem is that certain entertainers twist reality, and then move people to do things they had no interest in doing prior in a very crafty way.

Oprah is an opportunist. Note the above image. She and others like her use tragedies for their gain, get in the public eye, act like you will save them, like you care about them, then go back to your penthouse and watch yourself on TV and all the little people doing the real work.

She led the charge in promoting the failed theory that a virus was in charge of gay dudes dicks and entire bodies. It was HORSE/SHIT. You were not around then, you were a square then, and didn’t hear the terror that she and other story tellers created in people.

HIV was going to kill 2/3rds of the world’s population she presented on her show and of course it was due to a white dude, a flight attendant no less.

The story telling moved people to perpetuate non-non-nonsensical hype from other story tellers. HIV/AIDS was in the news daily and in all the talk shows. People flocked to their screens to learn.

Techniques used to elicit certain emotions for one’s gain:

1. Be sure to define an exact number of white men, or viruses, don’t leave it to their imagination. For example don’t say a virus, or a man, give it drama.

2. Use the general color when putting down someone who is American-European. Do not say European-American or American-European or dare say their exact nationality. Saying those although technically would be more appropriate and linguistically correct, when that’s said it brings the mind to wonderful Europe, we as STORY/TELLERS are not here to be fair, equal, correct, you don’t want to do that when subtly trashing white men. Make them ALL sound like gutter rats.

3. Never make the subject to be trashed seem equal in any way.

4. Get people excited.

These techniques have been used by many people to make themselves feel better, appear better than, etc. Sometimes it’s all for fun, but with her there always seems to be an agenda.

It was mentioned she should be President. Many love the idea.


Feature image of Oprah Winfrey visiting the shelter after other wind blowing phenomena had swept through (Hurricane Katrina) is a FEMA image and in the public domain


This syringe with a drop of water on the end of it doesn’t have HIV in it. It appeared in an Ars Technica article regarding how computer viruses are injected in computer programs and cause “damage” in the sense of the computer not functioning the way it is supposed to.*

Seems obvious that it doesn’t have HIV in this syringe because HIV cannot be transmitted by syringes. Oh wait.  It can so the experts say. Maybe it is there. How does one know? Syringe testing!

So if it can be here, exposed to air, how is it they don’t say that it can be transmitted by syringes on mosquito mouths? They have dirty mouths. They can spread HIV/LIES everywhere including backyard BBQ’s.

HIV hucksters come up with wild and whacky explanations that remind me of Bugs Bunny Road Runner cartoons and Acme products.

“Oh the virus dies when it’s exposed to syringes” or something like that they say.

The truth is that viruses are not living things. They cannot die any more than a car tire dies when it loses air from a puncture.

But wait, it loses function! That would be the argument. They claim it “dies” when exposed to air. Pfffffft.

If air was puncturing HIV we would have anyone that breathes seeing the loss of HIV function and infection.

Oxygen permeates every cell of the body which causes HIV/BLOWOUT.

Thus, the idea that “it never leaves the body, just hides” and I guess simply holds it’s breath makes as much sense as saying the tire that was pulled off the car died and never leaves the trunk thus the blowout cannot happen again.

The minds of those who believe HIV/LIES seem to think like those who believe that Russia is so powerful that it caused Trump to be elected. It wasn’t that the other candidate was hated by those who know how crooked she is, no, Russia did it, LOL.

Hillary LIED/TO the gay community WHEN IN POWER WHERE SHE COULD CAUSE GAY MARRIAGE TO BE REAL, voting as a US Senator as representative of the gay people who she claimed she supported, voting AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE. How can any gay vote for that betrayal?

It wasn’t that she’s a habitual liar that she lost, it wasn’t that she was a politician like all of them, no, it was because Russia was more powerful than the United States and free speech and it, more than the United Kingdom and all other Democratic societies forgot their Twitter passwords.

How any gay could support her is mind numbing.

This whole blame Russia thing is the stupidest thing I have ever seen in politics.

Actually it’s not funny but what can I do. People choose to ADOPT/LIES and make them their family.

*Viruses in programs are different from viruses in humans, in computers they are sets of instructions. Programs that get infected are sets of instructions. Instructions infecting instructions. Basically that is like a repair manual for a car combined with one for a microwave oven. When the mechanic is done you can fry eggs in the glove box. In humans the virus is supposed to have a set of instructions that infects the instructions of a cell. I think we could then say that instructions are infecting us and that is what the I stands for in HIV. HIV, the Human Instruction Virus where people are instructed with infected concepts on how infections are instructed. I – Immunodeficiency – is caused by a set of instructions.

Feature image from Ars Technica article on computer viruses and the article about them was captured on December 2, 2017 and archived here


It’s completely stupid to use LG in LGBTQ.

It should be HBTQ.

Lezbos and gayfags are homos.

Bi’s are bisexual.

Trans are transexual.

Notice the word sexual in all those terms.

Now let’s use this in a sentence:

“The HBTQ community mostly believes in unicorn viruses and thus they allow testing centers to be set up right in front of HBTQ/BARS and I find this disgusting. The HBTQ community doesn’t want to hear the truth about unicorn viruses though so this practice continues.”


Feature image of two homosexuals being burned By Unknown – Diebold Schilling, Chronik der Burgunderkriege, Schweizer Bilderchronik, Band 3, um 1483 (Zürich, Zentralbibliothek), Public Domain,

Another sleaze bag politician closeted flame goes down in flames

The young Ohio legislature politician, charming as he may be, after being found out as being a fully closeted gay, who acted publicly as staunchly conservative, who, as to be expected by such sleazedirt, would speak and act against LGBTqwerty rights, and is now OUT/ED and no longer a politician, stated this according to,

“We all bring our own struggles and our own trials into public life,” Goodman said in the statement. “That has been true for me, and I sincerely regret that my actions and choices have kept me from serving my constituents and our state in a way that reflects the best ideals of public service.”

Wow. It’s still all about him. Notice how he doesn’t say he’s sorry to the gay community. How about stating you are sorry for fucking and slamming the gay community into the ground and being part of the biggest hypocrites ever, which the fundamentalist Christian community is FULL/OF.

“Christian ‘Family Values’ Conservative Resigns After Sex in the Office With Another Man”

Image snapshot of Ohio House of Representatives webpage of formerly closeted SCUM/GAY fake human being that did not represent the public properly found on and is in the public domain and presented in the public interest



Try that sample of lipstick in the department store and you being a LGBTQI could get stuck with a sample of herpes.

Of course “authorities” in the fields of virus studies will say that you can’t get HIV from lipstick, cups, toilets, mosquitoes, or the air, because the virus dies when exposed to air and mosquito syringes are too small for the virus to enter or whatever made up story they tell you but if their claims were true wouldn’t herpes die too on lipstick?

Viruses are not living things.

HIV can be sneezed out of the lungs or when someone shits in the toilet the HIV that’s there can be flush/sprayed into the air so anyone can get it.


The reason we are where we are is politics and terror hysteria which came into play in the dark ages. That time began in George Orwell’s 1984 when Margaret Heckler announced “The probable cause of AIDS is HIV”.

Probable. Not absolute. At least the government health secretary didn’t say absolute they knew enough to not claim that at the time.

So since it was claimed “probable” media hype took hold, interviews were done asking what do you think about this, and all responses were assuming “it” was the cause of 29 different diseases labeled under a broader category stupidly referred to as acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Now it’s considered real.

AIDS, what a stupid name. Actually it’s not a name at all it’s a description/category/broader.

If a virus was the cause of 29 different diseases called AIDS that prior to Hysteria In Virology they had different causes, we would see anyone kissing or trying on lipstick  or breathing air getting it.

Image snapshot of Huffpost article dated 10/31/17. This publication used to be called Huffington Post.

Feature image of lipstick by Stephencdickson

Off base

Only baseball players can carry baseballs.

That sounds absurd.

Well that’s the kind of statement that’s made when it comes to the wacky world of HIV.

They say that only humans can carry it.

Oh then there’s those non-human SMO’s (Sharp Metal Objects).

Non Human Syringes – dirty nasty ones – they can carry a virus because they are stronger because they get more iron obviously.

They say that mosquitoes can’t carry it but that’s like saying fans in the stadium can’t carry baseballs because they are not the one’s playing the game.

A virus is a virus, it can be carried by anything.

And remember it’s not a living thing.

A baby can carry a virus like it can carry a baseball.

In contrast, a big burly dude can carry a file cabinet whereas a baby cannot.

But viruses are a million billion times smaller than any mosquito so it’s not because the “virus is too big” which is what someone I was discussing all this with claimed.

Too big! That’s so ridiculous. That was his explanation as to why HIV isn’t transmitted by mosquitoes, and it was supposedly an official explanation.


Even a hawk can carry a baseball. The wind can as well if it’s strong enough. Are mosquitoes not strong enough to carry HIV because it’s too heavy?

That’s the logic coming from the CDC and those who follow their rules but it makes NO/SENSE.

Now if HIV was on a baseball then both baseball players and non-baseball players could carry HIV, obviously, they would be carriers.

Play ball.

Feature image is of a baseball that has had a lot of unsafe throw by Schyler

My country ’tis of HIV

My country says gay blood is worthless.

Coming out of a week where the top story was how we are supposed to honor our US flag and country by not kneeling at a fucking stupid football game one has to ask what does my fucking country do for my gay blood?

It imprisons it in my body. Yes indeed, it will not let it escape into the rest of the community.

This matter has been highlighted once again by a gay celebrity, this time Lance Bass who was in a boy band.

Concentration camp anyone? Notice the cells.

German and Italian occupation created cells and camps

How is any fag supposed to hold a country on such a pedestal when it says “fuck you to you and your blood”.

There is nothing wrong with gay blood. There is a lot wrong with government and those that get into “power” who dictate who can do what based on garbage.

Think. Just think.

There is 9 straight blood cells to 1 gay blood cell. The straights have 9x more chance of getting cellular shit called HIV.

Yet gays “get it” 9x more than straights, thus the ban.

But that makes NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER. Viruses are stupid particles. They are not gay. They don’t go only to gay bars. They hitch rides on the breeze, and on mosquito knitting needles. If they where what the threat/cause was everyone would be getting “it”.

“It” by the way is a new horror movie. It’s not as scary as government run blood concentration camps.

Yet it’s the “gay communities” fault ultimately and each of them that routinely get tested with tests that are erroneous, and a big lie. They bought the lie. The non elected gay leaders and celebrities pushed this cellular shit on the community. In panic, fear, and hysteria it became the rule, no gay blood will infect the “blood supply” for the next 300 years.

The belief that what is actually cell shit causes complex disease conditions that have had multiple other causes until one day when our country declared that it was not all those other causes but rather just one, a virus, is absurd, and proof of this is the gay blood ban.

Just ask any grandma mosquito and her knitting needles.

My country tis of HIV.

Feature image snapshot Google News 10/4/2017

Image by By PANONIAN – Own work, Public Domain,

Risky flight

As has been the case for over 30 years now, the claim that viruses can travel in and on needles has perpetuated “clean needle exchange programs”.

The following headline reflects such and appeared on Fox News on July 1, 2017, 3 days before the US celebrates it’s so called freedom“.

Oddly, drug addict mosquitoes never get clean needles.

Thing is, there has to be some drug addict mosquitoes out there practicing risky behavior too that could benefit from this program.

Does every mosquito avoid arms that drug addicts use?

The TR* theory has it’s place. Viruses are objects. Objects can travel on other objects but what happened to the most basic of logic? Seems HI virus theory addicts no longer have the ability to understand the most basic of concepts, if a virus travels on dirty needles it travels on dirty needles.

They need a new clean theory exchange program.

*Transmission Route

Feature image of a vial of synthesized urea found on a Wikipedia page regarding “Vitalism” By LHcheM (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Jam, Zika, and Mosquitos – JZM virus

The latest ROFL scientificterriffic discovery is that “Zika mosquitos” can transfer 3 different types of viruses in one bite!

First, let’s clarify they say “may”. Next, let’s discuss how the wind also carries viruses and can enter the lungs and such all day long.

No let’s not discuss that. Let’s notice it’s “researchers” at a University, which means it’s a school science project.

Now someone explain what the fuck are “Zika mosquitos”? There are mosquitos that only will pickup and deliver certain viruses? That concept is laughable. But let’s look at the absurd use of adjectives. The noun is “mosquito”. The adjective that describes the noun is “Zika”. If we are going to use Zika as an adjective now to describe nouns, we need to then mention how the Zika air can also carry 3 variations of viruses.

The world is so incredibly duped, it is dumbfounding to watch. There are no specific properties that cause a “Zika virus” to be only carried by certain brands of mosquitos. If there are properties, pleeeze send me the information, send the exact explanation as to what those properties are, is it that some mosquitos are weaker than others?

And when you find that info, have their unicorn deliver it.

Feature image of dentures by Le Chirurgien Dentiste (1728). Reprinted in: Moriyama, N., & Hasegawa, M. (1987). “The history of the characteristic Japanese wooden denture”. Bulletin of the History of Dentistry 35 (1): 10. and represents a possible reason that some mosquitos don’t carry certain viruses, because they don’t have any teeth and can’t bite (they can only gum you) much like the absurd claims that viruses can only be delivered by blood transfusions and cocks.

Google news image spotted on May 21, 2017 at about 7:22 am pt.


The head line reads that a kid redooz gummi bears to make them healthy and becomes a millionaire.[3]

Ok I’ll bite. So they don’t have any evil sugar.

Ok let’s read on. They have stevia. Ewwwwwww.

Stevia is the latest buzz. They claim it’s better than sugar because it is natural because it comes from a plant.

Well duh. So does sugar. Anything sweet comes from a plant.

Sugars are used by plants for energy by plants and humans. They are necessary for life.

So this stevia is supposed to be healthy? Why? We can no longer say “because it’s from a plant and is natural” because now we know that sugar is from a plant too.

“Oh it’s better” the hucksters will tell us and our delusional “easily influenced by media” friends with no training in nutrition will tell us.

Stevia is a plant. It stores sugar like all plants. They extract it like they do with all plants for sugar. It is concentrated sugar. Or is it?

I tasted the stuff in something a few times. I can’t stand the taste. There is something funny about that stuff. There is an after taste that reminds me of other artificial sweeteners.

Stevia has 150 times the sweetness of sugar. That doesn’t sound very natural. So do cyclamates, saccharin, Equal, all of those artificial sweeteners. They all have high concentrations of sugar.

Stevia is processed. Because it’s processed it’s a chemical formulation not natural. It is a glycoside.

Glycosides are molecules that contain glucose residues bound to other non-sugar substances called aglycones.[1]

Bound to other non-sugar substances???? Eeek! What are aglycones? Don’t sound natural to me!!!

An aglycone, or aglycon,[1] is the compound remaining after the glycosyl group on a glycoside is replaced by a hydrogen atom. For example, the aglycone of a cardiac glycoside would be a steroid molecule. Classes of phytochemicals found in the aglycone and glycosides forms : Polyphenols [2]

Sure is sounding a lot like chemical additives!

Steviol cannot be further digested in the digestive tract and is taken up into the bloodstream, metabolised by the liver to steviol glucuronide, and excreted in the urine.[29]

So the liver has to process stevia as a chemical. Nothing like taxing the liver!

Sugar is sounding better every day.

Feature image By Flyingbikie (Robert Lynch, Melbourne/Australia) [CC0 or CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

CImage of sugar crystals said by many to be evil By Editor at Large (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

[1] Wikipedia – mechanism of action

[2] Wikipedia – Aglycone

[3] Fox Business –



DA/FGM – Doctor Arrested / Female Genital Mutilation

When girls have their private parts cut off by a doctor in the GREAT/USA the doctor gets arrested and it’s called a serious crime.

When boys get their private parts cut off by a doctor in the GREAT/USA the doctor drives home in his new Mercedes and has a glass of wine over dinner.

Logic and reason does not rule here in the GREAT/USA.

Reference this statement press release regarding a doctor who was arrested for female genital mutilation found at

Feature image of soda lime glass where bubbles have been trapped during cooling by Zaereth (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

California enacts the backyard BBQ law

Having Bar-B-Que’s in ones’ backyard or side yard could land the owners in jail if they don’t warn their guests in writing that they could get HIV from flying backyard syringes aka shared needles. These syringes are attached to mosquitoes and spread HIV.

April Fool.

What do you mean that’s not funny? Sure it is.

April is fooling you like they have about HIV.

April is fooling only about the jail thing and a California law warning requirement with backyard mosquito syringes, but the fact remains, a shared needle is a shared needle, blood from humans is attached to both and the infection risk of getting HIV from mosquitoes is 10,000% higher because they are everywhere where as sex is not always available.

So since April Fool’s is about pointing out foolishness, one must understand that they keep fooling the public into believing their crap about disease causations, and these bureaucracies go as far to as to enact public policy that if you don’t notify someone you have sex with that you allegedly have HIV, that you can go to jail.

That is real.

Even though they have no such warnings to visitors of national parks and all the flying syringes there that can spread HIV to people, they continue to spread like a disease their illogical claims, and people believe the claims, like those who followed Hitler believed his.

The good thing about all this though is that if you get infected by a dirty mosquito needle that has HIV, and it injects you with it, you are now immunized.


Featured image is of the Great Seal of the Bureaucracy of California. Note a bureaucracy is not something that can be caught, it is created, like disease.

Oh how the rich suffer

Did you buy Microsoft stock in 1988?

Some did. They or their kids they left their money to are doing quite well now.

1988 – buy it for $.10 per share – say 10,000 shares – write that check to the broker and send it by mail (not email) and that totals $1,000.

And today it’s worth $657,000.

So mom and dad or smart young man invested $10,000 (like those in Silicon Valley) in 1988 and what do they have now, $6,570,000.

Then there’s the guy who sold the house with his wife screaming at him (they divorced) and he put $100,000 into MSFT. He’s now worth $65,700,000. He just let it sit, well, kinda, he borrowed enough 10 years ago from it to buy that yacht.

Which leads us to feeling sorry for people.

Woe is the rich dude that screams at the barista for giving it double latte rather than half caf triple half latte.

So sad. Yea I sorta feel sorry for the barista too, but hey that’s part of the job.

Oh and their health insurance went up under Obabacare and they make $127,000 per year. Next year they will get a raise, making $145,000 per year.

More sad.

That’s why we all voted for trump. To make these sad people happy again.

It’s all so sad.

Feature image snapshot from on January 27, 2017 @ about 12:38 pm pacific time


Conway is BIG

The video from SNL says it all.

BIG – what does this stand for?

Feature image of Kellyanne Conway speaking at CPAC 2015 in Washington, D.C. by Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Scrub a dub dub

3 gays in a tub.

Google is said to have “scrubbed” search results to deny visitors results that would indicate that “the holocaust didn’t happen”.

I don’t deny the holocaust happened, it happened, books were sent to camp, and murdered. This is what Hitler did, 6 million books were burned because he got people to believe that it was detrimental to society to have certain things that “weren’t true” that were being disseminated freely. He would love that Google has scrubbed information the way he scrubbed information.

So Google is doing this with it’s search results, day say.

Thing is, I suspect this is another misleading news story that goes for the sensational.

Here’s a snippet from Google News showing the news sources and their headlines on it, grabbed on December 27, 2016.


I’m not even going to bother searching Google to see what it shows, I’m sure it’s not entirely scrubbed.

I did search with my pal though and got these results.

Funny how they insist as the first result the answer is YES, but as you can see they don’t deny that there is denial.


But did you catch something?

You might have caught HIV since you typed it in….an equally fantastic theory whereas Humans have a Deficiency in understanding that viruses are stupid particles of matter that float everywhere, and can be caught with baseball mitts when they are thrown around on baseball fields and other places humans find air.

Actually, what happens on when you search this question, is it goes not just to the web, it goes to the ANSWER tab. Take a look at that again.

It doesn’t scrub the web results.

Now all this makes me wonder, will there be denial that the HIV ever happened?

There already is denial. Holocausts In Virology are rampant.

For proof of this, just try to tell someone that a virus cannot possibly be transmitted by dickheads and the semen they eject yet at the same time not able to be transmitted by air and mosquitoes.

It’s such a sad world we live in, where people are so brainwashed they can’t understand some of the most fundamental facts and properties of things that are 10,000 times thinner than a human hair, thinking they have some magical properties that disallow them from being swept up in the wind and carried and transmitted by dirty mosquito knitting needles.

Keep in mind, viruses are not living things any more than an app is a living thing and also, my point which is always where I go with all of this is that there is NO/VIRAL cause.

So the next thing I looked up was HIV denial.

This snapshot of denial occurred on December 27, 2016 @ 5:40 am pt. It went right to web search results tab.


I do not deny that diseases exist.

I also do not DENY/THAT my page regarding the Holocaust In Virology did not come up.

Here it is, I titled my “HIV denial” page BE HEALTHY.

I do not deny that the basic premise of an almost exclusively “sexually transmitted” virus is the most ridiculous thing anyone could ever dream up and shove down anyone’s throat, getting them to swallow it as though they were preparing Foi Gras, which most of the “experts” in such absurdities have successfully done, with a beautiful presentation such as we see here.


It would be like denying that HIV theories are equally as scrumptious which would then also be scrubbed.

Mmmm, HIV causation theories ARE delicious.

Now that we’ve eaten a healthy plate of denial, where does this take us?

To Gilligan’s Island of course! It’s an equally unbelievable fantasy that entertains.

And how did we get there? Same way, a journey.

Note one watcher’s take on Episode 1 where he notices and critiques all the flaws.

This is what “denialists” do with the HIV theory, and it kind of makes watching the show less fun.

Those who are “not in denial” are like watchers of Gilligan’s Island, caught up in the fantasy, who are not at all interested in learning about what the flaws are in the production – it’s too technical – too analytical – and getting all into analyzing it like is not necessarily as fun to watch if you are going to look for all those flaws, nor is it really necessary because who fucking cares if there are technical flaws, it’s a fantasy, it’s entertainment, it’s for fun anyway.

HIV denialism is a bit/like this critique of a filmed production.

Those who love the “health problems caused by cocks” presentation will not watch a critique of it’s flaws, citing the final performance is what matters, how well it entertains the ideas that find a cause of disease other than drugs, bad lifestyle choices, bacteria, fungus, and medical treatment protocols that are toxic – destroying livers – etc. instead choosing to watch the show as it’s been presented repeatedly, to get tested and set sail on a tour that so far has been not 3 hours, but a whopping 282,800 hours (30 years) which oddly/similarly has left those who set sail on that voyage, stranded.

Certainly pointing out the flaws in a filming production is not the same as doing so for illness causation theories, as the end product of something like Gilligan’s Island is all about entertainment value so it’s not that important to find it’s flaws.

In contrast, there is need to look at flaws of designing a structure, albeit a bridge, skyscraper, or disease causation theory.

Also, for a number of people, looking at the flaws of production in the 1960’s situation comedy can be entertaining and interesting.

It’s usually not entertaining to look at the flaws in disease causation theories, especially when loved ones have died and it’s been attributed to those flawed theories, namely, it was a virus that did it.

No disrespect intended, I too have had friends die. I just want people to see how this production is going since these disease theories are about building and maintaining structures and not about entertaining. It’s a serious matter, and when flaws are spotted, they have to be dealt with.

There are many flaws in the concept that a virus is THE/CAUSE yet we have all the experts in denial.

It’s just like that company where the employees keep telling management that things aren’t being done right, and they can’t accept it, are too busy with their daily happy hours and other distractions, and then when the business fails, they blame Obama.

Curiously, there are those who also think we went to the Moon and Mars were MIV was discovered.

MIV – Martian Influenza Virus

When asked “Why do you hate science so much dude?” I have to reply “What the fuck do you think I am using?”

It’s not rocket science. Rocket science is simple to prove/disprove. This HIV/CRAP is like religion, they get you to believe something is real, when it is imaginary. Then when you say “Where’s the picture of the virus” which was one of those baffling little problems in the 1980’s, they come up with a photo of something and say “Here you go, that’s it” basically like how you send a dick shot of someone else dick to someone you want to impress.


555 HIV Boulevard, Suite QWERTY
Fantasyland, State Yet 2bNamed
Mars (next to the CGI flag pole left there by NASA’s fake Mars rover)

Feature image showing a collection of brand new squeaky clean toilet brushes (mostly used to clean shit and slime and grime and bacteria and viruses that come out of shit holes and land in toilets where they get flushed down the drain) by Frank C. Müller [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Image of Foi Gras By Charles Haynes from Bangalore, India (Foie Gras) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Catching things is not the problem. Not letting them go is.

Catching viruses. OMG. How many colds have you caught and let go of.

Who comes up with this crap that once you have caught a baseball or virus you can’t let go?

Anyone who claims you can’t let go of a virus is full of baseballs.

Not letting go of wacky ideas that viruses cannot be caught and let go of is the problem.

How many colds have you gotten from mosquitoes?

None? How exactly can you prove that the mosquito didn’t carry the cold virus?

Was it too heavy for it to carry? Too slippery for the dirty shared mosquito needle to transcribe it?


Image of the Lord’s Prayer in Gregg and a variety of 19th-century systems

Or is it HIV in disguise?

Understanding catching and releasing of a ball and catching and releasing viruses go hand in hand.

Transmit and transcribe that all you want, the message remains in short/handed or under/handed theory.

Sorta looks a lot like a doctor’s prexription.

See if you can catch this and hold on/to/it.

Short/Hand image in the Public Domain,

Feature image of baseball mitt worn on left hand of Willy Mayes during World Series 1954 by Davidm8985 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


All I need is a third leg

Wow was I impressed! It’s one of those new products where you ask your self “Why didn’t I think of that”. It’s a new take on an old fashioned skateboard. The video presentation from this new company is awesome! Looks like so much fun to ride it. I’m sure it is. But like all marketing hype, like that which is routinely presented in the fantasy world of viruses and how to get rid of them (as if the body never shits them out) the Devil is in the details.

Watch the video and be WOWed first, then look below for what the tiny little issue is. Hint’ it’s in the title of this article.

The thing is, how the fuck do you propel the thing? You need a third leg. The representation of all the fun they are having is hyped up so massively because in real life you need to propel to have that much fun. The user of this device cannot take one foot off the thing as it would throw it off balance entirely and make it stop instantly. On a skateboard one foot is in the middle of all four wheels. The skateboard remains stable while the rider uses one leg to propel it. With this piece of nonsense/hype which we could acronymize as NS/H you have to have a third leg to really use it like on the beach or on level pavement. The presentation is terribly misleading.

And like wow man. I never knew I would see such a thing sold in the marketplace for a whopping $1499. Have a cow dude.



snapshot from Google News on May 11, 2016

And we are supposed to trust how they handle information? They can’t control a lab they operate what makes you think they are doing a fine job at controlling data and claims made by scientists that use methods of study that are wrought with error and misinterpretation or multiple non-absolute interpretations?

Basically the CDC is a sort of government clearing house for the “official” data force fed us on the imaginary HI virus that presents itself as the authority. The original data on CELLULAR DEBRIS (aks HIV) comes from a corrupt scientist Gallo. The fantasy stuck. The head of the CDC is also corrupt named Fauci.

Our government feeds us lies and fantasies and poison pills that mame and destroy cells and then it’s blamed on the virus while they all laugh all the way to the bank.

Viral hustle

In a new movie called “Climate Hustle” the founder of the Weather Channel calls Bill Nye The Science Guy a pretend scientist.

read the article here

The movie blasts the notion that we are doomed by our use of coal and other energy sources. Liberals all have fallen for the hustle like they have fallen for the HI virus/hustle.

There’s a big difference between the two/hustles though. In trying to get through to people about the con jobs, with climate science, there’s not the same emotional attachment to deal with. People haven’t lost loved ones, they haven’t lost their dear gay son due to climate change. They haven’t lost a lover due to climate change. To tell them that climate change is fake, or at minimal infinitessimally exaggerated, only hits against their logic and reason capabilities. This could be impossible for them to believe that they and many like them have been hustled even though it happens to everyone.

There’s a stark difference though when trying to convince someone of being hustled by a religion. HI virus science is that, it’s a religion. It takes things that are not absolute, like the interpretation of electron microscopy images that is shown in thin slices, not 3D, and tries to create a model for causation and effect just like religion does, but it’s as provable as God’s existence.

Just like with religions the HI virus preachers indoctrinate. They brush off anything that contradicts with their belief system. They belittle anyone who contradicts their beliefs they hold dear to be true.

This occurs because the emotions run deep, especially when someone died that people were close to and even the thought of people dying moves many. That is why although the HI virus farce/hustle has been proven decades ago, it was never able to sink into the consciousness of most people. They would have to admit error in forcing “Hit hard hit early” poisons on their friends. They would have to admit that they preached the HI virus gospel in error. They would have to change their religion.