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Illinois maintains minimum age of 18 years to buy tobacco products

In a rare calming breeze of logicality the Governor there vetoed a law that would have mandated the age to 21 and the legislature could not overturn the veto with enough of a majority. Cited was that at 18 years of age an individual is deemed adult enough to vote and to serve in the…

Dude wants CA to end fossil fuel use by end of new govern’rs term

OMG/ROFL He’s distraught about the fires and obviously believes that a governor can change the dependency on renewable fossil fuels, “I hope his response will be audacious, and use the existing legal mandates and authority to end fossil fuel use in California by the end of his first term. Since passing AB 32 in 2006,…

Another “gun free safe zone” shooting

Once againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn there are no guns allowed yet a gun shows up, walks into a hospital, shoots and kills, an liberal retards fly into a rage claiming that we need more gun control. FUCKING/IDIOTS One more time, it was already under your illusionary gun control scheme you retards. Guns are legal in Utah schools. They…

Rhythm nation

NOT divided nation. NOT resist nation. NOT boycott nation. NOT gun control nation. RHYTHM/NATION  

Lindsey Lohan tries to kidnap Muslim kids

She’s in another country sees allegedly homeless family, tells the kids to come with her to watch movies in her hotel room, tells parents of kids they are bad, streams the entire thing live on the internet to her 6.8 million followers (not likely all those were watching). She claims the parents are “trafficking children”….

Don’t forgive and never forget

That’s the motto inscribed on the deepest depths of the minds of the letters #meetoo #you3 and @neverforgive. It’s a sad state of affairs. Most every religion of the world teaches forgiveness. The religion of social media does not forgive. It’s Satanic, torturing it’s victims for eternity. It’s filled with hate. reference

That cake baker is in court again reports that Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado refused a transgender A CUSTOM CAKE that he says would again, like the gay wedding cake matter, violate his religious beliefs if he was forced to decorate it the way she wanted. The US Supreme court, after all the hysteria that started in 2012 voted 7-2 in favor…

GDP rockets to 4.1%

OMG the sky is falling. reference

Women getting #cannedtoo

Oh my fucking movement God, this is hilarious, the female head of Paramount TV Studios was fired for making a RCC* at a conference meeting within the company. What the F-word is R-word charged? My G-word. The article is confusing, it says there was “no word” on what she actually said, but the former head…

Hon, it’s not the end of the QWERTY world

Fags everywhere are distraught. No the world isn’t ending because of Kennedy retirement. learn with Milo