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Stop anchoring babies

It’s just not right to bring a baby to a foreign country and make them a citizen of that country.

Anchor the parents in their countries.

BUILD WALLS and revise anchor baby policy.

They take our jobs.

Liberals don’t give a shit, especially the rich young millennials, as their cult leader ripped the coal from the heartland while they enjoy the pleasures of running their computers, appliances, TVs, devices, all day using natural gas caused by fracking and scaring everyone about carbon blankets that do not keep anyone warm at night. They are hypocrites. They live in a media bubble.

Anchor baby businesses are finally getting shut down.

Deport-ation presents $27 million worth

Sending back the illegals hospitably has added a cost that could have homed quite a few US citizens.

Figure giving a home worth $100k to 270 US citizens, who would then house their families, that’s over 1000 US human being citizens that could have had a permanent home for life, as long as of course they pay property taxes and such which would not be too hard to do. This home could be set up in a US home trust for 50 years thus making sure they don’t just go sell it. It would solve so many problems here in our country.

I point this out as it shows how liberals prioritize people who break the law over those who don’t. There are so many homeless families that struggle.

Read the details on the $27 million and how it’s spent here or there.

The USA is a stadium

BradleyS stated it well:

“If a father and his young son sneak into a ballgame and then get caught do they kick the father out but let the young son stay because he did not know they were sneaking in? Do they give this young boy a front row seat, free food and drinks plus make the people in the stadium pay for it? Do they tell everyone how important he is to the entire stadium? Do they let his family come into the stadium for free as well? No, they kick them both out.”

In the meantime, the retard community keeps insisting that “walls are not necessary” while they have walls around their homes and estates, businesses, and locks on their doors of their homes and autos TO FUCKING KEEP INTRUDERS OUT.


feature image of a stadium with a liberal black hole over it is provided at no cost by Riccardo Bresciani see more of his works here

Spending 1$ billion on illegals, nothing for homeless

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) handed out nearly $1 billion in grants last year for child welfare services for detained migrant children, the Associated Press reported Friday.


Meanwhile back at the street ranch, the homeless United States citizens in San Francisco get nothing while the hysterical emotionally deranged liberal retards make keeping ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN with their fake moms and fake dads a priority.

They do this because they watch too much TV and it makes THEM FEEL BETTER.

It doesn’t make them feel better to rally big for the homeless populations.

TV news doesn’t care about the homeless either because it doesn’t get them ratings. Yanking on emotions does.

$1 billion could buy the homeless in San Francisco 1,000 homes costing the average price of $1 million.

Seems to me the Republicans would rather use that money to help them and the Democrats would rather use that money to give lavish housing without cages to the “poor innocent children” who are illegal aliens and are mostly being used by their parents to scam the system.

Attention getting clown climbs Statue of Liberty

We can’t build the walls fast enough, they are even climbing the Statue of Liberty to get in.

The climber, she’s from Africa congo, not the best schools there. She claims it’s about protesting border policy.

Says children do not belong in cages. Well duh we all believe that, but when they come across our border illegally and some of those kids are attempted to be snuck in by coyotes for sex trafficking, we have to separate them and jail them.

I guess she never heard of jails. Where she’s from they just eat those who come into their villages illegally.

I mean like really, this crap is such from bulls, which by the way is now being targeted by women too. The running of the bulls is being protested. This is like the idiots at that Baptist church that would come to gay pride parades with signs saying “God Hates Fags”. They should have signs saying “Mother Nature Hates Men”, that’s basically their approach.

If this clown as the Trump puts it woo hoo likes open borders what the fuck is she doing here in the United States? She can go back to Africa.

Activist idiots are going to call that statement racist.

It’s not. It’s borderist. It’s countryist. Has nothing to do with race. I’m a countryist. I hate people who come here illegally or come here too easily with liberal let them all in policies having no education and then some of these bafoons claim they know better than those of us who went to school for 12 years minimum and tell us how wrong we are at handling our borders.

Of course liberals are cheering her on, none are saying like Liberty says “bring me your tired, your poor…….” and live in my house.

Another point that should be of disgust is that these kinds of stunts divert police resources to dealing with clowns in stead of other crimes but liberals will not care about that they need their drama fix every day.

17 million $ raised for separated illegal visitors

Emotions ran so high from all the idiots that get sucked into TV reports of crying kids at the border – OH BOO HOOO – that someone got a fundraiser going for a non-profit to help these families.

Oh how nice.

Even the First Lady was seen supporting the change in policy as it’s “so immoral” to separate families.

Liberal hystericals went to the length of saying that it’s wrong to separate no matter what crime was committed.

Like WOW.

Hey let’s just give them everything they need, new car, boat, home, and a trust fund. They deserve it.

The money in the assistance fund will make the lawyers rich, that’s where the money is mostly going.

Meanwhile back at the ranch called the United Disjointed States, there are 2,000 new families who became homeless because of sky rocketing rents.

Glad to see those illegals getting everything they need.

These homeless get nothing.

And the country is spending billion$$ to house these people already, housing for 20,000 children alone.

My gawd, we saved their fucking lives from 120 degree desert heat and liberals get all freaking out over how these illegal visitors are separated.

Fuck that. I want this illegal activity to stop!

Why don’t you stupid liberals invite them all to live with you.

And while you go get them using your lavish cups full of your morals invite all the homeless people you trip over on the way.