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The Thing’s death star stare

The newest toy thing the dodos in congress have to play with could not stand to celebrate low unemployment for blacks and hispanics and that sex traffickers are being rounded up and put in jail.

The Thing hates Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and wants it abolished.

How is it that people who hate the laws of the United States that are clearly there to protect people are in Congress now?

At least prior it was just full of bozos and liars.

I can hardly wait to see this thing destroy itself. Things often implode. Watch any monster movie. They are presented on C-SPAN all the time.

Things suck all the air out of a room and out comes all that carbon. It alone will cause the ice shelf to explode and rain dodos and con-servers all over the planet.

Things like this do not last. They are too full of themselves, too stupid, too in everyone’s face, too look at me and give me attention and if you don’t you die. See that in it’s face.

Spot hid.

Monsters that are infected with lies about how the governing bodies work should never be left alone without treatment. Give the thing some Horribly Incorrect Virology drugs. That will kill off the virus, yea, like it saved all my dead friends. Not one of these cult followers will acknowledge that.

The death stare is just another form of hate and bullying. Liars. Hypocrites.

Stop anchoring babies

It’s just not right to bring a baby to a foreign country and make them a citizen of that country.

Anchor the parents in their countries.

BUILD WALLS and revise anchor baby policy.

They take our jobs.

Liberals don’t give a shit, especially the rich young millennials, as their cult leader ripped the coal from the heartland while they enjoy the pleasures of running their computers, appliances, TVs, devices, all day using natural gas caused by fracking and scaring everyone about carbon blankets that do not keep anyone warm at night. They are hypocrites. They live in a media bubble.

Anchor baby businesses are finally getting shut down.

Honduran caravan walks right through Mexico border

Rather than confront the mass of people at the legal Mexican checkpoint thus encountering violence they just left the gates wide open. They are now in Mexico illegally making their way to the US where the disease of the Democratic party will welcome them all in but tell them they are not welcome behind their estate walls.

Democrats will continue to lie to the public and say this is not a problem and say that Rachel Maddow knows life better than anyone.

Straw smuggler arrested

Deport-ation presents $27 million worth

Sending back the illegals hospitably has added a cost that could have homed quite a few US citizens.

Figure giving a home worth $100k to 270 US citizens, who would then house their families, that’s over 1000 US human being citizens that could have had a permanent home for life, as long as of course they pay property taxes and such which would not be too hard to do. This home could be set up in a US home trust for 50 years thus making sure they don’t just go sell it. It would solve so many problems here in our country.

I point this out as it shows how liberals prioritize people who break the law over those who don’t. There are so many homeless families that struggle.

Read the details on the $27 million and how it’s spent here or there.

Birthright citizenship

If I illegally go into your house and have a baby, that baby will be a part of your household, legally.

You will be responsible for giving that child what it needs until it is 18 and in some ways beyond, as if you had the child come out of your own womb.

That’s birthright citizenship.

In the meantime the caravan coming to the US border has set fire to a Central American Mexican immigration facility.

That facility was not born that way.

And here’s what Harry Reid said about birthright citizenship that sailed the ocean blue in 1993,

“If making it easy to be an illegal alien isn’t enough, how about offering a reward for being an illegal immigrant? No sane country would do that, right?” Reid said. “Guess again. If you break our laws by entering this country without permission and give birth to a child, we reward that child with U.S. citizenship and guarantee a full access to all public and social services this society provides. And that’s a lot of services.”

He continued: “Is it any wonder that two-thirds of the babies born at taxpayer expense at country-run hospitals in Los Angeles are born to illegal alien mothers?”

“No sane country would do that, right?”

Harry Reid’s 1993 claim that ‘no sane country’ would provide birthright citizenship

Stopping the flow of illegal immigration used to be a bipartisan issue.

All depends where the $$ and votes are coming from now.

I like Trump’s recent statement that Reid got it right in 1993 before he went insane. LOL

believe “Birthright Citizenship Makes America Great”. That acronym would be BCMAG.

Liberals are such cons, first conning themselves. They believe BC is enshrined in our constitution while saying that gun rights are not.

Ann Coulter reports on Breitbart:

The Supreme Court has stated — repeatedly! — that the “main object” of the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment “was to settle the question … as to the citizenship of free negroes,” making them “citizens of the United States and of the state in which they reside.” Democrats, the entire media and House Speaker Paul Ryan seem to have forgotten the Civil War. They believe that, immediately after a war that ended slavery, Americans rose up as one and demanded that the children of illegals be granted citizenship!

Liberals conveniently ignore the basis of the 14th amendment and spout all this free worthless speech of theirs like piss in a toilet.

Indians were born here and NEVER BECAME CITIZENS.

We should grant it to billions who come here from other countries? Fuck that.

Go Trump. Keep Making Rob Reiner’s Head Explode behind his walls bordering his estate protecting himself from intruders who would pop out a baby on his property and thus become his responsibility as a parent.


feature image of birds eggs that are the responsibility of the person who’s backyard tree hosted the birth is by free use

Kamala Harris sucks

She wants us to be welcoming to those in the caravan coming to the US.

Ok hon, let’s see you invite them all into YOUR home. They can camp out on your front and back lawns. They will if you don’t want them there, illegally camp out in your garage, lawn, and house and YOU WILL WELCOME THEM like you want us to welcome them in the entire country.

She’s full of crap. All these Democrats are.

Imagine all our politicians doing a caravan to Nicaragua, you think they would be welcoming?

All these migrants have to do when they get to the border is say they fear torture and they get in.

No need for proof.

We need new laws that mandate that those who want them here, HOST THEM.

Vote Different.

The USA is a stadium

BradleyS stated it well:

“If a father and his young son sneak into a ballgame and then get caught do they kick the father out but let the young son stay because he did not know they were sneaking in? Do they give this young boy a front row seat, free food and drinks plus make the people in the stadium pay for it? Do they tell everyone how important he is to the entire stadium? Do they let his family come into the stadium for free as well? No, they kick them both out.”

In the meantime, the retard community keeps insisting that “walls are not necessary” while they have walls around their homes and estates, businesses, and locks on their doors of their homes and autos TO FUCKING KEEP INTRUDERS OUT.


feature image of a stadium with a liberal black hole over it is provided at no cost by Riccardo Bresciani see more of his works here

Spending 1$ billion on illegals, nothing for homeless

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) handed out nearly $1 billion in grants last year for child welfare services for detained migrant children, the Associated Press reported Friday.


Meanwhile back at the street ranch, the homeless United States citizens in San Francisco get nothing while the hysterical emotionally deranged liberal retards make keeping ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN with their fake moms and fake dads a priority.

They do this because they watch too much TV and it makes THEM FEEL BETTER.

It doesn’t make them feel better to rally big for the homeless populations.

TV news doesn’t care about the homeless either because it doesn’t get them ratings. Yanking on emotions does.

$1 billion could buy the homeless in San Francisco 1,000 homes costing the average price of $1 million.

Seems to me the Republicans would rather use that money to help them and the Democrats would rather use that money to give lavish housing without cages to the “poor innocent children” who are illegal aliens and are mostly being used by their parents to scam the system.

Child border crossers have better quality of life than 13 million US kids

The wacky media has jumped on the border bandwagon hype – oh boo hoo the children, think about the children who are separated from their law breaking parents who scam their way into the USA.

So what do we do for these law breakers? We house their kids and them.

The kids have it quite good, they get health care, food, shelter, and a lot more that many US citizen children have. There are many slums in this cuntry where US citizen children suffer without food even at times.

Media emotionalism blames of course Trump. Does nothing to assist those in the slums. Trump tax plan creates billions of new jobs. They just whine and distract.

No blame for those who break the law by illegally crossing the border, no, it’s all Trumps’ fault.

Mosquitoes that blame Trump on this matter are stupid.

Liberals should all just adopt these families.

Government should take the kids and the parents directly to the homes of these liberal nut jobs that surely will open their homes to them, feed them, house them, give them a car, educate them, and set up trust funds for them because their home’s front door doesn’t matter, walls don’t matter, borders between one’s home and uninvited guests don’t matter.

13 million kids in the US live in slums and these liberals keep watching Rachel Maddow complain about a fake water crisis and put herself above Trump for the trillionth time.

“Trump is so evil for separating 2000 families from their kids” they say.

Hey liberals, when you tear down your own front door border and open concept up your home’s walls so anytime people illegally come into your home you simply house and feed them and welcome them since after all, that door mat at your front door says “WELCOME”.

And like how liberal medias present how the US should do the same, then you might have a case.

Until then shut the fuck up. You’re like annoying gnats.

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