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Womian gets church to remove Jesus exorcism art

Liberals claim they want free speech and at every turn they are damning to Hell the free expressions of religion.

In this case we see a lesbian* who complained like a woman to have an engraving by Julius Shnorr von Carolsfeld re-moved.

The lesbian was shaken up by the image of the exorcism. I looked at the image and did not see any reference to exorcism of the lesbian demon.

Removing art that offends is the new way of exorcising demons apparently.

read about it here

*the new term is lesman which is LESBIAN/WOMAN or womian which is WOMAN/LESBIAN or how about this, let’s take woman and lesbian and combine those as woman – a woman is a lesbian woman

Feature image is in the public domain

People hate speech

Dude calls gal skinhead lesbian. How is that hate speech?

There is nothing wrong with being a skinhead lesbian. It’s like calling her a skinhead hetero. Nothing wrong with that either. It’s like calling her a skinhead, look at her head, nothing wrong with that either. When did the term lesbian become a term of hate? Same with the term faggot, so what if I’m a faggot.

When is humanity going to GTFU?

GTFU – Grow The Fuck Up

Note, calling someone a scumbag tends to be universally accepted as a derogatory term. Seems he really offended people who are FATmm’s (Frothing At The mouth moonbats) but none of them have come forward to complain so they must not be bothered with free speech like most other humans.

PinkNews reports that she is head of the gay-straight alliance group of the high school in Florida that endured a massacre so obviously she is either a gay or a straight and an ally of both thought this doesn’t seem to be her actions regarding this straight that called her a skinhead lesbian which is obviously what she is.

Her head is skin.

She is a lesbian.


Oh my bad, she claims she is a bisexual. He should have called her a skinhead bisexual as calling her a lesbian is clearly offensive.

And public shaming is not offensive, it is clearly an acceptable standard now.

Shame on those who do it.


HIV Rates Rise

Google news snapshot Marche 16 2018 presents a story presented for about the 700 trillionth time that there is such a thing as a virus that only travels through a mans dick and ass and through drug infused dirty hypodermic needles and not those dirty needles that mosquitoes carry and use to inject into HIV tainted veins.

The HIV theory is such bullshit. If there was a virus causing it (what is it? = it is immune deficiency) everyone would be getting it from mosquitoes and the air because both of those things carry any and all viruses.

And this new thing to take a pill before sex to protect you from getting HIV is such a joke.

Diamond in the ruff

Diamonds are actually plentiful. They are made from carbon, that evil thing that makes weather kill us according to libtards who get their information from hucksters.

So I read online, “Graham Pearson, a professor in the University of Alberta’s Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Canada Excellence Research Chair Laureate” and “Calcium silicate perovskite is the Earth’s forth most abundant mineral.”[1]

That’s way too long, just like saying Human Immun-eieio-deficiency Virus causes Acquired/Gotten Immune Deficiency Syndromania so we will for example’s sake shorten that to GP/APIT/UOADOEAASACERCL for convenience like what all the non-elected never seem to represent me LGBTQWERTY idiots do with the word gay that at one time in history perfectly described alternate lifestyles of queers albeit that term was stolen from the happy community without their consent.

Let’s acronymize!

Calcium Silicate Perovskite of course needs to be simply CSP.

Used in a sentence “CSP is well understood by knowledgeable men like GP/APIT/UOADOEAASACERCL.

Any monkey would understand this perfectly.

I mean like now it’s even being reported that smoke from fires which release tons of carbon into the atmosphere are good because the help cool the earth and fight greenhouses from burning or something.[2]



feature image found as public domain at

Unicorn virus on AIDS council fired!

OMG this is so great, the president of the United States, with no warning, fired all members of the STUPID/HIV/AIDS presidential advisory council.

The Gabriel Mondalo stated as quoted from the gay rag: “It feels like retribution against members of the committee who have spoken out against the Trump administration for their inaction on issues related to HIV/AIDS.” – Gay Pop Buzz


I suppose if I trashed the advisory council on how they repeatedly lie about viruses that cannot be transmitted by mosquito needles any more than they can be transmitted by knitting needles, I would be fired by Gabriel Mondalo the same way, with no notice.

And if he read all the shit on my blog I’d be considered worse than the disease itself.

The presidential advisory council oh virus myths perpetuates the MYTHS/ABOUT/STUPD/DEAD/PARTICLES that travel on needles on mosquitoes as well as in the air and on dicks and lesbian pussies and dirty filthy bastard needles on plastic tubes, but not on toilets that homosexuals piss in and the horrific effects of obtaining one of those stupid dead particles of unicorn breath.

These baffoons on these stupid councils have been wrecking our country and population for 30 + years. They keep pushing the fantasy, the erroneous claim there’s a Satanic cult of dead particles of matter that have ungodly abilities to destroy things and that to fix it we have to create nuclear war against these particles.

Then stupid presidents that listen perpetuate these lies more.

They keep the lie going that wearing drugs and swallowing condoms and taking a test and checking it twice is the answer.

The whole thing is a LIE/AIDS.

Bravo to the man who has strength, courage, and insight like no other in our lifetimes.

Finally we have a leader who doesn’t accept the lies.

Feature image from Google News on December 29, 2017



HIVianity is the religion of HIV.

It has infected many with it’s doctrine and dogma.

The entire HIV/AIDSianity cult reminds me of FC – Fundamentalist Christianity – which indoctrinates with partial truths mixed in with religious fervor, fear, salvation, and other things. As with most religions of the world, it ignores logic, the most fundamental of which is how dead particles of viral matter can get from one place to another.

I was sucked into FC at one time. I got out. The contradictions were too immense.

I almost got sucked into HIVianity in the 1980’s disco daze, but fortunately saw the contradictions being spewed out by the preachers of this religion at the start.

HIV is a cult. It’s a religion. It’s full of contradictions.

Even mosquitoes that carry the virus feel they don’t belong.

Feature image showing a religious ceremony of worship by Artist is Charles Sprague Pearce (1851–1914). Photographed 2007 by Carol Highsmith (1946–), who explicitly placed the photograph in the public domain.


Glitter reminds me of HIV, it gets a lot of attention and that it too is a dead particle of matter, and it can spread and get stuck to things and can kill in large enough quantities.

The Human Glitter Virus is known to spread worldwide which is why scientists propose a ban on glitter and encouraging glitter manufacturers to wear condoms when transmitting glitter as viruses attach themselves to these fancy adornments.

So to solve this problem of HGI – Human Glitter Infection – I propose the same methods of dealing with HGV as is done with HIV.

I would expect to see glitter scientists calling for glitter testing. Humans found with a positive glitter result should, in order to get rid of the glitter, be given chemical explosives to blow it up like what is done with HIV.

The Earth and inhabitants need to get routinely tested for human glitter.

The Earth is being infected with G so much that scientists say it should be banned as it’s a carrier of HGV.


Feature image reference from Google News health section dated November 29, 2017 and the article written here is a joke as are most things written elsewhere on HIV, the Human Information Virus

Gender reclusive

The subway system authority of New York City called the Metropolitan Transit Authority – which should be acronymized for ease of speech as SSA/MTA/NYC – is replacing “ladies and gentlemen” announcements on it’s PA (Prince Albert or public addressers not sure which) with so called “gender neutral” statements.

I guess genders are offensive.

“The Metropolitan Transportation Authority wants to nix the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” in New York City subway and bus announcements and replace it with gender-inclusive language.”[1]

This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

There are two genders, female, male, how does one include any others by using different terms?

There are not any other genders in the entire world, well maybe one, those who are both male and female, which is one. In that case that rider can be referred to as either appropriately. Even if that rider prefers to be referred to as one of the genders, saying “ladies and gentlemen” is appropriate.

For those who HNG (Have No Gender) let them pick one. Let us be democratic instead of neurotic and go with the majority of how biology works.

So the terms the MTA will “appropriately” use instead are: “passengers”, “riders”, and “everyone”.[1]

Passenger viruses ride on subways.

I am not like everyone. I do not want to be associated with those neutered terms.

I do not consider myself a “passenger” or an “everyone”.

I am offended by neutral language.

Feature image of the initial construction of the London subway system where they would have laughed at such changes in how we refer to ladies and gentlemen is in the public domain is by Percy William Justyne living from 1812 to 1883, and was published February 2 1861.

references: [1]

My country ’tis of HIV

My country says gay blood is worthless.

Coming out of a week where the top story was how we are supposed to honor our US flag and country by not kneeling at a fucking stupid football game one has to ask what does my fucking country do for my gay blood?

It imprisons it in my body. Yes indeed, it will not let it escape into the rest of the community.

This matter has been highlighted once again by a gay celebrity, this time Lance Bass who was in a boy band.

Concentration camp anyone? Notice the cells.

German and Italian occupation created cells and camps

How is any fag supposed to hold a country on such a pedestal when it says “fuck you to you and your blood”.

There is nothing wrong with gay blood. There is a lot wrong with government and those that get into “power” who dictate who can do what based on garbage.

Think. Just think.

There is 9 straight blood cells to 1 gay blood cell. The straights have 9x more chance of getting cellular shit called HIV.

Yet gays “get it” 9x more than straights, thus the ban.

But that makes NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER. Viruses are stupid particles. They are not gay. They don’t go only to gay bars. They hitch rides on the breeze, and on mosquito knitting needles. If they where what the threat/cause was everyone would be getting “it”.

“It” by the way is a new horror movie. It’s not as scary as government run blood concentration camps.

Yet it’s the “gay communities” fault ultimately and each of them that routinely get tested with tests that are erroneous, and a big lie. They bought the lie. The non elected gay leaders and celebrities pushed this cellular shit on the community. In panic, fear, and hysteria it became the rule, no gay blood will infect the “blood supply” for the next 300 years.

The belief that what is actually cell shit causes complex disease conditions that have had multiple other causes until one day when our country declared that it was not all those other causes but rather just one, a virus, is absurd, and proof of this is the gay blood ban.

Just ask any grandma mosquito and her knitting needles.

My country tis of HIV.

Feature image snapshot Google News 10/4/2017

Image by By PANONIAN – Own work, Public Domain,

HIV – it’s cell shit

THIS/MAN saw a debris field.

2 other men saw what they wanted to see – a killer!

A few more watching the mad dash to find a cause saw spot run away from the mania.

Who are these men I am referring to?

One is a man who knows ELECTRON MICROSCOPES and their images inside out and sideways, like no other person on the planet. He states that what was dubbed the cause of AIDS is actually cellular debris.

Cellular debris the cause of AIDS??

No of course not. Cellular debris does not cause AIDS, but those who forged the HIV/AIDS theory in the 1980 disco days (daze) and sold this theory to government spokespersons made this claim.

The entire foundation of HIV as the cause of AIDS is based on the idea that cellular debris was seen as “the cause”. It’s what’s in those photographs of “HIV”.

It’s not a virus that is seen, it’s garbage, debris from cells.

The entire claim is like calling dust and dirt the cause of disease. We don’t do that.

There is no killer virus. If there was, mosquitoes would carry it and penises would carry it equally.

The 1980’s was a weird time. Media latched onto the fear factor and it caught like wildfire.

The co-discoverers of “HIV” – which is actually cellular debris according to the world’s best expert in interpreting images from electron microscopes – presented their ideas to the world, they interpreted what they saw as being something I have acronymized as SRACPBC’s.

SRACBCS’s are Satanic Rituals And Sacrifices Performed By Cells.

When we have THE WORLD’S RENOWNED EXPERT in looking at things under the microscope saying that what they saw was DIRT, one has to take notice.

It’s hard for most people to understand this statement and what it means.

Really. How could the whole world be duped?

That’s easy to do. Just add fear, hysteria, drive for $, and sprinkle with hype and grassy activism.

Demands also play a role. The “gay activist community” as it was formerly known in those days, made incredible demands of government to solve the problem of gays dying in the early 1980’s.

These health problems started with drug abuse pounding cells to death. The cause later morphed into blaming a virus.

Reality is though, what they call HIV is nothing more than dirt.

This means that all the HIV testing in the world is flawed. In reality all HIV/TESTING does is find general antibodies in everyone, meaning if you ever had the flu, you could test positive!

Yet, even today, decades later, we remain at war, bombarded with “get tested” push campaigns and preventive pills to take now if you are GLBT and sexual.

It’s all based on the fact that what was seen in electron micro-photographs is actually not anything that kills, it’s dead stuff. Kinda like dust, which I suppose if you inhale enough of it you could die, but when there’s enough dust or dead cell debris that could cause death, it’s pretty obvious, and not found with HIV tests.

All HIV tests find anyway are antibodies, random antibodies, NATURAL TO EVERY HUMAN BEING in various quantities.

In other words, that PReP pill you are taking is unnecessary (since HIV is nothing more than dead dirt) unless of course you are trying to protect yourself from dead dirt like you try to protect your self from dead dust every day since you most certainly are also taking pills for that.

Featured image of a master scientist of electron microscopy who is my hero is presented in the documentary House of Numbers.