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Anti-vaxxers biggest threat to world health organization profits

The cons at the WHO are claiming that those who don’t inject voodoo medicine into their bodies as directed by those who profit immensely from these procedures that often kill people are using their scare tactics claiming that those who don’t vaccinate are a threat to the health of others.

Yawn. They do this all the time and the argument is so incredibly flawed. It’s not logical at all. Those who get vaccines are the threat, they are the ones being injected with the very thing YOU DON’T WANT IN YOUR BODY, the viruses that cause the diseases you want to avoid. Staty the fuck away from me after you get that flu shot or weasles shot.

Vaccines inject you with the virus, your body develops antibodies as a defense, your antibodies “fight off” and they remain prepared to fight off any new invadors that call themselves “flu” or “pox” later. Like duh. That makes no sense, just let antibodies develop IF and only IF you ever get exposed to them.

But see if they told you that, they would drive themselves out of business.

HIV tests only find antibodies, and they are not even specific, you can test positive if you had the FLU. It’s a con game to make money and provide some mental relief from the fear they instill in you.

Technological wall

The word “logical” should not be in that term as Pelosi calls for a “technological wall” rather than a wall made of steel or concrete as she says over and over again that a “wall is immoral”.

Anyone with a brain can see the smoke screen here, she calls walls immoral then she calls for a wall.

Walls are walls, whether you make them out of brick, steel, unicorn hoofs, or technology they are still walls.

Democrats are big fat ass liars on this wall discussion.

One of Pelosi’s diversions even highlighted the need to simply mow grass as a priority. Yes, really. They use the term “vanity project” as well. Homeland security using walls is not vain but that term “vanity project” is being used as a marketing con game.

So the discussion with them should be why is a technological wall what is needed there?

The real answer is that Pelosi and her crew want families, coyotes, drug runners, bugs, human traffikickers, anchor babies, and lottery winner hopefuls to make their way across the border FIRST then be dealt with IF THEY ARE CAUGHT. She wants these people to come in illegally. It’s more humane she claims.

Obviously though it’s what gets her votes.

So let all further discussions be on one thing, technology or concrete. Forget steel, they are hack sawing through steel slats.

Make all leaders discuss CONCRETE or BITS.


NASA engineer forced to admit his viral glitter bomb package was a FRAUD

And NASA engineers tell us they went to the moon.

I knew this thing was a fraud the moment I saw it.

It got 44 million views. That’s a pretty penny he made on that.

Fuck this liar.

And how much did NASA make on that fake men on the moon landing footage.

They will never ad mit to that.


Famous publisher admits FAKE/NEWS

Der Spiegel admits top reporter of theirs faked many news stories and apologizes.

That’s one now of millions of fake news hucksters who sit at desks typing instead of fixing the real problems of the world.

The journalist was WINNER OF CNN’s ‘Journalist of the Year’ award.


Media lies about nicotine addictions

The popularized medias have stories about vaping with nicotine containing juices are so addictive.

These claims fly in the face of what vapers say such as this from an article in the e-cig discussion section of found here:

“When I smoked and didn’t have a cig I was a pissed off bear. I vape 12-18mg nicotine and can put my vape down for hours with almost 0 cravings.”

Maybe it’s not the nicotine that’s causing the addictions at all.

Since learning how science can be manipulated to favor those who profit from certain findings I would not be surprised if we have been deceived on nicotine.

The Hulk is hospitalized after getting vaxxed

Fuck your insertion of potions via needles into living things.

Vaccinations are dangerous.

Many people and animals die or become sick from these fanatical chemical formulas found in vaxxes.

Mercury is found in vaxxes. MERCURY. They say it’s safe.

They sold you a bridge.

Breitbart totally misleads readers on child Cuban refugee removed 19 years ago

They incorrectly and totally paint this event from when Elián was a small child as way to trash Hillary’s “immigration policy” of that time, thus trying to make the Democrats look bad, hypocritical, etc.

Elián González was forcefully removed from his American “home” and sent back to Cuba because he was technically the “property” of his father in Cuba and the law was such that he could not remain here.

The policy was not just Hillary’s it was that of CONGRESS. It was policy that is in law since the beginning of time. All governments since before Jesus Christ placed the priority of who a child belongs to on the parent.

The mother that came to the US illegally with the child, against the laws of the country she was living in, and against all laws of parenting in both Cuba, the US, and most countries of the world. The child was rescued at sea, THE MOTHER PUT THE CHILD’S LIFE IN SERIOUS DANGER.

The child was being kept by a relative here ILLEGALLY ILLEGALLY ILLEGALLY and after a long time of trying to get the family here to cooperate with the rules of where a child belongs when a parent is in another country, the US was eventually FORCED TO remove him from the uncle/family that was disobeying the law here HOLDING THE CHILD HOSTAGE.

This is far different than what is painting and I find their report on this DIS/GUST/ING.

Medias at the time this happened in 1999 were of course overdramatizing, blaming government for being “insensitive” which is what they do to get eyeballs and advertisers all the time.

reference Breitbart’s MASSIVELY/BIASED totally misrepresentative of reality article on this here


feature image of old car that is seen in the streets everywhere there as in Cuba they don’t just throw things away like we do in the US with cars and people

If you like your Volt you can keep your doctor and migrants

Remember the promises of huckster in charge? For mer prez?

The Chevy Volt – the car of the future! It was going to save the planet.

That’s dead. GM announced it. Plug in hybrid. People want their big gas guzzlers instead.

So we don’t get to keep our doctors or our hybrid plugin car factories either.

It told everyone the Volt would not last.

Meanwhile back at the border ranch, liberal retard self centered fullofthemselvers proclaim we need to let all the illegal migrants at the border come in for free while GM just cut 15,000 jobs because all they want is jobs.

They were peacefully throwing rocks and bottles at border patrol agents, throwing back tear gas canisters because they realized they didn’t belong to Mexico and wanted to give them back to their owners, the USA, and rushed the border to try to get in while many others waited in line to get into the USA as the entire border had to be shut down because of this lovely “humanitarian crisis” presented by humans not acting humanitarian in the least.

Sure, let them in to take jobs that good citizens just lost.

As Ocasio-nutjob says, “It’s like they’re escaping Nazi Germany”.

She compares MASS GENOCIDE with a bunch of wishful foreign freeloaders. This woman has single highhandedly proven that dictatorships work better than voting.

To be clear, they are obviously ENTERING Nazi Germany, not leaving. It was the USA that gassed the migrants who all dropped dead and now we can’t get the bodies because the natives there on the Mexican side that have not been visited for 60,000 years are throwing arrows at us.




Parisians are rioting over gas price hikes

The dude Jack Keen a guest commenter on FOX NEWS calls them spoiled. Says they work 35 hour work weeks, get pensions, spoiled by government.

I don’t know the finances of this guy but a trick that Republicans often play on people is this claim of government spoiling people, giving too much free stuff. These Republicans typically sit back as their stock and investment portfolios grow like weeds. They brag about retiring and buying 4th homes and boats, trips, on and on, all this free stuff….oh they “worked for it”. Republicans get tons of free stuff from government.

Meanwhile the voters in California were so stupid they voted FOR gas tax increase to remain thinking that voting NO meant “NO hike in gas tax”. What NO meant was NO to repealing the gas tax. They won’t riot because, well, that would look really stupid.

Migrants arrive at border with cold welcome

Meanwhile RECORD/NUMBERS of Americans have 2nd and 3rd homes, investment properties galore, and AirBnB rentals they visit all throughout the year which is cutting the supply of housing while making certain people rich, many of these homefulls are liberal retards who then blame Trump for the housing problems.

Let me know when they open their many homes to these people they claim they support.

I don’t see Maxine Waters or Pelosi there welcoming them to their homes.


For a long long time in a galaxy of liberals way too close to where we all live, there stands a long time rule for them, to bash any conservative that wants religious symbols to stay in front of court houses, be displayed in public buildings paid for by taxpayers such as DMV and immigration offices, etc.

They have long fought for the separation of church and state, separating religious symbols from the halls of government everywhere.

So as to be expected, these LIARS AND HUCKSTERS have shifted their stance to suit THEIR NEEDS now, they want the 200 year old ban on religious head dressings such as hats, burkas, and such BANNED. They want to go in the halls of Congress wearing whatever head dressing they want no matter what religion it is.

This flies in the face of all the ACLU fights against that very thing.


Hillary will never be president


Give It Up

She lied to the HBTQ community claiming she would vote for gay marriage and then she completely went back on her word when it was vote time.

It’s totally unforgivable yet many forgave her instantly. That’s nutsy coo-coo.

H – Homosexual
B – Bisexual
T – Transexual
Q – Questionsexual

read more

Amazon HQ

The news source I often reference these days is full of crap on their claim that when a state “gives” billions to Amazon for them to build their headquarters there that it’s welfare.

It’s an investment and as such the payoff is good for the state over time. It’s not even a grant nor it is dollars, they are receiving credits toward their tax bill. This happens all the time with big business as the payoff for an area that gives them is huge.

20,000 jobs created. That’s $$$$$$$$$$ flowing all over the economy there, everywhere.

The state of New York is said to have given Amazon billions.

Breitbart’s claims and all other news sources on this are pure trash.

Simple math dictates that the state comes out ahead over 10 years, even the first year. The governor spelled it out saying they don’t dish out any money.

They “give” tax breaks. It’s not billions the first year. Nothing is “given” as welfare.

Even welfare has to be paid back to a state when someone who receives it comes into money so calling it welfare is a lie.

News is becoming a big pile of trash.


FAKE: The Bachelor mansion is on fire

Claim was made that the popular known set for The Bachelor was on fire.


All that was on fire was some palm trees.


UTAH: “first rabies death since 1944”

The man and wife would feed bats from their hands, the bats would even sleep with them, the man “got rabies and died” so is the claim, yet they say they were never bit by the bats while Miss Diagnosis was spotted leaving the state in a red convertible on her way to Las Vegas to gamble with the medical community.


A Kavanaugh accuser admits SHE/LIED

THIS WAS OBVIOUS to many yet to those stuck in the rut of Democrat lunacy and constant lies, all they could see was a victim.

She accused the potential (now confirmed) US Supreme Court nominee of rape that was supposed to have happened 7 million years ago when she was a dinausaur.

It didn’t matter how obvious it was that she lied, all they cared about is finding ways to support their need to destroy a good man.


Rich guy that will make gobs of money off it calls for tougher privacy laws in the US

Tim Cook, Apple’s big whig multi billionaire wants privacy laws to be as tough as the European Union as if the British who if you can remember learning in school is the government that was taxing us with out representation which is how they got so rich and we revolted.

Now a days it seems the US is embracing all the things the British empire does, well, that is, all the rich snobs.

It’s simple, they all make gobs of money as they sell us more controls.

Apple is in the position to sell us more complicated encryption tools that would be necessary for such “protection”.

We have heard these promises before by all these product sellers, they have all told us their systems protected us, then we hear of breaches, then we hear them tell us we need tougher laws, bla bla bla.

They are all full of shitsters.

Pet food, it doesn’t add up

Ever look at the numbers on the back of the bag of dry dog or cat food? They show percentages of fat, protein, moisture content but they never add up to 100%.

They trick you by stating that there is a MINIMUM % of fat and a MINIMUM % of protein. That means that likely there is a lot more fat than that stated minimum % as fat so much cheaper to add to the food.

I calculated the percentages on a bag of dog food a friend had at his/her/it house.

They show minimum fat of 11%. It’s more likely to be 50% or more as when you add the minimum protein it shows of 26% and the others it comes out more like 100% then. If you just add up the numbers shown it’s 51% total.

Look at this one bought at a local supermarket.

11% fat minimum
26% protein minimum
10% moisture maximum
4% misc items


That is not possible, the total must be 100% so it’s VERY HIGHLY LIKELY the fat content is 60%.

That is why your pet has problems.


Another manufactured fake crisis now it’s opioids

Mostly these things all become illusionary crisises due to MEDIA/PUSH and political posturing.

The FAKE OPIOID CRISIS has had center stage now, HIV/AIDS is a bore in the news (has been for decade or so now).

Deaths from opioids have gone down but you would not know that listening to the liars on TV.

Now those who are living with severe chronic pain have had to attend rallies to cry for their medications, saying that some doctors won’t give it to them any more.

Most of them cannot even get out of the house to attend, they are now in too much pain again.

Many people live in small communities with one doctor in town, if that doctor caves, all the residents suffer.

Opioid pain relievers are extremely effective.

Dear Stupid President, please STOP THIS SCAM.

Opioid deaths are not because of prescriptions pills, it’s abuse of street drugs like heroin but many doctors are not interested in fighting, they just want to get their paychecks, pay their mortgages on their nice homes and such, and enjoy their time away from their business.


FUCK/ABC they are using these lies to kill off Roseanne Connor on the rebooted void of Roseanne remake of the remake of Roseanne using her as a pawn. Her character will die of prescription opioid pain killer abuse. Then during commercials they may show the wacked out kid vaping vegetable glycerine as if it’s causes crazed looks and actions which is a lie then gladly present teeth rotting immune system destroying sugar coated cereal ads.

reference this brochure from the website

Hole in space station is an album cover

The astronaut presented on Twitter an image claiming it’s from NASA showing the “hole in the space station” – it’s an album cover from 2014. Or as Elon Musk would put it, we know it’s fake because the album cover is a hole in the space station that looks so real.

No shit. See for yourself.


CBD oil con games

Reading up on the “health benefits” of CBD oil which is outrageously expensive, one sees a statement like this quite often:

“CBD is rich in phytonutrients”. I thought this sounded so exotic, I don’t get phytonutrients from food, or do I?

Marketing geniuses use this word to deceive. All it means is plant nutrients.

Phyto is a greek word that means plant.

The reality is, minus the marketing hype, is that you are paying $68,000 a pound for plant nutrients that you can get in broccoli for $1.77 a pound.



Vaping, it doesn’t rot teeth or lungs

Yet our authorities in charge of busybodying made it where a human has to be living for 21 years before they can vape in California while they still allow all those under 21 to eat sugar which rots out teeth and rots out stomachs.

And you believe the crap they sold you about HIV.

Oops mee did that too

Turns out the woman who accused Harvey Weinstein of bla bla bla is being accused of the same thing.


She sexually assaulted a teenager in a hotel room and paid him off to the toon of a $380,000 to keep quiet.

Well well well.

reference details at Yahoo News

Bernie Sanders clone wants trillions spent on green energy

What a complete joke this politician is and those he’s created.

For example, as you know, the Ocasio-Cortez vortex wants trillion$ and zillion$ to be spent on “clean energy” like that of the wind farms surrounding Palm Springs that are horrendous to look at eyesores that draw energy back FROM THE ENERGY GRID to power the blades when they need to be kept running in times of no wind so that they don’t seize up.


The vortex keeps repeating the Bernie and Obama’s mantra “their fair share” like a religious cult follower that listens to nothing but what comes from their leaders mouths and asses.

She obviously thinks that the money is going to come out of Tesla’s unicorn farting asses that spew out endless supplies of energy. After all the 28 year old has enough experience and knowledge about energy, she watches TV and cable news.

listen and learn


WHO needs standards?

We all do, imagine building skyscrapers using materials like screws and beams that have no standards of measure. They wouldn’t stand.

This concept applies to so many things, except for the HIV wacko medi-scifiacle community which has different standards of measure of figuring out if you “have HIV”.

They claim testing is accurate but it is not. There are no absolute standards of measure.

Imagine even doing something more basic like vaping with NO STANDARD for tank screws.

The standard is 510. There are other screw threads of course available but when there is one standard it makes connecting things correctly a breeze. Imagine not having a 510 thread on your tank when you have a 510 thread on your mod.

When you “get tested” for TFV (The Fantasy Virus aka HIV) Canada uses one standard for testing but the United States uses another.


Yes, and Africa uses even a more different way of calculating HIV which is why all the straight population “gets it”.

The European Union does it even differenter and Japan yet more differentious.

So if you are HIV positive in the US you can be HIV negative in Canada positive in Japan negative in the European Union and positive in Africa.

What the hell is that crap.


body image by Hashim Rogers see more of his works here

feature image by Aleksandar Pasaric see more of his works here


All virus particles travel by air like dust particles do so to illustrate this fact I went to space and snapped this image with my cell phone camera and interestingly enough there were particles of HIV and West Nile Virus that assembled themselves in such a pattern as to be able to see it from space. Dust did this also. They obviously wanted us to know they were there.

In reality though you would think that somewhere in the internet you would find posted images of HIV as it travels from Africa to the United States like West Nile Virus does. Note the fact that East Nile Virus does not exist, mainly because it cannot swim west across the Nile River, but why would I note that?

I had to make my own image reference by adding test that refers to where HIV can be found in the air, HIV which is surely by all logic and odds traveling along with all the dust across the Atlantic in order to give viewers an idea of this concept which is reality, but see if you can find anyone that will admit to this.

Everyone buys the lie that viruses cannot travel by air. What do they explode because of the pressure? I’m sure that’s one of many unscientifically proven explanations used by some of these hucksters in virus science. Note how HIV also made it’s way to the white part of your computer screen.

The original doctored image was found here and interestingly enough doctored by a doctor.

The image is public domain as it originates from publicly funded CGI or maybe some kind of floating cameras that for all we know could also have contracted HIV when some space man jerked off I mean like them must jerk off up there right? And that’s where HIV comes from right? Come to think of it when all us jerk offs jerk off couldn’t HIV get shot into space like a rocket? Hmm. Yes in deed.

Technically the acronym HIV is wrong, it should be HIDV. The ID is Immune Deficiency.

Speaking of technicalities and precisely communicating diseases where on Earth did the acronym HIV/AIDS come from? Hell. It’s the most illogical one ever. It certainly did not come from the mathematical sciences of which is rarely applied precisely to medical science. Everyone knows in mathematics that when you use a / that it’s division. Why are we dividing HIV and AIDS up? Precisely.

That would mean HIDV over AIDS would have the two ID’s cancel out because like one divided by one is one, ID over ID is ID, the H is for Human which is redundant, really it should read IDV over AIDS, the tow ID’s cancel out leaving V over AS or in other words virus causes or is associated with causing Acquired Syndrome which of course makes as much sense as saying you caught the flu which is what you may actually have had that caused a positive HIV test result.

If this isn’t prejudice what is

A losing Democrat candidate for Congress from Colorado said on Thursday she has “given up on white people” after earning only 31 percent of this year’s Democrat primary vote.

The people screaming prejudice the most seem to be the ones that keep claiming that it’s white people that are the ones doin’ it.

Thus they are the ones prejudice. You can’t categorize an entire race as this or that and not be prejudice, yet they will insist they are not prejudice.

This reminds me of someone I knew who was liberal who often used this diversion tactic to deflect from his/her crookery.

He/she would point out all the crooks. Turns out he/she was one.

U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii “debate as I demand, not as I refuse to”

The US House representative demanded debates in 2016. She refuses to debate when others politely ask or demand them of her.

She simply will not debate anyone.

HIV proponents do this same thing. They say “The science is settled. That is a huge lie. The science is all over the map and there are only certain things that make any sense like that HIV cannot possibly exist.

When you say “HIV makes no sense” and “HIV must be transmitted by mosquitoes or are you saying HIV is too heavy that when a mosquito picks it up the bug falls flat onto the ground and when it hits the ground splatters into a million pieces and so does HIV thus they never take HIV on any trips thus never transmitting it?”, which is a question that makes sense, they all refuse to answer, or they come up with wacky crap like “Oh HIV is neutralized by mosquitoes with an enzyme” which has no evidence of such anywhere.

They say things like “HIV has never been shown to be transmitted by mosquitoes” which is because they don’t test mosquitoes for HIV and they cannot because the tests for humans do not even find it. Then they “You are so stupid, HIV is a human virus, mosquitoes cannot carry human viruses” which is so incredibly stoopid a response. If it’s because it’s only a human virus then steel, which is not human, also cannot carry it, as in hypodermic needles.

Then other ways they respond to the question about weight is saying “Yes, HIV is too heavy”. I heard that one by a guy who was hopelessly stuck in the HIV/CULT. It’s apparently the way it’s explained in many of these cult circles.

The stupidity is there, their sales tactics, are just like what politicians use.

HIV is nothing but a politically derived claim. The science was only “settled” by political decisions. Those “in charge” of making declarations from on high, from those “at the top” of the science chain had to declare something to calm people down otherwise they would look so bad, so uncaring, so stupid, that they would lose their jobs. It was decided HIV was the cause of drug abuse related diseases politically because government was being pressed by loudmouth wackjob hysterians in gay politics spurred on by lying medias hyping up the disease for ratings, reporting exaggerations made by stupid people, they demanded government get involved and figure out why drug addicts and alcoholics were dying.

Opportunist infections in the medical community players saw a chance to become famous and fabulously rich.

The claim in 1984 was that “HIV is the cause of AIDS”. AIDS is a syndrome of 29 various diseases. It’s not one condition or disease. Saying someone has AIDS is like saying America is a sick society. Too broad. And saying such a broad category of diseases which have a wide variety of causes already is caused by one thing is insanely stupid, or brilliant in the sense of making money. People are getting tested for decades now for HIV when testing only finds antibodies in the broadest sense of what they are, nothing specific, and everyone everywhere has antibodies. In fact the first HIV test found HIV in everyone that was tested. What they did to fool everyone is to change the blood dilution, a technique that is shunned by all who ever studied blood testing as it changes results inaccurately.

Thus in reality all blood shows an HIV positive status when it is done properly.


When you try to discuss rationally with those in the HIV/CULT and state the question “how can a virus only be transmitted by dicks”, where in the mid 1980’s even Republican senators who think logically and not emotionally stated “If HI viruses are transmissible, then mosquitoes would carry them from town to town right?”.

Immediately the gay community non-elected overly emotional representatives lashed back, that claim was scoffed at by so many without a single shred of evidence.

It’s impossible they say. Mosquitoes only transmit the FLU and Malaria which are both claimed to be caused by viruses. A virus is a stupid particle of matter. Think dust.

Then they said “Oh needles too, they can travel by needles, oh but they have to be dirty needles”.

In reality, and not in the fantasy world of HIV theory that is wacko, that is only possible if needles that fly and things that poke on unicorn heads also can stick HIV in someone.

The fantasy goes on, just like Santa Clause the fantasy of HIV gives some sort of relief “knowing” that IT is the cause and not their drugs and alcohol causing their disease.

You don’t need to get tested for HIV you need to get tested for alcohol and drugs. You need to get tested for proper ample sleep to repair your cells. You need to get tested for enough exercise and good healing foods.

When you test positive you don’t need more drugs and alcohol you need to STOP/IT.

Democrats supported slavery in the 1800’s

Wikipedia entry mentions this little publicized fact:

“By 1870, there were more than 1,000 schools for freedmen in the South.[14] J. W. Alvord, an inspector for the Bureau, wrote that the freedmen “have the natural thirst for knowledge,” aspire to “power and influence … coupled with learning,” and are excited by “the special study of books.” Among the former slaves, both children and adults sought this new opportunity to learn. After the Bureau was abolished, some of its achievements collapsed under the weight of white violence against schools and teachers for blacks. Most Reconstruction-era legislatures had established public education but, after the 1870s, when white Democrats regained power of southern governments, they reduced funds available to fund public education, particularly for blacks. Beginning in 1890 in Mississippi, Democratic-dominated legislatures in the South passed new state constitutions disenfranchising most blacks by creating barriers to voter registration. They then passed Jim Crow laws establishing legal segregation of public places. Segregated schools and other services for blacks were consistently underfunded by the southern legislatures.[15]”

“By 1871, Northerners’ interest in reconstructing the South with military power had waned. Northerners were beginning to tire of the effort that Reconstruction required, were discouraged by the high rate of continuing violence around elections, and were ready for the South to take care of itself. All of the southern states had created new constitutions that established universal, publicly funded education. Groups based in the North began to redirect their money toward universities and colleges founded to educate African-American leaders.”

Also the concept that there were those who were “sponging off the system” and not working is not new as noted in the summary below of the feature image.

Today we also see how liberals in their quest to ban guns have another one of their talking points wrong, the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms had nothing to do with slavery.

They even have it wrong in Rolling Stone magazine.


Feature image Library of Congress

“Summary: One in a series of racist posters attacking Radical Republicans on the issue of black suffrage, issued during the Pennsylvania gubernatorial election of 1866. (See also “The Constitutional Amendment!,” no. 1866-5.) The series advocates the election of Hiester Clymer, who ran for governor on a white-supremacy platform, supporting President Andrew Johnson’s Reconstruction policies. In this poster a black man lounges idly in the foreground as one white man ploughs his field and another chops wood. Accompanying labels are: “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat thy bread,” and “The white man must work to keep his children and pay his taxes.” The black man wonders, “Whar is de use for me to work as long as dey make dese appropriations.” Above in a cloud is an image of the “Freedman’s Bureau! Negro Estimate of Freedom!” The bureau is pictured as a large domed building resembling the U.S. Capitol and is inscribed “Freedom and No Work.” Its columns and walls are labeled, “Candy,” “Rum, Gin, Whiskey,” “Sugar Plums,” “Indolence,” “White Women,” “Apathy,” “White Sugar,” “Idleness,” “Fish Balls,” “Clams,” “Stews,” and “Pies.” At right is a table giving figures for the funds appropriated by Congress to support the bureau and information on the inequity of the bounties received by black and white veterans of the Civil War.”

White people are not allowed to slang

Reaching the pinnacle of racist behavior our corporate and emotionally wicked society has declared in certain order that a certain race cannot use a certain word that ends in R whereas a different race can use the word that ends in R.

I am certain of it.

This twisted ideal has even made it to the biggest movie rental subscription service in the universe, Netflix.

It’s top dog Jonathan Friedland who was with the company for 6 years as Vice President of global corporate communications, was fired, for actually saying the full word that ends in R. White people are not allowed to use that word EVER now.

He previously worked in a top position at Disney. He has had a stellar career and his resume of accomplishments is unparalleled.

Here is evidence that this action is racist as stated on The Hollywood Reporter:

“For non-Black people, the word should not be spoken as there is almost no context in which it is appropriate or constructive (even when singing a song or reading a script)”

Really now. There are words that only Negroids can use and Caucazoids cannot use?

That is racist.

ABC says it will redo Roseanne without Roseanne

I won’t watch. The whole TVdebacle is disgusting.

Roseanne apologized – crazy liberal retards won’t accept it

Roseanne did not mean anything racist against Valerie Jared one bit thought that high profile political figure that was in the White House and not just an entertainer comedienne like Roseane and others that show images of presidents with their head bloody and chopped off, a woman in the White House that has made decisions that have hurt many people around the world, well Roseanne thought she was white. I thought she was white, I mean Caucasian.

These daze it’s OK to trash white people, especially white men in power for being Caucazoid.

99.999 % of all reporting now stated that Roseanne made a racist comment. It’s a lie.

Truth doesn’t matter, people like trashing Trump supporters. They look for any reason to even when it is unfair, unbalanced, makes no sense.

The Democratic party now disgusts me. It represents the party of hate, lies, con jobs.

The show will suck without Roseanne. They are going to call it “The Connors”.

One comment stated that they should have her character get stuck at the Mexican border for a few years trying to get back into the US. Now that’s funny.

I like Roseanne. She is a TV icon and has done so much for the country. To dump her like they have is unconscionable.

Roseanne for President!

Roseanne was buzzed and thought Valerie Jarrett was a white Jew

Media attention on the Roseanne Barr controversy is all crap.

They are all quick to adopt the idea that she’s a racist, they don’t care about the truth, all they care about is creating drama.


And such is life in America.

Joe Rogan knows her, spoke with her, stated that she thought Valerie Jared where she made a joke at 2 am posted on Twitter using a reference to an ape was also when she was drunk and taking Ambien which has many reports of making people do things that are either not recollected or odd.

Roseanne might have cried a lot this last week taking responsibility for her actions but she really should not. It’s not her fault that bandwagons are stupid nor it it her fault that people are more interested in the latest greatest drama and not interested in knowing the facts.

Here is an official White House photo of Valerie Jarrett. Tell me she looks black and not a slightly tanned woman. Look at her nose. That’s not a typical nose of a Negroid. Nor is the hair. Nor does she look like an ape, or an orangutan as many a liberal has called Trump before and after being president. Bill Maher did not lose his show because he called Trump an ape nor was there any outcry.

By Joyce N. Boghosian (White House photographer) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Most Negroids have tight nappy hair. This hair looks very Caucasoid.

It’s interesting to note how the hyper sensitivity that is being created about race in our new millennium has destroyed an incredible show on television that was #1 in ratings. America can’t distinguish reality anymore they watch so much crap on television.

Roseanne is innocent but the bandwagon will never change. It will continue to claim that Roseanne is racist yet she’s so far from that.

The bandwagon did the same thing to a harmless retrovirus. Drama took hold and it used terror and fear and garbage science to promote an idea that a nano object could destroy something 500 billion million cotillion zillion times it’s size and be transferred by the human penis and hypodermic needles attached to humans while at the same time telling us that it’s impossible for it to be transferred by hypodermic needles attached to the mouths of bugs.

It’s so incredibly stupid and defies the most basic of logic to believe it yet it’s embedded in the human mind of the majority of people now, and who brought it all to you?


Feature image by Tookapic

Liberal loony toon sets himself on fire to protest “fossil” fuels

The guy was a prominent attorney for gay rights and lost his mind apparently having set himself on fire he murdered himself.

Got sucked into and overwhelmed by liberal mania.

Let’s clear things up here in the minds of those of us who haven’t yet done that:

  1. so called “fossil fuels” are mineral fuels – they are not made by fossils, that is the most disingenuous term ever created to describe fuel
  2. so called “fossil fuels” are manufactured deep inside the earth and the world has an endless supply in contrast to what all the end of world idiots keep saying

He worked with Lambda Legal in gay marriage issues.

He was a well known ecological activist kook.

His display somehow is supposed to mimic what we are doing to the Earth.

All it did was end the life of a good human being in an overt overly dramatic horrific display which merely set an example of what not to do to ones self and why one should not get sucked into the planet doom and gloom narrative.

His act did not make everyone gay.

Please read more here at NY daily news

Feature image by burak kostak at see his other 43 photos

Mental case makes mental case against guns

Old fart Pat Robertson is a huckster extraordinaire.

He is a conservative Fundamentalist Christian who just will not die. I look forward to seeing this pile of trash gone like all TV preachers, he is scum.

Being that he is a staunch fag hating gun loving Republican you would not expect to hear from his mouth calls for gun control, but that is exactly what came gushing out into the TV toiletverse.

I do not buy it. He’s a liar. He’s a deceitful pile of human energy.

For one, any of these elitists calling for gun control are hypocrites. They can hire all the guards they want, they can live in all the high security compounds they want and be protected 24/7. The rich who call for gun control are liars.

Robertson is a multi millionaire who can hire armed guards with weapons for his own personal protection, using the millions in donations and income he gets from his viewers of his broadcasts, schools, and empire. He is now is calling for gun control when he not long ago called for not politicizing a church shooting. He now gets The Hysterocrite Hall Of Hell’s Fanned Fag Flames Award for his shifty stance and hysteria induced hypocrisy.

Many years ago I was sucked into the Fundamentalist Christian lies. It took a long time to escape.

I recall in the early 1980’s Robertson predicting stock markets were going to plummet, I sold, they soared, he made a bundle.

Due to his TV ministry I sent him money when I had it, until I realized the con game these preachers play. He basically claims that he knows God better than God knows me. He and his kind brainwash people, claiming that God loves them unconditionally, while also claiming that if God’s children do not repent, God will send them to burn forever – not a year – forever in the pits of Hell.

This is such a mind game in order to get money from people. What so called caring father would do that to their kids for not obeying??? Banish from their house maybe as Dad says, “Not under my roof” as he throws the kid out on the street, but burn forever???

What an incredibly stupid doctrine.

So now he’s using the alleged Florida school massacre to con people into giving up their weapons so that they can rely on God to protect them. If only the criminals would follow lying Pat Robertson and know that God will take their guns from them, to protect His children, like how God will protect those who are unarmed with His unicorn army of angels.

Beware of bansters on bandwagons like David Hogg

When the riots in Los Angeles happened in 1991 due to unrest that was stirring over the Rodney King beating, stores in South Central Los Angeles were burned to the ground, from small mom and pop stores, to huge supermarkets and big box stores like FedCo and GemCo (the 90’s Wal-Mart and CostCo). The only stores that were not burned were the ones where the owners got on top of them with assault weapons, the thugs ran like a fag out of hell’s Pat Robertson 700 Club audience. So too the only families that were totally safe were the ones hiding behind assault rifles.

Had there been a 10 day waiting, “cooling off” period (current California law) on the day of the LA Riots, whereas those good citizens did not have those weapons and had to wait 10 days before getting one to suddenly and immediately protect their businesses, whereas police and military could not respond, and they not had assault weapons, which hucksters like Pat Robertson are now calling to be banned, another half of the city would be ash, maybe all of it, because the thugs with easy to get non banned matches would have kept burning buildings.

The rich elitists in the Hollywood Hills remember watching Los Angeles burn. Obviously either smoke got in the lungs of the liberal ones, and made them unable to process logic any longer, or they never saw this happen, as they call for bans once again.

Why are emotionocrats not also calling for “fire control”? They should be banning match sales.

Why? Because like with banning weapons, it’s not practical.

Government cannot protect everyone in such riots and government cannot stop them from happening. Imagine if the country was invaded, a bomb dropped, you expect the military and police to protect everything? They say repeatedly that even in just a stupid earthquake, for the first 4 days YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.

Look at history. Civil unrest is a regular occurrence. Even in the US The Civil War of the mid 1800’s killed 625,000 US citizens, that was 2% of the population! That number would have been 10% had there not been guns to “protect one’s self”.

It is the reason for the 2nd amendment that makes sure that the entire citizenship is a militia, ready to protect the country and individuals when things get out of control, speaking of which, porn, which religious leaders have persecuted for centuries, has been declared by Florida’s House of politicians, to be a threat to the public.

United States peoples living there in 1860 prior to civil war. Note 14% were slaves.

Total Free Population 27,489,561
Total Slave Population 3,953,760
Grand Total 31,443,321

Gun ban advocates don’t seem to consider that if the guns were not there, rock control would be next. People would not be able to buy rocks or cutlery after massacre by rocks. Then they would have to ban rocks and 2×4 pieces of wood, then when those were banned, tree branches, and cement.

Only then would massacres never ever occur again because as we all know when the public doesn’t even have tree branches to use for defense or assault, only unicorns would have the ability to kill people.

Oh and speaking of slavery, keep in mind the slaves were not allowed to have guns.

You get one guess as to why.

So while the loons with their cult followers babble about their ban on guns, the kind that saved many lives and businesses in the LA riots, there remains no phone call to ban VHC/AIDS*

*VHC – Video Head Cleaner aka “poppers” a chemical inhalant frequently used to enhance sexual pleasure in homosexuals, the amount inhaled in each sexual session is 1 billion times more than the chemicals including lead that was found in high concentrations in Flint, Michigan water. The reason I bring this up is because VHC causes AIDS and hysterics never fixes anything.

Feature image of warriors in battle between walls by pixabay on pexels and is copyright free.

Grindr shares HIV status

They are sharing location info and everything. What greedy fuckheads.

I learned about this UNSAFE/SHARING here: reference article

They must keep track of sexual activity too, following who you are chatting with, where your locations meet obviously showing that you probably had sex with that other app user.

Guess what, they do all of that, a source told me that they watch everything you do and the IT guys laugh with each other about who’s meeting who, going where, their status, all sorts of shit. They know where you are and what you are doing.

Fuck You Grindr.

Grindr will also remind you when to get tested for HIV. How wonderful.

How stupid. Testing is so unreliable. People are so totally brainwashed. Testing is a complete waste of energy. HIV is a scam.

You can be HIV + if you had the fucking flu last year.


The lies about viruses targeting the gay community has killed so many good people some of whom I knew.

In the 90’s the “Hit hard hit early” pushed hard core drugs on my friends and killed them. It was like dropping a nuclear bomb to get rid of ants.

I told them stay away from that shit. They didn’t listen. Others I met later said none of that HIV/CRAP made any sense and stayed away from it and are here today.

They never get tested anymore.

HIV is lie, scam, and a misinformation cesspool.

In the beginning (1984) it was said officially to be the cause of immune deficiency. How wrong! AIDS is not one disease and none of them are new. The 29 different diseases under that broad category all have different causes. There is no one virus that destroys an immune system any more than one bad apple spoils an entire orchard.

The main causes when GRID was discovered were drug excess, and alcohol and lifestyle abuse. In other words too much partying. GRID was “gay related immune deficiency”.

Smoke filled bars didn’t help either. Nor did inhaling nitrates. It wasn’t a virus stupid.

Hysteria and media hype that induced massive fear caused the public to demand a test for this new horrible disease which wasn’t new at all.

ACTUP fucked everyone with their demands. People became afraid to speak out against them. We see this crap go on with all sorts of things where people use intimidation tactics to get their way. HIV became gospel.

The fundamentalist gay community and the world adopted a solution to deal with “the situation” wear condoms for protection.

That was absurd, condoms have holes in the membrane.

It’s like wearing jeans to protect yourself from rain. No one is protected from viruses using condoms.

In 1987 someone from the CDC said this about condoms,

“Wearing condoms to protect oneself from viruses is like leaving the screen door open and expecting the flies to not come in”.

That was an official statement. Got lost somewhere in the hysteria because common sense does not grab attention, hype, fear, and madness does.

There is no killer human immune deficiency virus any more than there is unicorns, that is, a virus that terrorizes cells and is sent via dicks into ass holes. Get real people.

Viruses are cell shit. They get shit out every day. They call this replication. I call it shit.

When did shit terrorize you? You have a cup of coffee and you shit it out, viruses included. The body does that.

Sometimes the plumbing gets clogged. Other times people feed the bacteria to make them so happy they start having anchor babies that become naturalized body citizens, harder to get them to leave. This can happen with viruses too, but the idea that you get infected with one virus and then IT replicates is absurd. Your cells replicate shit, that’s it, it’s cell shit. Poop that shit out.

Gay rags perpetuate the lies.

Woe is the man that got sucked in to all the drama.

Grindr is another worthless player in the scam. Dump that shit.

I hate gay apps. They are all in it for the money. Fuck apps.

They have gay blood on their hands. All gay rags and shit have assisted in the deaths of my friends by pushing all this HIV/GARBAGE. They push testing for UNICORNS. They push toxic drugs. They push and push and push and make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ at it.

Fuck them all.

I want an apology from all of them. They helped kill my friends.

Blessed are those who listen to reason.


Pity party time

Karl Schmid, some actor, revealed he is HIV super duper whammy sky is falling oh my god how will I live positive.

google news snapshot on Mar, 26 2018

Once again the world reacts with sympathy, cards, well wishes, and sadness.


Because the world is brainwashed. Miss Information has informed everyone so boldly that there are unicorns called HIV that have pointed syringes on them either in the shape of a penis or a hypodermic needle, pointing at everyone, ready and willing to infect them.

They ignore that if the thing was real, that HIV blood sucking mosquitoes would spread them also.

Hey don’t spoil the party. People love their woe is me drama.

People won’t listen to you when you try to inform them of real facts.They will dump on you, treat you like trash, yell at you, defame you, start campaigns to have you banned from living on Earth and more.

People have a love affair with HIV drama. That will never change.

Protect yourself from the infectious drama.



HIV Rates Rise

Google news snapshot Marche 16 2018 presents a story presented for about the 700 trillionth time that there is such a thing as a virus that only travels through a mans dick and ass and through drug infused dirty hypodermic needles and not those dirty needles that mosquitoes carry and use to inject into HIV tainted veins.

The HIV theory is such bullshit. If there was a virus causing it (what is it? = it is immune deficiency) everyone would be getting it from mosquitoes and the air because both of those things carry any and all viruses.

And this new thing to take a pill before sex to protect you from getting HIV is such a joke.

Tattoos might cure HIV

The article stated, “the permanence of tattoos is caused by something called macrophages — immune system cells that swallow up foreign debris in the body” so if you get a bunch of tattoos it would stimulate the immune system and swallow up HIV.

Of course that flies in the face of conventional wisdom that claims that nothing can swallow up HIV, once it’s there it’s there forever though that persistent claim makes as much sense as saying that once a human enters a building it is there for ever and cannot be removed. Even a criminal that enters a building will be removed eventually.

HIV cannot remain there forever, unless maybe they are like an illegal alien whereas when it enters someone’s body in the sanctuary state of California, it cannot be removed, it’s protected by the body governing removing such invaders.

ISC’s swallow up foreign debris. HIV is foreign. It gets swallowed. Immune System Cells have a deep throat.

Get tattooed.

I am basing this idea merely on what is said by others that one could reach this conclusion. It’s really not much different than how they reached the conclusion that HIV is ONLY transmitted by sexual fluids and syringes made of metal.

Since tattoos stimulate the immune system which swallows up HIV/CUM one could investigate how this process works for more fun and profit.

feature image by Dan Prado in the public domain found at


Ricky Martin does not impress me

Yea at first swooned by his looks and charm and that he’s a married gay dude now which is so ground breaking, and both are “hunks” but after hearing him babble on recently about how, yes, he feels good calling his mate his husband, I had to start to wonder, “Hunk of what?”

In the interview he was all giddy about spending 3 days partying. Huh? My impression in looking at this as seen here saying “I’m a husband but we’re doing a heavyyyy party”.

I am assuming that like with many fag parties he and others will be using drugs imported from Mexico, drugs that are illegal.

Heavyyy parties is not just alcohol.

This is a big but small assumption based on the fact that everywhere I go I run into QWERTY’s that do illegal drugs and that I keep running into people who say “Everyone knows that drugs are rampant in the gay community”.

How dare I support or swoon over anyone that is directly responsible for the problems of illegal drugs. I won’t.

Fuck Enrique Martin Morales or whatever the fuck he goes by now.

I mean fuck this whole concept that he’s swoon worthy. I think he’s an occasional heavyyy drug user of drugs that are illegal. He and many fags demanded fag marriage, they got it, it’s time he and other fags demand derogatory drug use be not supported.

Feature image of Enrique Martin Morales in a store is by Australian photographer Eva Rinaldi

Unicorn virus on AIDS council fired!

OMG this is so great, the president of the United States, with no warning, fired all members of the STUPID/HIV/AIDS presidential advisory council.

The Gabriel Mondalo stated as quoted from the gay rag: “It feels like retribution against members of the committee who have spoken out against the Trump administration for their inaction on issues related to HIV/AIDS.” – Gay Pop Buzz


I suppose if I trashed the advisory council on how they repeatedly lie about viruses that cannot be transmitted by mosquito needles any more than they can be transmitted by knitting needles, I would be fired by Gabriel Mondalo the same way, with no notice.

And if he read all the shit on my blog I’d be considered worse than the disease itself.

The presidential advisory council oh virus myths perpetuates the MYTHS/ABOUT/STUPD/DEAD/PARTICLES that travel on needles on mosquitoes as well as in the air and on dicks and lesbian pussies and dirty filthy bastard needles on plastic tubes, but not on toilets that homosexuals piss in and the horrific effects of obtaining one of those stupid dead particles of unicorn breath.

These baffoons on these stupid councils have been wrecking our country and population for 30 + years. They keep pushing the fantasy, the erroneous claim there’s a Satanic cult of dead particles of matter that have ungodly abilities to destroy things and that to fix it we have to create nuclear war against these particles.

Then stupid presidents that listen perpetuate these lies more.

They keep the lie going that wearing drugs and swallowing condoms and taking a test and checking it twice is the answer.

The whole thing is a LIE/AIDS.

Bravo to the man who has strength, courage, and insight like no other in our lifetimes.

Finally we have a leader who doesn’t accept the lies.

Feature image from Google News on December 29, 2017



HIV – the virus that is the premier religious symbol of being gay – is now said to be preventable from becoming infectious.**


When you read the gobbledygook these sci-fientists write about this stuff it’s like taking a trip with Dr. Spock through space, except he actually uses logic, these guys don’t.

The fantastical journey through HIV/SPACE is wrought with scientific mumbo jumbo, used to confuse.

Then of course, since this is coming from “experts” in the field, when it’s presented, what lay person can grasp anything other than the statement of HOPE that like OMG/HIV infection could be stopped! Hail science!

**The article is archived here at and for convenient and important study it is also archived here with highlighted areas of primary concern:

A new study had found a way to prevent HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) from developing into an infectious agent. The virus, responsible for AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) caused the death of more than 35 million people across the globe so far and continues to run largely unabated once it infects someone. 

This new study brings hope that the scenario might end for good. It was led by researchers of both the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the University of Delaware (UD). The findings appeared in Nature Communications on Nov. 24. The interdisciplinary research team conducted seven years of detailed studies on the structure of HIV, both in early and later stages of its life cycle before making their breakthrough.

“People used to be fixated on the static structures of viruses, but they are not rock solid,” said Tatyana Polenova, professor in UD’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. 

“Viruses like HIV and their constituent protein and nucleic acid molecules are dynamic entities that are constantly expanding and shrinking, Their motions are like breathing,” she said.

Before looking at the way the team broke the virus’ progress towards an infectious agent, a little background into what happens while the HIV virus develops would be useful. When the virus develops, the protein building blocks in its body get cleaved from the master protein termed Gag. But the final step in the virus’ evolution — from being noninfectious to infectious — had remained a mystery. In the present study, the team sought an answer to this.

With the aid of cutting-edge technology, the team found that a major peptide called spacer peptide 1 (SP1) needed to be very mobile if the final stage was to happen (peptides are short chains of amino acid molecules). Otherwise, the enzyme that acts as a cleaver wouldn’t be effective.

Polenova mentioned this curious phenomenon when she said, “This peptide is always there in the final maturation step, but we were surprised that it is so disordered and dynamic.”

Now that the researchers found that the SP1 peptide getting cut was a key reason why the virus turned infectious, their next search was to prevent that from happening. After numerous experiments, they found Bevirimat, an anti-HIV inhibitor could interact with the SPI peptide and prevent the virus from turning infectious. However, the efforts to create an administrable drug to prevent HIV from turning infectious are still going on.

“We have to have a sense of these short-lived molecular fluctuations and processes — of protein cleavage and capsid generation. To add a new generation of capsid inhibitors to prevent HIV, you have to have very specific times and rates at which these drugs will works,” said  Juan Perilla, an assistant professor at UD.

Interestingly, this study also points to a new direction in which plenty of scientific research seems to be moving — from a lone scientist or scientists from the same discipline working hard at the lab to a more inter-disciplinary effort.

Other than the universities already mentioned, teams from the University of Illinois, National Cancer Institute and the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, collaborated for the study.

Ok, let’s now get out the frog, time to dissect this garbage. I am going to do the stuff that you would want to cover your eyes for –

Ok that’s done, now you can look. Here are some of the key points I want to address:

  • structure of viruses are not rock solid
  • they are dynamic, always changing
  • the master protein called Gag – comon’ this is obvious – inside joke!
  • final step from being not infectious to infectious has always been a mystery – if this is so how is it possible that they can create all these drugs that have forever claimed such lofty goals of controlling HIV
  • SP1 – Spacer Peptide 1 – Greetings Captain – this journey through spacer we arrive at the peptide galaxy
  • peptide getting cut is a major factor of it becoming infectious – ‘scuse me why is it now being said to be “a factor” and not “the factor” – this is the most obvious huckster ploy that used car sales men/women/transexuals use – say one thing then say another – they just contradicted themselves
  • protein cleavage and capsid generation – picture protein which is used by cells for repair being broken down into pieces – this is more sales talk, extra words that really don’t mean anything – this is the natural process in the body, protein is cut into pieces by the chef with a protein cleaver – nothing new
  • capsid generation – capsid is the protein shell of a virus according to Wikipedia “the capsid contains the genetic material of the virus”

Ok, so the capsid is what they are attacking. Take for example the CMV virus (note I just said virus twice). CMV is the CytoMegaloVirus. It’s Herpes. Who knew. It has a capsid coating like crispy rice cereal can have a sugar coating. To supposedly kill the coating, you kill the way the coating operates. That is basically what they are trying to get whomever they can to believe this garbage to believe. Sugar also has a , that way you are not getting too much sugar in your diet. The coating (capsid) contains the genetic material of the crispy rice is what they want you to believe. This is what they are presenting, unicorns that have a sugar coating.

So if A – structures of viruses are not rock solid and B – the capsid (shell of the virus) is what they are supposedly stopping with an inhibitor, how on God’s rainbow unicorn filled Earth is the inhibitor (drug) going to inhibit moving targets? Likely, as with all AIDS/DRUGS they will drop nuclearinhibitor drugs to bomb the hell out of it all, or better put, they will use drug cleaver inhibitors to stop it from being cut it all into pieces as that is the newly discovered last step in the process of HIV/REPLICATION.

Problem is, inhibitors can’t pick and choose what they inhibit on what. So what you have is another sales pitch. The process of inhibiting via drug modalities cannot pick and choose what proteins it stops getting cleaved. In other words, since your body needs cleavers, that is breaking down proteins, the inhibitors stop protein break down (thus replication of HIV) but it also stops break down of protein needed for cells to rebuild into muscle, organ tissue, blood cells, etc.

Great plan.

To make this more visually understood, picture a fine cleaver manufacturer in Paris, France that produces/replicates the best cutlery on Earth. The liberals in the USA influence their election on Twitter, putting in a president that approves laws to control guns and knives in order to save lives – part of the law states that all cleaver manufacturers need to be buried in cement, thus stopping replication of cleavers, thus putting an end to death.


Feature image shows a real Unicorn that was discovered by scientists while traveling through vast space of the medical community mindiverse and  is by Royroydeb (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


HIVianity is the religion of HIV.

It has infected many with it’s doctrine and dogma.

The entire HIV/AIDSianity cult reminds me of FC – Fundamentalist Christianity – which indoctrinates with partial truths mixed in with religious fervor, fear, salvation, and other things. As with most religions of the world, it ignores logic, the most fundamental of which is how dead particles of viral matter can get from one place to another.

I was sucked into FC at one time. I got out. The contradictions were too immense.

I almost got sucked into HIVianity in the 1980’s disco daze, but fortunately saw the contradictions being spewed out by the preachers of this religion at the start.

HIV is a cult. It’s a religion. It’s full of contradictions.

Even mosquitoes that carry the virus feel they don’t belong.

Feature image showing a religious ceremony of worship by Artist is Charles Sprague Pearce (1851–1914). Photographed 2007 by Carol Highsmith (1946–), who explicitly placed the photograph in the public domain.

Another sleaze bag politician closeted flame goes down in flames

The young Ohio legislature politician, charming as he may be, after being found out as being a fully closeted gay, who acted publicly as staunchly conservative, who, as to be expected by such sleazedirt, would speak and act against LGBTqwerty rights, and is now OUT/ED and no longer a politician, stated this according to,

“We all bring our own struggles and our own trials into public life,” Goodman said in the statement. “That has been true for me, and I sincerely regret that my actions and choices have kept me from serving my constituents and our state in a way that reflects the best ideals of public service.”

Wow. It’s still all about him. Notice how he doesn’t say he’s sorry to the gay community. How about stating you are sorry for fucking and slamming the gay community into the ground and being part of the biggest hypocrites ever, which the fundamentalist Christian community is FULL/OF.

“Christian ‘Family Values’ Conservative Resigns After Sex in the Office With Another Man”

Image snapshot of Ohio House of Representatives webpage of formerly closeted SCUM/GAY fake human being that did not represent the public properly found on and is in the public domain and presented in the public interest


Fake virus

Fake news is in the news quite a bit today but fake human immuno-eieio deficiency virus is not.

A fake/real web site that calls itself “” claims it’s pointing OUT/OUT what is fake news and what is not.

It repeated a well known erroneous concept (as highlighted) that HIV cannot live outside the body thus cannot be transmitted to a banana or any fruitcake outside the body. This is one that is well adopted “as fact” and the were using this point it seems to prove that the story was “fake” because everyone knows that a banana cannot be infected with HIV because “HIV does not live outside the body”.


The “fake news” story they are commenting on is actually from a parody site, or what is considered FNFF (Fake News For Fun) but what’s highlighted above is an interesting thing to look at regarding what is fake and what is not and based on WHAT/PERSPECTIVE are we looking at, the looking glass, or clear 20/20 vision.

HIV “science” or what I call sci-fience disregards the most obvious flaw in the “causation of AIDS”. They say HIV causes AIDS but viruses travel in the air. If you doubt this just sneeze in someone’s face and ask if they are afraid they are going to ‘catch a virus’.

Regarding what is considered true in this supposed “fake news” story that “HIV cannot live outside the body” it doesn’t matter if 10,000 scientists believe that to be true, what matters is that non of them can explain with any sense of logic why a dead thing cannot live outside the body.

Not one scientist or whom-ever has explained this wild phenomena properly using logic, which is what is science is supposed to use.

Since viruses are not living things actually, they cannot die then outside the body, yet they keep claiming that this is fact, that “HIV cannot live outside the body”.




In the article notice the window to the right where I opened up the archived story. That is real news and fake.

I mean, it’s real in the sense that if HIV is real, then it IS POSSIBLE for a banana to be infected.

It’s fake in that this event in Walmart and bananas and a boy did not happen, but it obviously COULD happen.

The primary seething problem with their claim that HIV cannot be transmitted to a banana is that if HIV can (by all accounts of majority opinionators) be transmitted by non-living hypodermic needles, then it can be transmitted to a banana.

Thus any banana that’s taking drugs and not using clean needles can get the virus.

For that matter anyone that fucks themselves with a banana and is HIV positively, and they share that fruit with someone else, that virus can spread to the banana and the banana acceptee.

Thus anyone that believes the fake news that “HIV is real” is fucked.


Image of banana cultivars by By User TimothyPilgrim on en.wikipedia – Taken by TimothyPilgrim., CC BY-SA 3.0,

Snapshot of banana story from dated 11/4/2017

I cannot tell a HIV

Human Immuno-eieio-deficiency Viruses are a LIE.

I cannot tell a HIV.

Others can.

See spot run away from testing.

Feature image snapshot of Wikipedia page on George Washington dated October 13, 2017

My country ’tis of HIV

My country says gay blood is worthless.

Coming out of a week where the top story was how we are supposed to honor our US flag and country by not kneeling at a fucking stupid football game one has to ask what does my fucking country do for my gay blood?

It imprisons it in my body. Yes indeed, it will not let it escape into the rest of the community.

This matter has been highlighted once again by a gay celebrity, this time Lance Bass who was in a boy band.

Concentration camp anyone? Notice the cells.

German and Italian occupation created cells and camps

How is any fag supposed to hold a country on such a pedestal when it says “fuck you to you and your blood”.

There is nothing wrong with gay blood. There is a lot wrong with government and those that get into “power” who dictate who can do what based on garbage.

Think. Just think.

There is 9 straight blood cells to 1 gay blood cell. The straights have 9x more chance of getting cellular shit called HIV.

Yet gays “get it” 9x more than straights, thus the ban.

But that makes NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER. Viruses are stupid particles. They are not gay. They don’t go only to gay bars. They hitch rides on the breeze, and on mosquito knitting needles. If they where what the threat/cause was everyone would be getting “it”.

“It” by the way is a new horror movie. It’s not as scary as government run blood concentration camps.

Yet it’s the “gay communities” fault ultimately and each of them that routinely get tested with tests that are erroneous, and a big lie. They bought the lie. The non elected gay leaders and celebrities pushed this cellular shit on the community. In panic, fear, and hysteria it became the rule, no gay blood will infect the “blood supply” for the next 300 years.

The belief that what is actually cell shit causes complex disease conditions that have had multiple other causes until one day when our country declared that it was not all those other causes but rather just one, a virus, is absurd, and proof of this is the gay blood ban.

Just ask any grandma mosquito and her knitting needles.

My country tis of HIV.

Feature image snapshot Google News 10/4/2017

Image by By PANONIAN – Own work, Public Domain,

Foreskin abortion clinics are closing

The call to close abortion clinics is a funny one. They are against cutting out a part of the woman’s body which they claim is a human life, but they aren’t against cutting off a part of the human body that has life called foreskin, or more commonly known as “a part of my dick”.

Oh and that’s an error in the headline, they are not closing, those FAC’s are called hospitals and they murder foreskin regularly.

Here is an interesting article about abortion clinics closing, TARP, and the NEW/PREZ.

It’s a big issue, debated and screamed about for decades.

Other issues of abortion are barely heard. Here is one about an infant man’s most prized possession that causes the problem of abortions being necessary. Might as well just hack it off with the logic used where women feel they have a right to hack off a part of their insides.

See, that logic makes sense. A woman has a right to do with her body as she chooses and in contrast, illogically, an infant man can have a part of his dick cut off without his permission, and no politician comes to rally to save that cock of his.

Wait let’s put it in terms that cause amber alerts, the baby was kidnapped from the mother at birth.

Seeing that the baby had not yet been circumcised, the kidnapper cuts off a part of the baby’s dick.

Think anyone would get upset? I think they would. So how is it that doctors get away with this horror? They should all be thrown in jail.

The cutting of baby dicks is horrible, and this practice banned like France is now banning unlimited refills of soda, though I’m sure it won’t be banned as the priority of these “health agencies” is on fighting things that can keep them in business. Fighting foreskin hacking has no money in it. Banning things based on losing weight always has financial backing so that’s the priority.

Go hole, I mean whole.

Feature image of Space Shuttle abort modes available depending on SSME failure time. Adapted from by Wikipedia user Anythingcouldhappen


Trump trashes BuzzFeed trash

Calls it a “failing pile of garbage”. ROFL

I mean like trashing trash is like taking a wrecking ball to an already wrecked building.

I just love how Mr. Trump trashes libtard medias. Thank God he won.

I never waste my time on that libtard site, when I did get sucked into it a couple of years ago I had ad blockers on so they never benefited by serving up ads when I was there. HAHA

To me it’s tabloid like the National Enquirer.

Let’s talk about rude!

Liberals are incessantly bashing Trump, ignoring reality, living in their dream state.

In the clip below we can see how in the first Trump press conference since he was elected in November 2016 how the dude from BuzzFeed just kept on insisting on asking a question, he wouldn’t shut up.

Reminds me of hearing incessant screaming of a cat that’s being barked at by a big dog.

Let’s see, if they get into a fight who do you think will win?

Watch the video, it’s hilarious. Guy acts like a big pain in the ass. He won’t shut up.

I wonder what part of NO the guy doesn’t understand, the Q or the P.

I just love how our new president puts cheezy whiners in their place.

One man’s trash is another’s treasure.

Wikipedia entry on BuzzFeed

Feature image of the international “tidy man” By unknown (original JPEG); NielsF on 20:01, 27 June 2006 (UTC) (SVG version) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons derived from File:International tidyman.jpg that was derived from linked from





Catching things is not the problem. Not letting them go is.

Catching viruses. OMG. How many colds have you caught and let go of.

Who comes up with this crap that once you have caught a baseball or virus you can’t let go?

Anyone who claims you can’t let go of a virus is full of baseballs.

Not letting go of wacky ideas that viruses cannot be caught and let go of is the problem.

How many colds have you gotten from mosquitoes?

None? How exactly can you prove that the mosquito didn’t carry the cold virus?

Was it too heavy for it to carry? Too slippery for the dirty shared mosquito needle to transcribe it?


Image of the Lord’s Prayer in Gregg and a variety of 19th-century systems

Or is it HIV in disguise?

Understanding catching and releasing of a ball and catching and releasing viruses go hand in hand.

Transmit and transcribe that all you want, the message remains in short/handed or under/handed theory.

Sorta looks a lot like a doctor’s prexription.

See if you can catch this and hold on/to/it.

Short/Hand image in the Public Domain,

Feature image of baseball mitt worn on left hand of Willy Mayes during World Series 1954 by Davidm8985 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Manufacturing glazed looks

Glazed donuts are easy to prove to people that they exist.

Not so with things we cannot see, touch, taste, feel.

So the guy walks into the bar (me) and I get asked by by this dude “Are you positive?

My reply is “Oh I don’t do any of that testing garbage”.

Glazed look appears.

Asks if I get tested.

I explain that HIV isn’t real.

Glazed look remains and all I can think of now is a glazed donut and some coffee as I know glazed things I can eat are easier to deal with than this conversation.

I try to explain that if HIV were real it would be carried by mosquitoes, dirty shared needles…..

Doesn’t get it one bit.

Now my mind wanders into thinking of Terry Glaze who was a heavy metal musician and being at work hearing “Debbie’s Got A Chainsaw” while I make donuts.

Things that are manufactured are often very obvious that their existence is real.

The manufacturing process of believing that HIV cannot be transmitted by flying syringes is one that instead of presenting a finished product, ends up presenting something more like a GOOEY/STICKY mess.

I think HIV was manufactured here in the 1800's

I think HIV was manufactured here in the 1800’s

Image credit of manufactured donuts by DO’Neil at en.wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Public domain image of 1800’s assembly plant by Illegible ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Scientific Martian

They say the HI virus is very difficult to determine if it’s been eliminated, then they claim they have no trouble finding it.

That’s like saying that they can see a Martian on the moon but they can’t get rid of him.

Both statements may be true or false or partially true or partially false, but they are all at the same time a fantasy.

A Martian on the moon may be truly seen, but proving that it’s actually someone from Mars is another story. Proving that viruses are what they say they are is equally daunting, no, impossible.

So the science that is popular opinion regarding the HI virus says they have no trouble finding it, so then it can’t become undetectable and still be there.

See the contradictions? It’s like saying they have no trouble finding a Martian on the moon and then claiming that now because we can’t find it, it’s still there, that it couldn’t have possibly hopped back on it’s space ship and left that celestial body. Same with our bodies. If HI viruses can get there they can leave. There is no way for them to detect that because they cannot explore everywhere in the body. Thus the claim that it never leaves is bogus unless they know that HI viruses use Martian space ships to get around.

In other words, the stAndArd/HI virus theories are nonsense.

The truth of the matter is, they have never found the HI virus, they have only found random antibodies and make claims they “find the virus”. Finding random antibodies is like a Martian finding life on earth and then going back and claiming to the Grand Martianess Queen that he discovered intelligent life on HI/V/Earth. Sorry hon, that doesn’t exist.

But here’s the thing: It’s very difficult to determine whether HIV has been truly eliminated from the body, and even conventional antiretroviral therapy — which the patient was also taking — reduces HIV to undetectable levels. – Popular Science

The article also states that “It’s too soon to say that HIV is cured”.

You can’t cure something that doesn’t exist, unless it is pork, which oddly enough does exist.

What they claimed in the disco daze of  the 1980’s when this Homocaust started is that a virus caused complex diseases all of which have other causes, and that you catch it, not with a catcher’s mitt, but when a penis is thrown at you.

All viruses can fly and so can mosquitoes. If it was a viral cause, it would have infected everyone by now.

Infected? Funny term.

If I go to a concert, with a body of people, I infected it. If a virus goes to a body of cells, it infects it. If a co-worker comes into the lunch room where a bunch of us are cracking jokes about how stupid HI virology is, our laughter infects the room and that person infects the room.

Infections are not the problem. It’s like trying to rid the world of infectious laughter. Why?

Viruses are everywhere. They are eliminations from cells. They are floating in the air. They are not the cause unless they maybe are looked at as backed up poop creating a mess, in which case we can still go back to their claim that they have no trouble finding it and see that flaw in action.

It’s like saying you have no trouble finding $20 laying on the ground right there in front of you, and saying out of the other side of your mouth that you can’t determine if it’s not there.

Hocus pocus medi-rocus. Poof! Fear be gone!

At least the fear is real. And it can be determined if it’s not there.

It’s not here. I’m determined.

Interior illustration to H. G. Wells‘ novel The War of the Worlds from reprinting in Amazing Stories, August 1927. Public domain.

Men on Mars

The CDC (USA’s Centers for Disease Control who all have good salaries and pensions paid for with tax dollars) has told pregnant women to avoid parts of Miami because of the threat of Zika. So what happens when the virus travels across town and then spreads to every part of the globe? Warn everyone to avoid Earth? Will we soon have see pregnant women being sent to Mars to avoid Zika on Earth?




Space travel, it’s what viruses do, travel through the space between cities, cracks, crevices, they go everywhere like dirt.

Since the air is the biggest carrier OF ALL VIRUSES known and not known to man and virus hunting freaks, anywhere the wind blows, these viruses travel. That is a scientific fact. Why don’t they tell us this? Are these people on Mars?

Zika, West and East Nile, and HIV are everywhere now, routinely injected by all types of mosquitoes who carry dirty syringes and share them with their hosts and victims so where is the CDC going to tell people to go to avoid all these threats, Mars or the moon is all we have left, oh, and I guess Pluto, you know, that planet that was a planet, then was a rock, then a planet again, all decided by votes of a small group of people deemed experts who keep changing their minds.

If HIV and these other viruses was the cause of anything, everyone would have it now. Everyone HAS these things now like they have dirt. Same concept. Can’t avoid it. How one deals with these things is what’s important. What one believes the powers are beholden to dirt and viruses is also important.

Of course, there are those who are not slaves to these whacked out systems of perpetual misunderstandings, and routine calls to war, and those who know that it’s not the virus that is cause at all, which when you analyze it fully, becomes crystal clear that we have been lied to or infected by lies spread by others.

Testing for lies is what’s important now, and utilizing antibodies, our system of allowing cheap labor to clean house efficiently so we have more resources to do other things.

Image credits – Google News snapshot August 19, 2016 and NASA image in the public domain found here on Wikipedia keeping in mind that the Mars Rover might actually have been never really seen on Mars but merely here on Mars like sets. Those theories are spreading like dirt.