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The Thing’s death star stare

The newest toy thing the dodos in congress have to play with could not stand to celebrate low unemployment for blacks and hispanics and that sex traffickers are being rounded up and put in jail.

The Thing hates Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and wants it abolished.

How is it that people who hate the laws of the United States that are clearly there to protect people are in Congress now?

At least prior it was just full of bozos and liars.

I can hardly wait to see this thing destroy itself. Things often implode. Watch any monster movie. They are presented on C-SPAN all the time.

Things suck all the air out of a room and out comes all that carbon. It alone will cause the ice shelf to explode and rain dodos and con-servers all over the planet.

Things like this do not last. They are too full of themselves, too stupid, too in everyone’s face, too look at me and give me attention and if you don’t you die. See that in it’s face.

Spot hid.

Monsters that are infected with lies about how the governing bodies work should never be left alone without treatment. Give the thing some Horribly Incorrect Virology drugs. That will kill off the virus, yea, like it saved all my dead friends. Not one of these cult followers will acknowledge that.

The death stare is just another form of hate and bullying. Liars. Hypocrites.


Sweden Housing Shortage

The influx of migrants has made it so the good citizens are having more trouble finding housing than ever.


Gobbling up history

Liberals want open borders. Let them in they chant. Tear down that wall was even declared by Ronald Reagan, elsewhere of course, and he’s conservative.

So is it no surprise, this Thanksgiving, we have universities challenging the normal view of Thanksgiving.

They are calling for us to consider the indigenous peoples that were in the United States territories before these maps were drawn.

Ok, let’s be a liberal retard and think about this. The thought now is how horrible it was that Europeans came and took the lands of the indigenous people. These white bastards were migrants. So basically, the Europeans immigrated, JUST FUCKING LIKE ALL THE PEOPLE THAT ARE AT THE BORDERS NOW AND WANT TO DO EXACTLY WHAT THE EUROPEANS DID and these liberals are both trashing immigration to the US and supporting it.

Pretty stupid huh.

Actually it’s RACIST. They are always attacking Europeans, some of these people are even attacking their own European race!

So out of one side of their mouths they want the country to be overrun with people from other countries TODAY, which would include again overrunning all the indigenous people that are here (Indian tribes) as well as those who immigrated here legally, many of whom made FAIR DEALS WITH THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLES, and out of the other side of their mouths they BASH all those who are here who did exactly that.

Makes no sense.

They are ultimate hypocrites by far winning the hypocrisy award of 2018 in EVERY/CATEGORY.

All criminals have to do to get into the US is say they are scared

They won’t be allowed to camp out on any of Ellen’s estates but they can freely remain in the US if these migrants are savvy as to what to say when they arrive.

Basically to get asylum all they have to do is say they are living in fear.

So for every 100 that come in many of them are good but poor human beings and out of those we get a few criminals.

It’s all so lovely feelie goodie in the news who jerks us around as TV/SLAVES to think we are doing good, but then there’s that child that is shot by one of the bad ones or the father shot dead by one of them one day.

Of course none of that happens in Ellen’s back yard.

Twitter goes extreme on anti illegal alien speech

As stated by The American Mirror website,

“The federal government, U.S. Supreme Court, and lawyers across the country use the word “illegal alien” to describe immigrants who illegally enter the country, because that’s the definition in the law. But Twitter makes its own laws, and the social media giant is now blocking folks from promoting any messages with the phrase [illegal alien], which its moderators apparently consider ‘hate speech.'”

So basically they are supporting exclusion.

They are alienating conservative voices.

It’s so weird that these online forums had championed themselves as bastions of free expression and are constantly making new rules forbidding it.

How about we use the term CRIMINAL ALIENS instead.

All undocumented immigrants that remain in the US are criminals.

Why bother with such platforms. I have no use for TwitTwatter or Fussbudgetbook.

I suppose the new term they will demand people use will be another stupid acronym like LGBTQ.

Instead of “illegal alien” the new PC version will be “UIWCHDTNOFOHOHOEOVP” – Unfortunate Immigrant Who Came Here Due To No Fault Of His Or Her Own Escaping Opression Violence and/or Poverty

Used in a sentence: “The obviously drunk UIWCHDTNOFOHOHOEOVP driver killed a 82 year old great great grandmother as he sped away from having killed a 3 year old child when driving through a neighborhood having been caught later the police reported that he was not a citizen, but because liberal retards were so concerned about him they set up a Go Fund Me page that brought in $200,000 for his legal defense expenses after which he was found not-guilty of manslaughter and was set free only to do it yet another time where 3 people were killed at which time he just fled the country and was never found.”