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BATB gets G character

Disney’s “Beauty And The Beast” will present on March 17, 2017 their “first” gay character LeFou. On one hand he wants to be the villan, Gaston, on the other he wants to kiss him and be with him so it’s said. Thing is, the internet has been saying that he’s gay for years. Feature image…


Wow Cool Man Sports Network produced this entertaining request to help fund a movie project geared to the TBGL community. I like that their goal is to “help end TBGL youth homelessness”. Their website states that they successfully funded their project. This short movie could have been shorter but it is well done.

How to spot gaming

Before the election ultra-liberal fat ass film maker Michael Moore started doing a number of interviews on TV telling everyone that Trump was going to win the election, berating liberals in a smooth as ketchup sort of way, trying to make them appear as being rather dumb if they let Trump win. Trump won. See…

Even AA’s like Trump

Blacks are voting for Trump. I say this with a strong conviction now after stumbling upon a movie review by an African-American dude named Leo Dunson who not only rants about the movie he just watched “Barber Shop: The Next Cut” and praises it’s good points, he then interestingly moves into an opportunity to be…

Where’s our money?

Hangover 4 movie poster and it’s tag line “Where’s our money?” is eerily similar to “HIV” and it’s quest for money. movie release date scheduled for December 2016