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You are already super heros

Shows like “The Flash” and others featuring humans with super human abilities are very popular now. They feature stories where the mere mortal humans are saved by those characters who have super powers.

People watch and get that feeling like they wish they were like those heroes. They sometimes imitate them at work or put themselves in a photograph looking like one.

Thing is, you are already a super hero when it comes to health and healing.

Your body has an amazing ability to heal when supported with what it needs.

In immune systems, which a lot of it is in your gut, we have this evil doer fantasy called HIV where finding a hero we feel is necessary.

We get tested now, we are taking the super hero called PReP. They promote these AIDS drugs which is what they are, the same thing they give those who have AIDS, with super hero concepts.

Thing is, even if were a virus capable of causing a deficiency of immunity or a deficiency of income, you are billions on top of trillions of times bigger than it is.

Think about that.

You already are a super hero. So is your immune system as long as you give it the tools it needs. Your immune system creates antibodies which are super heroes inside you that fight off any offender.

They are created by your body to match any intruder, fool them into thinking they are it’s friend, and then latch onto them and destroy them.

I learned this in the 1980’s during the hysteria of “this new intruder”. When all the buzz was how viruses attack it was refreshing to learn that antibodies attack back.

And when I learned that HIV tests only found random antibodies, non specific to what they labeled HIV, and that antibodies remain around after they attack in case needed again, I realized that all HIV testing positive meant was that super heroes in the body were visible and that worrying about a positive result was like worrying about Superman being seen leaping over a tall building and that it would cause chaos as he started fighting intruders, and to stop the chaos, they would send out the national guard, the police, the sheriffs, and nuclear weapons, to do what Superman was already handling.

I know this may be hard to grasp but it’s reality.

The nuclear weapons in that analogy are all the drugs used to fight the intruder they call HIV which end up blasting to death many of those called in to fight while Superman remains.

The Sandra Vortex

The view from my room.

The heat from Sandra’s mouth as she boasts of spreading Korean baby penis skin face cream on her “beautiful” face will cool off that vortex as minds begin to realize the extent of the Penis Skin Holocaust (PSH).

When I see her I see UGLY.

In regards to Mother Nature sending a Polar Vortex, climate fools will blame climate change which is the deceitful term that should really be stated as Breathing Out Carbon. Used in a sentence correctly, “There are those Al Gore Cult followers who still believe that walking around with sandwich boards saying the world is ending is not stupid as they push their Breathing Out Carbon agenda that claims the world’s most abundant mineral is killing it.”

The Polar Vortex is a standard shift in climate that occurs naturally bringing cold Arctic SPACE COOLED air to wider swaths of the country as Mother Nature continues to balance our ecosystem of climate no matter what man does. Remember there’s that funny little thing in the sky that keeps warming it.

Pretty soon these hucksters will be pushing how heating our planet is going to change the temperature of space once people figure out how the followers of the climate cult realize they have been scammed by multimillionaires that thrive on the very thing they condemn.

snapshot appeared on my computer on 12/18/2018

Tim Cook gets awarded

The “Anti Defamation League” gave it to him. The organization is all about standing up for Jews making sure they are there first to fight against anything disparaging said against Jews which would include what certain religions do and do not do.

So when the guy grows up from being a boy and realizes that line on his cock is a scar from having part of his cock sliced off by a Jewish doctor and that the procedure was initiated by Jews and not gentiles, and he says he hates that doctor, the ADL comes in to condemn his statements as hate and untolerable anti-semitism filled with hate and multi-billionaires throw him off their platform.

This is called anti-platforming.

And why not just say antiJew? Because using new words is a technique. They did this with pneumonia, turning it into HIV/AIDS with wild new associations on it’s platform.

Tim Cook banned “hate” off Apple platforms. He gets the award.

Tim Cook has not banned promoting the hacking off of baby boys dick parts on his platform, it’s a religious ritual that is sacred!

Nor has the Anti Defamation League condemned the defamation of baby penis skin on it’s platform.

Hitler banned Jews from his platforms. He was awarded.

See the chicken with it’s penis hacked by a Jew cross the road in terror trying to get to PETA, and the farmer running after it mad as hell about what was done to his chicken little, who then finds himself on the platform across the street, banned from being there because he “is filled with hate”.

See chicken little get mad because it feels the sky is falling and no one did anything about climate change as others get an award be removed from his platform.


Cure for HIV in sight

World AIDS Day ushered in yet another of 7,098,153,520,356 claims that there would be a cure for HIV coming soon to a theater near you even though theaters don’t exist anymore than HIV does…..WELL they ARE hard to find like HIV anyway.

HIV does not exist. You cannot find a cure for something that does not exist. If you want to say it exists as a label sure it exists, but the definition of this label is so wacky it’s like believing that unicorns exist because they look like horses and horses exist.

Gobbling up history

Liberals want open borders. Let them in they chant. Tear down that wall was even declared by Ronald Reagan, elsewhere of course, and he’s conservative.

So is it no surprise, this Thanksgiving, we have universities challenging the normal view of Thanksgiving.

They are calling for us to consider the indigenous peoples that were in the United States territories before these maps were drawn.

Ok, let’s be a liberal retard and think about this. The thought now is how horrible it was that Europeans came and took the lands of the indigenous people. These white bastards were migrants. So basically, the Europeans immigrated, JUST FUCKING LIKE ALL THE PEOPLE THAT ARE AT THE BORDERS NOW AND WANT TO DO EXACTLY WHAT THE EUROPEANS DID and these liberals are both trashing immigration to the US and supporting it.

Pretty stupid huh.

Actually it’s RACIST. They are always attacking Europeans, some of these people are even attacking their own European race!

So out of one side of their mouths they want the country to be overrun with people from other countries TODAY, which would include again overrunning all the indigenous people that are here (Indian tribes) as well as those who immigrated here legally, many of whom made FAIR DEALS WITH THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLES, and out of the other side of their mouths they BASH all those who are here who did exactly that.

Makes no sense.

They are ultimate hypocrites by far winning the hypocrisy award of 2018 in EVERY/CATEGORY.

I’m Gay and I’m Satanic

The Satanic Temple is a religious organization that adheres to “principles of individual sovereignty and rejection of tyrannical authority,” according to the Temple’s official website. Members do not actually worship Satan. In fact, the Temple rejects all forms of supernaturalism and faith-based belief. The group sees Satan more as a symbol or “icon for the unbowed will of the unsilenced inquirer,” according to the website.

You wouldn’t know that by watching countless hours of TV and Netflix which is by the way being sued by the Satanic Temple for ripping off their copyrighted statue for use in making gobs of money in their ripoff of Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

Thus, as we learn how noble it is to be Satanic, look around and notice how many wars are started by God’s children by comparison.


Eat a burger, get vaccinated

The con artists of government and medical science have declared that if you ate at a certain Florida burger joint you should get injected with virus as a precaution, that is, get vaccinated.

The restaurant is called Ybor. A worker there has “Hepatitis A”.

So this is the logic, try to follow, you get exposed to a virus so in order to not get exposed to it you get exposed to the virus in vaccine form.

Vaccines expose you to the viruses they are supposed to protect you from. Antibodies in the body form, attack the virus, then linger around in case need be to attack again. Sorta like when police presence lingers after a 9/11 attack.

Thing is, if you ate at that restaurant you may have already been attacked, thus, you body produces antibodies to attack the virus, then linger around in case need be to attack again. Sorta like when police presence lingers after a 9/11 attack.

Starting to see through the smoke and mirrors yet?


feature image by Chevanon Photography free use see more of that photographers images here

Looks like a rat and smells like HIV

Adenovirus is now being blamed for causing paralysis in some children as some “new disease”.

It’s more likely they are suffering paralysis from bug spray and Roundup weed killer. Kids do play in the grass.

Wikipedia states it causes a cold and some respiratory problems.

So let’s look at the picture of the virus, as we know as long as we have a picture we know everything said about it is real.

Look ma, it’s HIV.

This photo is by Wikipedia user Graham Colm and used with permission and is taken with an electron microscope.


Breitbart ranks higher than others in free speech according to Google study

That is why there are so many references to that high quality news organization.

Lindsey Lohan tries to kidnap Muslim kids

She’s in another country sees allegedly homeless family, tells the kids to come with her to watch movies in her hotel room, tells parents of kids they are bad, streams the entire thing live on the internet to her 6.8 million followers (not likely all those were watching).

She claims the parents are “trafficking children”.

See this is what happens when liberal retards get their heads too far up their camera phones.

reference article at Breitbart

Ford appears not credible & with many contradictions

These are imgay opinions.

Too many problems with Dr. Ford story.

No one remembers anything, she doesn’t even remember who drove her there or back? Oh comon. You would certainly remember who drove you home.

Just wait for the book, it will explain it all – that’s guaranteed to be an outcome, and she becomes a multi millionaire.

I think she uses feel sorry for me technique just like children do, did she do this as a child?

Democrats fall for this crap all the time.

Shows the fantastic process of justice in the United States.

Even though this is not a criminal trial, and many liberals say this is a job interview, no decent interview process is going to go by alleged crimes with out proof, she provided no evidence.

Vote delayed again because of Republican Arizona Senator Flake.

She said she only talked to therapist and husband, then later she says she talked with beach friends.

Oh paleeze.

She has so many holes in her story, the nominee had calendars he saved from 36 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who does that? Someone who has a steel hard memory. Someone who is precise.

She went on trips on the plane all her life and in testimony put on the FFF* claiming she was afraid to fly to Washington and that she was unaware that Washington committee was ready to all fly out to meet her in California.

She’s had a restraining order filed against her in the past.

OMG Kavanaugh has never had a restraining order filed against him.

Democrats are LOST/DENIALED.


*Fake Fear Face


Famous Internet Gamer wrecks his expensive car driving wrong way on I-805 in San Diego.

He had lucrative career at 18 years old selling virtual game piece skins. Lost between $100k to $200k income.

This is obscene, kids should never have that kind of money.

If you don’t know what a game piece skin is think of it as playing Monopoly and being tired of playing with a shoe and wanting to dress it up to look like Armani except that it’s only an image of the game piece within the video game. These games are played online, players compete worldwide.

The online community that knew him say he was very distraught and probably committed suicide.

Where are those liberals gun control freaks? I hear not one peep about car control. This guy murdered a mother and child on that highway. Like guns, they must be confiscated.

He did not have to own a gun to kill. He used his expensive car which was probably going to be repossessed.

Prior to landing on the highway though he blew threw a fence at an elementary school, stopped, got out, threw a rock at a window. That rock could have killed a child as well as how that car could have. He could have run over children.

Liberals should be calling for new laws to fix the problem if they were consistent. When ever someone has a sudden change in income, confiscate their car.

Then make sure that if they live somewhere where there are rocks, those too are confiscated – we cannot wait for mental illness diagnosis from a therapist.

Why is therapist spelled THE RAPIST?

see report about this from another gamer who knew all about him and these lucrative virtual game piece skins here

Bernie Sanders clone wants trillions spent on green energy

What a complete joke this politician is and those he’s created.

For example, as you know, the Ocasio-Cortez vortex wants trillion$ and zillion$ to be spent on “clean energy” like that of the wind farms surrounding Palm Springs that are horrendous to look at eyesores that draw energy back FROM THE ENERGY GRID to power the blades when they need to be kept running in times of no wind so that they don’t seize up.


The vortex keeps repeating the Bernie and Obama’s mantra “their fair share” like a religious cult follower that listens to nothing but what comes from their leaders mouths and asses.

She obviously thinks that the money is going to come out of Tesla’s unicorn farting asses that spew out endless supplies of energy. After all the 28 year old has enough experience and knowledge about energy, she watches TV and cable news.

listen and learn

Stiky gooy mess

Politics destroyed a number of friendships since Trump got elected, even with those of the same basic partisan beliefs.

The problem is that discussing things has become such a quagmire.

We can thank our unlimited amounts of media connectivism which has given everyone a voice.

It’s become like a company board meeting where no one will shut the fuck up.

Once in a while a voice appears, or two of them, that when listened to make sense of it all. I saw this on Live Leak in the comments of a story about a guy repairing his TRUMP bumper sticker using acetone.

Acetone eats/melts a lot of different plastics so if you are going to do this at bumper make sure it’s only on something disposable, something that you don’t care about risking it.

One might figuratively use it on political discussions that get messy or marred.

Marimba (15.70)

Hey trumpsters – why do you actually love Russia more than your own land? What the heck has fucked up your brains??

elskimo (34.90) Marimba

The simple fact is that you have been brainwashed over the years by the globalists and the main stream media to think that Russia is all that bad. I have met many Russian nationals in my travels and they are decent people like you and I. It is the globalists that wants war with Russia to destabilize the US. It’s been happening for a long long time. They don’t want war, we don’t want war … the Marxists left want war with Russia. Open your eyes a bit. Travel to Russia and speak to the people.

Renowned mathematician denounces HIV/AIDS theories

Calls them politically formed.

Said the government merely commanded the National Institutes of Health to state the cause of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome was a virus without the cause actually identified nor a connection logically established.

From that point things took off. Once government says something is so everyone jumps on the $$$$ bandwagon.

“In the last years of his life one of his big fights was about HIV” as stated on page 15.

He submitted Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences which was on the state of HIV research and government actions on so called HIV drugs. It was so cavalierly rejected it was stunning.

He pointed out that David Ho’s paper on the subject of HIV slash AIDS lacked rigor and used mathematics inappropriately.

An excerpt of his statements:

Even if one virus could cause the twenty-six infectious and non-infectious (!) diseases that are now defined as AIDS, the following would be true:

  1. AIDS would be contagious. But, there is no case report in the peer-reviewed literature of even one doctor who ever contracted AIDS from one of the 929,985 (2004) American AIDS patients in twenty-three years. Moreover, not even one of the thousands of AIDS virus researchers ever contracted AIDS from their “deadly virus”, as the New York Times calls it.
  2. AIDS should appear within days to weeks after infection, because the AIDS virus, like other viruses, replicates with multiplication rates of 100 to 1,000 within twenty-four hours. But AIDS is said to appear only five to ten years after infection by its hypothetical viral cause.
  3. The epidemic would spread randomly like all viral epidemics. But AIDS cases in the U.S. and Europe are highly nonrandom, 80% are males, of which 1/3 are intravenous drug users and 2/3 are male homosexual users of toxic, recreational drugs like nitrite inhalants and amphetamines and are prescribed DNA chain-terminators.
  4. The epidemic would have formed a classical bell-shaped time curve, increasing exponentially and then declining exponentially owing to natural immunity within weeks to months, like a seasonal flu. Instead AIDS increased slowly over a decade and has since leveled off, without ever inducing immunity against itself. Thus AIDS fits a lifestyle—but not a viral epidemic. I hope, therefore, that those who saw Lang’s AIDS engagement as an Achilles heel might reconsider.


Children separated from parents syndrome – CSFPS

While the nutjob attention getters go protesting and all their drama over the 2000 kids that only a portion of those were separated from their parents at the border BECAUSE THEY WERE FUCKING ILLEGAL ALIENS and broke our laws and it’s done for safety of the kids because to protect them, they ignore the millions of other kids separated.

“Some 430,000 children were in the foster care system in 2016, many of whom are prohibited from any parental contact, and the vast majority are in the system due to neglect.”

“A staggering 5.1 million children have had a parent incarcerated over their lifetime, and children of color are more likely to be separated from their parent because of incarceration.”

Read the Washington Examiner.

IMGAY encourages people  to HELP those suffering from CSFPS, those people who are so deranged they have to keep talking about things that are trivial in comparison to what all the good US citizens are going through who they could care less about unless it can be a bandwagon topic to babble about. Talk to them about CSFPS. Take them to a CSFPS counseling center. Get them CSFPS medications.

Sweet cakes and sour apples

Oregon has become a very odd community.

Many of the people that live there now made bundles of money with lucrative jobs they had in Southern California and then selling their homes to move up to Oregon they were able to buy homes with cash, retire. Some of them had nothing to do and being that they can now live on trust funds they go into politics. The state has become extremely liberal and in some ways radical.

The radical Islams there, I mean radical Christians, I mean radical LGBTQ’s changed laws to make everything equal especially for the forgotten downtrodden groups like gays, yet the odd thing is now they treat the religious groups different, unequal.

Religion happens to be a protected class too you know yet at every level now we see radical LGBTQ’s involved in this change. They claim they are fighting for equality while they are not in all cases, and when you challenge them when they are wrong, they get mad, very very mad.

The case of the Sweet Cakes religious preference matter where the owners stated they could not express themselves by being forced into decorating a cake with gay wedding theme takes the cake. The militant radical LGBTQXYZ community one of whom’s leader is Alan DeGenerate (we are pretending here) keeps insisting that expressing one’s self in a certain way in business must be forced upon all businesses equally but the fact is it’s not equal.

Let’s use as an example condoms instead of cakes. The drug store sells condoms next door to the burned down Christian owned cake shop. They sell condoms at $6.69 cents per package of 3. The owner of the store is Christian and says Christ did not sell condoms but feels they are not forbidden and using condoms prevents unwanted touching from the sperm to the egg thus helps unwanted pregnancy and unwanted touching of aborted fetuses. He sells them to everyone equally.

If he only sold them to men, that would be sexist and illegal. If he changed the price adding $10 to LGBQT customers that would be illegal. If he sold them to women and men but asked first a whole series of questions and then decided that he would not sell them to gays, or bisexuals, but would sell them to straights, that would be unfair and illegal. The factor here is that the product is the same no matter who it’s sold to. A business has a right to choose what he wants to sell and not sell. It can choose what price to sell it at but it has to sell it equally. Some things can be based on age where government decides the weight of age matters more than equality.

Cigarettes and alcohol have a legal age requirement, still, those products if available for purchase must be sold equally to everyone unless of course someone throws a tantrum. In that case, the 17 year old tantrum thrower does not get what he wants by screaming that he’s not being treated the same as the 22 year old, wildly and loudly claiming age discrimination which is illegal, as he saw the 22 year old buy cigarettes in front of him. The owner even has a right to UNEQUALLY throw him out of the store for how he acted. These laws are in place already regarding age but they weren’t always there as these issued came up over time just like how this cake decorating thing came up.

These things get sorted out. Laws get enacted. In the case of decorating the Supreme Court of the United States made it clear that in this case the owner is allowed to discriminate because his religious expression takes precedence AND he does not ever offer that service of that exact kind of decoration. He never discriminated regarding selling identical items to different types of customers. The cake decorator did not discriminate against the gay couple for being gay, or for being men, or for getting married together, he discriminated based on the fact that he never provides that exact product that they wanted that they were trying to force on him.

Actually that’s not discrimination, it’s choosing what products a store wants to offer, it’s refusing to be bossed around. It’s refusing to be forced to provide something that he does not provide. A business can provide what they want and don’t want based on whatever they feel like providing. The idea that the gay couple can force them to provide a product that is not provided is like forcing a Christian book store to provide books on sadomasochistic lesbian sex which in the mind of the business owner is like working with the Devil himself. You just can’t force businesses to provide things they don’t want to provide.

The lesbian couple could walk in that store, say they are Christians, say that the store provides many books on sexual relations, demand they provide sadomasochistic sex books for lesbians, have a fit, get all the radical QWERTY’s to fight, rally, etc, and go to court, and would lose just like this gay couple whining about not being treated equally, demanding a gay wedding cake, trying to force on that Christian business to MAKE A PRODUCT THAT THEY DON’T CARRY. The idea that the store made custom cakes for straight couples thus they are being discriminated against doesn’t fly, THEY NEVER MAKE THE PRODUCT THAT THIS COUPLE WANTED and to force them is not fair by any stretch.

When that cake baker next door refused to decorate the cake for a gay couple the way the gay couple wanted it to look which he disagreed with whereas it would hurt him so deep on the level of his very core of being, that is a very different situation and because in the USA we respect ones personal religious beliefs at a very high level that would be considered fair enough. No it’s not equal, it’s not fantastic, it’s hurtful to one party, but it’s fair to choose not to sell that item, an item that basically only exists if the business CREATES IT. Another way of putting this is the owner gives birth to the product. It is unfair to demand anyone give birth to a product or conceive a product that they object to. It’s RAPE plain and simple. They are raping the business forcing conception of their baby.

All this wacked out radical fag LG bisexual Q (what is Q?) screaming about equality is absurd. There is no such thing as 100% equality and thus there has to be some give and take with where the priority in FAIRNESS lies. With decorating cakes it is not fair for the seller to sell a cake that say has the writing “Condoms are only $6.69” on it and refuse to sell it to a gay couple when that owner will sell it to a straight couple. That is discrimination and unfair. The fact that they are gay has no bearing on selling an IDENTICAL PRODUCT to them or not selling it. The product is the product, a business must sell the same item to everyone the same way.

The problem lies when a customer demands unequal treatment as was the case with the gay couple, insisting that a special made completely different product that they never provide to anyone be made special for them. How much more unequal treatment can there be than that! The gay couple insisted to the level of making it a legal matter going to the Supreme Court, and lost their case, because they were UNEQUALLY TREATING THE BUSINESS.

I don’t understand why the fag QWERTY community does not get that. If a gay owned cake shop does not want to sell a special cake that a Rainbow Supremecist wants made that says “God Hates Fags and QWERTYS” should they be FORCED into making this product that they never sell, would never sell, have never sold ever? Of course not yet the LGBT loud mouths that have pushed this “inequality” claim don’t seem to be able to process this logic.

In my writing I hope that it will help them understand.

Here’s another example, should an asexual business owner be forced to decorate a rally for a religious group that hates gays with signs that say “We hate the LGBT community” and such? If you are going to claim that Christian cake decorators can be forced into decorating a cake with two men on it against their will then you have to make the law apply equally don’t you, and that asexual transgendered bisexual lesbian will be forced into spending an entire week making signs that also say “Fags suck” and “LGBTAQ’s are going to hell, good!”

We don’t want people in the USA to be forced into such things, thus the decision by the Supreme Court was fair.

Now let’s have a fundraiser to help that Oregon Christian cake baker couple reopen their store now that we have figured out what is fair.

Some radical QWERTY’s burned down the shop after vandalizing the owners home and car. How is that equal?

In a similar ruling by the Supreme Court, the free speech of prolife anti-abortion centers in California have the right to their beliefs and to speak them freely. They give advice and counseling to women looking for help. The court decided it was an undue burden on those centers to be FORCED to act in a way that was against their beliefs. The liberal run state of California created laws that would force those centers to provide products of speech that fit the State’s view, not theirs, and that was like this cake decorating thing, individual businesses have more protection when it comes to what they offer their customers.

The Nazi State cannot come in and force speech and expression that is dictated.

If the prolife anti-abortion center was to tell the gay couple with their new gay wedding cake in hand that they will not assist them because they are gay and men that might be different, they might be going to the center to find out more about abortion in case they fucked a woman and didn’t want a baby, but if the business only serves women, even though that is sexist, they can choose to only serve women because it’s women who have babies and not men.


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Oxidative stress

One of the dudes that helped get out some of the best information that has shed light on the wacky HIV theory that most people, governments, health officials have adopted, has gone off the deep end, some how getting stuck in blaming cum for causing ‘oxidative stress’.

His sites on this have since been removed though the Wayback Machine has archives referenced below.

When I study what this is on my own, including having looked at what he and the Perth Group have presented, I find no solid connection to the claim that IT is what’s responsible for what HIV was blamed.

Health matters are entirely complex and subjective to the subject.

Without getting into all of that, let’s reference one reference regarding looking up what Wikipedia stated about glycemic index:

High blood glucose levels or repeated glycemic “spikes” following a meal can promote these diseases by increasing systemic glycative stress, other oxidative stress to the vasculature, and also by the direct increase in insulin level.[28]

In other words, oxidative stress:

1) is not caused by ingesting cum

2) is a common occurrence

3) can present a wide variety of symptoms including one that is very common, high blood pressure

The term ‘oxidative’ is referring to a mechanism/action of oxygen. Like the words oxygen and sedative, we combine the two, and the whole discussion puts us to sleep.

In contrast, put the terms Human Immuno-eieio-deficiency Virus causing Acquired (something you get like when you shop Amazon) Immune Deficienceieio Syndrome together and we have hysteria which causes oxidative stress to cause high blood pressure which causes one to run to their LGBT-QWERTY community center to get tested with testing that is entirely flawed and then run to the poison store to get meds.

Doing a little searching for Rod Knoll seems he may now be acting. Bravo.


10 March 2014 post on Rod Knoll forum where he references having once run

Wikipedia entry on Glycemic index

And look at all the people that say that HIV is a myth (it’s nothing more than cell shit). These statements have been made as far back as 1984 to 1995 and beyond but no one wants to hear it anymore, the science is settled they say, heh heh heh…..Just ask any mosquito with hypodermic needle in mouth who’s going around spreading it, that is, if it exists, because mosquito needles are not smart needles. What we need more of is smart needles.

Feature image of lots of oxygen pretending to be atmosphere and clouds by

Liberal loony toon sets himself on fire to protest “fossil” fuels

The guy was a prominent attorney for gay rights and lost his mind apparently having set himself on fire he murdered himself.

Got sucked into and overwhelmed by liberal mania.

Let’s clear things up here in the minds of those of us who haven’t yet done that:

  1. so called “fossil fuels” are mineral fuels – they are not made by fossils, that is the most disingenuous term ever created to describe fuel
  2. so called “fossil fuels” are manufactured deep inside the earth and the world has an endless supply in contrast to what all the end of world idiots keep saying

He worked with Lambda Legal in gay marriage issues.

He was a well known ecological activist kook.

His display somehow is supposed to mimic what we are doing to the Earth.

All it did was end the life of a good human being in an overt overly dramatic horrific display which merely set an example of what not to do to ones self and why one should not get sucked into the planet doom and gloom narrative.

His act did not make everyone gay.

Please read more here at NY daily news

Feature image by burak kostak at see his other 43 photos


HIV Rates Rise

Google news snapshot Marche 16 2018 presents a story presented for about the 700 trillionth time that there is such a thing as a virus that only travels through a mans dick and ass and through drug infused dirty hypodermic needles and not those dirty needles that mosquitoes carry and use to inject into HIV tainted veins.

The HIV theory is such bullshit. If there was a virus causing it (what is it? = it is immune deficiency) everyone would be getting it from mosquitoes and the air because both of those things carry any and all viruses.

And this new thing to take a pill before sex to protect you from getting HIV is such a joke.

Gender reclusive

The subway system authority of New York City called the Metropolitan Transit Authority – which should be acronymized for ease of speech as SSA/MTA/NYC – is replacing “ladies and gentlemen” announcements on it’s PA (Prince Albert or public addressers not sure which) with so called “gender neutral” statements.

I guess genders are offensive.

“The Metropolitan Transportation Authority wants to nix the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” in New York City subway and bus announcements and replace it with gender-inclusive language.”[1]

This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

There are two genders, female, male, how does one include any others by using different terms?

There are not any other genders in the entire world, well maybe one, those who are both male and female, which is one. In that case that rider can be referred to as either appropriately. Even if that rider prefers to be referred to as one of the genders, saying “ladies and gentlemen” is appropriate.

For those who HNG (Have No Gender) let them pick one. Let us be democratic instead of neurotic and go with the majority of how biology works.

So the terms the MTA will “appropriately” use instead are: “passengers”, “riders”, and “everyone”.[1]

Passenger viruses ride on subways.

I am not like everyone. I do not want to be associated with those neutered terms.

I do not consider myself a “passenger” or an “everyone”.

I am offended by neutral language.

Feature image of the initial construction of the London subway system where they would have laughed at such changes in how we refer to ladies and gentlemen is in the public domain is by Percy William Justyne living from 1812 to 1883, and was published February 2 1861.

references: [1]


Try that sample of lipstick in the department store and you being a LGBTQI could get stuck with a sample of herpes.

Of course “authorities” in the fields of virus studies will say that you can’t get HIV from lipstick, cups, toilets, mosquitoes, or the air, because the virus dies when exposed to air and mosquito syringes are too small for the virus to enter or whatever made up story they tell you but if their claims were true wouldn’t herpes die too on lipstick?

Viruses are not living things.

HIV can be sneezed out of the lungs or when someone shits in the toilet the HIV that’s there can be flush/sprayed into the air so anyone can get it.


The reason we are where we are is politics and terror hysteria which came into play in the dark ages. That time began in George Orwell’s 1984 when Margaret Heckler announced “The probable cause of AIDS is HIV”.

Probable. Not absolute. At least the government health secretary didn’t say absolute they knew enough to not claim that at the time.

So since it was claimed “probable” media hype took hold, interviews were done asking what do you think about this, and all responses were assuming “it” was the cause of 29 different diseases labeled under a broader category stupidly referred to as acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Now it’s considered real.

AIDS, what a stupid name. Actually it’s not a name at all it’s a description/category/broader.

If a virus was the cause of 29 different diseases called AIDS that prior to Hysteria In Virology they had different causes, we would see anyone kissing or trying on lipstick  or breathing air getting it.

Image snapshot of Huffpost article dated 10/31/17. This publication used to be called Huffington Post.

Feature image of lipstick by Stephencdickson

Photos are inkblots

To the wacked out libtards that hate Trump, this photo is where Trump is about to burn this flag as he hates the PXZLYLGBT community.

To those of us with a brain that functions superbly we see a President who supports the rainbow community.

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Feature image of fat ass fag credit By Cyberjunkie (Own work) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

His 2 cents

I was searching for an image of “2 cents” and came across this article by a guy who claims he is “HIV positive” and feel sorry for him, not because “he has the virus” because I know that viruses are dead things not capable of waging war on cells, but because he doesn’t know what I know.

It’s like so much of the population’s mind is stuck with this “it’s like this and only like this” mentality about viruses, basically because that’s all they have ever seen on TV or heard from their doctors and friends and it makes me sad to see the world like this.

It’s like how in searching for that image to represent “my two cents” which is a series of words that represent an idea “my thoughts” or “my opinion” which we can acronymize like this “MTC” one would have an image of both opinions and 2 US cents.

Yet I can go tell people that what they’ve been told about HIV is not exactly accurate, in fact pretty much false, and I can also tell them that their image in their minds of what 2 cents would look like as compared to mine in what I am representing here would also be wrong, and they would argue with me until they are angry and disgusted with my argument and walk away, knowing that they are right and there is only one way of looking at what 2 cents or “HIV” looks like.

That is why I featured this article with an image of 2 cents which is not in two coins, it’s one.

To prove that things are not always as they appear in ones’ minds.

So here’s my 4 cents showing that I know 2 times as much as most people on these subjects.

To make it perfectly clear I have included 2 images of one 2 cent piece, yet one may have to ask “Does this mean he/she is presenting 4 cents or does it just mean he/she is/am representing 2 cents 2 times or is this a representation of merely the same 2 cents being expressed in opinions?”

images of 2 cent piece minted by United States government in 1865, first is the reverse side, second is the reverse side

As with everything in life we can easily misperceive what is being discussed, in the case of 2 cents probably 99.99% of the population would think of 2 pennies minted in 1 cent denominations

As with everything in life we can easily misperceive what is being discussed, in the case of 2 cents probably 99.99% of the population would think of 2 pennies minted in 1 cent denominations and HIV as being minted as destructive ideas

As with everything in life we can easily misperceive what is being discussed, in the case of 2 cents probably 99.99% of the population would think of 2 pennies minted in 1 cent denominations

As with everything in life we can easily misperceive what is being discussed, in the case of 2 cents probably 99.99% of the population would think of 2 pennies minted in 1 cent denominations and HIV as being minted as destructive ideas

This image and that image depicts a unit of currency issued by the United States of America. It is solely a work of the United States government, is ineligible for US copyright, and is therefore in the public domain in the United States.