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Rhythm nation

NOT divided nation. NOT resist nation. NOT boycott nation. NOT gun control nation. RHYTHM/NATION  

Trump will drop to his knees, blow, swallow says the suck shit

That’s what Kathy Griffin the lamest old fart comedienne that exists said about the President regarding Turkey’s new president. So I take it that’s a put down. Ok thanks Kathy suck shit, you have just insulted all LGBTQ+s. There is nothing wrong with or less equal than getting on knees and blowing, it’s something she…

1/2 and more than HOLE

I saw a homeless person at a storage facility. The person was not unitless, not homefull, possibly hopefull. Performers at Superbowls have homes. Gaga’s 1/2 TIME performance of the Superbowl was fun. It was not a 1/4 TIME performance. Gagas be it M,F,T,L,B,G are not homeless nor homoless. I think Gaga sangs “Telephone” with mock…

Fat faggot

I’m speaking of a large cigarette of course. Milo was speaking of a professor. I’m getting to like this guy again. Take a look at this awesome suit he wore speaking (calling out) at a University in recent video. He trashes a fat ass gay liberal professor calling him a ‘piece of shit’. You go…

For sale: Soul

I was kon-templat-ing the concept the other day. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how one would perform such a transaction.