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Good thing they didn’t nominate a doctor

With all the attention on whether Kavanaugh forcedbly tried to have sex with Ford, and the horrors the public would GASP if it were proven true, imaging if a different Trump pick US Supreme Court nominee was a doctor who performed countless forced sexual advances on babies, cutting their dicks.

Josh Dawsey compared SCN to HW

SCN/ Supreme Court Pick HSB/ Harvey Weinstein See how much better it is with acronyms. reference

Leader of NK says Trump stabilized region

A fantastic president is measured by whether or not he can shift a serious threatening global situation into creating a profound and stable situation. That is exactly what he did in the meeting with North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un. It was actually easier than dealing with hysterical Democrats. reference

Leak factory

The US government is supposed to operate in a neutral fashion, meaning when people are given a job to do, they are not supposed to start doing political posturing as a part of their job. In other words, certain people in the FBI and other parts of government were actively trying to stop Trump from…

Joe Biden claims Trump supporters use White House as “bully pulpit” as he speaks at event sponsored by Human Rights Campaign

The standard Democratic politician propaganda being thrown around once again. Watch the video here.

Loony toon asks Canada to interfere in our election

Ah wait, it wasn’t a cartoon character. The character was visiting Canada and talked as if he was talking to Americans. It was David Hogg the guy that many Americans look to for in depth knowledge on certain topic of safety. They trust him on topics of mass murders, how to stop them, how to…

HIV should be a virus again

Researchers – what a funny field. The loudest voices become gospel. In the case of HIV this has remained classified as a “serious threat”. In the case of planetary science, we have Pluto, which once was a planet, then became a rock, and now is being said that it should be a planet again. It’s…

GOP auctioneer drowns out libtard protester in Twitter hearing

The republicans proved once again who can outsmart who. watch the short segment and read the details here on Fox News

Vote for cocks

Oh I spelled that wrong, his name is Cox. Close enough. He’s a conservative governor that won’t throw good money down the global warming hole nor give illegal visitors to our state free health care. Newsom is the liberal candidate. Tells the gays what they want to hear. Look at that city, filth everywhere, can’t…

Understanding the net stuck in neutral

California liberals have a way of not understanding things as they really are. In the case of so called ERRONEOUSLY LABELED “net neutrality” the liberals are all for this concept that all of the pipelines for internet service never be throttled ever. Why don’t they do this for water pipes? Why are they not lobbying…