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Mental case makes mental case against guns

Old fart Pat Robertson is a huckster extraordinaire.

He is a conservative Fundamentalist Christian who just will not die. I look forward to seeing this pile of trash gone like all TV preachers, he is scum.

Being that he is a staunch fag hating gun loving Republican you would not expect to hear from his mouth calls for gun control, but that is exactly what came gushing out into the TV toiletverse.

I do not buy it. He’s a liar. He’s a deceitful pile of human energy.

For one, any of these elitists calling for gun control are hypocrites. They can hire all the guards they want, they can live in all the high security compounds they want and be protected 24/7. The rich who call for gun control are liars.

Robertson is a multi millionaire who can hire armed guards with weapons for his own personal protection, using the millions in donations and income he gets from his viewers of his broadcasts, schools, and empire. He is now is calling for gun control when he not long ago called for not politicizing a church shooting. He now gets The Hysterocrite Hall Of Hell’s Fanned Fag Flames Award for his shifty stance and hysteria induced hypocrisy.

Many years ago I was sucked into the Fundamentalist Christian lies. It took a long time to escape.

I recall in the early 1980’s Robertson predicting stock markets were going to plummet, I sold, they soared, he made a bundle.

Due to his TV ministry I sent him money when I had it, until I realized the con game these preachers play. He basically claims that he knows God better than God knows me. He and his kind brainwash people, claiming that God loves them unconditionally, while also claiming that if God’s children do not repent, God will send them to burn forever – not a year – forever in the pits of Hell.

This is such a mind game in order to get money from people. What so called caring father would do that to their kids for not obeying??? Banish from their house maybe as Dad says, “Not under my roof” as he throws the kid out on the street, but burn forever???

What an incredibly stupid doctrine.

So now he’s using the alleged Florida school massacre to con people into giving up their weapons so that they can rely on God to protect them. If only the criminals would follow lying Pat Robertson and know that God will take their guns from them, to protect His children, like how God will protect those who are unarmed with His unicorn army of angels.

Beware of bansters on bandwagons like David Hogg

When the riots in Los Angeles happened in 1991 due to unrest that was stirring over the Rodney King beating, stores in South Central Los Angeles were burned to the ground, from small mom and pop stores, to huge supermarkets and big box stores like FedCo and GemCo (the 90’s Wal-Mart and CostCo). The only stores that were not burned were the ones where the owners got on top of them with assault weapons, the thugs ran like a fag out of hell’s Pat Robertson 700 Club audience. So too the only families that were totally safe were the ones hiding behind assault rifles.

Had there been a 10 day waiting, “cooling off” period (current California law) on the day of the LA Riots, whereas those good citizens did not have those weapons and had to wait 10 days before getting one to suddenly and immediately protect their businesses, whereas police and military could not respond, and they not had assault weapons, which hucksters like Pat Robertson are now calling to be banned, another half of the city would be ash, maybe all of it, because the thugs with easy to get non banned matches would have kept burning buildings.

The rich elitists in the Hollywood Hills remember watching Los Angeles burn. Obviously either smoke got in the lungs of the liberal ones, and made them unable to process logic any longer, or they never saw this happen, as they call for bans once again.

Why are emotionocrats not also calling for “fire control”? They should be banning match sales.

Why? Because like with banning weapons, it’s not practical.

Government cannot protect everyone in such riots and government cannot stop them from happening. Imagine if the country was invaded, a bomb dropped, you expect the military and police to protect everything? They say repeatedly that even in just a stupid earthquake, for the first 4 days YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.

Look at history. Civil unrest is a regular occurrence. Even in the US The Civil War of the mid 1800’s killed 625,000 US citizens, that was 2% of the population! That number would have been 10% had there not been guns to “protect one’s self”.

It is the reason for the 2nd amendment that makes sure that the entire citizenship is a militia, ready to protect the country and individuals when things get out of control, speaking of which, porn, which religious leaders have persecuted for centuries, has been declared by Florida’s House of politicians, to be a threat to the public.

United States peoples living there in 1860 prior to civil war. Note 14% were slaves.

Total Free Population 27,489,561
Total Slave Population 3,953,760
Grand Total 31,443,321

Gun ban advocates don’t seem to consider that if the guns were not there, rock control would be next. People would not be able to buy rocks or cutlery after massacre by rocks. Then they would have to ban rocks and 2×4 pieces of wood, then when those were banned, tree branches, and cement.

Only then would massacres never ever occur again because as we all know when the public doesn’t even have tree branches to use for defense or assault, only unicorns would have the ability to kill people.

Oh and speaking of slavery, keep in mind the slaves were not allowed to have guns.

You get one guess as to why.

So while the loons with their cult followers babble about their ban on guns, the kind that saved many lives and businesses in the LA riots, there remains no phone call to ban VHC/AIDS*

*VHC – Video Head Cleaner aka “poppers” a chemical inhalant frequently used to enhance sexual pleasure in homosexuals, the amount inhaled in each sexual session is 1 billion times more than the chemicals including lead that was found in high concentrations in Flint, Michigan water. The reason I bring this up is because VHC causes AIDS and hysterics never fixes anything.

Feature image of warriors in battle between walls by pixabay on pexels and is copyright free.

Trump = Limitless

In the movie “Limitless” and in the series, the main character takes a drug called NZT which makes it so he can think 50 steps ahead of everyone and everything.

Watch the ending of that movie. That’s what Trump does. That’s why he won. That’s why he is still winning.

Freak. Liberals can’t understand this concept because they only think 50 steps behind everything. They get so caught up in the words and sentence structure, they completely miss the goal.

It’s like what they do constantly is they are playing out there on the field playing football and all they can do in the game is konstantly criticize their team mates moves rather than moving with them.

Imagine the quarterback saying out loud he is going to do something that contradicts what he was saying he was going to do in the huddle.

The liberal says “Wait right there, you are lying, that’s not what you said…..”

The conservative says “” and the game continues.

Hi Rating

Prez Trump gets a high rating on a poll for members of LiveLeak after on year in office.

internet snapshot dated Feb. 22, 2018 at 6:25 pm pt

Do not touch

The Republican politician told the Democrat politician to stop touching his arm. [1]

Being that the Republican said he was straight and to touch other men that like that kind of thing, the Democrat party called for the dude’s resignation, citing that he’s a homophobe and all that crap.

This is why Democrats lost the election, they keep doing stupid stuff.

They rally for women who say not to touch their arm, but when it’s a white male Republican, they act totally different and make it a gay issue.

I’m so tired of your gay issues. You people don’t represent me. I am all for that Republican politician telling the guy to stop it. The Democrat politician was out of line.


Feature image of an instrument of touch by Hellerhoff

Another sleaze bag politician closeted flame goes down in flames

The young Ohio legislature politician, charming as he may be, after being found out as being a fully closeted gay, who acted publicly as staunchly conservative, who, as to be expected by such sleazedirt, would speak and act against LGBTqwerty rights, and is now OUT/ED and no longer a politician, stated this according to,

“We all bring our own struggles and our own trials into public life,” Goodman said in the statement. “That has been true for me, and I sincerely regret that my actions and choices have kept me from serving my constituents and our state in a way that reflects the best ideals of public service.”

Wow. It’s still all about him. Notice how he doesn’t say he’s sorry to the gay community. How about stating you are sorry for fucking and slamming the gay community into the ground and being part of the biggest hypocrites ever, which the fundamentalist Christian community is FULL/OF.

“Christian ‘Family Values’ Conservative Resigns After Sex in the Office With Another Man”

Image snapshot of Ohio House of Representatives webpage of formerly closeted SCUM/GAY fake human being that did not represent the public properly found on and is in the public domain and presented in the public interest


It’s all about ME

The Mosquito Exchange program is not being understood as an effective treatment to stop the spread of HIV.


Only human needles transmit it?

This came up as Project Q Atlanta reported that the wife of former Trump health secretary Tom Price suggested that “people with HIV might be quarantined” which I guess is to help stop the spread of mosquitoes which are attracted to sugar sweetened blood which then go from arm to arm spreading disease.

No calls to quarantine HIV infected mosquitoes.

QTSTSOA – Quarantine To Stop The Spread Of Aids

ME – Mosquito Exchange – like a stock exchange one can exchange mosquitoes for ones they prefer to hold for a while like ones that don’t have TIDV – THE IMMUNE DEFICIENCY VIRUS

Feature image of sweet confection and bread painting by Georg Flegel who is an artist who lived between 1566 and 1638


In going with the flow of GLBTQ+QWERTY acronymania AGER is Anti Gay Equal Rights, or AGLBTQ+ER for long.

That’s supporting acronyms within acronyms!

Let’s see how far we can take this.

So the Georgia special election race has a winner. The Republican.

Smelling salts for liberals please.

Ok they are still not waking up, so let’s discuss anyway, I have a time crunch here. The woman is named Karen Handel and has a record of being rather anti equality for the AGLBTQ+ER community.

Just because she’s a wacked out ultra conservative on that doesn’t mean she wasn’t the best choice. The other dude was Jon Ossoff and he didn’t even live in the district he would have served. That seems like a big problem.

Poor liberal retards.

Feature image showing a small woman is of Karen Handel and is in the public domain as found on Wikipedia provided by MMAFightFan

You be the judge

Trump is doing so well with draining swamps it’s starting to happen autonomously!

News states that 6 members of the President’s HIV/AIDS advisory panel have quit in disgust.


Scott A. Schoettes is one of them.

Wikipedia states:

On June 17, 2017 Scott Schoettes, Lucy Bradley-Springer, Gina Brown, Ulysses Burley III, Michelle Ogle and Grissel Granados announced their resignations in protest stating in a joint letter published in Newsweek, “Trump doesn’t care about HIV. We’re outta here” [1]

How’s that for “dedication”.

Swamp members* never hang around when the waters drain.

*Current members as per Wikipedia

The council members as of April 2016 are:

Former members

Feature image in the public domain Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516) – “Last Judgement”. My interpretation as it would be applied to the acronym mess that tries to describe human health conditions so incredibly poorly, chaotically, and incoherently is that the the Human Incongruent Virustheory has reached judgement day.


The news today presents in living color a dude who was taunted for “being gay” at work, and wins the $17.5 million jackpot!

Thing is, he “wasn’t gay”. He wasn’t LGBTQ+ either (so it’s claimed). He is a former sanitation worker in Los Angeles and sued the city, having been regularly harassed at work and so called “falsely accused” of being homoLGBTQ+sexual.

So if he had not been falsely accused of being sexual, then would he have not won?

Anyboohoo, now your taxes are paying lawyers and him to be millionaire for boo hoo being taunted to being gay when they are not even gay, sucking millions from the Los Angeles City budget that could have fixed sidewalks.

And the LGBTQ+ politicians and rags cheer a big “HURRAH+”.

Hey why stop there, everyone sue every city and business and individual for ever being taunted and just destroy this country completely why don’t we?

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Photos are inkblots

To the wacked out libtards that hate Trump, this photo is where Trump is about to burn this flag as he hates the PXZLYLGBT community.

To those of us with a brain that functions superbly we see a President who supports the rainbow community.

Feature image was seen here in the comments area.