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Do not touch

The Republican politician told the Democrat politician to stop touching his arm. [1]

Being that the Republican said he was straight and to touch other men that like that kind of thing, the Democrat party called for the dude’s resignation, citing that he’s a homophobe and all that crap.

This is why Democrats lost the election, they keep doing stupid stuff.

They rally for women who say not to touch their arm, but when it’s a white male Republican, they act totally different and make it a gay issue.

I’m so tired of your gay issues. You people don’t represent me. I am all for that Republican politician telling the guy to stop it. The Democrat politician was out of line.


Feature image of an instrument of touch by Hellerhoff

Another sleaze bag politician closeted flame goes down in flames

The young Ohio legislature politician, charming as he may be, after being found out as being a fully closeted gay, who acted publicly as staunchly conservative, who, as to be expected by such sleazedirt, would speak and act against LGBTqwerty rights, and is now OUT/ED and no longer a politician, stated this according to,

“We all bring our own struggles and our own trials into public life,” Goodman said in the statement. “That has been true for me, and I sincerely regret that my actions and choices have kept me from serving my constituents and our state in a way that reflects the best ideals of public service.”

Wow. It’s still all about him. Notice how he doesn’t say he’s sorry to the gay community. How about stating you are sorry for fucking and slamming the gay community into the ground and being part of the biggest hypocrites ever, which the fundamentalist Christian community is FULL/OF.

“Christian ‘Family Values’ Conservative Resigns After Sex in the Office With Another Man”

Image snapshot of Ohio House of Representatives webpage of formerly closeted SCUM/GAY fake human being that did not represent the public properly found on and is in the public domain and presented in the public interest


It’s all about ME

The Mosquito Exchange program is not being understood as an effective treatment to stop the spread of HIV.


Only human needles transmit it?

This came up as Project Q Atlanta reported that the wife of former Trump health secretary Tom Price suggested that “people with HIV might be quarantined” which I guess is to help stop the spread of mosquitoes which are attracted to sugar sweetened blood which then go from arm to arm spreading disease.

No calls to quarantine HIV infected mosquitoes.

QTSTSOA – Quarantine To Stop The Spread Of Aids

ME – Mosquito Exchange – like a stock exchange one can exchange mosquitoes for ones they prefer to hold for a while like ones that don’t have TIDV – THE IMMUNE DEFICIENCY VIRUS

Feature image of sweet confection and bread painting by Georg Flegel who is an artist who lived between 1566 and 1638


In going with the flow of GLBTQ+QWERTY acronymania AGER is Anti Gay Equal Rights, or AGLBTQ+ER for long.

That’s supporting acronyms within acronyms!

Let’s see how far we can take this.

So the Georgia special election race has a winner. The Republican.

Smelling salts for liberals please.

Ok they are still not waking up, so let’s discuss anyway, I have a time crunch here. The woman is named Karen Handel and has a record of being rather anti equality for the AGLBTQ+ER community.

Just because she’s a wacked out ultra conservative on that doesn’t mean she wasn’t the best choice. The other dude was Jon Ossoff and he didn’t even live in the district he would have served. That seems like a big problem.

Poor liberal retards.

Feature image showing a small woman is of Karen Handel and is in the public domain as found on Wikipedia provided by MMAFightFan

You be the judge

Trump is doing so well with draining swamps it’s starting to happen autonomously!

News states that 6 members of the President’s HIV/AIDS advisory panel have quit in disgust.


Scott A. Schoettes is one of them.

Wikipedia states:

On June 17, 2017 Scott Schoettes, Lucy Bradley-Springer, Gina Brown, Ulysses Burley III, Michelle Ogle and Grissel Granados announced their resignations in protest stating in a joint letter published in Newsweek, “Trump doesn’t care about HIV. We’re outta here” [1]

How’s that for “dedication”.

Swamp members* never hang around when the waters drain.

*Current members as per Wikipedia

The council members as of April 2016 are:

Former members

Feature image in the public domain Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516) – “Last Judgement”. My interpretation as it would be applied to the acronym mess that tries to describe human health conditions so incredibly poorly, chaotically, and incoherently is that the the Human Incongruent Virustheory has reached judgement day.


The news today presents in living color a dude who was taunted for “being gay” at work, and wins the $17.5 million jackpot!

Thing is, he “wasn’t gay”. He wasn’t LGBTQ+ either (so it’s claimed). He is a former sanitation worker in Los Angeles and sued the city, having been regularly harassed at work and so called “falsely accused” of being homoLGBTQ+sexual.

So if he had not been falsely accused of being sexual, then would he have not won?

Anyboohoo, now your taxes are paying lawyers and him to be millionaire for boo hoo being taunted to being gay when they are not even gay, sucking millions from the Los Angeles City budget that could have fixed sidewalks.

And the LGBTQ+ politicians and rags cheer a big “HURRAH+”.

Hey why stop there, everyone sue every city and business and individual for ever being taunted and just destroy this country completely why don’t we?

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Photos are inkblots

To the wacked out libtards that hate Trump, this photo is where Trump is about to burn this flag as he hates the PXZLYLGBT community.

To those of us with a brain that functions superbly we see a President who supports the rainbow community.

Feature image was seen here in the comments area.

Oh how the rich suffer

Did you buy Microsoft stock in 1988?

Some did. They or their kids they left their money to are doing quite well now.

1988 – buy it for $.10 per share – say 10,000 shares – write that check to the broker and send it by mail (not email) and that totals $1,000.

And today it’s worth $657,000.

So mom and dad or smart young man invested $10,000 (like those in Silicon Valley) in 1988 and what do they have now, $6,570,000.

Then there’s the guy who sold the house with his wife screaming at him (they divorced) and he put $100,000 into MSFT. He’s now worth $65,700,000. He just let it sit, well, kinda, he borrowed enough 10 years ago from it to buy that yacht.

Which leads us to feeling sorry for people.

Woe is the rich dude that screams at the barista for giving it double latte rather than half caf triple half latte.

So sad. Yea I sorta feel sorry for the barista too, but hey that’s part of the job.

Oh and their health insurance went up under Obabacare and they make $127,000 per year. Next year they will get a raise, making $145,000 per year.

More sad.

That’s why we all voted for trump. To make these sad people happy again.

It’s all so sad.

Feature image snapshot from on January 27, 2017 @ about 12:38 pm pacific time


Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education

During a committee hearing where US senators get to know more about who an upcoming presidential appointee is Al Franken who is called an evil liberal retard by some retarded conservatives, seemed to have his facts all lined up in order, with his T’s crossed and I’s dotted, whereas the appointee did not have a clue.

Betsy DeVos, the appointed one (as seen in the image above) is a privileged individual who married into the Amway fortune, has been working on trying to get Michigan schools privatized for years. She’s the head of something up there regarding privatizing schools. She promotes parental choice for what schools their children attend.

Privatization means investors get involved. It can be lucrative for those who invest. Problem is that like with any company the $ flow can become the #1 priority, not the end product, or in this case, the schooling. Too much of how these decisions are made is by board members and investors.

Another problem with privatization and a voucher system is distance/travel and states like Alaska where indigenous tribes are in tiny villages and the next one over that they might voucher to is 400 miles away. I won’t get into that here though.

In public schools there are numerous input mechanisms that dictate what happens in the system and what is taught and how. It’s not a system that looks for $ as the goal.

Throughout the hearing Ms. Ross was very pleasant and spoke well but one matter was of concern when in the hearing Betsy claimed that there was 980% increase in student loan debt.

Al Franken stated it was 118% and expressed his concerns to the committee about appointing someone who can’t get their facts straight in something that she claims she knows more than anyone about.

I looked it up, he’s 100% correct. Here is a section of the Federal Reserve accounting of debt found here.

It’s over 5 years between 2011 and 2016. During that time it increased 31%. In 2008 total student loan debt was $600 billion.


So from 2008 to 2016 it went from $600 billion to about $1400 billion. That’s an increase of 118%. That is EXACTLY what Franken stated in the hearing.

Where does Betsy DeVoss get her 980% number?

Maybe a unicorn told her.


Let’s look at those numbers again. She stated 980%. Franken and all other sources state it went up 118%.

This woman who fantasized this wild and crazy percentage would then believe that the student debt rose from $600 billion to (wait for it) $5.9 trillion.

Don’t take my word, watch the whole thing for yourself!

Throughout the meeting though she presented herself well and ending on a high note we see at the just before the 3.5 hours was over mention was made of how she helped the gay/qwerty community. It was quite the gay note.

Starting at about 3:23:50 the speaker reads a letter from Log Cabin Republicans (a gay group) who support her nomination and reflect on how she has stood up for gays – in particular one situation where she put an end to bullying of a gay worker of hers by a Senator who was threatening to OUT the dude against his will.

This is a Must Listen 2 (ML2) and shows the high level of character she has regarding the GAYBLT community.

Then again, that act could have been because she wanted to keep him in the closet.

Feature image of Betsy DeVoss at hearing provided by the internet.

Unicorn painting is described on Wikipedia as a legendary creature: The gentle and pensive maiden has the power to tame the unicorn, fresco, probably by Domenico Zampieri, c. 1602 (Palazzo Farnese, Rome)


Issuelashes gets Trump e-lected

Van Jones, ardent Obama supporter for centuries, stated that the election of Trump was a “whitelash”. I guess that is a term that combines the words “backlash” with “white supremacy” along with a dash of “100 lashes for you slave”.

First problem with this inference is that for one, Americans voted for a 1/2 black president for a whopping 8 years. They did this not because of his skin colors, they did this because of issues. They did this because he was dynamic.

His color/skin was more of a decoration. It was like ordering that beautiful adornment on the top of a gay wedding cake, showing two loving/men holding hands, and when you look closely at it, you notice that one is wearing a wedding ring exactly like the one being given to your mate.

Note: The cake was also made by Fundamentalist Christians who were forced into adding that to the cake lest they be fined $134,000 whereas if they went through a red light camera intersection putting the lives of people in serious jeopardy they would only be fined $500.

The thing is, like that wedding ring match on the decoration, it’s a non issue what his skin color WAS/IS.

The next problem with this “whitelash” claim is that they did the same thing with voting in Trump, the public decided their vote on the issues, not his skin color.

Thus the term “whitelash” is erroneous. The better term to call it is that it was an “issuelash“.

The public was tired of climate change garbage patches floating everywhere. They were tired of politicians. They grew weary of no change in the inner cities and small towns that were decimated by liberal policies that ruined coal leaving them homeless. They were pissed that they were told they could keep their doctor and then the doctor said “Sayonara”.

They voted for a climate of change in Washington, D.C., not a climate of color/skin.

Image snapshot from CNN broadcast after November 8, 2016 election

statement can be heard here