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Gay pride parade allowed in Russia

It was a town of only 7 residents, it started, then it was cancelled.

It was the first pride parade ever granted in Russia.

Making progress!!!

And they use the correct term, gay, not ALBPHREBETQWERTY.

Russia has a law that bans gay propoganda directed at minors. Often gay rags will report Russia as being so anti-gay yet that is incorrect, as a government body they just want to emphasize standard heterosexual behavior at minors then when they are adults they can choose on their own. It’s a lot like how the US was, in all reality most adults could care less what others did and they knew many times which of their family members were gay it just was not proclaimed so loudly if at all.

Such articles get read of course which is the purpose of most of these gay rags.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s I watched gay rags annhilate logic in health matters as they bombastically reported erroneous matters regarding gay health, blaming what can be attributed to drug abuse, alcoholism, and prescription nuclear bombs on a virus while discarding logical analysis by those who are true masters of virology like Dr. Peter Duesberg.

One should really study his work and Russiaphobia.


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Testing LGBTQ+

OMG I knew it was coming. Now everyone tested positive.

This testing positive for GETS (Gay Event Transparade Syndrome) is obviously the cause of dropping years of doing a parade every year, no matter who was president, to replacing it with Politics In Statements Syndrome – PISS. It’s apparently because LGBTQWERTY+’s hate Trump.

As we read in LAIST,

Every June, about half-a-million people gather at West Hollywood Park and along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood for the annual L.A. Pride Parade and Festival. But this year, event organizers have announced that the pride parade (one of the largest in the world) will be replaced by a protest march.

“…Given the current political climate where divisiveness and discrimination continue to be part of mainstream dialogue, CSW is determined to make the LA Pride brand a unifying force for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies across all of Los Angeles. To accomplish this goal, the organization is introducing several community-focused initiatives to continue LA Pride’s long-standing history as a voice of and for the entire LGBTQ+ community”.

Where do they keep getting this idea that there is so much divisiveness?

As we read in WeHoville,

LAIST,According to WeHoville, the annual pride parade will be replaced with the Resist March planned for the same day (June 11). The march route will begin at the Hollywood and Highland subway station in Hollywood, and traverse 3.1 miles of city streets ending at the L.A. Pride festival at West Hollywood Park.

OMFG, there actually was NO GAY PRIDE PARADE in Los Angeles this year.


Doesn’t make me proud.

Dudes can marry dudes for Christ sake and claim it on their taxes.

That’s not going away. We are accepted more than ever. Trump loves the gay community. Maybe he hates the acronym community and this is where clash happens.

Feature image shows the Latin language expression of the EnglishQTBGL+ word for pride and is by Rartat (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons found at

mosaic, Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière

Русский: Грех гордыни. Лион, Собор Нотр-Дам-де-Фурвьер, крипта, алтарная часть; мозаика.

A fictional story about Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz pretty much embarrassed himself by not endorsing Trump at the National Republican Convention. He got booed. It’s kinda silly to not endorse the people’s pick, but Ted claims he’s still not happy with how Trump insulted him and his family.

The following presents how after hearing this, I imagine Ted, Trump, and Hillary playing in the schoolyard as tots:

Like the grade schoolyard boy that cries and says that he won’t play with his friend anymore who just called him a name, Ted won’t play with Trump in the sand box anymore.

The only other kid there is Hillary who he never liked.

So what’s Ted going to do when the bully comes back and kicks sand in all their faces, and wrecks the sandbox like he aways does when his friend Trump isn’t around when Hillary runs and hides and emails her friends from her daddy’s private server, and Trump stands there and says “Ted, let’s teach this guy a lesson he will never forget”.

The bully is ready to wreck both their faces and Ted is more concerned about making Trump know how he is still mad at him and Ted keeps whining then gets slammed down by the bully. Ted has a bloody nose and broken middle finger while Trump immediately hits the bully who then runs.

Ted gets up and says to Trump, “As I was saying…… insulted me and my wife and family………”


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Now gay pride is banned too!

Bad enough that our shit blood is banned due to “security concerns” now Istanbul has banned gay pride due to “security concerns”. I guess that’s making some people very happy. Also could bring out a lot of new conspiracy theories. Takes pride to a whole new low. Who woulda thunk they could find a way to ban gay pride. Makes as much sense as banning banking when there’s “security concerns” after a robbery. Gays again are being denied equal treatment. They didn’t ban the Boston Marathon or elementary schools. Of course we are talking about two different countries so these examples are like how researchers compare gay diseases. America didn’t ban pride but it continues to ban our worthless shit FAG blood.

gay-pride-banned-istanbul snapshot from Yahoo! News dated June 17, 2016