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Will Hurd Texas says wall is not needed

We shall look at the facts.

He calls it 3rd century technology as if that’s bad even though the walls around his house are pre-Christ technology and his chariot is 1st century technology. Both walls and cars basic “technology” is simple and effective.

His district spans a massive section of Texas border so you would have to think HE knows borders. Either that or he knows politics, how to get elected, how to please those in his district.

Many of these extremely rural border areas in Texas have a lot of people who have family in Mexico. They are citizens but prefer to elect representatives in their district that are easy on border crossings because many of them are family. Ok that might be a valid point. He also claims 3rd century technology is what walls are. Hmm. Rivers are 10 million year old technology. Look at the Rio Grande River that acts as a barrier there. Based on his claims of old technology the United States made a mistake using the river as a barrier.

He also represents an extremely rural area without any cities. Many illegals go to the cities, they don’t cause problems in these rural areas “Just passin through”. They do cause problems in the cities like San Antonio which is just OUTSIDE his district.

The ancient barrier called The Rio Grande River is older technology than walls. Rivers are natural barriers carved into the earth making it impossible or difficult to get through.

I’m sorry I have to label his views rather biased. They reflect the lack of problems he faces by illegals in his district as they just pass through to the rest of the country. He’d rather look good to his voters who prefer to not have a wall, as I said, many live at the river’s edge and have family that cross it back and forth regularly, which in essence does not really harm anyone right there, those who are good people, but there are vast areas there that the bad ones traffic and bring in drugs through there, without walls they get through easy.

This statement of his is disingenuous.

Then again when we look at the Bing maps of the Rio Grande River and valley there are vast, I mean V A S T expanses of areas where a wall does look pretty unnecessary where it’s like the Grand Canyon, yet even in the Grand Canyon Indians traversed easily on donkey and foot, even Millenials go in there on foot, traveling down switchback trails, building walls would be such an undertaking, something like building a wall on the Moon in order to stop the Chinese from landing there, like what’s the point.

If we are going to build walls, they need to be more around the population centers, look ma, they already are. So there needs some to be improved but walls are immoral, so take those down.

Certainly if one is going to say walls are necessary we must build them in front of fancy golf resorts like Lajitas Golf Resort which overlooks the spectacular views of the Rio Grande River so that guests when they are looking out feel totally safe as they see a wall blocking them from seeing the river. It’s a hop and skip from Dallas which is 600 miles away.

Another thing to look at closely is how the Rio Grande is a winding river, it goes all over the place like how politicians all do. My toddler is easier to keep track of than where politicians position themselves all over the place. Where would the wall go in these area?

In fact, as we look back in history, Texas mostly belonged to Mexico, as well as all of California, Arizona, and New Mexico not all that long ago. Look at Mexico as it was in 1824. If a wall was so necessary it could have been built by slaves.

Mexico owned a lot of land in 1824. The United States was at that time only to the East of the Mississippi River plus Louisiana. Image used with permission by

One other thing I need to add though is that as I looked closely at the entire Rio Grande River most of it is desolate, there are not a lot of areas where people live. Walls in these incredibly desolate areas that stretch far and wide and are hundreds of miles from any population centers would be insane.

We could add walls or strengthen weak ones that exist in areas that are near population centers and spreading out some miles from those yet the concept that many in his district who voted for Will Hurd I think still would prefer not to have such barriers in part because seeing non-citizen family and friends from right across the borders is easier that way thus with his position on a wall not being necessary they voted him in. He has only been in office a couple of years.

And promises made by politicians are almost always exaggerated. The claims made that we need a border wall to stop a murder of a cop on Christmas Eve ignores the fact that the lawman may have been a bit lax in following protocol for protecting himself thinking it’s what we hear all the time referred to as a “routine traffic stop” which by repeating that term over and over again we all get accustomed to the idea that is just the typical stop to give a good citizen a traffic ticket.

Illegal aliens who are dangerous criminals can also get in the country with fake identification, right through entry points. They even get in hiding in mattresses. Pelosi may be right in saying that newer technologies are what’s needed, but then we go into those good old arguments that xrays are killing us. Do we want to be exposed to that much radiation even though we are exposed to it from the Sun? Are we going to see signs at checkpoints telling us to be sure to wear xrayscreen?

feature image in public domain of elected representative Will Hurd and he represents Texas 23rd Congressional District that spans a massive area of rural lands right at the Mexico Texas border to the western part of the state

Chocolate milk is back on the menu

In the Nazi Obama States of America the kids were denied CHOCOLATE/MILK during one of the worst recessions the US ever endured and into it’s recovery period.

It was wiped off the menu in school lunches. They were dark white milk days.

Under the FREEDOM/REGIME since Trump took control of some of the high level institutions he changed it back to allowing chocolate milk to be offered to kids again.

Studies will show that kids will be happier and do better in school now that the school lunch Nazis are no longer in power.


feature image by The Lazy Artist Gallery and is free to use see more works by this fantastic artist here

Ocasio-Kookez claims she has subpoena power

Once again this “not even in office as Sentator yet” politician is claiming she will be able to do things that she will not be by any stretch be given power to do.

She is the sleaziest sales pitcher lying politician I have ever witnessed in my lifetyme.

Are there not exams one must take before being deemed qualified to be in such a position?

Apparently not.

This should be first on Congress agenda. Then again, if they did that, they’d all be gone.


feature image of Washington The Peace Monument, notice the woman crying on shoulder of stone faced friend, she’s actually not crying, she’s covering her face after finding out how stupid politicians are after laughing about it embarrassingly, the sculptor decided to leave that in.

Tim Cook gets awarded

The “Anti Defamation League” gave it to him. The organization is all about standing up for Jews making sure they are there first to fight against anything disparaging said against Jews which would include what certain religions do and do not do.

So when the guy grows up from being a boy and realizes that line on his cock is a scar from having part of his cock sliced off by a Jewish doctor and that the procedure was initiated by Jews and not gentiles, and he says he hates that doctor, the ADL comes in to condemn his statements as hate and untolerable anti-semitism filled with hate and multi-billionaires throw him off their platform.

This is called anti-platforming.

And why not just say antiJew? Because using new words is a technique. They did this with pneumonia, turning it into HIV/AIDS with wild new associations on it’s platform.

Tim Cook banned “hate” off Apple platforms. He gets the award.

Tim Cook has not banned promoting the hacking off of baby boys dick parts on his platform, it’s a religious ritual that is sacred!

Nor has the Anti Defamation League condemned the defamation of baby penis skin on it’s platform.

Hitler banned Jews from his platforms. He was awarded.

See the chicken with it’s penis hacked by a Jew cross the road in terror trying to get to PETA, and the farmer running after it mad as hell about what was done to his chicken little, who then finds himself on the platform across the street, banned from being there because he “is filled with hate”.

See chicken little get mad because it feels the sky is falling and no one did anything about climate change as others get an award be removed from his platform.


Add “border wall” to growing list of forbidden Halloween costumes

Can’t dress up as your favorite Negroid or Caucasoid nor can you even dress up as an inanimate object.

The “border wall” was the choice of some elementary school teachers in Idaho.

They got slammed.

People who take offense to such displays are acting like children, especially as this censorship is happening in a country that lost millions of men’s lives fighting for freedom.

It is a horrible slap in the spirit of these men to be told you can’t even dress up as brick & morter while facist companies online are continuing to massacre that very thing.

Next year I may dress up as a border wall anyway, one of the many walls that surround the elite liberal lying hypocrites who all hide behind walls of protection at their homes and businesses, who unlike most Americans, have such gobs of money they can hire armed security who will kill anyone who scales those protective border walls for them so they don’t “have blood on THEIR/HANDS”.

Rhythm nation

NOT divided nation. NOT resist nation.

NOT boycott nation. NOT gun control nation. RHYTHM/NATION


Kavanaugh’s accuser antics & not sucking

First let’s get this straight/gay, Kavanaugh does not have to “clear his name” as many have stated in TV/GARBAGE reports, he is innocent until proven guilty.

The accuser HAS TO PROVE her allegation.

FUN/FACTS – The accuser was director of biostatistics at Corcept Therapeutics between 2006 – 2011. Corcept Therapeutics is an abortion pill manufacturer. states, “Corcept Therapeutics has only one product: Korlym (mifepristone). The “abortion pill”, otherwise known as RU-486 or “Mifeprex” (brand name), is mifepristone.”

She was a party girl in her school days.

“Had by all” is how one commenter put it.

It’s all over her Facebook which she thought she deleted.

Accuser’s brother worked for a law firm that hired Fusion GPS which created fake dossier.

And now she “can’t fly on a plane” yet 2 years ago she was an intern in Hawaii, did she swim there?

Now that we have that cleared up let’s get back to the important matters of life like banning straws…..

“Straws represent about .0000000001% of general societal waste products!!!!!”

Baby diapers changed ten times a day and thrown out made of 700 times more plastic than a straw of course stay, as does plastic car bumpers that use 734,000 times more plastic than a straw.

They banned the thinner disposable plastic bags, now homeless just shit on the sidewalks of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

These goofy liberals also mandated plastic shopping bags that are 7 times thicker, to save the environment, now we have strong garbage bags that use 7 times more plastic for landfills to swallow.

Hole in space station is an album cover

The astronaut presented on Twitter an image claiming it’s from NASA showing the “hole in the space station” – it’s an album cover from 2014. Or as Elon Musk would put it, we know it’s fake because the album cover is a hole in the space station that looks so real.

No shit. See for yourself.


Gun “control” activist believes AR-15’s cannot be used for defense

One of those activists who has ARMED GUARDS around him 24 hours a day says that shooting range is so far with an AR-15 rifle that it cannot be used for self defense. Tries to make that case against such guns.

It would be rather informative for such activists to go visit citizens who have a Constitutional right to bear arms who DEFENDED their businesses from the roof tops in Los Angels during the riots in 1992 after the Rodney King verdict created havoc where the business owners pulled out their AR-15’s, parked themselves on the roof tops, and DEFENDED themselves and their property. Those who didn’t have those rifles watched their businesses burn. The problem is these activists are not interested in such details.

Even the State of California government couldn’t protect it’s Department of Motor Vehicles building in Long Beach as the rioters set it ablaze.

David Hogg says that the hand gun is for a shorter distance thus can be used for self defense, the longer distances is for hunting.

David Hogg is a child.

details at Breitbart


feature image shows riot aftermath of a business that was not self defended using an AR-15 rifle by it’s occupants after the LA riots of 1992, this image is provided by Mick Taylor from Portland, USA with Creative Commons permission


Never apologize to the left

So says a friend of Roseanne.

In an interview she stated, “(T)hey would put me in the same box where they have people who call for the death of all Jews and want to enslave all black people. [The same box as] real racists that actually exist,” she said. “They put me in a box with them. And how do they think that’s gonna affect me? They don’t think. They’re under mind control.”

So are those who believe HIV causes 26 different diseases that all had different very complex causes before a new label came along to put those diseases into a cute little box called AIDS.

HIV/AIDS makes no sense what-so-ever-after.

I would never apologize to the left for my understanding of HIV/AIDS and it’s lunacy.

The spinoff that ABC has coming next month features Roseanne being killed off.

This new series called “The Conners” will not last. Who gives a flying fuck about the Connor family without Roseanne. Mostly the looky loos curious to see what they will do, the die hard liberal retards, and those curious ones won’t come back after one or two episodes.

There is no way they would get 18 million viewers either like they did when “Roseanne” remake was first aired. Lucky if they get 2 million.

FCC should kill off ABC and replace it with a network named “Roseanne”.


Gay pride parade allowed in Russia

It was a town of only 7 residents, it started, then it was cancelled.

It was the first pride parade ever granted in Russia.

Making progress!!!

And they use the correct term, gay, not ALBPHREBETQWERTY.

Russia has a law that bans gay propoganda directed at minors. Often gay rags will report Russia as being so anti-gay yet that is incorrect, as a government body they just want to emphasize standard heterosexual behavior at minors then when they are adults they can choose on their own. It’s a lot like how the US was, in all reality most adults could care less what others did and they knew many times which of their family members were gay it just was not proclaimed so loudly if at all.

Such articles get read of course which is the purpose of most of these gay rags.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s I watched gay rags annhilate logic in health matters as they bombastically reported erroneous matters regarding gay health, blaming what can be attributed to drug abuse, alcoholism, and prescription nuclear bombs on a virus while discarding logical analysis by those who are true masters of virology like Dr. Peter Duesberg.

One should really study his work and Russiaphobia.


feature image is offered freely by Sharon McCutcheon see more of his or her works here


Trump offers the lying “Pocahontas” Senator Warren $1M to take DNA/TEST

Senator Elizabeth Lying Warren went to expensive prestigious universities by claiming she was an American Indian, getting all sorts of free stuff because of it.

Trump sees through her bullshit, constantly calls her Pocahontas. It’s a HOOT.

The idiot liberals focus their attention on falsely claiming that is a racist statement. Sure it is, it’s racist, so what. Calling someone Italian is racist, calling someone a Mexican is racist, calling someone a Confederate is racist, no, that one is not racist.

Instead they should be looking for lies like is their pastime with Trump. They ignore all lies if they come from liberals. They are hypocrites.

Trump is the strongest president the country has ever had, calling out the fakes and liars left and right.

Warren will NEVER EVER EVER take that $1M prize from Trump because she knows she’s a liar. She is not American Indian at all. She claimed that so she could scam the US government into benefits that go to those who are American – Indian.

story at Breitbart


Experience does not matter 2 liberals

Voters in the Bronx prefer a 28 year old Puerto Rican woman who has no experience for Congress over a professor of economics who is better qualified.

Good luck with that.

Oh did I mention the fact that she is Puerto Rican and he is a White European, yea, an old white guy.

Gee could race have played a part in that decision by voters? Could sex have played a part?

Ocasio-Cortez the liberal is for the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Her district has many illegal immigrants, maybe? I bet.

So what would she abolish next, local police? She is an abolishist. She wants no walls at the border. OMG. And she wants to impeach Trump (there is not a shred of evidence for that so that shows liberal stupidity).

She wants government to guarantee jobs, provide free schooling, provide free health care. Can’t wait to here how she runs the numbers with all her lack of education. She’s pro climate change mania, wants the end of fossil fuel use by 2035. Good luck with that hon – she obviously does not understand physics.

In contrast Professor Anthony Pappas is “An Associate Professor in Economics and Finance at St. John’s University’s Peter J. Tobin College of Business, Pappas has an impressive academic record. He earned his BS in Economics and Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then continued his studies at Yale University earning an MA, MPhil, and PhD in Economics at the illustrious Ivy League institution. Pappas, the son of immigrant parents from Epirus, told TNH that one of classmates at Yale was Janet Yellen, the former Chair of the Federal Reserve.” – The National Herald

There is no chance he would win in November, her district is overwhelmingly democrat.

There goes that neighborhood.

Should be fun to watch her antics though. Fox News will have a lot of fun with her. Can hardly wait.

Icing ICE is not cool

The nutsy cookoos want the border patrol dissolved. They want ICE on ICE.

They are holding rallies all around the country.

They are becoming vicious and more crazy than ever. Oh the poor babies is their chant.

Michael Moore wants YOU to use your body in sacrifice.

Maybe it’s the legal marijuana that’s doing this. They are boycotting border enforcement. They want everyone to come in freely like a herd of animals.

Oh now they are going to use that as a weapon, I said “herd of animals” which must be sexist, racist, animalist, humanist, dufusist.

Liberals are becoming total lunatics.

Note in the interview how the libtard Bill Maher contradicts himself saying within one minute “Trump colluded with Putin” then he says “Trump did not collude with Putin”.

What an idiot.

Medias are pushing people into civil unrest.

Don’t worry, when the riots start David Hogg, Nancy Pelosi, and the non existent border patrol will all come to your protection.

It will be like standing in the middle of a buffalo stampede with your e-pad i-pad and u-pad.

These celebrities will be there for you (as long as your battery holds up).

Oh and don’t worry you don’t need a gun for protection. It makes the world safer.

Don’t listen to that little voice in the head that says “I wish I had a GUN right now to kill all these buffalo” that is the devil sitting on a unicorn talking.

Just send your celebrity friends a tweet, and oh, well they had to dissolve police too because they would rip families apart too, so there are no police.

Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Buffalo stampede killing you. Oddly the ezpad was unscathed.

Too bad those Democratards not got those stampede control laws passed to save us all from angry stampeders.

Abolish ICE. Keep SNOW.

study more than others


feature image of northern border boardwalk where children were picked up by ice and then released because protesters couldn’t handle the emotional portrayal of child being separated from mom even though that never happened with the child in the photo that has become the world’s most seen child image so these children with their parents kept walking in the cold and froze to death after they fell on the ice because liberal retards got their way and the laws were changed so these people would not be put in cages that were 72 degrees where there was also ample food by pixabay


Gizmodo ding-dong is prejudice

Tom Ley wrote about an “alt-right” QWERTY or something making the statement that they were “sad white men”.

What the fuck. How about equally writing about “sad black men”. Oh no, that would be blasted! Stupid fuck.

reference archived page


Gay Star News thinks that unicorns can be defeated.

It claims “This is how we will end the spread of HIV worldwide”.

I would say the way to end fantasies is to end fantasies. HIV is a fantasy.

Here’s some reality. The body processes everything that enters it. It also eliminates everything that enters it, well, not exactly, it does keep protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. to use to rebuild cells. What it doesn’t want or need it eliminates. That would include pathogens. Don’t expect to hear THIS/FACT from the HIV pushers though.

The wacky world of HIV wants you to believe in unicorns and other fantasies, and it’s been promoting this for decades, like that of believing in a virus being an intelligent creature that has a nuclear arsenal that kills mosquitoes that would never be able to carry viruses like a vampire would carry bags of fresh blood from a hospital to feed it’s young. The wacko world of science that is more about politics than it is anything, has dictated like a king that the virus isn’t carried by mosquitoes, cups, or flies on shit, and people buy it.

Those concepts like with unicorns just don’t make any sense though. So again it’s fun to read about these kooky claims that keep being made, latest again, for the billionth time, how we are going to finally end the spread of the virus which is “only spread by superhumans and super dirty needles” and this other fun one, that flies carry more bacteria THAN PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT.


HUH? More than suspected before? What the fuck is that?

Suspected? I thought science concluded, not suspected.

It’s one of those headlines that gives us clue to how the world of science really operates. It suspects things, rarely proves things. Yet that doesn’t stop humans from declaring things proven. Those are called LIES/DECEIT.

HIV/AIDS is that very thing LIES/DECEIT.

Basically this is another $tory just to sell $tories told by $tory teller$.

Now when we read all about it, instead of saying bacteria, the other article quoting from the original story, says flies carry pathogens. That would then include viruses as pathogens is a broader category. It’s like saying the world carries carriers compared to saying the United States carries carriers.

“A new study finds that flies could carry several hundred pathogens in their bodies that they can spread to the environment. Despite this, researchers believe that they can also use flies to monitor disease outbreaks.” – Tech Times

It’s also fun to read how in this story they tell how flies are important as pollinators.

Bees are pissed.

The story also states how the researcher$ want to breed flies that are free of bacteria, let them free, where they can collect bacteria, then these flies can be captured and studied.[2]


NSF (Not So Funny) though is how these same claims were made by gay communities 2 decades ago with their wacked out “Hit Hard, Hit Early” campaign which killed so many of my friends with the killer HIV drugs. Later, quietly those killer drugs that would “save lives” were “adjusted” to “safe levels”, killing the virus and the host of the drug softer and slower.

So then there’s the Gay Star News which paints gays as being “at the center of how we stop HIV” universe. How dare they blame gays.

How is it that gay rags keep blasting their own as carriers and as the center of the universe in what is causing this “thing”? That’s not equality. It’s disgusting. They have been doing this since this whole HIV/LIE started. They keep doing it. They will likely continue.

The gay community keeps bashing itself in the head with this HIV/LIE. It’s the very thing they say in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) about the definition of insanity.

DOI – Definition Of Insanity – keep doing the same thing over and over again which doesn’t give you the intended result, while expecting a different result.

So they preach that “we have the tools necessary to stop it”. The article is so terribly wrought with flaws in it’s assertions.

— EDIT ADD POINTS HERE LATER reference this article which has been archived and also saved in pdf on my computer

One of the funniest things I see now happening though in the acronym/world is the pushing of PrEP and PEP. It’s also disgusting and sad as it’s becoming that you can’t cruise online anymore without people proclaiming their HIV status and being on PrEP. So now if you are one of those guys like me who don’t get tested with tests that are bogus, you get labeled a risk and they don’t want to have natural sex with you, but rather, they insist you use condoms, which have holes in their natural membranes that are bigger than viruses, thus wearing condoms to stop HIV is like leaving a screen door open while expecting flies to simply realize they are not welcome in the house and stay out.

About that new term PrEP, it’s catchy, though I wouldn’t recommend anyone catch these hung sales and marketing tools as fighting HIV with PrEP and PEP is like fighting unicorns with swords.

Since HIV does not exist (it cannot exist or it would be transmitted by flying needles and PATHOGEN RIDDEN FLIES that cannot select who and what gets attached to themselves) then using PrEP and PEP is absurd, except in that it is making Gilead, the maker of the products, and those investors who own the public company, richer.

Need more? How about the “side effects”. These are direct effects actually, not sideways or upside down effects. Taking these PrEP medications can cause liver failure. OMG. Why do that? Although some of these listed are said to be rare, others are said to be common like stomach pain and decreased weight. Seems to me that stomach pain is an indicator of a problem. Maybe it’s just at war with unicorns and the stomach is getting poked with it’s horn.

Here is what is seen on the website as of November 25, 2017.


[1] Google News snippet dated November 25, 2017

[2] Tech Times as captured by the Wayback Machine archiving tool

*Flies On Shit


Oh bloody hell, this dude is a trip.

You have to watch this 10 minute talk at a “Trump rally”.

Has an eloquent manner. He spoke well. He bathed himself in pig blood.

I like how he pointed out that the US treats gays better than any country, then again, he states this in the context of trashing liberals who constantly are trashing conservative values and have been relentlessly fighting for equality.

The problem with this, which is typical of his style, regarding gay politics (and many other things) it’s more of his propaganda/poop because the reality is, Europe has been pro gay for a way long time much more than US has been, even is currently, and Canada and Europe has had marriage wayyyy before the US so his statement is not true. People in those countries have been much more accepting of the gay community for way longer already.

Thus when he goes around bashing the LGBTQWERTYXZ community, it’s really just propaganda.

Now take a MILOganda at this! During this talk you will see a bathtub that is filled with pig’s blood which he bathed in afterwards. (Why??? How stupid!) Couldn’t he catch AIDS this way? Oh that’s right, he’d have to have sex with the blood to catch anything.

He points out pictures of people hanging on a wall by the tub, murdered by illegal aliens, which of course he makes it all too simple us vs them crap and government is always to blame.

He bashes media for using “propoganda” yet we see him using it at every turn. For one, take a look at how he uses the images of those who died, posting them on a wall, covering them with spatters of blood. I find this to be rather insensitive and rude.

Also claims it’s an art show protested by the left as if it’s never happened before, more poop, but interesting.

He knows how to get attention. Must have been quite a job for his mother when he was a child!!!!

I bet she was soooooo glad when he moved out!