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Get tested go to jail

That’s how it would be on the board game. You’d land on the space, pick up a card, and instead of “Get out of jail FREE” it would say “Get tested go to jail”.

I say this in jest though this situation is not funny.

We now have another person being “sent to jail” so the headlines read, for not informing his girlfriend for “having HIV”.

He never should have gotten tested. No one should get tested.

Authorities who never make mistakes and ignore the facts presenting how these tests are garbage, believe the tests are God’s only son here to proclaim results and redemption.

They rely on the ministers of HIV dogma.

So the guy this time was a cop. He didn’t tell his girlfriend. He’s sorry.

Yet the people will not have such threats to humanity without punishment.

Disregarding that all viruses can also be spread by coughing, the Jewish HI virus is sent concentration camps.

It’s like Hitler’s regime.

Apparently there’s more than one cop that did this!

Lambda Legal does not approve of the right to not decorate

The cake decorating issue has become so convoluted that the baker at the center of this matter has even been attacked by whackos with a machette trying to kill or seriously harm him all for merely choosing to not artistically express himself on a customer’s cake because God would not allow him to.

I suppose the gay couple or whackos out there would also be offended if he ejaculated on the cake but would of course not be bringing a legal case against him on the bases of alleged inequality as long as he did that to straight couple’s cakes as well.

This entire matter is based in a wildly distorted theme of EQUALITY.

Lambda Legal posted this on their website:

Lambda Legal CEO Rachel B. Tiven released the following statement:

The Court today has offered dangerous encouragement to those who would deny civil rights to LGBT people and people living with HIV.  Religious freedom under our Constitution has always meant the right to believe whatever you wish but not to act on your beliefs in ways that harm others. The Court today alarmingly fails to heed that distinction. Lambda Legal will continue to fight the establishment of evangelical Christianity as the official government religion. We will fiercely resist the coming effort that will seek to turn this ruling into a broad license to discriminate.

There is no “broad license to discriminate” here. Declining to express art on a cake is not harming others and “establishing evangelical Christianity as an official government religion” is even more distorted. Where do they get that?

Why don’t these groups get it? The SUPREME COURT gets it and the only way they could get it is because the liberals in the court ALSO GOT IT.

Why can’t they see how this ruling also protects gay men and women who own cake shops and flower shops from being forced to decorate their products with a Nazi symbol on it. Nazi symbols are protected free speech. In fact, the symbol was around long before it was used by Nazis, having an entirely different meaning.

The US Constitution protects free speech but the gay men and women decorators have the right TO NOT BE FORCED TO DO THINGS CONTRARY TO THEIR BELIEFS. He’s not declining service to them because they are gay as they can buy a non-customized cake equally as anyone else.

How much simpler can one explain this?

And Lambda Legal and others that follow their faulty logic are going to fiercely resist?


They make these faulty arguments comparing this matter to equal rights in housing.

Let’s look at this clearly, the black man and woman want to rent an apartment, it’s apartment 273 in a big building of units. The unit is not being decorated, it’s just the same unit for both the black couple and the white couple. The white man and woman are given unit #273 instead because the owner clearly states he prefers whites. He has discriminated illegally regarding IDENTICAL OFFERINGS by business.

Now let’s look at this another way, the apartment owner is asked by the black couple to paint the unit black, every wall black, because they are black, the apartment owner says “No I will not do that”. The apartment does not belong to the black couple, it belongs to the company that owns the units. Then the white couple says “Will you paint the entire unit white”. He says “It’s already white”. He gives the unit to the white couple as he fears the black couple might, when they are in the unit as renters, start painting the unit black irregardless of the owner’s wishes, and the black couple claims discrimination. That would be absurd to do so. The owner has a right to choose colors for the units same as a cake decorator.

Now in contrast we have a cake that the shop owner will gladly sell to anyone as it is, but he specializes in custom cakes and he is being asked to decorate it in a way he finds abhorrent. He’s not discriminating based on providing the exact same product. Cake decorators routinely refuse to decorate cakes in a way they or their corporate values find abhorrent. It’s perfectly legal as expression is protected.

Get it yet? One thing you should notice here is that the cake business owns the cake. He is being asked by the gay couple to decorate WHAT HE OWNS, NOT THEM the way they want. He objects saying it would violate his religious beliefs. He says “You can decorate it any way you want, here’s the tube of stuff, you can even have it at no charge, decorate it somewhere else, I just cannot do that” but the gay couple has a hissy fit. They are wrong.

Again compare the apartment that is not being decorated differently for each couple and the cake that is the same for any customer until it’s asked to be decorated DIFFERENTLY and NOT EQUALLY. If our “gay representatives” are going to claim they are fighting for equality they need to do so with things that are equal.

It’s not that it’s different that is the problem it’s that it violates the business owner’s religious beliefs. His beliefs are more protected than those of the gay couple because he is not offering just batteries and saying “oh I won’t sell batteries to gay wedding couples for their ceremony because I object to gay marriage” he’s offering services that are specialized in expression. He cannot be forced to express himself in a way that he does not want to anymore than the business owner could force the gay couple to accept a cake that only has an opposite sex couple presented on it.

It’s also not like slavery. These gay groups and liberal sympathizers bring that up as a comparison. How ridiculous.

Same sex marriage wasn’t even legally recognized in Colorado when this case started but still, the fact is that gay couples cannot FORCE ON A BUSINESS OWNER to express their beliefs regardless if it’s now legal for them to be married.

Get it YET?

Lambda Legal also presented the groups that joined their misguided efforts were:

The other organizations joining Lambda Legal and the Family Equality Council on the amicus brief were: American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO; Equality California; Equality Federation; The LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York; Mazzoni Center; National Center for Transgender Equality; National Education Association; PFLAG National; PROMO; The Trevor Project; and, Whitman-Walker Health.

Feature image showing resistance in a circuit party of other resistors who keep claiming they are equal with transistors by Pixabay


Not even one week after the mass shooting that killed 17 students in a Florida school and Bing puts up this as their headline news. How insensitive.*

Bing news image top left feature story on February 19, 2018 at 7:45 am pt

*Dick Pick Statistics! OMG. I post this as a rebuttal to the idiocy of the Democrats who are by their whiny misplaced demands of attention the FBI missed the clues.

Trump slammed the retard Democrat idiot self centered bastards that kept pushing the FBI to WASTE PRECIOUS TIME on their incredibly stupid blame game for not winning the election for Hillary Clinton in 2016 on “Russia collusion”.

After all this wasted time and energy the results were presented, making fools out of Democrats.

Trump pointed this out in his Twitter feed. Demtards made the FBI waste time on their stupid witch hunt, as the US becomes a laughing stock in revelations there was no collusion, and we find out the FBI missed all the obvious clues that this guy was going to do this horrific shooting that killed 17 kids.

Instead of prioritizing to let the FBI prioritize what really matters, keeping citizens safe, they kept up their political power manipulative games.

Now of course the blame shifts to heavy metal.

The retards in power called Democrats who don’t know priorities from a lake in the ground need to be removed from office if they are going to keep babbling about guns and not about the collusion that was going on between the shooter and his abuse of heavy metal. This collusion was spotted by the FBI but was not stopped because it was more important to do what Democrat leaders insisted was the top priority, investigate unicorns. That is always their priority. Fuck libtards.

* Microsoft which owns Bing News is libtard



Unicorn virus on AIDS council fired!

OMG this is so great, the president of the United States, with no warning, fired all members of the STUPID/HIV/AIDS presidential advisory council.

The Gabriel Mondalo stated as quoted from the gay rag: “It feels like retribution against members of the committee who have spoken out against the Trump administration for their inaction on issues related to HIV/AIDS.” – Gay Pop Buzz


I suppose if I trashed the advisory council on how they repeatedly lie about viruses that cannot be transmitted by mosquito needles any more than they can be transmitted by knitting needles, I would be fired by Gabriel Mondalo the same way, with no notice.

And if he read all the shit on my blog I’d be considered worse than the disease itself.

The presidential advisory council oh virus myths perpetuates the MYTHS/ABOUT/STUPD/DEAD/PARTICLES that travel on needles on mosquitoes as well as in the air and on dicks and lesbian pussies and dirty filthy bastard needles on plastic tubes, but not on toilets that homosexuals piss in and the horrific effects of obtaining one of those stupid dead particles of unicorn breath.

These baffoons on these stupid councils have been wrecking our country and population for 30 + years. They keep pushing the fantasy, the erroneous claim there’s a Satanic cult of dead particles of matter that have ungodly abilities to destroy things and that to fix it we have to create nuclear war against these particles.

Then stupid presidents that listen perpetuate these lies more.

They keep the lie going that wearing drugs and swallowing condoms and taking a test and checking it twice is the answer.

The whole thing is a LIE/AIDS.

Bravo to the man who has strength, courage, and insight like no other in our lifetimes.

Finally we have a leader who doesn’t accept the lies.

Feature image from Google News on December 29, 2017


Another sleaze bag politician closeted flame goes down in flames

The young Ohio legislature politician, charming as he may be, after being found out as being a fully closeted gay, who acted publicly as staunchly conservative, who, as to be expected by such sleazedirt, would speak and act against LGBTqwerty rights, and is now OUT/ED and no longer a politician, stated this according to,

“We all bring our own struggles and our own trials into public life,” Goodman said in the statement. “That has been true for me, and I sincerely regret that my actions and choices have kept me from serving my constituents and our state in a way that reflects the best ideals of public service.”

Wow. It’s still all about him. Notice how he doesn’t say he’s sorry to the gay community. How about stating you are sorry for fucking and slamming the gay community into the ground and being part of the biggest hypocrites ever, which the fundamentalist Christian community is FULL/OF.

“Christian ‘Family Values’ Conservative Resigns After Sex in the Office With Another Man”

Image snapshot of Ohio House of Representatives webpage of formerly closeted SCUM/GAY fake human being that did not represent the public properly found on and is in the public domain and presented in the public interest


Gender reclusive

The subway system authority of New York City called the Metropolitan Transit Authority – which should be acronymized for ease of speech as SSA/MTA/NYC – is replacing “ladies and gentlemen” announcements on it’s PA (Prince Albert or public addressers not sure which) with so called “gender neutral” statements.

I guess genders are offensive.

“The Metropolitan Transportation Authority wants to nix the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” in New York City subway and bus announcements and replace it with gender-inclusive language.”[1]

This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

There are two genders, female, male, how does one include any others by using different terms?

There are not any other genders in the entire world, well maybe one, those who are both male and female, which is one. In that case that rider can be referred to as either appropriately. Even if that rider prefers to be referred to as one of the genders, saying “ladies and gentlemen” is appropriate.

For those who HNG (Have No Gender) let them pick one. Let us be democratic instead of neurotic and go with the majority of how biology works.

So the terms the MTA will “appropriately” use instead are: “passengers”, “riders”, and “everyone”.[1]

Passenger viruses ride on subways.

I am not like everyone. I do not want to be associated with those neutered terms.

I do not consider myself a “passenger” or an “everyone”.

I am offended by neutral language.

Feature image of the initial construction of the London subway system where they would have laughed at such changes in how we refer to ladies and gentlemen is in the public domain is by Percy William Justyne living from 1812 to 1883, and was published February 2 1861.

references: [1]

Out dated sci-fience

The Fox News article presented the stunning news that California, a state they are always bashing for “liberal destructive policies”, has dropped the severity of the HIV transmission crime down from felony to misdemeanor.

The demeanor is shock.

As stated in the article, “Exposing a person to HIV was treated more seriously under California law than infecting someone with any other communicable disease, a policy some lawmakers said was a relic of the decades-old AIDS scare that unfairly punishes HIV-positive people based on outdated science.”

Outdated science. That is exactly what I have been saying for decades about HIV, actually more like garbage science. They use the term “outdated” because it doesn’t make them look so bad, even though their holocaust science killed millions.

At least they are headed in a better direction as prior it was leading the fag community over a cliff.

Fag – an outdated term.

Jerry Brown as quoted in the article stated, “These laws were passed at the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic when there was enormous fear and ignorance and misinformation around HIV,” Wiener earlie said. “It’s time for California to lead and to repeal these laws to send a clear signal that we are going to take a science-based approach to HIV not a fear-based approach.”

He does have that gay-right, the part about fear/ignorance/enormous/misinformation but wait Mr. Brown, did I just hear you infer that your state didn’t have a science based approach prior to now?

HIV/POLITICS is such a wonderful thing.

Of course those with brains will have to wonder how many people with the FLU which kills people every year will be slapped with these misdemeanors as well when they intentionally go to school or work and infect others with their viruses that travel in the air too.

Probably none.

Thus once again these policies are HIV/CRAP.

article can be viewed here

Feature image is a snapshot of presenting Today’s Date in various expressions as although all of the dates expressed there are different, they are the same, which is like life, people, and lifestyles, expressed differently yet are the same, and was captured on today’s date October 10, 2017 which if you add up the numbers in 10/10/2017 they = 1’s -> 1/1/1 thus this is a significant date and a good day to go out on a date and present your date with a box of dates