You heard it here first, like many things you have heard here first, now you can vape soda.

Vaping is becoming very popular. It’s a replacement for cigarettes that’s 1 billion times healthier.

It’s a hobby that people who don’t smoke tobacco even are getting into for the fun of blowing “smoke” which is really “blowing harmless vapor”.

I have been studying it for a couple of months now, reading and viewing countless reviews on “mods” and “vaping kits” but I never dreamed I would be looking into a product that vapes soda pop.

This is the unit, it’s called a Smoant Campbell and you can view the video below this image.

Official product website

It’s described like this “allows vapers to vape with a mixture of e-liquid and soft drinks”.

Buy it here.


feature image of endangered soda straw by Rodolfo Clix see more of his works here