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Christmas is Satanic

Today is December 25, 2017.

It’s a day that once again is widely heralded as a time to celebrate the “Birth of Christ” which to many is a fantasy, but in the 1600’s when this sign was posted in the village things were much different. People there banned the celebration of Christmas!

What’s interesting to note in comparison, is that any of those who celebrate this holiday religiously and fervently today that had trashed gay marriage saying that it’s against nature, even called gay marriage Satanic, HELD PURITANICAL VIEWS in saying it should only be with a man and woman. The Puritans celebrated sexuality but only in marriage like this.

So here today we have people who hold Christmas celebration on high, feeding into it, feeding it to others, all while they devour the drunken frenzy of gift giving that every year is a way to allegedly honor their Savior’s alleged birth, rituals that Puritans deemed Satanic.

These Christmas frenziers hold Puritanical views on marriage while their celebration of Christmas is clearly Satanic. They are in direct contradiction with the views of the PPP’s (Purely Pure Puritanists) as in the 1600’s when they left Europe in droves to settle in Boston, they called Christmas Satanic and banned the practice.

You would get a $50 fine if caught celebrating Christmas because to them Christmas is Satanic.

This gives Satansm a whole new meaning.

Merry Satanism!


Christmas banned in Boston!

Feature image is a public notice from 1659 in Boston regarding the banning the celebrations of Christmas and is in the public domain. Notices like this should be placed in most of the United States cities, towns, and villages once again.

Make me a painting of a gay wedding cake

Poof, you are a painting of a gay wedding cake.

The gay atheist artist did not want to be forced to draw a painting of Jesus Christ licking the face of Mona Lisa and pissing on her. The state made it a crime for the artist to refuse the gay couple.

Logic says he should not be forced to, it’s against his beliefs. Heavy hand of government is not right.

Would you agree? Of course you would.

So too the gay cake artist should not be forced to make a gay wedding cake. It’s against the artist’s beliefs.

This is simple logic yet the SGCO/NEOAILS – Stupid Gay Community Of Non Elected Officials And It’s Libtard Supporters keep pushing this narrative that it’s an equal rights issue. It is not, it is a freedom of expression issue, or better put, a freedom to decide one’s expression issue.

You can’t force people to express themselves the way you want them to. It would be like forcing the atheist baby sitter to recite bible verses and she says “I’m sorry I do not want the job” and the mom has a fit and calls a lawyer saying her equal rights were violated and it stupidly has to go to the Supreme Court to DECIDE THAT she has the right to refuse the job.

Another example, the gay dude says “No I don’t want to recite fundamentalist Christian crap to your kid, find someone else to do that” and the mom again has a fit and says she has the right to force him to do the job.

Same with the Christian cake baker, he has a fundamental right to be able to refuse any job presented him. It’s not like he’s got wedding cakes in the window and the gay couple says “We will take this one” and he says “Fags I don’t sell to”, it’s that he’s refusing to be their hired artist.

This is not a matter of a cashier at a store saying they will not sell the Nintendo to the gay couple because they don’t believe in gay marriage, if someone did that that would be discrimination, this is about artistic expression and forcing one to do something against their beliefs. You can’t do that in the US.

Rolling Stone Magazine, a libtard pile of words, said it seems to be leaning way over toward the rights of the cake baker, claiming as to be expected, that such a thing is discrimination and that gays again will suffer those pangs yet again.

Paleeeze. Frankly, discrimination in many things is perfectly legal. Should the gay atheist cake artist be forced to do Fundamental Musli-Christian wedding cakes?

Supreme court will decide soon. I gather they of brilliant mind, Supreme Court Justices, will decide for the artist, and not the hissy fitter.

Reference article

Another sleaze bag politician closeted flame goes down in flames

The young Ohio legislature politician, charming as he may be, after being found out as being a fully closeted gay, who acted publicly as staunchly conservative, who, as to be expected by such sleazedirt, would speak and act against LGBTqwerty rights, and is now OUT/ED and no longer a politician, stated this according to,

“We all bring our own struggles and our own trials into public life,” Goodman said in the statement. “That has been true for me, and I sincerely regret that my actions and choices have kept me from serving my constituents and our state in a way that reflects the best ideals of public service.”

Wow. It’s still all about him. Notice how he doesn’t say he’s sorry to the gay community. How about stating you are sorry for fucking and slamming the gay community into the ground and being part of the biggest hypocrites ever, which the fundamentalist Christian community is FULL/OF.

“Christian ‘Family Values’ Conservative Resigns After Sex in the Office With Another Man”

Image snapshot of Ohio House of Representatives webpage of formerly closeted SCUM/GAY fake human being that did not represent the public properly found on and is in the public domain and presented in the public interest



Married Gay And Mormon.

Story at

Feature image snapshot from the article viewed on June 21, 2017 which is about 33 years after the Church of HIV was started.


The Beast out of the Earth

11 Then I saw another beast come up out of the earth. He had two horns like those of a lamb, but he spoke with the voice of a dragon. 12 He exercised all the authority of the first beast. And he required all the earth and its people to worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed. 13 He did astounding miracles, even making fire flash down to earth from the sky while everyone was watching. 14 And with all the miracles he was allowed to perform on behalf of the first beast, he deceived all the people who belong to this world. He ordered the people to make a great statue of the first beast, who was fatally wounded and then came back to life. 15 He was then permitted to give life to this statue so that it could speak. Then the statue of the beast commanded that anyone refusing to worship it must die.

16 He required everyone—small and great, rich and poor, free and slave—to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. 17 And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name. 18 Wisdom is needed here. Let the one with understanding solve the meaning of the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.c His number is 666.d

The above passage rose out of The Bible and grabbed me

Feature image The Gutenberg Bible [Bible, Latin Vulgate. Ca. 1455]. Biblia Latina. [Mainz: Johann Gutenberg, ca. 1455]. Rare Books Division. From the Lenox Library

originally posted to Flickr as Gutenberg Bible
Author NYC Wanderer (Kevin Eng)

The first substantial printed book is this royal-folio two-volume Bible, comprising nearly 1,300 pages, printed in Mainz on the central Rhine by Johann Gutenberg (ca. 1390s-1468) in the 1450s. It was probably completed between March 1455 and November of that year, when Gutenberg’s bankruptcy deprived him of his printing establishment and the fruits of his achievements.

The Bible epitomizes Gutenberg’s triumph, arguably the greatest achievement of the second millennium. Forty-eight integral copies survive, including eleven on vellum. Perhaps some 180 copies were originally produced, including about 45 on vellum. The Lenox copy, on paper, is the first Gutenberg Bible to come to the United States, in 1847. Its arrival is the stuff of romantic national folklore. James Lenox’s European agent issued Instructions for New York that the officers at the Customs House were to remove their hats on seeing it: the privilege of viewing a Gutenberg Bible is vouchsafed to few.


SMS is the acronym (as if we don’t have enough of them) for Short Message Service. It’s a STANDARDIZED protocol for texting.

If we didn’t have a standardized method of texting, we’d all be using our typewriters, paper and quills, doves, and yodles to send short messages.

Standardization is not a part of HI VIRUS testing protocols when we look at the world.

Now if we use unstandardized protocols to send messages, you might say that standardization is not important as we can show how we use a typewriter or a quill pen and get the same message sent. Oh but we are using standardization. The standard is using one language.

In HI virus world testing there is no standard. It’s like trying to determine if the skyscraper to be built will be done using metric or or ancient Mesopotamian units of measurement like the Royal Gur and barleycorns or using King Henry the 1st’s yardstick which was a measure of how far his dog could run to one end of his yard to the other while chasing a cat. See how far you get building the Trump/Mexico/Wall using these measurements that are as precise as HIV testing.


Yet the religious belief system remains that A Virus That Causes Many Diseases That Have Different Other Causes As Well (AVTCMDTHDOCAW) can be found and discussed and understood and treated using these non-standardized protocols of measure which actually never even find virus, they only find the critters that respond to viruses, non-specific to boot.

In other words, what we have in testing is a method to determine that somewhere in the BODY of the United States that there are criminals. It’s like they expect us to believe that by using non-standardized methods of “determinations” such as the broad allegation that there are criminals and that we need to have police in place who have guns to “solve the problem” that it’s fixed.

The THI’s (Test Hallelujia Illusionists) have got most of the world to believe their relgious belief system. That’s what is there, religious beliefs.

HIV is a religious belief system that uses ancient ideas with the threat of death if you don’t subscribe to it, just like most religions of the world do.

Send a text to your friends about HIV/SMS and see what happens. Just like trying to get people to understand that no God would be Holocaust enough to send all his children to Hitler’s Hell, you are likely to not get that message through to them even though they hear it, because they are stuck using ancient methods of understanding viruses.

History of length measurement

Feature image of ancient telephone keypad is derivative work by: Marnanel (Image:Telephone-keypad.svg: Silsor) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Image of the Royal Gur of Akkad ancient system of measurement by Gurdjieff at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Milo trashes Muslims

What a day, Trump signs executive orders to stop Muslims from entering the holy land of USA thus creating chaos at airports as it wasn’t coordinated, planned, and executed at all by any standards of normalcy, and at a New Mexico college we hear Milo Yiannopolis trash good Muslims with his vile remarks about Islam and how badly women of Islam are treated.

Milo: “Everywhere there is Islam you will find women oppressed”  and “You’re wearing a hijab in the United States of America, what is wrong with you?”

Wow. That was rude. These are the kind of statements that if he told that to the football player dude on the high school sidelines with that snotty tone, would get his head bashed. I guess he knows women aren’t usually as bashful so he didn’t hold back.

If this woman was genuinely a Muslim, and Milo’s genuinely not genuinely POLICE, then I think it appears as though he’s treating Muslim women in his audience a lot differently than he would Muslim men who would likely wipe that smirk off his pretty face in one blow before any real police had a chance to stop him. I can’t imagine him talking the shit he said in this presentation directly at Muslim MEN if there were any in the audience like he did to this nice lady who was rather upset at the insults he hurled.

The foundation of what Milo claims to preach is tolerance, equality, treating people with respect.

Or is the foundation $how bu$ine$$.

At one point I almost thought this whole thing was an act where even the police by this lady were just props but looking at their patches, well Wikipedia shows that the patch they are wearing is official and the lady’s hijab is also official.

Although we can also guess with certainty that Milo has no real police authority in any government assigned capacity and that the alleged heckler is most likely Muslim and really upset, who walked out later after being treated disrespectfully, and having seen firsthand how Milo treats Muslim women like dirt, one might note that may have been the point this wonderful lady was making possibly unintentionally.

Oh honey, Milo dear, it appears you are so busy with drama class you forgot to do your homework for social sciences, instead allowing you/self to be infilinated by Fox News. If you did you homework, you might have learned as Wikipedia points out:

Despite many criticisms of the practice of hijab being oppressive and detrimental to women’s equality,[75] many Muslim women view the way of dress to be a positive thing. It is seen as a way to avoid harassment and unwanted sexual advances in public and works to desexualize women in the public sphere in order to instead allow them to enjoy equal rights of complete legal, economic, and political status.

That may work there, but in the USA we see that the hijab doesn’t help women avoid harassment from Senior Editors on Faggot Tour$ To Nowhere.

When the dust settles

I used to enjoy watching this dude “Dusty Smith” rant against religion. WWIT*


He has a channel on YouTube.


The guy calls himself an Atheist and says he used to be Christian.

I could relate to his online rants against religious non-sense because I too once was a Christian and made my way out of that cult at least as far as the extreme fundamentalism goes. They were always preaching against homo sex though oddly, Jesus never said anything against homo sex when constantly pressed as to whether or not he had a girlfriend. He just said “No, I’m too busy for that” after he just arranged a date with one of his “disciples” to meet to talk “religion” in the back shed.

Could we say that Jesus was a fag at this point? Fist fuck yea!

Although I still believe in God, pray, and believe in something beyond this life, I also believe God and others up there have helped me along my way. I think they have helped U2.

In contrast, Dusty trashes all of that and make$ money off selling organized trash chalking everything up to “logic”. Trash can make perfect cent$ you know.

He’s a pretty big star on YouTube and well known in the social networking world, well, not as big as he used to be. ***

I am not talking dick size.

So here’s my experience where I almost bought a juicy load of rejackulated trash that he published.

After watching this one video of his describing how he wrote the worst book ever called “Seven Deadly Sins” which he claims he wrote as a Christian, I went online to look for a copy which surely would be hard to find as he stated there’s only a few copies of it out there. The video was dynamic, entertaining, and motivating as well as humorous and rediculous.

It’s called “I Wrote A Book When I Was Christian… And It’s Horrible”.

Seemed like a good investment as he also stated he would sign the book if I was able to meet him someday. I figure hey I could send it to him he’s probably trustworthy and would send it back.

I was all jazzed thinking I was for once going to be a winner, having missed out on MSFT at $.10 per share in 1988 and nab myself a rare copy of a book that someday will be a collectors item, and then resell it after the author dies, and retire on it.

So I found one by a seller on a well known website retailer and purchased it for about $80. Already it had been at a premium since it’s the kind of thing that would sit at a thrift shop for years unsold.

Anxiously awaiting my book to arrive after it said it was being shipped, I get another email a week later saying sorry my order is cancelled.

WTF? Did someone realize that the book was suddenly going to be a collectors item?

More on that deal gone bad later, first take a look at some of his other works like “How I Accidentally Ruined Porn For Millions Of Men”**

Talk about sucking one in with attention grabbing headlines, that makes Trump’s pussy grab statement sound more like singing Happy Birthday.

Oh and that’s milk not what you were thinking.

The claim that it “literally cost him millions” of course is an improper use of the word literally, literally. I kinda think this is an exaggeration as if there was a significant income from that he would have been likely sued by the copyright holders as it appears he says he republished their works he found online.

After seeing this video I had to think “Well sick well, as always the Devil is in the details once again, the guy didn’t create his own works, he used other’s works”.

It was after this that I finally woke up. For me it was that big POW in the face realizing someone’s sales pitch. As he rambled on in detail how he “wrecked the internet” and claims he figured out how to make money selling porn online, he did this when he was a Christian!

Who does that when they are a fundamentalist Christian, unless of course, like preachers, they are less than reputable. Then to brag about it and try to sell us these concepts using reverse psychology, saying how horrible something is, while drizzling it with excitement, intrigue, and celebrity, is just too obvious now.

Even though he’s not appearing to try to sell us his worst book ever, or porn anymore, he’s now selling us the horrors of Christianity, the unreal God, how stupid Muslim religions are and all religions, his t-shirt line, and trying to sell us belief systems where only things that can be explained by logic are worth utilizing, and more views so he make$ a living. It’s almost as bad as all the horse-sheet the new USA President has sold people, enough so that they all bought it and voted him in thinking he’s not like the rest of those bad politicians.


Now about that book deal, ever get so disappointed that you didn’t get something that you really wanted? That hot guy or gal or video game when you were younger? That item on the Christmas list.


Well, that’s how it felt, like the rug pulled out from under me without witchcraft. Didn’t get that rare Dusty book.

Flat on my face. Disappointment.

Then some days later I magically realized how I had just been scammed.

This guy had me all hot to get something of his. This is what all sales people do and what tricks do, they sell us on things we do not really need.

I have since realized in my opinion these videos are based on the same crap that preachers tell us about religion. This took some time, reflection, and shelving of stupidity and a heavy dose of logic to figure out.

LOGIC 1.01

Dusty has stated in his videos many times how he doesn’t like to work, how he’d rather sit home and smoke pot, stuff like that, and just do videos. Maybe he was kidding. Maybe it’s true but who cares, what I want to get at here is why his presentations against religion are all garabage and why I want to share some of this revelation with all my wonderful faggot monsters who read this crap I write.

He claims logic is what should replace all religion. He emphasizes this word logic repeatedly.

Basically, without getting into an in depth analysis, he makes Logic his belief system instead of God. He’s also into Stateism, and Scienceism as if those are like God, perfect. Problem is logic and other isms can fool people just as much. We see salesmen doing that all the time. We see preachers doing this all the time.

I believe logic and fantasy are both healthy. What’s “real” in logic sometimes becomes fantasy and what’s “not real” in fantasy sometimes becomes reality.

Cellular phones were a fantasy. Throughout most of history they were not logically possible. It was only after many years of fantasy did they become reality. Of course that was coupled with bits and pieces of real things but who’s yet been able to prove that God DOES NOT exist? We could prove that cell phones didn’t exist, but never have we proven that God doesn’t exist.

Also, to merely fantasize about God all your life and a Savior can help many people get through this Hell here on Earth, a hell that is created by sleazy salespeople that rip people off like those in the stock markets that enjoy profits while others lose money, and politicians who always say they are going to lower taxes and then they raise them because hey they money has to come from somewhere.

Some people are born into horrific lives and can’t escape. Their religions sometimes help keep them sane (never mind they sometimes drive us insane).

Others have great lives, their religions help them in many ways, one logically is merely having a common focus outside one’s self. And guess what, that’s logical.

Kids fantasize about being a fireperson, should we replace that with logic? If we did that we’d have to tell the kid about statistics and that it’s likely they would not likely ever become one, but more likely end up with a job they hate. That’s logical. It’s also stupid, and sick.

Religions do a lot of good. To trash it like he does is not logical. There goes his logic, right out the window!

Another thing he claims is that religions will all die eventually and be replaced with logic when people all wake up.

That’s not logical.

So let’s use some basic fool proof logic as he promotes anyway. The book cover says the author is Michael Bishop.

It’s the name of a famous author. Seems he plagiarized that author’s name.

So about that book deal, here’s the page I saw on 10/15/2016 one day after receiving notice by vault media that my order was cancelled:


The book that I paid about $80 for suddenly was up to $662.31 and $662.32. Who are these sellers? Could it be Dusty? Who is lpetoostoreus? Has anyone bought anything from these sellers? Have you ever seen sections of short hose selling for $662.32? Look out below!




And who is Silver Ocean? Could that be another name used by Vault Media who then placed it back up for sale after realizing it was maybe a collectors item?

I did get a refund but something’s fishy but the thing that’s great is that it made me start thinking and using LOGIC to figure out why on earth I would want to pay $80 for a horrible book. I thank God I figured it all out.


A little more about this cult


Dusty mocks religion and calls people who follow religion stupid for doing so, but it’s so easy to prove him so far off base on that. All we have to do is look at how religions help people have something to look up to. It’s like how a child looks up to a parent.

Atheism is at it’s core a religion.

Dusty claims he’s not religious. He’s deluded himself.

Wikipedia states:

Religion is a cultural system of behaviors and practices, world views, sacred texts, holy places, ethics, and societal organization that relate humanity to what an anthropologist has called “an order of existence”.

A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods to create an idealized, heroic, and at times worshipful image.

Bingo! And the cult of egomaniacalism is also a religion and DUSTY/ATHIEST believes there is an order of existence, referring many times to evolution, science, logic that creates that order in a cultural system of behaviors and online socialistic rants.

So like with one of those bad lover relationships we look back on years later saying “Why didn’t I end that sooner?” I cut it off.

Relationship with atheist loud mouths are not in my genre list anymore.

I feel much better after realizing how people like him don’t need to be in my online world, or “in my head” repeating and ranting narcissistic babble, or God and logic forbid, being picked up by him for a Lyft ride some day when all this online hype fade$ away and I realize the grey haired driver is Mr. Smith taking me to Washington.

Hey, here’s a couple of posts that he put up on Twitter just as I was finishing editing this……..notice the time 4 minutes ago and 7 minutes ago.****

Maybe God was telling him something. Suddenly he’s burned out and realizing that this is all a waste of time?***




Now really what are the chances that after having written about these realizations of mine that he’s suddenly had some of his own that he’s written?

The religions of the world call that something and it’s not logic.

Maybe the Dust has settled down? Guy reminds me of the Tasmanian Devil.




In the end when we meet the Creator, or in Dusty’s case, dirt, we need to be careful in this life to not be conned by preachers of religion AND anti-religion.


Move To Trash


* What Was I Thinking? This acronym should be used all the time by everybody regardless of how much they adjust their SACS (Sexual Acronym Confusion Syndromities). Here it is used in a sentence: “The WWIT community is glad they no longer practice the religion of HIV/TESTING and fool hearty treatment protocolitis”.

**Notice at the bottom left, “How Jesus Cost Me Millions!” I think that’s sensationalism at it’s finest worst.

*** Twitter page also states he’s been banned from Facebook for 11 months now.

**** Snapshotted around 27 Jan @ 21:32 pacific time 2017.


The End

Delivery in progress

It wasn’t UPS or FedEx making the delivery, it was a church preacher that with the help of the master deliverer God, delivered a guy from men. Where did this guys’ package end up I wonder.

Image snapshot from the video.

Mormon helped end DADT

I had no clue that a Republican Mormon would ever vote against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell yet indeed this is exactly what happened in 2010 when Jeff Flake, Senator, originally born in Snowflake, Arizona** voted in favor of repeal.

In December 2010, Flake was one of fifteen Republican House members to vote in favor of repealing the United States military‘s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” ban on openly gay service members.

Though he did want to twist the constitution into a pretzel another way by amending it to disclude similar sex marriage, it simply amazes me that a Mormon would want to end a military ban on gays openly serving.

Flake had voted to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban same-sex marriage with a
Federal Marriage Amendment in 2004 and 2006. As a senator, Flake was one of 10 Senate Republicans to vote, once more, in favor of ENDA. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is legislation proposed in the United States Congress that would prohibit discrimination in hiring and employment on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity by employers with at least 15 employees.

I say this man is pretty much a friend of the gay community.

references from Wikipedia and sources they credit

image is in the public domain and is an official US government photograph

**Snowflake is a very small community northeast of Phoenix by about 3 hour drive yet boasts a new Mormon Temple. Mormon website explains why they build temples