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23 humans hurled from plane all survive fall

The study was done by Harvard.

It showed that contrary to what most people believe, people can survive such a fall under the right conditions, without a parachute!

It also showed how flawed scientific research can be as people assume too many things that can be left out of such findings that are then promoted in medias.

The humans were hurled out of the plane which was on the ground, not flying, and they fell a total of about 1/2 a meter.

This is exactly what was done in HIV science.

It’s entire foundation is built on speculation. The images we see of HIV are not what they claim.

It’s like what they did is scare humans into believing they were being hurled from a plane at 30,000 feet as they were blindfolded, exposed to sounds that mimmick an aircraft, and told they have to take HIV/DRUGS as parachutes, which then actually killed them.

Now they are promoting strapping on a Preparatory Pill to save the humans from falling, 1/2 a meter, into the pit of HIV viruses below.

San Fran creates a trans gender district

This sounds eerily like separate but equal.

WTF are cities creating separate districts for in 2018. I thought we were all equal.

It’s referred to as TLGB. Keep that straight kiddies. The T is now first. I guess it depends, have to rotate, if you talk about transgenders you will be expected to put the T first SANTO.

SANTO – So As Not To Offend

various articles discuss this stupid designation

“Vengeance is mine”

So says the Lord, but TMZ says regarding the Thousand Oaks massacre,

…it sounds like they were revenge killings.”

…….he was the victim of bullying in school, leading to a possible motive for the crime.

………..Long was a regular at the Borderline Bar & Grill as were some of his high school classmates, perhaps including his bullies.

Oh, so it may have been a revenge shooting, and he was a long time victim of being treated like a piece of shit, something we see people do to other people.

So if revenge is the cause, liberals will not make revenge illegal or call for revenge control, no, they will call for gun control because the cause of shootings is not revenge according to them, it is caused by guns which have a mind of their own.

I still say we need rock control, especially those rocks in the heads of some liberals.

Another gun free “safe” zone killing spree

A place of Jewish worship was hit with gunfire from a nutcase.

David Hogg of course is out blasting guns and rights to own guns that some racist white men wrote down in our founding documents as he knows better as a teenager they did. Hogg never addresses how one is supposed to defend themselves from an illegal gun owner when police cannot arrive at the exact time these events occur or in cases where they cannot arrive for an hour.

Hogg is such a doodoofus.

So then a man at McDonalds has a gun and he stops another man with a gun from shooting up up the place. The good guy won. What do you suppose the outcome had it been a gun free “safe” zone.

And still the liberal retards ramble on and on and on like a broken scratched and cracked left in the sun to warp record, an item they have never seen nor used.

We need more “broken record free” zones.

Lindsey Lohan tries to kidnap Muslim kids

She’s in another country sees allegedly homeless family, tells the kids to come with her to watch movies in her hotel room, tells parents of kids they are bad, streams the entire thing live on the internet to her 6.8 million followers (not likely all those were watching).

She claims the parents are “trafficking children”.

See this is what happens when liberal retards get their heads too far up their camera phones.

reference article at Breitbart

Twitter goes extreme on anti illegal alien speech

As stated by The American Mirror website,

“The federal government, U.S. Supreme Court, and lawyers across the country use the word “illegal alien” to describe immigrants who illegally enter the country, because that’s the definition in the law. But Twitter makes its own laws, and the social media giant is now blocking folks from promoting any messages with the phrase [illegal alien], which its moderators apparently consider ‘hate speech.'”

So basically they are supporting exclusion.

They are alienating conservative voices.

It’s so weird that these online forums had championed themselves as bastions of free expression and are constantly making new rules forbidding it.

How about we use the term CRIMINAL ALIENS instead.

All undocumented immigrants that remain in the US are criminals.

Why bother with such platforms. I have no use for TwitTwatter or Fussbudgetbook.

I suppose the new term they will demand people use will be another stupid acronym like LGBTQ.

Instead of “illegal alien” the new PC version will be “UIWCHDTNOFOHOHOEOVP” – Unfortunate Immigrant Who Came Here Due To No Fault Of His Or Her Own Escaping Opression Violence and/or Poverty

Used in a sentence: “The obviously drunk UIWCHDTNOFOHOHOEOVP driver killed a 82 year old great great grandmother as he sped away from having killed a 3 year old child when driving through a neighborhood having been caught later the police reported that he was not a citizen, but because liberal retards were so concerned about him they set up a Go Fund Me page that brought in $200,000 for his legal defense expenses after which he was found not-guilty of manslaughter and was set free only to do it yet another time where 3 people were killed at which time he just fled the country and was never found.”

Never apologize to the left

So says a friend of Roseanne.

In an interview she stated, “(T)hey would put me in the same box where they have people who call for the death of all Jews and want to enslave all black people. [The same box as] real racists that actually exist,” she said. “They put me in a box with them. And how do they think that’s gonna affect me? They don’t think. They’re under mind control.”

So are those who believe HIV causes 26 different diseases that all had different very complex causes before a new label came along to put those diseases into a cute little box called AIDS.

HIV/AIDS makes no sense what-so-ever-after.

I would never apologize to the left for my understanding of HIV/AIDS and it’s lunacy.

The spinoff that ABC has coming next month features Roseanne being killed off.

This new series called “The Conners” will not last. Who gives a flying fuck about the Connor family without Roseanne. Mostly the looky loos curious to see what they will do, the die hard liberal retards, and those curious ones won’t come back after one or two episodes.

There is no way they would get 18 million viewers either like they did when “Roseanne” remake was first aired. Lucky if they get 2 million.

FCC should kill off ABC and replace it with a network named “Roseanne”.


NY governor says America was never great

WOW what an idiot. Democrat of course.

“We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great.”

Time for a Republican governor.

reference Breitbart

Never Trumpers humiliated again

The definition of insanity is when you keep bashing your head against the wall over and over and never stop.

Liberals not only keep bashing their heads against the wall they drive their cars through it and expect to get where they are going.

Trump is a wall hon.

read and learn


Trump offers the lying “Pocahontas” Senator Warren $1M to take DNA/TEST

Senator Elizabeth Lying Warren went to expensive prestigious universities by claiming she was an American Indian, getting all sorts of free stuff because of it.

Trump sees through her bullshit, constantly calls her Pocahontas. It’s a HOOT.

The idiot liberals focus their attention on falsely claiming that is a racist statement. Sure it is, it’s racist, so what. Calling someone Italian is racist, calling someone a Mexican is racist, calling someone a Confederate is racist, no, that one is not racist.

Instead they should be looking for lies like is their pastime with Trump. They ignore all lies if they come from liberals. They are hypocrites.

Trump is the strongest president the country has ever had, calling out the fakes and liars left and right.

Warren will NEVER EVER EVER take that $1M prize from Trump because she knows she’s a liar. She is not American Indian at all. She claimed that so she could scam the US government into benefits that go to those who are American – Indian.

story at Breitbart


Attention getting clown climbs Statue of Liberty

We can’t build the walls fast enough, they are even climbing the Statue of Liberty to get in.

The climber, she’s from Africa congo, not the best schools there. She claims it’s about protesting border policy.

Says children do not belong in cages. Well duh we all believe that, but when they come across our border illegally and some of those kids are attempted to be snuck in by coyotes for sex trafficking, we have to separate them and jail them.

I guess she never heard of jails. Where she’s from they just eat those who come into their villages illegally.

I mean like really, this crap is such from bulls, which by the way is now being targeted by women too. The running of the bulls is being protested. This is like the idiots at that Baptist church that would come to gay pride parades with signs saying “God Hates Fags”. They should have signs saying “Mother Nature Hates Men”, that’s basically their approach.

If this clown as the Trump puts it woo hoo likes open borders what the fuck is she doing here in the United States? She can go back to Africa.

Activist idiots are going to call that statement racist.

It’s not. It’s borderist. It’s countryist. Has nothing to do with race. I’m a countryist. I hate people who come here illegally or come here too easily with liberal let them all in policies having no education and then some of these bafoons claim they know better than those of us who went to school for 12 years minimum and tell us how wrong we are at handling our borders.

Of course liberals are cheering her on, none are saying like Liberty says “bring me your tired, your poor…….” and live in my house.

Another point that should be of disgust is that these kinds of stunts divert police resources to dealing with clowns in stead of other crimes but liberals will not care about that they need their drama fix every day.

Icing ICE is not cool

The nutsy cookoos want the border patrol dissolved. They want ICE on ICE.

They are holding rallies all around the country.

They are becoming vicious and more crazy than ever. Oh the poor babies is their chant.

Michael Moore wants YOU to use your body in sacrifice.

Maybe it’s the legal marijuana that’s doing this. They are boycotting border enforcement. They want everyone to come in freely like a herd of animals.

Oh now they are going to use that as a weapon, I said “herd of animals” which must be sexist, racist, animalist, humanist, dufusist.

Liberals are becoming total lunatics.

Note in the interview how the libtard Bill Maher contradicts himself saying within one minute “Trump colluded with Putin” then he says “Trump did not collude with Putin”.

What an idiot.

Medias are pushing people into civil unrest.

Don’t worry, when the riots start David Hogg, Nancy Pelosi, and the non existent border patrol will all come to your protection.

It will be like standing in the middle of a buffalo stampede with your e-pad i-pad and u-pad.

These celebrities will be there for you (as long as your battery holds up).

Oh and don’t worry you don’t need a gun for protection. It makes the world safer.

Don’t listen to that little voice in the head that says “I wish I had a GUN right now to kill all these buffalo” that is the devil sitting on a unicorn talking.

Just send your celebrity friends a tweet, and oh, well they had to dissolve police too because they would rip families apart too, so there are no police.

Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Buffalo stampede killing you. Oddly the ezpad was unscathed.

Too bad those Democratards not got those stampede control laws passed to save us all from angry stampeders.

Abolish ICE. Keep SNOW.

study more than others


feature image of northern border boardwalk where children were picked up by ice and then released because protesters couldn’t handle the emotional portrayal of child being separated from mom even though that never happened with the child in the photo that has become the world’s most seen child image so these children with their parents kept walking in the cold and froze to death after they fell on the ice because liberal retards got their way and the laws were changed so these people would not be put in cages that were 72 degrees where there was also ample food by pixabay


Gizmodo ding-dong is prejudice

Tom Ley wrote about an “alt-right” QWERTY or something making the statement that they were “sad white men”.

What the fuck. How about equally writing about “sad black men”. Oh no, that would be blasted! Stupid fuck.

reference archived page

QWERTY group takes back award

The “LGBT” group (where’s the Q?) was unhappy that the internet presented data from 10 years ago of a woman on MSNBC named Joy Reid who allegedly had made LGBTphobic remarks.

In the article they say “homophobic” but that’s an error that all these groups keep making, they say they are inclusive, then they are selective, leaving out bisexualphobic and transgenderphobic and lesbianphobic.

The prompted need for to determine the appropriate adjustment so that it’s phobic inclusive.

The new term is LpGpBpTp.

It’s sorta like PReP, I think the community will have a hard time swallowing it.

From the article:

A leading LGBT advocacy group rescinded its Straight for Equality in Media Award to MSNBC host Joy Reid on Tuesday amid a controversy surrounding newly-unearthed homophobic comments made on a decade-old blog.



The headline at The Hill read,

A lack in affordable care may lead to HIV resurgence


They think that because there could be cuts in health care that HIV will explode along with heads.

Of course we know that all these statistics are simply based on a faulty test where if you test POSITIVE all that means is that you were once exposed to the flu.

Don’t be a unicornhead. Those who practice unsafe HIV/DISSEMINATION are telling lies.

Everything stated about HIV is like it’s coming out of the mouths of unicorns which do not exist in reality.

To make this more understandable to the rest of us who know HIV/FARCE quite well, the headline would make more sense if the word “unicorn” replaced “HIV” since they are at their core the same thing, so it would read like this, “A Lack In Affordable Care May Lead To Unicorn Resurgence”.

Scary thought.


feature image of a unicornhead in the public domain found at


Not even one week after the mass shooting that killed 17 students in a Florida school and Bing puts up this as their headline news. How insensitive.*

Bing news image top left feature story on February 19, 2018 at 7:45 am pt

*Dick Pick Statistics! OMG. I post this as a rebuttal to the idiocy of the Democrats who are by their whiny misplaced demands of attention the FBI missed the clues.

Trump slammed the retard Democrat idiot self centered bastards that kept pushing the FBI to WASTE PRECIOUS TIME on their incredibly stupid blame game for not winning the election for Hillary Clinton in 2016 on “Russia collusion”.

After all this wasted time and energy the results were presented, making fools out of Democrats.

Trump pointed this out in his Twitter feed. Demtards made the FBI waste time on their stupid witch hunt, as the US becomes a laughing stock in revelations there was no collusion, and we find out the FBI missed all the obvious clues that this guy was going to do this horrific shooting that killed 17 kids.

Instead of prioritizing to let the FBI prioritize what really matters, keeping citizens safe, they kept up their political power manipulative games.

Now of course the blame shifts to heavy metal.

The retards in power called Democrats who don’t know priorities from a lake in the ground need to be removed from office if they are going to keep babbling about guns and not about the collusion that was going on between the shooter and his abuse of heavy metal. This collusion was spotted by the FBI but was not stopped because it was more important to do what Democrat leaders insisted was the top priority, investigate unicorns. That is always their priority. Fuck libtards.

* Microsoft which owns Bing News is libtard