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Never Trumpers humiliated again

The definition of insanity is when you keep bashing your head against the wall over and over and never stop. Liberals not only keep bashing their heads against the wall they drive their cars through it and expect to get where they are going. Trump is a wall hon. read and learn  

Trump offers the lying “Pocahontas” Senator Warren $1M to take DNA/TEST

Senator Elizabeth Lying Warren went to expensive prestigious universities by claiming she was an American Indian, getting all sorts of free stuff because of it. Trump sees through her bullshit, constantly calls her Pocahontas. It’s a HOOT. The idiot liberals focus their attention on falsely claiming that is a racist statement. Sure it is, it’s…

Attention getting clown climbs Statue of Liberty

We can’t build the walls fast enough, they are even climbing the Statue of Liberty to get in. The climber, she’s from Africa congo, not the best schools there. She claims it’s about protesting border policy. Says children do not belong in cages. Well duh we all believe that, but when they come across our…

Icing ICE is not cool

The nutsy cookoos want the border patrol dissolved. They want ICE on ICE. They are holding rallies all around the country. They are becoming vicious and more crazy than ever. Oh the poor babies is their chant. Michael Moore wants YOU to use your body in sacrifice. Maybe it’s the legal marijuana that’s doing this….

Gizmodo ding-dong is prejudice

Tom Ley wrote about an “alt-right” QWERTY or something making the statement that they were “sad white men”. What the fuck. How about equally writing about “sad black men”. Oh no, that would be blasted! Stupid fuck. reference archived page

QWERTY group takes back award

The “LGBT” group (where’s the Q?) was unhappy that the internet presented data from 10 years ago of a woman on MSNBC named Joy Reid who allegedly had made LGBTphobic remarks. In the article they say “homophobic” but that’s an error that all these groups keep making, they say they are inclusive, then they are…


The headline at The Hill read, A lack in affordable care may lead to HIV resurgence   They think that because there could be cuts in health care that HIV will explode along with heads. Of course we know that all these statistics are simply based on a faulty test where if you test POSITIVE…


Not even one week after the mass shooting that killed 17 students in a Florida school and Bing puts up this as their headline news. How insensitive.* Bing news image top left feature story on February 19, 2018 at 7:45 am pt *Dick Pick Statistics! OMG. I post this as a rebuttal to the idiocy…