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Morphophonemes in science**

An article appearing on United Press International website states that a study at the University of Colorado found “the process protecting the body from autoimmune disease may also prevent it from creating antibodies to HIV-1”.* news snapshot July 12, 2017 OMG I can’t stop laughing. This is the most absurd in their face statement…

Foreskin abortion clinics are closing

The call to close abortion clinics is a funny one. They are against cutting out a part of the woman’s body which they claim is a human life, but they aren’t against cutting off a part of the human body that has life called foreskin, or more commonly known as “a part of my dick”….

All I need is a third leg

Wow was I impressed! It’s one of those new products where you ask your self “Why didn’t I think of that”. It’s a new take on an old fashioned skateboard. The video presentation from this new company is awesome! Looks like so much fun to ride it. I’m sure it is. But like all marketing…


Why I Like Trump / For President – keep in mind that i am saying i like Trump – if i say something about TRUMP that is the acronym and TRUMP stands for Trump’s Really Unrealistic Mythical Plans. So it dawned on me how to help you understand another aspect of why i prefer him….