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Superbowl 1/2 time was 100% gay

Why would any dude think that it’s a good idea to take off your shirt to be “sexy” at a football game unless you are gay?

Adam Levine shirt off stupid tattoos look like crap him singing high pitch as he does flailing arms and body SO FUCKING GAY GAY GAY not LBTQ+ it was GAY GAY GAY.

Even I did not like it and

I can only imagine how offensive it was to so many real men.

Worse that Roseanne singing the National Anthem.

I’m so glad I am not Adam Levine.

He’s creepy.


White Entertainment Television

Will have all white guests, all white stars, all white news anchors, just like BET has all black guests, all black stars, all black news anchors. Ooooooooooooo wait, here come the screams! None of which make any logical sense. First, there should be no racist TV networks. Or maybe there should. Racing is fun especially with cars.

BET is racist. So if no one is going to complain about BET then shut up about anything “racist”. All this racismsexism crap is so old. Racism is real, it’s normal, we have a race here we have a race there, someone has to win the race or what fun is playing the game, what, shall we stop all this horse racing, stop track and field?

White privilege is now their fun thing to throw around as if whites are better at races somehow which makes no sense. It was fun that is until the black news anchor accuses someone of being of white privilege when they are not that color which makes it blaringly clear how much error is in these discussions, either that or they are disingenuous lying cons.

CNN legal analyst Areva Martin accused SiriusXM Patriot 125 host David Webb of “white privilege” during a debate on his radio program on Monday morning.

Is now the time to point out that it’s time to stop this non-sense? Oh not yet, we still have racing inequality.

Now the test, how many different subjects were scattered throughout this article blended together like a homo genious smoothie.

11 year old boy performs drag in gay bar

I thought they were LTBQG bars. Someone slipped.

So the 11 year old is a drag queen. Gets on a bar and dances, performs. Gets money thrown at him by drunk fags, lags, qags, tags, and bags.

The conservatives FREAK/OUT. They say it’s sick and creepy. They say the world is ending, again, yes again.

The commenter points out that little girls are in pageants all the time, 5 years old, sexy make up, strutting and twerking even.

Obviously that’s OK with God because obviously the little girls are straight I suppose is their logic.


Schools discriminate against men

Kursat Pekgoz filed complaint saying that schools are routinely discriminating with their women-only groups. You go girl!

It’s interesting to look at what Yale states “all Yale women and non-binary femme students, alumni, faculty staff, and community members”.

Non-binary femme?

Let’s see what the internet says on this definition at

Nonbinary (Also Non-Binary): Preferred umbrella term for all genders other than female/male or woman/man, used as an adjective (e.g. Jesse is a nonbinary person). Not all nonbinary people identify as trans and not all trans people identify as nonbinary. Sometimes (and increasingly), nonbinary can be used to describe the aesthetic/presentation/expression of a cisgender or transgender person.

Note, they don’t list FAG as a term even though it is one. I like that term, it’s earthy, strong willed, full of spunk. What fag doesn’t like spunk.

Ok, so according to the term definitioners, the human with a dick can be “dressed as a woman” whatever the fuck that would be as humans with vaginas often dress like humans with cocks, that is, pants and button down shirts, and be in this group but the human with a cock cannot if he dresses like he always has wearing a button down shirt and pants.

To make this perfectly clear, their definition at Yale already allows men to attend as what the fuck is their last sentence saying, basically that anyone who is who they were born to be or who they feel they want to present themselves as can be there, meaning anyone can attend.

Need more proof that society as a whole in the United States already discriminates more against man than women, look at circumcision, the common practice of hacking off the foreskin on baby boys dicks, which for some make their faces uglier than ever namely Sandra Bullocks ugly face.

LOUD/MOUTH resister now says saying gay is like colored

Sarah Silverman is one of the many ruling leaders of the elitist resist movement, a movement that reminds me of bowel movements, the ones that are smelly and runny.

The confused acc-tress thinks that calling someone colored is like calling someone gay and thinks she can come up with other words to use instead of gay.

All I can say is THATS/SO/STRAIGHT.

She’s also said that batchelorettes are faggots.

Never mind that the word GAY was hijacked by the queer community in the 60’s.

Next up, don’t say rainbow.



MSNBC host needs to flip burgers

Mika Brzezinski as a host on Morning Joe vomited a GBT slur calling a dictator a “wanna be butt boy”.

It’s not what she said that I take issue with, I could care less, speak how you like, it’s that they need to be consistent in their manner as they trash others for “saying the wrong thing” and “offending people” and calling for others to be fired, etc. so her ass should be let go by the network MSNBC who hired her and let her go work at McDonalds where she is needed and can handle orders without flipping off people.

To make amends and correct the situation, she apologized, claims she should have said “waterboy”.


Hon, obviously you do not know anything about anything.

Ocasio-Kookez claims she has subpoena power

Once again this “not even in office as Sentator yet” politician is claiming she will be able to do things that she will not be by any stretch be given power to do.

She is the sleaziest sales pitcher lying politician I have ever witnessed in my lifetyme.

Are there not exams one must take before being deemed qualified to be in such a position?

Apparently not.

This should be first on Congress agenda. Then again, if they did that, they’d all be gone.


feature image of Washington The Peace Monument, notice the woman crying on shoulder of stone faced friend, she’s actually not crying, she’s covering her face after finding out how stupid politicians are after laughing about it embarrassingly, the sculptor decided to leave that in.

Kate Beckinsale joins Sandra Bullock in bragging about spreading cut baby parts on their faces

She’s another one that can rot in hell while Ellen again laughs at the whole thing, making it all a joke, caring more about baby chickens penises and the housing of cattle than that of humans.

The 45-year-old star underwent a facial for the first time last week that uses an epidermal growth factor serum containing stem cells cultivated from the discarded tissue of Korean baby boys.

Fucking 45 years old and has to use cut baby parts to feel young.


These people are sick sick sick.

Would they use foreskins of baby dolphins who could be heard screaming in pain when they hacked off part of the baby dolphins penis?

I think not, but when it’s human body parts is OK to hack off while the babies scream in pain.

These are sick sick people who are way too full of themselves.

Russia will verify if moon landing was real

If the Russians say it never happened, the US will say they lie.

If the Russians say it did happen, the US will say “see we told you” even though the US is always saying that Russia cannot be trusted.

I think NASA only went to the moon film sets. One of the most obvious clues is there is no crater under the Apollo space craft that “landed on the moon”.

It was set there with a crane. Here’s Apollo 16. What’s with all the tin foil? It went through space like that?

Another clue is one jet stream in the middle, how the fuck can that keep it balanced in landing? It cannot.

It’s all an experiment to see how duped they can public.

Kamala Harris sucks

She wants us to be welcoming to those in the caravan coming to the US.

Ok hon, let’s see you invite them all into YOUR home. They can camp out on your front and back lawns. They will if you don’t want them there, illegally camp out in your garage, lawn, and house and YOU WILL WELCOME THEM like you want us to welcome them in the entire country.

She’s full of crap. All these Democrats are.

Imagine all our politicians doing a caravan to Nicaragua, you think they would be welcoming?

All these migrants have to do when they get to the border is say they fear torture and they get in.

No need for proof.

We need new laws that mandate that those who want them here, HOST THEM.

Vote Different.

Twitter goes extreme on anti illegal alien speech

As stated by The American Mirror website,

“The federal government, U.S. Supreme Court, and lawyers across the country use the word “illegal alien” to describe immigrants who illegally enter the country, because that’s the definition in the law. But Twitter makes its own laws, and the social media giant is now blocking folks from promoting any messages with the phrase [illegal alien], which its moderators apparently consider ‘hate speech.'”

So basically they are supporting exclusion.

They are alienating conservative voices.

It’s so weird that these online forums had championed themselves as bastions of free expression and are constantly making new rules forbidding it.

How about we use the term CRIMINAL ALIENS instead.

All undocumented immigrants that remain in the US are criminals.

Why bother with such platforms. I have no use for TwitTwatter or Fussbudgetbook.

I suppose the new term they will demand people use will be another stupid acronym like LGBTQ.

Instead of “illegal alien” the new PC version will be “UIWCHDTNOFOHOHOEOVP” – Unfortunate Immigrant Who Came Here Due To No Fault Of His Or Her Own Escaping Opression Violence and/or Poverty

Used in a sentence: “The obviously drunk UIWCHDTNOFOHOHOEOVP driver killed a 82 year old great great grandmother as he sped away from having killed a 3 year old child when driving through a neighborhood having been caught later the police reported that he was not a citizen, but because liberal retards were so concerned about him they set up a Go Fund Me page that brought in $200,000 for his legal defense expenses after which he was found not-guilty of manslaughter and was set free only to do it yet another time where 3 people were killed at which time he just fled the country and was never found.”

GOP auctioneer drowns out libtard protester in Twitter hearing

The republicans proved once again who can outsmart who.

watch the short segment and read the details here on Fox News

In a pearl of a jam

Pearl Jam is a rock group that has now released a poster that shows a dead Donald Trump, a burning White House, and an alien space ship.

Why do musicians always feel the need to get into politics. It’s like they are meddling with baby poop and throwing it in your face.

And these show business people are always the ones being rude, in your face, nasty, and even downright evil, and then all we hear about is them freaking out about a President “being rude” and such.

The group should be called Two Face.

The one music video and song that I vividly remember of theirs that I felt was a masterpiece is “Jeremy”. Here is an image of one of the final scenes in the classroom with blood spattered classmates he just assassinated. This image belongs to the copyright owner and is for identification and critical commentary on the music video in question.*

Today it can be said that such works show that artistic expression does not SOLVE the world’s problems as we all witnessed 17 classmates murdered by a “Jeremy” in Florida.

At the time of it’s release I recall hearing others (and myself) say that this video will change the world as it speaks of fathers not giving affection to their children and what that is perceived to cause and other issues. It is a brilliant piece of work.

But today I have to question artistic expression and it’s perceived positive influences on society and our current wild obsession with medias as I notice that many artists are merely as they make political statements, in my opinion, changing dirty diapers and flinging it all over the place.

In this case to make the case with art that the White House should be destroyed is absurd.

Then again, who said that is what they are showing? Might we be assuming the wrong thing here?

What if all they are showing in their current poster is like what was presented in the classroom where Jeremy sat. What if it really is showing the “Jeremy” liberals who have suffered in life like him all snapping and taking it out on the White House? Is it showing that liberals are destroying the White House and the President, basically killing him with their unrelenting attacks?

Hmm. Art is so confusing.

Video of “Jeremy” from the 1990’s.


Feature image of Pearl Jam poster which makes me want to spread baby poo all over it and burn their records or does it? called it hate speech.


The writing is on the blackboard.


*This image snapshot from the Pearl Jam video “Jeremy” shows the climactic still of the music video and portrays one of the video’s key points in a way that text cannot and thus is considered by the author of this post as fair use.

Make America Venezuela

Democrats and political sociopaths will pounce on this saying that statement is racist and we should treat all countries equally.

These two nut jobs communist socialists would do that very thing, their socialist policies would make America like all the countries that immigrants are getting the fuck away from.

feature image found here and I am not quite sure where it originated

Anti gun protesters shut down Chicago highway in summer of course

They would never do this in winter.

Someone should see how much longer it took the police, fire, ambulances to respond to real needs during this clown show.

Oh that’s right, Chicago is a liberal run crime free zone because of gun control laws and gun free zones, so it doesn’t need such services.

Wait what’s this?

“The marchers carried signs that read, “We need jobs,” and chanted, “Stop the killing,” as they walked down the 1.5-mile stretch of highway to let lawmakers know their desire for better schools, more jobs, and stronger gun control laws to combat the violence in their communities.”

This is rather confusing.

a reference worth studying

ABC says it will redo Roseanne without Roseanne

I won’t watch. The whole TVdebacle is disgusting.

Roseanne apologized – crazy liberal retards won’t accept it

Roseanne did not mean anything racist against Valerie Jared one bit thought that high profile political figure that was in the White House and not just an entertainer comedienne like Roseane and others that show images of presidents with their head bloody and chopped off, a woman in the White House that has made decisions that have hurt many people around the world, well Roseanne thought she was white. I thought she was white, I mean Caucasian.

These daze it’s OK to trash white people, especially white men in power for being Caucazoid.

99.999 % of all reporting now stated that Roseanne made a racist comment. It’s a lie.

Truth doesn’t matter, people like trashing Trump supporters. They look for any reason to even when it is unfair, unbalanced, makes no sense.

The Democratic party now disgusts me. It represents the party of hate, lies, con jobs.

The show will suck without Roseanne. They are going to call it “The Connors”.

One comment stated that they should have her character get stuck at the Mexican border for a few years trying to get back into the US. Now that’s funny.

I like Roseanne. She is a TV icon and has done so much for the country. To dump her like they have is unconscionable.

Roseanne for President!

Chick-fil-A has never discriminated against gay Americans in any way

Show me one example where they discriminated. There is none.

They hire gay employees. They serve homo and robo sexuals. They buy products from companies that hire homosexuals and don’t boycott those companies.

The only thing that ever happened coming from the foundation that the owners set up is that one of the arms of the foundation had opposed same sex marriage.

They lost that battle, conceded, yet the Nazi Gay Camps continue to boycott. It’s like they get pleasure out of torturing a business even though it doesn’t really do anything to that business, what it does is torture the minds of the LGBT & QWERTY community.

To be accepted now we have to take that vow to never eat at Chik-Fil-A.

Fuck that gaycrap. You can shove that gay politics down your own throat, I’m shoving down food that’s got protein in it.

These noisemakers are the say types that also brought you HIV.

HIV is a made up fantasy. There is no such thing as a virus that cannot travel by mosquito.

Since mosquitoes are everywhere, sticking their dirty needles into HIV+ers and then into HIV-ers if there was such a thing we would see a raging epidemic in the summer.

HIV is a big fat lie.

Being told we can’t eat where we want to when the fucking war already ended is also a lie.

Roseanne was buzzed and thought Valerie Jarrett was a white Jew

Media attention on the Roseanne Barr controversy is all crap.

They are all quick to adopt the idea that she’s a racist, they don’t care about the truth, all they care about is creating drama.


And such is life in America.

Joe Rogan knows her, spoke with her, stated that she thought Valerie Jared where she made a joke at 2 am posted on Twitter using a reference to an ape was also when she was drunk and taking Ambien which has many reports of making people do things that are either not recollected or odd.

Roseanne might have cried a lot this last week taking responsibility for her actions but she really should not. It’s not her fault that bandwagons are stupid nor it it her fault that people are more interested in the latest greatest drama and not interested in knowing the facts.

Here is an official White House photo of Valerie Jarrett. Tell me she looks black and not a slightly tanned woman. Look at her nose. That’s not a typical nose of a Negroid. Nor is the hair. Nor does she look like an ape, or an orangutan as many a liberal has called Trump before and after being president. Bill Maher did not lose his show because he called Trump an ape nor was there any outcry.

By Joyce N. Boghosian (White House photographer) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Most Negroids have tight nappy hair. This hair looks very Caucasoid.

It’s interesting to note how the hyper sensitivity that is being created about race in our new millennium has destroyed an incredible show on television that was #1 in ratings. America can’t distinguish reality anymore they watch so much crap on television.

Roseanne is innocent but the bandwagon will never change. It will continue to claim that Roseanne is racist yet she’s so far from that.

The bandwagon did the same thing to a harmless retrovirus. Drama took hold and it used terror and fear and garbage science to promote an idea that a nano object could destroy something 500 billion million cotillion zillion times it’s size and be transferred by the human penis and hypodermic needles attached to humans while at the same time telling us that it’s impossible for it to be transferred by hypodermic needles attached to the mouths of bugs.

It’s so incredibly stupid and defies the most basic of logic to believe it yet it’s embedded in the human mind of the majority of people now, and who brought it all to you?


Feature image by Tookapic

Mental case makes mental case against guns

Old fart Pat Robertson is a huckster extraordinaire.

He is a conservative Fundamentalist Christian who just will not die. I look forward to seeing this pile of trash gone like all TV preachers, he is scum.

Being that he is a staunch fag hating gun loving Republican you would not expect to hear from his mouth calls for gun control, but that is exactly what came gushing out into the TV toiletverse.

I do not buy it. He’s a liar. He’s a deceitful pile of human energy.

For one, any of these elitists calling for gun control are hypocrites. They can hire all the guards they want, they can live in all the high security compounds they want and be protected 24/7. The rich who call for gun control are liars.

Robertson is a multi millionaire who can hire armed guards with weapons for his own personal protection, using the millions in donations and income he gets from his viewers of his broadcasts, schools, and empire. He is now is calling for gun control when he not long ago called for not politicizing a church shooting. He now gets The Hysterocrite Hall Of Hell’s Fanned Fag Flames Award for his shifty stance and hysteria induced hypocrisy.

Many years ago I was sucked into the Fundamentalist Christian lies. It took a long time to escape.

I recall in the early 1980’s Robertson predicting stock markets were going to plummet, I sold, they soared, he made a bundle.

Due to his TV ministry I sent him money when I had it, until I realized the con game these preachers play. He basically claims that he knows God better than God knows me. He and his kind brainwash people, claiming that God loves them unconditionally, while also claiming that if God’s children do not repent, God will send them to burn forever – not a year – forever in the pits of Hell.

This is such a mind game in order to get money from people. What so called caring father would do that to their kids for not obeying??? Banish from their house maybe as Dad says, “Not under my roof” as he throws the kid out on the street, but burn forever???

What an incredibly stupid doctrine.

So now he’s using the alleged Florida school massacre to con people into giving up their weapons so that they can rely on God to protect them. If only the criminals would follow lying Pat Robertson and know that God will take their guns from them, to protect His children, like how God will protect those who are unarmed with His unicorn army of angels.

Beware of bansters on bandwagons like David Hogg

When the riots in Los Angeles happened in 1991 due to unrest that was stirring over the Rodney King beating, stores in South Central Los Angeles were burned to the ground, from small mom and pop stores, to huge supermarkets and big box stores like FedCo and GemCo (the 90’s Wal-Mart and CostCo). The only stores that were not burned were the ones where the owners got on top of them with assault weapons, the thugs ran like a fag out of hell’s Pat Robertson 700 Club audience. So too the only families that were totally safe were the ones hiding behind assault rifles.

Had there been a 10 day waiting, “cooling off” period (current California law) on the day of the LA Riots, whereas those good citizens did not have those weapons and had to wait 10 days before getting one to suddenly and immediately protect their businesses, whereas police and military could not respond, and they not had assault weapons, which hucksters like Pat Robertson are now calling to be banned, another half of the city would be ash, maybe all of it, because the thugs with easy to get non banned matches would have kept burning buildings.

The rich elitists in the Hollywood Hills remember watching Los Angeles burn. Obviously either smoke got in the lungs of the liberal ones, and made them unable to process logic any longer, or they never saw this happen, as they call for bans once again.

Why are emotionocrats not also calling for “fire control”? They should be banning match sales.

Why? Because like with banning weapons, it’s not practical.

Government cannot protect everyone in such riots and government cannot stop them from happening. Imagine if the country was invaded, a bomb dropped, you expect the military and police to protect everything? They say repeatedly that even in just a stupid earthquake, for the first 4 days YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.

Look at history. Civil unrest is a regular occurrence. Even in the US The Civil War of the mid 1800’s killed 625,000 US citizens, that was 2% of the population! That number would have been 10% had there not been guns to “protect one’s self”.

It is the reason for the 2nd amendment that makes sure that the entire citizenship is a militia, ready to protect the country and individuals when things get out of control, speaking of which, porn, which religious leaders have persecuted for centuries, has been declared by Florida’s House of politicians, to be a threat to the public.

United States peoples living there in 1860 prior to civil war. Note 14% were slaves.

Total Free Population 27,489,561
Total Slave Population 3,953,760
Grand Total 31,443,321

Gun ban advocates don’t seem to consider that if the guns were not there, rock control would be next. People would not be able to buy rocks or cutlery after massacre by rocks. Then they would have to ban rocks and 2×4 pieces of wood, then when those were banned, tree branches, and cement.

Only then would massacres never ever occur again because as we all know when the public doesn’t even have tree branches to use for defense or assault, only unicorns would have the ability to kill people.

Oh and speaking of slavery, keep in mind the slaves were not allowed to have guns.

You get one guess as to why.

So while the loons with their cult followers babble about their ban on guns, the kind that saved many lives and businesses in the LA riots, there remains no phone call to ban VHC/AIDS*

*VHC – Video Head Cleaner aka “poppers” a chemical inhalant frequently used to enhance sexual pleasure in homosexuals, the amount inhaled in each sexual session is 1 billion times more than the chemicals including lead that was found in high concentrations in Flint, Michigan water. The reason I bring this up is because VHC causes AIDS and hysterics never fixes anything.

Feature image of warriors in battle between walls by pixabay on pexels and is copyright free.


HIV Rates Rise

Google news snapshot Marche 16 2018 presents a story presented for about the 700 trillionth time that there is such a thing as a virus that only travels through a mans dick and ass and through drug infused dirty hypodermic needles and not those dirty needles that mosquitoes carry and use to inject into HIV tainted veins.

The HIV theory is such bullshit. If there was a virus causing it (what is it? = it is immune deficiency) everyone would be getting it from mosquitoes and the air because both of those things carry any and all viruses.

And this new thing to take a pill before sex to protect you from getting HIV is such a joke.

HO for Trent Reznor

Trent Reznor is the lead vocal for Nine Inch Nails.

Guys dicks have minds of their own.

Image of Trent Reznor By Mykal Burns! –, CC BY 2.0,

This image was originally posted to Flickr by Burns! at It was reviewed on by the FlickreviewR robot and was confirmed to be licensed under the terms of the cc-by-2.0.

Feature image snapshot of the comment section of the page where the video “Closer” is available to view

HO – Hard On

PFS syndrome

It’s affected the masses. Fortunately we have Anaconda Malt Liquor to help us.

Feature image By No machine-readable author provided. Brownings assumed (based on copyright claims). [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons