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Now class….

The Pow Wow Virus.

Actually that was supposed to read the Powassan Virus which is the latest fake news story to scare you to your knees praying to your doctor and government health expert who never lies, misleads, or hacks off body parts off babies penises, or gets anything ever wrong because they are God.

They sayyyyyyy that it’s a tick borne disease and is deadly! Far deadlier than lyme disease.

Let’s see, someone is dead from lyme and someone is dead from powassan, dead is dead.

Hey I completely forgot about ticks. They spread HIV just like they spread butter and limes.

Gotta keep those presses printing and in 2017 that now includes those bits and computer bytes that are deadly.

So the POWASSAN virus is “a species of virus”.

Let’s see species take train. Train travels, species gets off train, buys ticket and gets a soda. Walks over to back yard barbque and infects a gathering.

Species does not travel by tick because it’s 7 billions times the size.

Species is a giraffe.

Other species can travel on train AND tick.

It’s small.

HIV species and Powassan species are same size.

They both travel by train and mosquito and tick.

Hey there’s spot.

He’s running the fuck away from the medical community.

Feature image is a snapshot of Wikipedia page on Powassan virus which is like the Smith human and Doe human.

Space rocks hit earth, embed in brains

The information age has aged into a 177 year old man that thinks it can still entertain us with his dance he did in front of parents at 3.

In this case we see it trying to inform and entertain us by using a rock comparison that doesn’t make any sense.

The asteroid they stupidly call “The Rock” was somehow named after “The Rock” in show business, and one of them is heading for earth today and is threatening to kill us all.

Well not really, it’s billions of miles away flying past earth, yet media sensationalism presents that it is a threat, and shows how big “The Rock” is in comparison to “The Rock”.


Clearly we can see for those of us who don’t have rocks in our heads that the size of the asteroid is about 17.5% larger than “The Rock”.

Actually, it’s not, it’s billions of times bigger.

So WTF/AIDS does a famous movie star who starred in an “Earthquake” remake about rocks that shift in the earth causing destruction, a movie that was the biggest waste of $10 I have ever seen, have to do with rocks flying past Earth? Is the asteroid a big star or is it just a dead particle of matter that threatens us because it’s considered a living thing because of movement.

Just like HIVe.

So the size difference is like the celebrity dude is less than 3 meters tall. The asteroid is 213 times bigger but that’s not how it looks in the photo.

This is the kind of crap they pull with HIV mania except in reverse, they make images in the brain of harmless particles of cellular debris into space monsters. The size of viruses which are cellular shit is so small, it’s like they want us to believe that an ant or mosquito could kill us.

Swat those ideas with space rocks and celebrity images.

Feature image of rocks in space by European Space Agency (ESA/Hubble). Credit ESA/Hubble in any reuse of this image. Full details at

Image of 2 featured rocks by Slooh for event that occurred in space on April 19, 2017 where a “Potentially Hazardous Asteroid 2014 JO25 as it makes its closest approach to Earth” at a distance of 4x the distance of earth to Moon.


I was told by someone who knows all about “the virus” that it is too big for mosquitoes to carry.

That was the explanation as to how people can’t get it from flying dirty shared needles.

Notice the handbag on the model wearing a Muslin dress.

It’s like saying that the lipstick is too big for her handbag to carry.

These dresses will be banned by Trump.

He hates Muslins.

See spot roll over laughing.

Image credit: This file is in the public domain because it has been released by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art with its “Public Domain High Resolution Image Available” mark.