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Alcohol makers gave NIH $67 mil

The world is covered in studies but not homes for the homeless. How many homes could this one have provided for the homeless?

Let’s see, $67 million divided by say $250,000 per house, that’s 268 homes.

Put 4 people in each of those homes, you just solved homelessness for over 1,000 people, no, you didn’t because that money went to studiers at the NIH who have big houses already, big stock portfolios, big cars, and big study budgets.

Or, you could buy those homeless unlimited supplies of beer so they don’t care about being homeless.

Some places really show they care, they supply clean needles to do drugs with so they don’t care about being homeless for at least another day while mosquitos don’t get such help.


Feature image by of two beers necking which since these two beers are gay they are not allowed in certain hardware stores.


HIV Rates Rise

Google news snapshot Marche 16 2018 presents a story presented for about the 700 trillionth time that there is such a thing as a virus that only travels through a mans dick and ass and through drug infused dirty hypodermic needles and not those dirty needles that mosquitoes carry and use to inject into HIV tainted veins.

The HIV theory is such bullshit. If there was a virus causing it (what is it? = it is immune deficiency) everyone would be getting it from mosquitoes and the air because both of those things carry any and all viruses.

And this new thing to take a pill before sex to protect you from getting HIV is such a joke.

Tattoos might cure HIV

The article stated, “the permanence of tattoos is caused by something called macrophages — immune system cells that swallow up foreign debris in the body” so if you get a bunch of tattoos it would stimulate the immune system and swallow up HIV.

Of course that flies in the face of conventional wisdom that claims that nothing can swallow up HIV, once it’s there it’s there forever though that persistent claim makes as much sense as saying that once a human enters a building it is there for ever and cannot be removed. Even a criminal that enters a building will be removed eventually.

HIV cannot remain there forever, unless maybe they are like an illegal alien whereas when it enters someone’s body in the sanctuary state of California, it cannot be removed, it’s protected by the body governing removing such invaders.

ISC’s swallow up foreign debris. HIV is foreign. It gets swallowed. Immune System Cells have a deep throat.

Get tattooed.

I am basing this idea merely on what is said by others that one could reach this conclusion. It’s really not much different than how they reached the conclusion that HIV is ONLY transmitted by sexual fluids and syringes made of metal.

Since tattoos stimulate the immune system which swallows up HIV/CUM one could investigate how this process works for more fun and profit.

feature image by Dan Prado in the public domain found at



HIVianity is the religion of HIV.

It has infected many with it’s doctrine and dogma.

The entire HIV/AIDSianity cult reminds me of FC – Fundamentalist Christianity – which indoctrinates with partial truths mixed in with religious fervor, fear, salvation, and other things. As with most religions of the world, it ignores logic, the most fundamental of which is how dead particles of viral matter can get from one place to another.

I was sucked into FC at one time. I got out. The contradictions were too immense.

I almost got sucked into HIVianity in the 1980’s disco daze, but fortunately saw the contradictions being spewed out by the preachers of this religion at the start.

HIV is a cult. It’s a religion. It’s full of contradictions.

Even mosquitoes that carry the virus feel they don’t belong.

Feature image showing a religious ceremony of worship by Artist is Charles Sprague Pearce (1851–1914). Photographed 2007 by Carol Highsmith (1946–), who explicitly placed the photograph in the public domain.

Things get stuck

In holistic health (or whole-istic health) we look at the many varied functions and interactions of the body and what we put into it.

In the daily operations including repair of cells and cleaning of house things get stuck.

HIV causes TGSD – Things Getting Stuck Disease

Human I V’s are cellular debris. They “bud from the cell” like shit does out of your ass.

Sometimes that also gets stuck.

How do we unstuck things?

Drop nuclear bombs! That’s one way, with powerful “hit hard hit early annihilate everything in it’s path” drugs. It’s a method similar to bulldozing an entire home to rid it of pests.

We sometimes use chemicals to blow out the stuck mess in a pipe, but in that method the pipes are pretty strong, and we are not dealing with living things.

Other methods are using a snake to pushout the clog. With our bodies though that is done by movement of our muscles and cellular functions and fiber in the diet.

Eat beans every day for huge amounts of fiber.

So many in the world of virus hunting got stuck in the mistaken belief that stuck things can’t get unstuck. They say “once HIV enters your body you have it for life”. What a crock. It’s more like once the idea of HIV enters the brain, it’s there for life except when people use their brains, then these ideas get unstuck, and sent down the toilet the same way HIV does every day.

Sometimes I prefer getting medical advice from a plumber.

Feature image of a plumber’s snake, a bucket with tools, a man, walls, pipes, and clothes by Walter Siegmund and used with permission as per Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Give ME $ to study dust

I read the headline snippet that shows that yet another group of scientific terrific studiers are getting million$, this time 500 of those, to study what is basically dust.

Did you ever get paid to study in high school or college?

Why should these people get paid to study?

Since viruses are cellular DEBRIS I think I will ask congress and stupid donors of their $ and taxpayer $ to allocate money to me so I can study dust.

I will do some house cleaning, and take breaks to study it. I will look at the dust under a microscope and make all sorts of stories up I will call determinations.

I will publish my findings after creativly writing all sorts of dust.

I will call my dust problem an epidemic.

I will then say that dust kills.

I will then ask for more money.

This of course will take years, lifetimes, so I will set up foundations to pass this cash cow on for future generations.


The photo above is a snapshot from Google News on January 20, 2017 at 8:09 am pacific time.

Feature image of a dust storm is how a creative writer (scientist/studyer/getting fundinger if he could convince the public) would describe “an epidemic of dust that in studying this appears to have destroyed the entire United States and all of it’s cells where population was located”. The image is actually a Dust storm approaching Stratford, Texas 1935 April 18. Dust Bowl surveying in Texas – credit: NOAA George E. Marsh Album

The DNA virus

Biological Fission and DNA causes AIDS.

OMG as soon as I typed that my inbox exploded with hate mail from the HIV/RELIGIONists who are devoted to HI viruses cause A immune deficiency S.

See this is the problem with religions of God and religions of viruses, can’t talk to these people.

So for the rest of us not swept up in the religion of H immuno-eieio-deficiency V, let’s look at how my claim is valid.

BF – Biological Fission

In biology there are asexuals. Asexual cells divide either from one to two, or from one to multiples.

Gee, that sounds exactly like what they say about what Human IV does, it “enters the cell then replicates” but really no one has ever watched this process happen, it’s all theory, and it sure sounds like what they claim they have seen in photographs is what asexual cells do.

Again, don’t tell this to the HIR’s (HI religionists).

So this process is FISSION.

Nuclear fission is what the Sun does to “burn”.

Learn about the religion of the sun

In the biological fission process of prokaryotes the DNA replicates. Where have we heard that before?

Bacteria can be infected with the DNA virus.[1]

Knowing this what if what we really have going on is a DNA replication[2] and squishing syndrome like the popping of a pimple and the budding is no more than puss being ejectedulated?

And what if it’s really the DNA virus that’s the cause of cell pimples which are caused by H immune-eieio-deficiensea V?



Feature image of Diagram of “DNA polymerase extending a DNA strand and proof-reading” by I, Madprime [CC0, GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons