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Morphophonemes in science**

An article appearing on United Press International website states that a study at the University of Colorado found “the process protecting the body from autoimmune disease may also prevent it from creating antibodies to HIV-1”.* news snapshot July 12, 2017

OMG I can’t stop laughing. This is the most absurd in their face statement that contradicts everything HIV is built on, coming from researchers, scientists, no, school kids.

The tests for “HIV” only find antibodies, the test for HIV does not find HIV, it finds antibodies.

Thus when someone tests positive, they test positive for antibodies. Mind you in reality it is testing positive for antibodies in general, the tests do not specifically find “HIV” in the sense that most people believe what HIV is, it just finds viruses which every human has in them.

So here we have a school, with basically kindergartners in medical science in class studying something. It’s like when they do science projects and goof.

Let’s look at how they contradict what HIV is built on.

The study claims that our immune systems protect ourselves from autoimmune disease while preventing it from creating antibodies to HIV. If that statement were true – ROFL – oh sorry, I still can’t stop laughing – then no one would test positive for HIV because there would be no antibodies!

Without “HIV antibodies” we don’t test positive. No one would test positive.

The other ridiculously absurd statement they make is that “our immune systems protect ourselves from autoimmune disease”, yet they believe that HIV causes AD – Autoimmune Disease.  The foundation of HIV is that it causes autoimmune disease. If our bodies protect ourselves from it, it doesn’t get it. Get it? The school kids don’t get it, they are immune to this. Most people are immune, they just can’t understand that they have been lied to all this time about viruses.

Their statement is so stupid. It’s like saying the fortress protects from enemies but it doesn’t. One could state that a fortress is designed to protect from enemies and sometimes enemies get in, but they don’t do that with their statements, because with virology, and with fortresses, if someone comes in and starts shooting things up, there’s evidence there was a fight. Antibodies do that, they blow to pieces viruses that the body shouldn’t have there. Then the cleaning crews come in and flush those pieces down the toilet or in the trash. Antibodies are found as evidence that an “infection” or invaders came in. Antibodies are the military. It’s like finding shells, casings, helmets laying around, and dead invaders, finding antibodies is like seeing an invasion happened after it’s over, or maybe some enemy is still hiding in the fort (like they claim HIV hides in the body) but like in real life, that enemy hiding will be found before long and also dealt with.

HIV science is like science fiction, no, science fiction is more congruent! Many stories told about space invaders and rockets to the moon make more sense than HIV science and reading headlines like this about school kids “discovering” something new which is based on absurdities in science (AIS) is laughable.

So again, this 1st grade science project presented by a substitute teacher so to speak is cute, but it’s not valid. Based on the foundations of HIV/SCIENCE if antibodies are present there was an infection. School kids claim though that the body prevents antibodies from ever occurring.

Thus if they were right, there would be NOT ONE SINGLE POSITIVE TEST RESULT.

How does one spell “Flawed Idiotic Study Of Many” – FISOM.

Another thing to note, the use of the term autoimmune disease. HIV is a virus they claim, that they claim causes AIDS which they claim is an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Somewhere in all that definition mess is the concept that they are autoimmune diseases. Let’s look at the word “autoimmune”. It’s a lot like proactive which is another stupid term. Proactive is like saying really active or active active or super active or AGRESSIVE. An immune system tries to make one immune to something. Immunity. Auto immune? Is it on a wall timer? Can we set the times of immunity? Is this like auto pilot? Our immune systems are already on auto pilot, so the term “auto immune” is either stupid, redundant, or clever salesmanship used to describe a boring basic small car as if it’s something quite elaborate with all the bells and whistles.

In other words, autoimmune is the same as immune system working as it does automatically. We could acronymize that as ISWAIDA. That acronym wouldn’t sell though so we have to scratch that. Things that sell, that’s what’s important!

*look at the Wikipedia section shown below that explains the wacko science used here. There are types and subtypes. This section is just on HIV-1. Who knew you could be infected with so much garbage science! Or is it a syndrome that we have here of naming things, like Steve, John, and Mary, all subtypes or protypes of last names. OMGICSROFL.


HIV-1 is the most common and pathogenic strain of the virus. Scientists divide HIV-1 into a major group (Group M) and two or more minor groups, namely Group N, O and possibly a group P. Each group is believed to represent an independent transmission of SIV into humans (but subtypes within a group are not).[2] A total of 39 ORFs are found in all six possible reading frames (RFs) of HIV-1 complete genome sequence,[3] but only a few of them are functional.

Group M

With ‘M’ for “major”, this is by far the most common type of HIV, with more than 90% of HIV/AIDS cases deriving from infection with HIV-1 group M. The M group is subdivided further into clades, called subtypes, that are also given a letter. There are also “circulating recombinant forms” or CRFs derived from recombination between viruses of different subtypes which are each given a number. CRF12_BF, for example, is a recombination between subtypes B and F.

  • Subtype A is common in West Africa.[4]
  • Subtype B is the dominant form in Europe, the Americas, Japan, and Australia.[5]
  • Subtype C is the dominant form in Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, India, Nepal, and parts of China.[5]
  • Subtype D is generally only seen in Eastern and central Africa.[5]
  • Subtype E is found in Southeast Asia which is the dominant form for heterosexuals as transmission rate is much higher than most other subtypes.
  • Subtype F has been found in central Africa, South America and Eastern Europe.[6]
  • Subtype G (and the CRF02_AG) have been found in Africa and central Europe.[6]
  • Subtype H is limited to central Africa.[6]
  • (Subtype I) was originally used to describe a strain that is now accounted for as CRF04_cpx, with the cpx for a “complex” recombination of several subtypes.[citation needed]
  • Subtype J is primarily found in North, Central and West Africa, and the Caribbean[7]
  • Subtype K is limited to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon.[6]

These subtypes are sometimes further split into sub-subtypes such as A1 and A2 or F1 and F2.[citation needed] In 2015, the strain CRF19, a recombinant of subtype A, subtype D and subtype G, with a subtype D protease, was found to be strongly associated with rapid progression to AIDS in Cuba.[8] This is not thought to be a complete or final list, and further types are likely to be found.[9]

HIV-1 subtype prevalence in 2002

Group N

The ‘N’ stands for “non-M, non-O”. This group was discovered by a Franco-Cameroonia team in 1998, when they identified and isolated the HIV-1 variant strain, YBF380, from a Cameroonian woman who died of AIDS in 1995. When tested, the YBF380 variant reacted with an envelope antigen from SIVcpz rather than with those of Group M or Group O, indicating it was indeed a novel strain of HIV-1.[10] As of 2015, less than 20 Group N infections have been recorded.[11]

Group O

The O (“Outlier”) group is not usually seen outside of West-central Africa. It is reportedly most common in Cameroon, where a 1997 survey found that about 2% of HIV-positive samples were from Group O.[12] The group caused some concern because it could not be detected by early versions of the HIV-1 test kits. More advanced HIV tests have now been developed to detect both Group O and Group N.[13]

Group P

In 2009, a newly analyzed HIV sequence was reported to have greater similarity to a simian immunodeficiency virus recently discovered in wild gorillas (SIVgor) than to SIVs from chimpanzees (SIVcpz). The virus had been isolated from a Cameroonian woman residing in France who was diagnosed with HIV-1 infection in 2004. The scientists reporting this sequence placed it in a proposed Group P “pending the identification of further human cases”.[14][15][16]


Feature image By Thomas Splettstoesser ( – Newly created version of this PD image:, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Phylogenetic Tree of the SIV and HIV viruses.

  • Viruses Depicted:
  • Human
    HIV-1 M (Main) group, including reference strains from subtypes A-J. Group M is responsible for the pandemic.

    HIV-1 O (Outlier) group, most commonly found in West Africa
    HIV-1 N (Not-M, Not-O) group, found in a very small number of individuals in West Africa
    HIV-1 M group reference strains: A_UG.U455, A_KE.Q2317, B_US.JRFL, B_US.WEAU160, C_ET.ETH2220, C_IN.21068, D_ZR.NDK, D_ZR.ELI, F_FI.FIN6393, F_BE.VI850, G_SE.SE6165, G_BE.DRCBL, H_CF.90CF056, H_BE.VI997, J_SE.SE91733, J_SE.SE92809, and CRF01 AE_CF.90CF402 and AE_TH.CM240, which are subtype A in pol.
    HIV-1 N group: N_CM.YBF30
    HIV-1 O group: O_CM.ANT70, O_CM.MVP5180
    HIV-2 subtypes A and B: H2A_DE.BEN, H2A_SN.ST, H2B_GH.D205, and H2B_CI.EHO
  • Simian
    SIVcpz from chimpanzee Pan troglodytes troglodytes (P.t.t.):
    SIVcpz.GAB, SIVcpz.US, and SIVcpz.Cam3
    SIVcpz from chimpanzee Pan troglodytes shweinfuthii (P.t.s.): SIVcpz.ANT
    SIV African Green Monkey (SIVagm):
    Tantalus (TAN): SIVagm.TAN1
    Vervet (VER): SIVagm.VERTYO, SIVagm.VERAGM3, SIVagm.VER9063, SIVagm.VER155
    Grivet (GRI): SIVagm.GRI677
    Sabaeus (SAB): SIVagm.SAB1C
    SIV Sooty Mangaby (SIVsm) (also found in captive macaques): SIVsm.mac251, SIVsm.smm9
    SIV L’hoest: SIV.LHOEST
    SIV Mandrill: SIV.MNDGB1
    SIV Sun: SIV.SUN

Based on work by the Theoretical Biology and Biophysics Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Testing is a trap

Some faggot monsters live in Palm Springs.

I make no apology for that term which might offend some. I like the term faggot. Everyone should use it more.

I might apologize for an offensive term once the QWERTY fucked up HIV community apologizes to me for killing my friends with their offensive terms.

HIV is offensive. It should never be used.

HIV pushers and their doctrine of worshipers never apologize for supporting a highly offensive system of bogus testing that leads to a mixed up world of what leads to death and destruction of healthy humans and healthy blood cells.

They never once apologized to me for supporting the offensive prescribed poisons used to “kill the virus” as they all demand we go to war with this thing, and like all wars, men die because blood cells die.

I never/not get caught in that trap.

So here in beautiful Palm Springs California we are blessed with these little packets that are found in gay hotels and other places. They have a packet of lubrication and a condom. They are supposed to help stop the spread of HIV. There is no bug spray to stop mosquitoes from spreading it.


Image of a mosquito coil (insect repellent) by مانفی (Own work)

I guess these little packets could also be called PAK’s (Pro Anti-abortion Kits). They should be in churches too.

In the area there are roaming testing vans that now go to various locations like in front of gay bars to promote their health authority sanctioned cult of “getting tested”. They call themselves Get Tested Coachella Valley. They are the ones that put these things out there. I’m pretty sure they use tax payer $ to pay for these and all the related expenses.

Some think they are the ones that should get tested, on how HIV is a lie. I doubt they regularly test for this.

I see what they do as being a trap.

They remind me cults, extremist churches, and used car salesmen.

In a way the whole thing of getting tested and following their beliefs is like those fag bashers that come to gay events to protest saying everyone who parades around are all going to hell. It’s like these testing places claim that we are all going to hell if we don’t accept their form of redemption if we test “positive”.

It’s like the testing cult is telling us that testing is the Savior and to worship the gay sex Gods you must follow the HIV Bible.

It’s the exact same kind of scheme, and it’s equally hypocritical and contradictory to common sense logic.

Interpretation of blood tests for the false claim that one virus is lurking that can kill is like interpreting the Bible, it’s pretty much all over the place.

Blood tests for HIV really only find antibodies and they are not specific.

Specificity is important. It’s like telling someone to get you something and you say to them “get me something” and expecting them to bring back exactly what you wanted. If you were specific, they would have done it.

HI virus tests do not specify exactly what they are finding. They just say “Yup, antibodies are there” yet antibodies are always there.

HIV cults are the ones that have infected the world with their absurd claims and push to get tested.

Testing is against my religion!

It’s a trap.


Testing needs to stop.  Go test less.

China and viruses are killing us

Trump has oddly picked a film maker for Trade Advisor. The man’s name is Peter Navarro. He crafted a motion picture documentary on par with Michael Moore’s trash heap, whereas China is made out to be an assassin of the United States.

In reading Politico’s article on this, a section struck me similar to what happened with blaming a virus for complicated disease causation matters.

Here is what it stated:

“These are all standard tactics in the agitprop documentary playbook: Present one side of a political argument with a dizzying array of semi-credentialed talking heads, leaving dissenting voices on the floor of the editing bay. When your logic is lacking, appeal to emotion instead….” Politico

In the world of blaming a man’s cock for shooting viruses into another man we have this same thing happening. Emotions and hysterics rule. Try to argue that,

  1. If a virus can be transmitted by shared hypodermic needles
  2. Then shared mosquito needles can also transmit the virus

This most basic and 100% valid argument that annihilates viral causation is always met with denial.

Some responses that are completely absurd and stand no test of scientific scrutiny are,

  1. The virus is too big to fit into the needle of a mosquito

That gets a big ROFL. It’s ridiculous to assert that yet that is what is stated by experts.

So for 3 decades now, with the dizzying array of claims made to try to support the virus causation theory, the concept continually falls flat on it’s face. There is no viral cause. There cannot be.

Yet the documentary keeps playing like a rerun of a bad B movie.

Roll em:

HIV causes AIDS

You have to get tested

When you test positive you have to go to war

And these same people get pissed off when Republicans win because “they start never ending wars”.

See the awful trailer for the Peter Navarro movie “Death By China”.

The A.V. Club called it “the documentary equivalent of a raving street-corner derelict.”

I have a similar view of the GVD (Gay Virus Documentaries) playing repeatedly in minds, the keep presenting the flawed concept that certain UMT’s (Ultra Minuscule Things) only have the ability to hop onto cocks and not planes, trains, self driving cars, mosquitoes, and AIR.

Manufacturing glazed looks

Glazed donuts are easy to prove to people that they exist.

Not so with things we cannot see, touch, taste, feel.

So the guy walks into the bar (me) and I get asked by by this dude “Are you positive?

My reply is “Oh I don’t do any of that testing garbage”.

Glazed look appears.

Asks if I get tested.

I explain that HIV isn’t real.

Glazed look remains and all I can think of now is a glazed donut and some coffee as I know glazed things I can eat are easier to deal with than this conversation.

I try to explain that if HIV were real it would be carried by mosquitoes, dirty shared needles…..

Doesn’t get it one bit.

Now my mind wanders into thinking of Terry Glaze who was a heavy metal musician and being at work hearing “Debbie’s Got A Chainsaw” while I make donuts.

Things that are manufactured are often very obvious that their existence is real.

The manufacturing process of believing that HIV cannot be transmitted by flying syringes is one that instead of presenting a finished product, ends up presenting something more like a GOOEY/STICKY mess.

I think HIV was manufactured here in the 1800's

I think HIV was manufactured here in the 1800’s

Image credit of manufactured donuts by DO’Neil at en.wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Public domain image of 1800’s assembly plant by Illegible ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Proposition 55 California tax increase

Voters have a chance to renew tax increases.

Some say it’s going to destroy the state, the rich will leave.

Yea right. They will find beach houses in Kansas and create a green screen that looks like ocean.

Some of the money would go towards helping house the homeless.

If the tax doesn’t pass Brown says there will be a budget deficit and there will be cuts to programs and services like health care.

Good, they can start with ending HIV testing by counties that is all paid for by taxes. It is a complete waste of taxpayer money.

My friends died of HIV drug poisoning during the HI-holocaust.

I don’t want to watch one more dollar going toward Horrendously Inaccurate Virology (HIV).

If it’s good enough for Harry

Prince Harry of Wales, youngest son of (deceased) Princess Diana and Prince Charles publicly got an HIV test.


Must have been worried about being infected by that flying dirty needle attached to that mosquito that came over the royal fence to one of the royal backyard BBQ’s, a mosquito that came from that hospital that had a few HIV infected patients and that gay bar in the area.

Next test he needs to get publicly, Zika and Ebola, ahhh Ebola, no one talks about that anymore.

Then get tested for every other virus there is including the viruses that make up the human body as all of them are transmissible by air and dirty flying needles.

Or, maybe we could understand that they aren’t the threat they are made out to be and that other things are the cause of disease like oil slicks and feeding bacteria it’s favorite foods.

Free Testing

Free is a misnomer, we all pay for it and it’s not cheap.

The news said:


Translated: “We are going to test you for antibodies and not any one specific virus because that’s all we could come up with in this convoluted mess of claiming disease causation, and yet to save face we are going to infer that it tests and finds a killer immune responsive HTV (Human Tomato Virus) that attaches itself to man cock and drinks your blood until you die unless you give it a Bloody Mary at Hamburger Mary’s” and it would be just as accurate as anything else they say about what amounts to CELLULAR/DEBRIS/FIELD testing.

HIV is never said to be transmissible by mosquitoes yet THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE for it not to be.

Thus, the whole fucking thing falls flat.

If dirty needles can transmit HIV, then dirty needles that fly can transmit HIV.

If planes can fly and transmit people, then needles that fly can transmit things that they can carry.

There is no property of a virus that forbids it from being transmitted by flying needles.

Viruses are stupid objects like dirt and dust.

Thus, since we have backyard BBQ’s next door to homes of many HIV positives in places like Palm Springs, and vector control warns of the transmission of West Nile Virus and now Zika dika do, they are not doing their job as they are not telling the truth that EVERY VIRUS THERE IS CAN BE TRANSMITTED BY MOSQUITOES.

Thus ALL BLOOD DONATIONS SHOULD BE BANNED for any of these claims they make about virus/causations to make any sense.

The alternative is to end HIV/AIDS by ending it’s stupid theory, it’s stupid acronyms, and use sensible descriptors and logical deductions that conclude that immune system problems in humans are multi causal and not something that is deposited into someone by something that is 1/1,000,000th the size of the width of a human eyelash which when transmitted causes Human Eyelash Disease.

Got HED?

HI victory!

This one I didn’t make up, they did, I saw it on a bus shelter but it’s spelled out like this:


It’s comes from the “Get Tested Coachella Valley” gang of test pushers.

I guess it’s supposed to mean that if you get tested and you have HI you can achieve V so that ictory is no more since the end goal is to end this mess.

I take a different approach. I don’t think anyone needs to get tested for anything other than bad information presented by test pushers.

Traffic flow

I was at an intersection. There are red, yellow, and green lights at these traffic control devices. These are standardized. Red means stop. Yellow means caution. Green means go.

In the world of gay plague testing there are no worldwide standards. Green can mean go or stop. Yellow can mean what the fuck are you talking about or don’t practice caution. Red can mean blood or go or lipstick.

Imagine living in that world.

You already are.


Shall we play a game?

Simon says:

HCV – The Human Cold Virus, once it’s caught, you have it for life, you can’t get rid of it. You can get treated for it.

HFV – The Human Flu Virus, once you catch it, you cannot get rid of it.

HIV – The Human Immuno-d-ficiency Virus, once you catch it, it’s there for good.

d) all of the above are false because viruses have no particular properties that make them impossible to remove

The way things work in the politics of health is like a game of Simon says, one person tells another what they say then they are told to repeat it and do as they say and the game goes on until death do they part.

It makes no sense for Simon to say “Once you catch it you cannot get rid of it, you are HIV + FOR LIFE!”

Viruses don’t work that way.

Stop playing games.