Morphophonemes in science**

An article appearing on United Press International website states that a study at the University of Colorado found “the process protecting the body from autoimmune disease may also prevent it from creating antibodies to HIV-1”.* news snapshot July 12, 2017 OMG I can’t stop … Continue readingMorphophonemes in science**

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Testing is a trap

Some faggot monsters live in Palm Springs. I make no apology for that term which might offend some. I like the term faggot. Everyone should use it more. I might apologize for an offensive term once the QWERTY fucked up HIV community apologizes to me … Continue readingTesting is a trap

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Free Testing

Free is a misnomer, we all pay for it and it’s not cheap. The news said: Translated: “We are going to test you for antibodies and not any one specific virus because that’s all we could come up with in this convoluted mess of claiming … Continue readingFree Testing

HI victory!

This one I didn’t make up, they did, I saw it on a bus shelter but it’s spelled out like this: HIVictory It’s comes from the “Get Tested Coachella Valley” gang of test pushers. I guess it’s supposed to mean that if you get tested … Continue readingHI victory!

Traffic flow

I was at an intersection. There are red, yellow, and green lights at these traffic control devices. These are standardized. Red means stop. Yellow means caution. Green means go. In the world of gay plague testing there are no worldwide standards. Green can mean go … Continue readingTraffic flow