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Transgenders creating uneven playing field in sports

That’s the claim of the conservative crowd but that argument falls flat as a gay couple’s lawsuit against a cake baker.

The playing fields in sports are already NOT LEVEL.

Gender does not create a level playing field.

For example, in grade school I was not picked for baseball until last because I was not good at throwing the ball like the other guys. It was all male, supposedly a level playing field.

Level what? All male team is not level it’s just all male. A lottery would have made the playing field level.

Throw in a transgender girl that knows how to throw better than any of them doesn’t make it level or not level it just adds someone who knows how to do it well.

This whole argument against transgenders in sports is the stupidest argument in conservative politics ever.




Red flag Earthlings, the acronym community is getting out of hand.

Reference this awesome report about a drag queen reading to kids.

It was a beautiful free expression of artistic pageantry presented in Long Beach California to children who are impressionable but conservatives lost their minds.


Feature image is a color code and is in the public domain as the color red

HB2-2 and body parts

I am proposing a new House Bill to force people to have the same parents they had when they were born to coincide with the bill in North Carolina that wants to force people to use bathrooms they used when they were born in light of news that North Carolina repealed a lot of HB2 after seeing so much money leave the state when they put that in place originally and people and corporations boycotted.

The thing is, when we listen to our supposed LGBT representatives talk to the press, they whine about it being all wrong, that we have 4 more years of this crap, and all the same old LGBT distortions, while at least one news group reported some of the facts without the drama, NPR which stated:

According to Moore and Berger, the bill leaves regulation of “multi-occupancy facilities to the state,” and puts in place a “temporary moratorium on local ordinances similar to Charlotte’s until December 1, 2020 to allow federal litigation to play out.”

To allow federal litigation play out.

See, the drama LGBT’s don’t emphasize this but it’s very important to understand the problems with a state and it’s legal liabilities if it were to repeal it entirely.

Federal litigation once completed sets the precedent for States to follow and governors and representatives of those states to then relax, knowing exactly where the issue stands on that higher level of governing. It’s a bit like what happened with GAY marriage (notice it’s not LGBT marriage) where the states had their reasons to not make changes until there was a federal ruling.

If a state that’s very conservative chooses to go all out and let the liberal position be in place, before they know that precedent, if it were to not be set in favor of the liberal view, there could be lawsuits a flying everywhere regarding if a decision was made to protect fully transgendered individuals. Lawsuits from businesses that would then claim the state misled them, forcing them to remodel bathrooms, or add new ones, and all sorts of things. The state also doesn’t want the cities to “do their own thing” which is why they blocked the cities for 4 years while it plays out. It’s about protecting everyone from legal harm as this gets resolved in higher courts.

So on to my proposed bill HB2-2:

There will be no confusion about a change in parent’s bodies. A provision of the bill will also force people to live in the same house they were born with and automobile they were born with as to not offend anyone who would not like seeing a change in their auto bodies. This would be a particularly offensive situation having an offensive auto body showing up in the parking lot of the Beverly Hilton.

Also added to the bill is a provision removing the requirement for people to visit hairstylists based on their gender, making it so that a man only can go to a barber, and a woman going to a salon. Men in women’s salons causes confusion, offends, and is dangerous.

Also of note, mothers used to freely bring their small boys in the woman’s bathroom when they had to pee, choosing rather than letting the small boy in the men’s room alone with those of same gender because “that’s what’s safer” as the law puts it, choosing to violate the law and do what they thought was best for the child. Daddies also took their little girls to the men’s room, which is against the law with HB2, a serious violation at that. This new version will be rigorously enforced. HB2-2 adds more tax payer funding for more bathroom police first positioned at Targets, then expanded elsewhere.

It does not matter that North Carolina will lose billions if they keep these bathroom laws in place, libtards are idiots. Funding for these bathroom police that will throw mommies and daddies in jail will come from federal grants which comes in great part from populated and richer states such as California.

All this thanks to the ultra libtartive Bepublican party, always looking out for you, your body parts, and auto parts.


Image of a body part that may have not been original. This car which may be female or male, is not prevented from visiting whatever body shop it wants where it may have it’s outer covers removed, exposing itself to both men and women which some say is dangerous. Photo also illustrates the rear quarter panel which can be changed as can minds, and was created by User:Interiot – Self-captured, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Wrestle with this


Lawsuit filed after transgender high school wrestler causes controversy

Feature image By MatthiasKabel (Own work) Pankratiasten im Bodenkampf. Pankratiasten in fight copy of greek statue 3 century BC. Verkleinerte Nachbildung einer römischen Marmorplastik, die wiederum auf ein griechisches Vorbild des 3.Jhdts v.Chr. zurückgeht. Die Kopie ist von ca. 1900. Staatliche Antikensammlungen. [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

LGBTQH Scouts**

The Boy Scouts has decided by policy to allow transgendered boys into it’s ranks.***

Thus Gaysexuals, Transexuals, Questioningsexuals, and Humansexuals are all allowed in as long as they follow the guidelines for being a good Scout.

What’s odd though is now we have bans temporary restrictions on some Muslims appearing across the country of the United Divided States while we have others saying that it’s time for churches to boycott the Boy Scouts of America when it’s clear that is not the trend of the courts that FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION and protect the equal human rights of people whatever their gender is or is made to be.

So much fun watching the action.

I wonder if these nutjobs would have the same problem with someone who was translimbed.*

* Translimbed is someone who feels their foot should be where their hand is. This usually affects religious zealouts who are more often than not sticking their foots in their mouths figuratively who feel that it’s morally right to be correct in how they express their limbness but won’t have the limb change operation because they feel that it’s morally wrong to change their bodies even though they routinely let doctors do that to their baby boy’s cocks with circumcision.

** The H in LGBTQH stands for Human. We really should add IV as well for Instersexual, and Volumizedsexuals lest we leave out Intersexuals and Volumizedsexuals out.

*** I’m assuming they are allowing in transforeskined boys into their ranks. Transforeskined boys are ones that have cocks that are not what they were born with, having had part of it hacked off in a hospital at birth.

Feature image of Boy Scouts in 1917 where The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was the first sponsor of the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) and today as of 2016 anyway contributes the most Scouts of any chartered organization. Author Utah State Historical Society and is in the public domain.



The dude that was a gal says his wife is attracted to masculinity. Basically is masculisexual. She gets off on masculinity.

GLBT leaders please add an M now lest you leave out Masculisexuals and thus not practice equality like you preach.

The T doesn’t cover this. Nor does the G or the L or the B.

See if you can identify what needs to be identified in the identity of this dudes sexuality and his wife’s identification.

Feature image 1942 photograph of carpenter at work on Douglas Dam, Tennessee (TVA). Encyclopedic both as a document of carpentry during that era and as a historic example of early color photography. Supersaturation was popular in the United States during that era; a fine example of the esthetics of its place and time.

Potty parity

When discussing politics to your Trump loving friends who hate political correctness and love swimming in apprentice stew, rose colored glasses are mandatory now as well as being politically correct in the discussion.

Yes it can be a challenge discussing how the planet will be spinning out of control around the sun for another billion years, but take heart, you can always throw the babies bathwater in their face as a way to get their attention.

So let’s chat with them about potty parity.

Wikipedia states: 

In 2013 that the state of California passed bill 1266 (“The School Success and Opportunity Act”) also recognized as the “transgender bathroom bill” which enforces gender-neutral toilets at universities. Bill 1266 only targets a small group of the population in the United States.

Pfft, what’s in a name!

Wikipedia also states:

Parity may be defined in various ways in relation to facilities in a building. The simplest is as equal floor space for men’s and women’s washrooms. Since men’s rooms include urinals, which take up less space than stalls, this still results in more facilities for men. An alternative parity is by number of fixtures within washrooms. However, since women on average spend more time in washrooms more men are able to use more facilities per unit time. More recent parity regulations therefore require more fixtures for women to ensure that the average time spent waiting to use the toilet is the same for women as for men, or to equalise throughputs of men’s and women’s toilets.[3]

Oh God, now this will be part of the issue, parity matters, equal time waiting for all genders, how dare they!

Wikipedia even went further stating:

Women spend more time in washrooms than men, for physiological and cultural reasons.[4] The requirement to use a cubicle rather than a urinal means urination takes longer;[4] twice as long on average in studies.[1] Women also make more visits to washrooms. Urinary tract infections and incontinence are more common in women.[4] Pregnancy, menstruation, breastfeeding, and diaper-changing increase usage.[4] The elderly, who are disproportionately female, take longer and more frequent bathroom visits.

Wikipedia sure talks a lot. Reminds me of the fat slobs that sits in the steam room expecting the fat to melt away, while they talk to you like someone pulled that string on their back, never shutting up and Elizabeth Warren who never shuts up about parity.

Of course, all this parity rights will be accomplished using millions of dollars spent on software and algorithms and consultants who are friends of politicians. Here is one of those tools that taxpayers might spend $1 hundred tribbion dollars on:

The Cuisenaire Rods



Consider The Following When Shopping For Other Ideas

Going to the bathroom when out shopping at Target only affects a very small part of the population.

Suggest they just remove bathrooms since it only affects a tiny minority of shoppers.

Feature image credit of a By Rubric – Ian Henderson, Rubric, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Image of Cuisenaire Rods credit By Hyacinth (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

FTOM teen comes out in Military

FTOM – Female TO Male (transgender)

The US Marines have their “first” openly transgender individual. Now a HE. The gentleman’s name is Lance Cpl. Aaron Wixson according to an article found here.

It’s always confusing to me when they write about transgendered people.

So I thought we should use this FTOM or MTOW acronym. Helps me out anyway.

But then what becomes more confusing is asking do we now make it GLBFTOMMTOW instead of GLBT?

Gotta be all inclusive ya know. Oh and I forgot the Q.

The article states this about TS – Transgender Surgeries:

“The cost could range from $2.4 million and $8.4 million, an amount that would represent an ‘exceedingly small proportion’ of total health care expenditures”

“Last Friday, he wore female Dress Blues to the gala at Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California. But next year, Wixson hopes to trade in the female uniform for the iconic Dress Blues worn by men.”


But really now, can’t we all just get along back to just saying GAY?

MTOW – Man TO Woman

Feature image Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

T’s talk about the future of our children

OMG they say the election of either Hillary or Trump will “….really affect the LGBTQA community”.

What is Trump going to delete gay marriage by logging onto his Twitter account??

Also note how they keep adding letters to the alphabet community! It’s kinda like using makeup, it may change the look, but it’s still whatever it is underneath it all honey.

This video is a 26 minite ride!


Be ahead of the box


I be head you.

Be headed towards sanity.

There are those who buy into the “beheading is a part of their culture” theory regarding Muslims which is a religion, not a race.

They remind me of the flat earth people that began to emerge in the YouTube universe when even in Columbus day of exploration nobody believed there was a flat earth, with so few lights in the way back then, all they had to do was look in the sky and see how the rotation happens.

So we read on a world news website found here:

A number of hateful posters have surfaced at a mall on Tariq Road – one of the city’s most vibrant shopping centres – lending credence to the idea of ‘beheading’ transwomen.

‘Hijray mard hain [Transwomen are men]’ are the words inscribed in large, bold font on the posters. The words are given as a reference to some ‘Pakistan High Court’ while there is no such institution in the country.

The language of the text gets more disturbing as it goes on to say that ‘transgender persons are cursed by Allah’ but are safe in Pakistan because of its ‘weak and lethargic’ law. “If they had been in Saudi Arabia, their heads would have been cut off,” it added.

Weak law? Sounds like the US! Our laws are also weak on this. So really what we have here is protesters with “Kill George Bush signs” and others like these ones with “Behead all Republicans” and Fox news will report this as a threat to our country and we need walls and ammunition and stop and frisk and cavity searches in teeth.

The women are men so they claim. If i saw them in the men’s room I would be simply happy they took a piss and shit in the right place.

Others, rather than being happy about that, freak out, get angry and claim the sky is becoming transgendered, and the Constitution is being used as thread.

The oddest thing I found in this article:

A police official says they have cautioned the watchmen in the area to keep an eye on ‘troublemakers’, who have been putting up the posters. He adds that if any transgender person registers a complaint against miscreants harassing them, stern action will be taken against them.


I thought they believed in beheading as a part of their law! Gee it’s amazing what one can learn by thinking outside the Fox.

Image of transgender pride flag by SVG file Dlloyd based on Monica Helms design [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons