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GLTB White House correspondent can’t get his questions answered boo hoo

Chris Johnson of the gay rag “The Blade” says Sarah Sanders only called on him once in January, has not been called on to ask questions since so he says in the article on

Hmm. My first guess is that she knows that he’s on the fascist RESIST MOVEMENT side that HATES TRUMP and can’t be bothered. I would have to agree.

Of course as to be expected the claims run the gammit, from Trump being the bad guy for banning people in the military who clearly have a mental issue with their sex they were born with, to hysterical gay couples that insist they be treated differently yet equally different when it comes to FORCING SOMEONE TO DO SOMETHING THEY DON’T WANT TO DO in decorating a cake.

I don’t have much respect for all the gay rags out there, they have to earn it. They never once earned it with me in decades since the Hysterical Information Virus took hold of everyone’s brain. They continually push this insane inane concept of a killer virus that lurks in cum and ass holes and dirty needles while completely ignoring the obvious fact that if this thing was real it would be transmitted by mosquito needles like all other viruses are, and transmitted by the wind like all other viruses are.

These rags now push this ludicrous PReP garbage. According to these publishers who are all making gobs of money off the advertising of these prophylactics, and poisons that killed and maimed my friends, we now have to take pills before having sex to be safe. I give those pills to my back yard mosquitoes before I have sex now. That way I know they won’t get it from neighbors who claim they are HIV+ on Grindr. This way those mosquitoes are protected and thus I am protected from their dirty HIV+ tainted needles because PReP kills it instantly.


Speaking of boo hoos, these gay rags all have continually done the same thing taking questions maybe once from those who are inquiring as to what the hell is going on with this ludicrous theory that viruses that change constantly but are unique (note the contradiction) and why the true experts in the field of retro virology, especially the father of such Peter Duesberg who rang the alarm on this HIV/SCAM in the 1980’s only to be drowned out by hysterical idiots, con artists, and people in positions of power who merely were doing their jobs to inform by bosses who were misinformed.

The rags and blogs went and go to great lengths to completely make Deusberg out to look like the fool. Everyone jumped on that bandwagon claiming that “Duesberg has been discredited long ago” they say. It’s exactly like how Hitler came to power and unfortunately the Human IV regime is still in power killing people.

That truly is something to cry about.

It’s also worth noting other headlines, look at the snapshot of the article taken on June 16, 2018 at the lower right column of other news items, the one that says “Are Cadbury products tainted with HIV?” Apparently there are some bits of logic poking their heads around still as some people do understand that viruses travel by air and by mosquito needles and that they could end up in all sorts of places, including candy bars. The band wagoneers quickly scoff at that though, forcefully boisterly asserting that it’s been shown that HIV cannot be transferred that way yet they never have once provided solid proof of this assertion which contradicts how viruses can easily go places. I mean really now, think about this, a virus is like a speck of dust. Imagine your house keeper telling you that there are certain specks of dust you can catch only through sex. All specks of dust, and viruses, are blown about everywhere.

Catching viruses is not the problem. We catch them all day long. We let go of them all day long. They attach themselves to all sorts of things. We touch them, we breathe them in, and we shit and piss and exhale them out. There is no such thing as one that can’t escape.

If only we could let go of those viral Hysterical Information Vortex* concepts that affect the mind……the ones that seem to always have $ attached to them pushing preventive medications, treatments for the rest of your life which makes many trust fund babies happy.

And don’t leave here expecting to learn about this from your government officials, doctors, TBLGQWERTY counseling and “get tested” centers.

The are the problem.


Reference article


HIV Rates Rise

Google news snapshot Marche 16 2018 presents a story presented for about the 700 trillionth time that there is such a thing as a virus that only travels through a mans dick and ass and through drug infused dirty hypodermic needles and not those dirty needles that mosquitoes carry and use to inject into HIV tainted veins.

The HIV theory is such bullshit. If there was a virus causing it (what is it? = it is immune deficiency) everyone would be getting it from mosquitoes and the air because both of those things carry any and all viruses.

And this new thing to take a pill before sex to protect you from getting HIV is such a joke.

Gender reclusive

The subway system authority of New York City called the Metropolitan Transit Authority – which should be acronymized for ease of speech as SSA/MTA/NYC – is replacing “ladies and gentlemen” announcements on it’s PA (Prince Albert or public addressers not sure which) with so called “gender neutral” statements.

I guess genders are offensive.

“The Metropolitan Transportation Authority wants to nix the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” in New York City subway and bus announcements and replace it with gender-inclusive language.”[1]

This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

There are two genders, female, male, how does one include any others by using different terms?

There are not any other genders in the entire world, well maybe one, those who are both male and female, which is one. In that case that rider can be referred to as either appropriately. Even if that rider prefers to be referred to as one of the genders, saying “ladies and gentlemen” is appropriate.

For those who HNG (Have No Gender) let them pick one. Let us be democratic instead of neurotic and go with the majority of how biology works.

So the terms the MTA will “appropriately” use instead are: “passengers”, “riders”, and “everyone”.[1]

Passenger viruses ride on subways.

I am not like everyone. I do not want to be associated with those neutered terms.

I do not consider myself a “passenger” or an “everyone”.

I am offended by neutral language.

Feature image of the initial construction of the London subway system where they would have laughed at such changes in how we refer to ladies and gentlemen is in the public domain is by Percy William Justyne living from 1812 to 1883, and was published February 2 1861.

references: [1]

HB2-2 and body parts

I am proposing a new House Bill to force people to have the same parents they had when they were born to coincide with the bill in North Carolina that wants to force people to use bathrooms they used when they were born in light of news that North Carolina repealed a lot of HB2 after seeing so much money leave the state when they put that in place originally and people and corporations boycotted.

The thing is, when we listen to our supposed LGBT representatives talk to the press, they whine about it being all wrong, that we have 4 more years of this crap, and all the same old LGBT distortions, while at least one news group reported some of the facts without the drama, NPR which stated:

According to Moore and Berger, the bill leaves regulation of “multi-occupancy facilities to the state,” and puts in place a “temporary moratorium on local ordinances similar to Charlotte’s until December 1, 2020 to allow federal litigation to play out.”

To allow federal litigation play out.

See, the drama LGBT’s don’t emphasize this but it’s very important to understand the problems with a state and it’s legal liabilities if it were to repeal it entirely.

Federal litigation once completed sets the precedent for States to follow and governors and representatives of those states to then relax, knowing exactly where the issue stands on that higher level of governing. It’s a bit like what happened with GAY marriage (notice it’s not LGBT marriage) where the states had their reasons to not make changes until there was a federal ruling.

If a state that’s very conservative chooses to go all out and let the liberal position be in place, before they know that precedent, if it were to not be set in favor of the liberal view, there could be lawsuits a flying everywhere regarding if a decision was made to protect fully transgendered individuals. Lawsuits from businesses that would then claim the state misled them, forcing them to remodel bathrooms, or add new ones, and all sorts of things. The state also doesn’t want the cities to “do their own thing” which is why they blocked the cities for 4 years while it plays out. It’s about protecting everyone from legal harm as this gets resolved in higher courts.

So on to my proposed bill HB2-2:

There will be no confusion about a change in parent’s bodies. A provision of the bill will also force people to live in the same house they were born with and automobile they were born with as to not offend anyone who would not like seeing a change in their auto bodies. This would be a particularly offensive situation having an offensive auto body showing up in the parking lot of the Beverly Hilton.

Also added to the bill is a provision removing the requirement for people to visit hairstylists based on their gender, making it so that a man only can go to a barber, and a woman going to a salon. Men in women’s salons causes confusion, offends, and is dangerous.

Also of note, mothers used to freely bring their small boys in the woman’s bathroom when they had to pee, choosing rather than letting the small boy in the men’s room alone with those of same gender because “that’s what’s safer” as the law puts it, choosing to violate the law and do what they thought was best for the child. Daddies also took their little girls to the men’s room, which is against the law with HB2, a serious violation at that. This new version will be rigorously enforced. HB2-2 adds more tax payer funding for more bathroom police first positioned at Targets, then expanded elsewhere.

It does not matter that North Carolina will lose billions if they keep these bathroom laws in place, libtards are idiots. Funding for these bathroom police that will throw mommies and daddies in jail will come from federal grants which comes in great part from populated and richer states such as California.

All this thanks to the ultra libtartive Bepublican party, always looking out for you, your body parts, and auto parts.


Image of a body part that may have not been original. This car which may be female or male, is not prevented from visiting whatever body shop it wants where it may have it’s outer covers removed, exposing itself to both men and women which some say is dangerous. Photo also illustrates the rear quarter panel which can be changed as can minds, and was created by User:Interiot – Self-captured, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Wrestle with this


Lawsuit filed after transgender high school wrestler causes controversy

Feature image By MatthiasKabel (Own work) Pankratiasten im Bodenkampf. Pankratiasten in fight copy of greek statue 3 century BC. Verkleinerte Nachbildung einer römischen Marmorplastik, die wiederum auf ein griechisches Vorbild des 3.Jhdts v.Chr. zurückgeht. Die Kopie ist von ca. 1900. Staatliche Antikensammlungen. [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons


The dude that was a gal says his wife is attracted to masculinity. Basically is masculisexual. She gets off on masculinity.

GLBT leaders please add an M now lest you leave out Masculisexuals and thus not practice equality like you preach.

The T doesn’t cover this. Nor does the G or the L or the B.

See if you can identify what needs to be identified in the identity of this dudes sexuality and his wife’s identification.

Feature image 1942 photograph of carpenter at work on Douglas Dam, Tennessee (TVA). Encyclopedic both as a document of carpentry during that era and as a historic example of early color photography. Supersaturation was popular in the United States during that era; a fine example of the esthetics of its place and time.

The QWERTY community does not believe in forgiveness and forgetness

Kim Burrell (who the fuck that is I have no clue) preached a pretty vomitive sermon in her FAV/CHURCH saying, “The perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women.”

So she was supposed to be on Ellen (in case you are reading this in 2050 that was a talk show hosted by an L) and when Ellen got word of the HATE speech (hate towards the act not the person) her appearance was cancelled.

Kim apologized we guess in a 9 minute speech posted online. Does that still exist in 2050? I only got up to 9 seconds, it’s so boring.

“I never said all gays were going to hell. I never said ‘LGBT’… I said ‘SIN.'”

No one says LGBT and OK, so it’s the SIN that’s going to hell, yea right. I have been in those fundamentalist whacko churches for years and they never once said SIN was going to hell, it was the person, the soul, that was going to hell if they didn’t repent and do 100 straight pushups every day while fucking their sanctified marriage partner after begging God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and the pastor, and congregation and the collection plate for forgiveness.

Perez Hilton says though that even when she apologized, she wasn’t at all, saying she stated, “I make no excuses or apologies. My love is as pure as it comes.”

Well, that sorta is an apology although she’s not apologizing for HER/SIN which will be sending her straight – TO/HELL if she gets tested for it and her sin comes out positive.

So Ellen bans her from her kingdom! Of course! That is how we handle these things! Ban this ban that, and don’t forget BOYCOTT!!!

By first appearances that seems like it’s appropriate, but since no one could ever prove that the woman actually hates homos as human beings, as God’s creatures, this might be typical gay drama.

I think Ellen is blowing a great opportunity to interview her on this subject and turn it around so that it shows everyone where she errs while also showing how we can work together, which is one of the themes she is always touting, TO WORK TOGETHER AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

In her show she always ends it with “Be kind to one another”.

Show me where Kim wasn’t kind to anyone.

So Ellen’s just as much of a hypocrite.

God is banning gays from His kingdom so Kim and others believe, unless they repent, and Ellen is banning Kims and others from Her kingdom, unless they repent.

They are two of a kind.

Feature image snapshot from Kim Burrell asking forgiveness & forgetness posted here

Potty parity

When discussing politics to your Trump loving friends who hate political correctness and love swimming in apprentice stew, rose colored glasses are mandatory now as well as being politically correct in the discussion.

Yes it can be a challenge discussing how the planet will be spinning out of control around the sun for another billion years, but take heart, you can always throw the babies bathwater in their face as a way to get their attention.

So let’s chat with them about potty parity.

Wikipedia states: 

In 2013 that the state of California passed bill 1266 (“The School Success and Opportunity Act”) also recognized as the “transgender bathroom bill” which enforces gender-neutral toilets at universities. Bill 1266 only targets a small group of the population in the United States.

Pfft, what’s in a name!

Wikipedia also states:

Parity may be defined in various ways in relation to facilities in a building. The simplest is as equal floor space for men’s and women’s washrooms. Since men’s rooms include urinals, which take up less space than stalls, this still results in more facilities for men. An alternative parity is by number of fixtures within washrooms. However, since women on average spend more time in washrooms more men are able to use more facilities per unit time. More recent parity regulations therefore require more fixtures for women to ensure that the average time spent waiting to use the toilet is the same for women as for men, or to equalise throughputs of men’s and women’s toilets.[3]

Oh God, now this will be part of the issue, parity matters, equal time waiting for all genders, how dare they!

Wikipedia even went further stating:

Women spend more time in washrooms than men, for physiological and cultural reasons.[4] The requirement to use a cubicle rather than a urinal means urination takes longer;[4] twice as long on average in studies.[1] Women also make more visits to washrooms. Urinary tract infections and incontinence are more common in women.[4] Pregnancy, menstruation, breastfeeding, and diaper-changing increase usage.[4] The elderly, who are disproportionately female, take longer and more frequent bathroom visits.

Wikipedia sure talks a lot. Reminds me of the fat slobs that sits in the steam room expecting the fat to melt away, while they talk to you like someone pulled that string on their back, never shutting up and Elizabeth Warren who never shuts up about parity.

Of course, all this parity rights will be accomplished using millions of dollars spent on software and algorithms and consultants who are friends of politicians. Here is one of those tools that taxpayers might spend $1 hundred tribbion dollars on:

The Cuisenaire Rods



Consider The Following When Shopping For Other Ideas

Going to the bathroom when out shopping at Target only affects a very small part of the population.

Suggest they just remove bathrooms since it only affects a tiny minority of shoppers.

Feature image credit of a By Rubric – Ian Henderson, Rubric, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Image of Cuisenaire Rods credit By Hyacinth (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Openly straight man becomes President

I hear this report about an “openly bisexual woman….” in politics.


Let me know when we leave the dark ages and this statement is never made.

We don’t hear about “openly straight” this or that.

If you want to report about a woman or man’s sexuality in a sentence, just say “The QWERTY woman bla bla bla” or “The homoiffic dude yak yak yak” or “The straight trans-sexual who went to bed with their bed…..”

These make more sensical.

Image of Freilichtmuseum Detmold by R-E-AL (talk | contribs | Gallery)  (German Wikipedia) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Lipstick on a stick

This Jeep was driving where a protest against Trump becoming the US President was in full swing.

It was wearing American Flags, which got ripped off, the windshield smashed, side window smashed, spray painted “FUCK YO” and “K” on it, and rear vinyl window broken.

They don’t seem to like free expression or the democratic process much in this American, very liberal city.

“Protesters ripped the USA flags from the Jeep in Portland Oregon. they smashed the windshield and beat with bats and fire extinguishers, a smoke bomb was set off in the jeep before i finally got away.”

I had wanted to join this “Trump is not my President” protest.

I was thinking of driving in a huge pickup truck, with my Confederate and Rainbow and Leather Pride flags all waving, dressed in tights, high heels, lipstick, Dolly Parton boobs, and in a dress, kinda like what we seen in many a wonderful gay free expression parades in the south, and then I saw how the peaceful the liberals were proTESTing and changed my mind.