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Try that sample of lipstick in the department store and you being a LGBTQI could get stuck with a sample of herpes.

Of course “authorities” in the fields of virus studies will say that you can’t get HIV from lipstick, cups, toilets, mosquitoes, or the air, because the virus dies when exposed to air and mosquito syringes are too small for the virus to enter or whatever made up story they tell you but if their claims were true wouldn’t herpes die too on lipstick?

Viruses are not living things.

HIV can be sneezed out of the lungs or when someone shits in the toilet the HIV that’s there can be flush/sprayed into the air so anyone can get it.


The reason we are where we are is politics and terror hysteria which came into play in the dark ages. That time began in George Orwell’s 1984 when Margaret Heckler announced “The probable cause of AIDS is HIV”.

Probable. Not absolute. At least the government health secretary didn’t say absolute they knew enough to not claim that at the time.

So since it was claimed “probable” media hype took hold, interviews were done asking what do you think about this, and all responses were assuming “it” was the cause of 29 different diseases labeled under a broader category stupidly referred to as acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Now it’s considered real.

AIDS, what a stupid name. Actually it’s not a name at all it’s a description/category/broader.

If a virus was the cause of 29 different diseases called AIDS that prior to Hysteria In Virology they had different causes, we would see anyone kissing or trying on lipstick  or breathing air getting it.

Image snapshot of Huffpost article dated 10/31/17. This publication used to be called Huffington Post.

Feature image of lipstick by Stephencdickson

Scientific Martian

They say the HI virus is very difficult to determine if it’s been eliminated, then they claim they have no trouble finding it.

That’s like saying that they can see a Martian on the moon but they can’t get rid of him.

Both statements may be true or false or partially true or partially false, but they are all at the same time a fantasy.

A Martian on the moon may be truly seen, but proving that it’s actually someone from Mars is another story. Proving that viruses are what they say they are is equally daunting, no, impossible.

So the science that is popular opinion regarding the HI virus says they have no trouble finding it, so then it can’t become undetectable and still be there.

See the contradictions? It’s like saying they have no trouble finding a Martian on the moon and then claiming that now because we can’t find it, it’s still there, that it couldn’t have possibly hopped back on it’s space ship and left that celestial body. Same with our bodies. If HI viruses can get there they can leave. There is no way for them to detect that because they cannot explore everywhere in the body. Thus the claim that it never leaves is bogus unless they know that HI viruses use Martian space ships to get around.

In other words, the stAndArd/HI virus theories are nonsense.

The truth of the matter is, they have never found the HI virus, they have only found random antibodies and make claims they “find the virus”. Finding random antibodies is like a Martian finding life on earth and then going back and claiming to the Grand Martianess Queen that he discovered intelligent life on HI/V/Earth. Sorry hon, that doesn’t exist.

But here’s the thing: It’s very difficult to determine whether HIV has been truly eliminated from the body, and even conventional antiretroviral therapy — which the patient was also taking — reduces HIV to undetectable levels. – Popular Science

The article also states that “It’s too soon to say that HIV is cured”.

You can’t cure something that doesn’t exist, unless it is pork, which oddly enough does exist.

What they claimed in the disco daze of  the 1980’s when this Homocaust started is that a virus caused complex diseases all of which have other causes, and that you catch it, not with a catcher’s mitt, but when a penis is thrown at you.

All viruses can fly and so can mosquitoes. If it was a viral cause, it would have infected everyone by now.

Infected? Funny term.

If I go to a concert, with a body of people, I infected it. If a virus goes to a body of cells, it infects it. If a co-worker comes into the lunch room where a bunch of us are cracking jokes about how stupid HI virology is, our laughter infects the room and that person infects the room.

Infections are not the problem. It’s like trying to rid the world of infectious laughter. Why?

Viruses are everywhere. They are eliminations from cells. They are floating in the air. They are not the cause unless they maybe are looked at as backed up poop creating a mess, in which case we can still go back to their claim that they have no trouble finding it and see that flaw in action.

It’s like saying you have no trouble finding $20 laying on the ground right there in front of you, and saying out of the other side of your mouth that you can’t determine if it’s not there.

Hocus pocus medi-rocus. Poof! Fear be gone!

At least the fear is real. And it can be determined if it’s not there.

It’s not here. I’m determined.

Interior illustration to H. G. Wells‘ novel The War of the Worlds from reprinting in Amazing Stories, August 1927. Public domain.


VC infects the body the same way that the HI virus infects the body. Vitamin C enters and is used as needed and anything the body doesn’t need it gets rid of. The HI virus also enters the body and what the body doesn’t need, it gets rid of and is eliminated. That would be all of it.

That is what is done with viruses which are given scary names like they do to characters in slasher movies. What the body leaves behind is something called antibodies and when you go get tested for HI viruses you are actually getting tested for antibodies. You might believe that this testing is precise but you would be wrong. It is like testing for movie theater patrons after a movie ended and the theater closed.

After the movie patrons left the theater they left used drinks and buckets of greasy popcorn (which attracts viruses) and candy bar wrappers and half ticket stubs, which proves they were there, but it doesn’t prove that they are still there. That is exactly what they do when they test for viruses, they find what’s left after the performance and they all leave. An HIV positive result only means that some viruses were there at the show.

To determine if it was a virus that gets in your body exclusively from sex and not from used popcorn and that it’s still in someone is like trying to determine specifically who came to that theater by looking at the mess they leave behind. If they dropped a wallet maybe you would then have this evidence, but scientists that scammed the world with this HIV nonsense got everyone to believe that they see wallets left behind for every virus identifying them precisely as the janitors clean up the bloodstream after the show.

They may be finding evidence of junk laying around but they haven’t found evidence of any living organism doing harm to the structure.


Safe sex is all the rage in some dizzying circles. Who ever heard of mosquito sex though?

The 2 mosquitoes were having sex, one has HIV or technically, MIV since it’s found in mosquitoes which is the term that describes it also in monkeys.  So the mosquito caught the virus. He then left his fuck buddy to fly off to a back yard bar-b-que next door (where the fuck did that term ever come from bar-b-que?) and landed on a little girl’s arm with his dirty needle and proceeded to inject it and enjoy a meal of delicious sweet red blood cells which he then shared with another backyard bar-b-quer’s arm.

They all got MIV/HIV.

The “experts” at conning people for cash or trying to protect everyone from everything without using condoms on their tainted ideas tried to explain this away by saying “You can’t get dirty needles from mosquitoes”.

Sex edracashun

The headline said that teens were having uneducated sex. I always get a laugh from stories like this, as they typically come from people claiming they know how to educate. I mean they might know how to educate on what they have been told, and sometimes think it through and understand it all like with math or physics, and maybe even social studies, but when it comes to interpreting and preaching scripture from The HI Bible, they keep quoting verses like “God made man’s penis in the image of God’s penis and unlike God’s penis, man’s penis in the post DIS/CO era must be protected using tree sap before it enters your anus due to the HI virus” basing it on bizarre idea that the “fabric” of a condom can’t let an infinitesimally small virus particle (something that cannot even be seen with your eyes any more than it can see CO2 which you expel all the time and is killing the planet) get through.

Am I getting through?

Most of these sex educators don’t educate themselves on the farce of “immune deficiency transmitted by sex” theory yet they go around claiming some of the wackiest things. One being that of vaccinations. Although there is no vaccination against the HI virus, there is a vaccination against the HI virus.

We have been told all our lives from vaccine sellers that all we need to do is inject directly into the bloodstream the very thing that we want to avoid in order to avoid getting it in the future because as we inject this virus that we try to avoid like the rainbow plaque it stimulates an immune response and thus antibodies remain to fight off the virus if it ever comes back into the future.

Jaw drop.

Thus in reality, injecting cum that is mysteriously loaded with HI virus into the anus is nature’s way of getting a flu shot. Who can say not to get a flu shot? Shoot yourself up with flu so you don’t get the flu!

So since there still after trillions of dollars handed to rich scientists and doctors to find a vaccine for the HI virus, we are left to do it ourselves, by vaccinating each other with our God like penises.

Funny how these edracashuners will tell you to avoid getting that shot by not having sex and if you do give sex to make sure your wrap your God’s penis image in plastic which is supposed to stop you from getting what you would get in a vaccine to prevent you from getting it in the future but it doesn’t stop you from getting it from the vaccine because that is what is intended, for you to get the virus!

Their schooling makes so much sense!

The @3$ Li*^(&tyle

The latest “smash free speech into the ground bad word to say” is LIFESTYLE – U can’t be a public figure who’s not a part of that lifestlye and say that you don’t agree with the BLTGQWERTY lifestyle or those with that lifestyle will trash your style of life where you speak words where people can hear them and catch a terrible case of offendeditis.

As we read on TV Guide:

American Idol’s final runner up La’Porsha Renae has apologized after backlash for referring to being gay as “lifestyle” during a press conference last Friday.

When asked about the comments by TVLine, La’Porsha said she realized she’d been offensive after saying “I am one of the people who don’t really agree with that lifestyle,” in response to questions about the controversial HB1523 legislation that was passed in her home state of Mississippi recently. Although she acknowledged having beloved friends who were gay and that she was against any law promoting discrimination, her comments caused many to do a double take.

So what the fuck is she to call it, a path to enlightenment? A twisted thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Those all seem to be acceptable descriptions to things people love and accept. And what happened to the ALT community mantra of acceptance? How is correcting someone for speaking their beliefs candidly accepting people as they are? If anything is hypocritical it’s that, on one hand demanding to be accepted as you are, then to not accept others as they are.

Those that get pissed off should learn that if you call the ALT/DEL/CTR lifestyle gay or say you don’t agree with it that they should be applauded, accepted, not corrected, reprimanded, or scolded like a child who just tried to put his hand on a hot burner. There would be no gay marriage if the whatever community was scolded and corrected and reprimanded for what it wanted (and accepted such corrections) if every time we were told not to say something about whatever lifestyles.

I see the apologitis offendeditis movement like a car. It’s like someone calling the transmission gay and certain body parts get offended, losing touch with the fact that the whole vehicle used to just get people around, now it thinks it’s job is to squeal.

A little lube will take care of that.

When if we look in the 1970’s gay history books (which nobody seems to do anymore) it says that gay means the whole bunch with no apples to spoil anything and that word was actually stolen from the entire English speaking world who used to use it to mean happy, not homo. The LGBT community back then didn’t seem to give 2 fucks how it offended them.

At first there was nothing to describe that lifestyle they “were born with”, then the big gay bang, then how to describe homosexuals better? They didn’t like fag, dyke, and even lesbian, they liked gay because it meant happy (this was like hundreds of years ago in gay rights movement time). So men and woman homosexuals (and this included bisexuals and trannysexuals**) they all left their homeland and went to the new world where everyone accepted them because they were now not homos and lezbios, they were gay.

Imagine, not by Lennon, but songs like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams would have instead been titled “Gay” had the whatever community not squealed loud enough to demand and entice people to treat their lifestyle with respect while at the same time telling them to fuck off, not caring how offended many people were that they hijacked gay.

The Enola Gay was a plane. The offendeditisual community has now called for it to be renamed “The Enola BLTG”. Even the word gay is offended!

Maybe to please everyone who has caught this nasty case of worduseoffendeditis we can start referring to the H community, THE HAPPY COMMUNITY instead of gay, BLT, ALT, differentsexuals, or ten million other terms.

Standing corrected? I will not be corrected by anyone on this. If they have a problem with the words I fuck they can talk to the tire gauge.

Anyone that “corrects” me on my words also has the option to eat them. Words are nutritious.

Have a nice gay.

** why anyone would be into having sex with a transmission is beyond me but I accept it