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The Democratic party sure has changed

It’s changed like a d-word diaper has changed after the p-word was introduced into it.   feature image found here and somewhere on the internet

LGBT W’s are now demanding roles in movies only be played by those genders that match

In another presentation of temper tantrums of the LGBT Wackaholic community the transgender role was going to Scarlett Johansson but the “community” which never asks MY FAG ASS OPINION whined and insisted that only transgenders should play the role. Gone are the days of giving parts to those who actually act well, no, now we…

Imagine that

Imagine if all the people got off their computers and started building homes. No homeless population anywhere. People are on these fucking computers all fucking day and what does it build? Networks of wires so that people can look at cats, oh, and steal other’s money through stock transactions. Hail the legacy of the Millennials.

Bowie is alive

He wrote this new album by NIN from the grave. NIN is about the only acronym worth anything. Hey there is no backward N on my keyboard. Bad Witch.

“Queer Eye” renewed 3rd season

I am offended by the term queer. It is a fag slur. I am a fag, not queer. No not ever call me queer. Call me queer and you are guilty of a hate crime because you hate considering the feelings of your fellow fags, and instead only push your own agendas that include ones…

The cookies are all gone

News used to have stuff to watch, now all they do is bash Trump. Every itsy bitsy spider thing they find wrong with him with trade, with North Korea, his tax cuts, everything they bash about him is proven wrong. Nothing they report anymore is worthwhile. I’m so bored with it I am going to…

Whine would anyone want Facecrock

I go see what her page says about Sasha Cohen’s grade schoolish disgusting prank for $$ and all I see is a BORDER WALL. It’s BLOCKING ME from entering their country so I can not read what’s behind the WALL. OK libtards, explain to me why you like Facedump which puts up walls to protect…

What did not happen on July 4, 1776

On that first Fourth of July in 1776, 56 men convened in a hot stuffy room in Philadelphia to deliberate on and sign the Declaration of Independence. They did not: whine constantly that there was no air conditioning try to forge a document that would allow ENDLESS NUMBERS OF IMMIGRANTS both illegal and legal to…

HIV is a cotton pickin’ lie