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Incongruent Drug Abuse Syndrome

Medias in the 1980’s daze hyped up the fake bogus claims that a virus was responsible for IDAS (note the same letters as AIDS).

It is a well known fact to some that in the 1970’s drugs were everywhere. Partying was a rage. Smoke infused bars were an emphysema doctor’s dream.

The blamed all the health problems on a virus of course because that’s what bandwagons do.

Feature image of a smokehead by noridah yazid on pexels and is copyright free.


Wash your flus

Nurse says “Wash your ****king hands” to a patient in order to not get the flu.

And these people get paid GOBS OF MONEY to say that?

The flu is not caught, it is created. It is not created by dirty hands, it is created by oil slicks, and temperature regulation problems caused by gunked up mechanisms.

Image Google News snapshot on February 5, 2018

“Wash your blood cells” might be a more accurate statement coming from a nurse of all people who should know better but we live in the dark ages. Modern medicine is all about medicine. Note how they insist you buy their FLU/SHOT which injects the very thing you don’t want, viral matter.

Cheer this one

Cheers was a situation comedy TV series that ran from the late 1980’s to the mid 1990’s.

It had one episode I think you would like.

S1 E16

I give it a 10 on the gay trickter scale.

S1 E17 within the completion of the first 5:35 min the first segment has a great punch and keep watching until after Diane gets back from her blind date!

Image snapshot from “Cheers” and used to reference the show.

Terrible Tim live @Comic Book Jones

Michelle Conrad song