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The dengue vaccine was halted when they saw it was worsening the plague. This would never happen in America because they just would never allow such a declaration to be made. It’s always blamed on something else.

It’s all about selling us stuff we don’t need. It’s the American way!

What could have caused this problem with vaccines causing more cases of the fever than without it? Gee Louise, maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that they are injecting dengue viruses into the body?


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Curved lives matter

“Straight Lives Matter” is trying to get a vote on gay marriage to be NO in Australia. They are doing nothing to stop the forced injections of medical/chemical concoctions that are mandatory there for all of Hitler’s army of vaccine soldiers that are hell bent on dominating cells. They are all about stopping the injustice to the straight community of giving those same things to the curved community.

Their “name” SLM plays off of “Black Lives Matter” which came about due to horror and frustration when black men were murdered by cops. I say murder because any killing that is premeditated is murder. .

Similar to the gay curved community of pissed off Zealotous Acronymizers, this group is making no sense. The “straights” have not been brutalized nor suffered many injustices over generations like the Negro, Colored, not-caucasion, and curved communities have/has.

This is the stupidest display of protest, next to the demand that government provide drugs that create cell holocaust as a way to kill a non-existent threat which the formerly referred to as “gay community” called for in the 1980’s and 90’s, during the dark curved ages.

In Australia this will be only a “postal survey” to see where their heads are at on curved marriage.

I know where their arms are at, under the injection. They mandate vaccination for everyone thus there are no diseases in that country. No one there ever dies of disease.

There is no Australian flu. There’s bird flu and China flu which originated from a forest in Influenza.

Do birds ever fly north from there? Bird flu still exists of course once they vaccinate all birds that flu will be gone like how the flu has disappeared because people get vaccinated for “this year’s flu” shots which are not even accurate. They take a shot at what “this year’s strain” might be a year prior.

They need to vaccinate for VD (Vaccine Delusions).

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Coordinating viral planes & tangents

Why on Mars would anyone want to inject the flu in order to not get the flu?

It’s sheer lunacy.

To inject the very thing you don’t want in order to develop “immunity” is a concept that belongs on the Moon.

Let’s take that concept to a new level, say to Uranus. To immunate the entire population of ever viral, bacterial, fungus caused disease we would inject 10,000 different things into our veins.

Black mold causes disease. Where are the black mold vaccines?

Hey ma, look, I’m getting a black mold vaccine, isn’t that great, they inject the mold so my body reacts. It’s like if government was to release the criminals from all the prisons to infect our towns with violence, theft, and mayhem, in order to get us prepared in case it happens.

Makes perfect percents.

Oh they say it’s not a live strain. So it’s what, a dead one?

Are they saying my body is so stupid that it will not be able to tell the difference between a live and dead virus?

My body is not that dumb.

All viruses are dead anyway. They are not living things.

Who tell$ u$ thi$ $tuff.

Feature image By Jorge Stolfi iThe source code of this SVG is invalid due to 11 errors, caused from superfluous hyphens. (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons and shows the Cartesian coordinate system method of coordinating space which could be used to diagram what goes on inside the mind of humans when they adopt concepts that are from other worlds

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Some viruses are Jewish

See if you can keep up, this may be hard for some to get……

First, the vaccination Nazis are in full force. We see this reflected by fake news outlets like the Washington Post which publishes the non-SENSE of mandatory vaccinations being “critical” as they put it and that they can help you visualize why (notice the link to the right).


I will not provide a link to the article, I view that as click bait.

So I was thinking, it’s like they are on the hunt for my viruses, just like Nazis were on the hunt for Jews.

These virus hunters are just like those who created The Holocaust, they label a group as all bad, and try to exterminate them, forcing everyone (if they were to have their way) into vaccination camps. In this case, some of them are after Jewish viruses.

If one of those lives are saved from vac-pushers it’s all worth it.

My viruses all have different belief systems and shall be respected. Some are Jewish and ceremoniously hack off a part of a baby’s dick because God told them to.

Others are Athiest. Some are refugees. A few are bad.

Harmless retroviruses, that’s what HIV’s are, yet they are treated as though they are Jewish.

Vaccination pushers don’t care about facts.

They don’t care about the deaths that occur DIRECTLY due to vaccinations.

They have this fantasy that if everyone is shot up with anti-virus venom that they will be safe. It’s exactly the mentality of Hitler, vaccinate the world from certain threats in order to be safe. It’s stupid, it’s evil.

If any of these Nazis come to my veins with their needles I will inform them that their holocaust is not happening in my body.

Feature image of Mughal aristocrats hunting a blackbuck alongside an Asiatic cheetah By James Forbes (d. 1819) – Drawn by James Forbes in South Gujarat. Oriental Memoirs, Vol. I, 1812., Public Domain,

Rainbow outbreakitis

Once again we have reports of another out-break of a communicable disease.

This time it’s YF – YELLOW Fever.


It of course is transmitted by mosquitoes like all viruses are because all viruses are stupid particles of matter.

They do not get rejected from mosquito’s dirty shared needles because they don’t have their bus pass.

And what do they recommend? Vaccines of course!

Where’s that vaccine for HIV again?

30+ years and still no vaccine? They have used trillions of dollars and they have pictures of it and tests find it and they can not develop a vaccine.

ROFL – you believe that crap?

How ’bout just sending a batch of mosquitoes to that GOT+TESTED neighbor’s house.

Why doesn’t the medical community tell us that to get vaccinated all we have to do is contact the mosquito community?

Image snapshot of Google News on January 30, 2017 at about 9:22 pm pacific time

Feature image of العربية: فيروس الحمّى الصفراء. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Publich Health Image Library. Author Erskine Palmer, Ph.D. image in the public domain. It is a TEM micrograph of the yellow fever virus (234,000X magnification).

Deutsch: Gelbfieber-Virus. Gelbfiebervirus im Transmissionselektronenmikroskop.
Esperanto: Viruso de flava febro.
Español: Fiebre amarilla (Flaviviridae).
Suomi: Keltakuumevirus.


Flying syringes save taxpayer$ and insurer$

Oh I just love this, now the medical community wants to use mosquito needles instead of syringes!

They want to use mosquitoes to vaccinate people!

Getting bit by malaria-infected mosquitoes may seem like an odd way to protect yourself against the disease, but Seattle researchers have demonstrated that the unconventional strategy can work.

So for 30 years we the small group of logical thinkers have been trying to tell people that the HIV theory is garbage because if it can be transmitted by syringes it can be transmitted by flying syringes. If after all these years we aren’t seeing people having back yard BLTG/BBQ’s getting “infected” it cannot possibly be a viral cause.

Viral cause of what? AIDS. The Acquired (means you get it) Immune Deficiency (this occurs when you have the flu) Syndrome (a collection of conditions).

Unless of course they are getting infected by mosquitoes and blaming it on sex.

So there is no viral cause of AIDS which really is a collection of about 26 different conditions.

I don’t expect the medical community to latch on to this obviousity though. Likely next, in their quest for new things they can charge you for, they will likely sell the QWERTY community mosquitoes already infected with the gay neighbor’s blood (HIV) so you can let them loose and get a vaccination from your friendly virus injected mosquitoes they prescribe for you alongside with your flu shot.

“Take home those mosquitoes and let them out in a small enclosed room like a bathroom and let them vaccinate the patient” is likely what the package insert with all the dire warnings will say.

Who reads those?

Now get this, the article in the Seattle Times says, “In an experimental trial, 10 local volunteers bared their forearms to the bloodsucking insects — and no one got sick, scientists reported Wednesday in the journal Science Translational Medicine. After the bites, the volunteers’ bodies produced antibodies that could be potent enough to confer immunity to future infections.”

Oh I just can’t stop laughing.

They didn’t get sick because viruses ARE NOT THE CAUSE.

Then again, maybe they have the whole thing bass ackwards, mosquitoes SUCK.

They suck blood, they don’t inject blood in.

This fact also proves the old fashioned “get vaccinated” theory is wrong, because they have claimed for a long time that mosquitoes transmit viruses like malaria** yet they don’t inject the fluid like syringes that humans use.

But again, if they say they do inject, then we have to again point out that flying syringes would transmit HIV if there really was such a thing.

** (the word malaria is a formation of mal and airis, mal in other languages is “bad” and “aria” is air, bad air)

other study:

Feature image By Jim Gathany [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Vaccine drinks

Energy drink said to have caused Hepatitis. Yes in deed!

Now it’s time to get vaccinated for Hepatitis with energy.

Since we get vaccinated for HIV which causes HIV/AIDS, oh wait, we don’t have a vaccine for that.

Better example, we do get vaccinated for flu virus with flu virus, so we don’t get in-flu-enza so we must get vaccinated for hepatitis with hepatitis drinks.

Or is something is wrong with these theories?

Energy drink can image by GoodGod13 (iPad 3 Camera Previously published: None) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons