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Bank shuns all nicotine users for employment

Nazi state comes to a bank near you or one maybe you already bank with. The Huntington National Bank welcome tobacco-free hiring practice of shunning includes those who use nicotine patches with tobacco-free hiring and vaping products. The Shun Society just keeps getting bigger in the US. Companies that do this are going to lose…

Snowwolf Mfeng Baby kit

This is NEW and fantastic.

Regulating vices

Government tried to ban alcohol during the PROHIBITION period in the early 1900’s and it failed. Made matters worse. Government banned marijuana, look at it now, it’s become legal everywhere, because, once again, banning it failed and now I kick myself for not buying that cheap one acre plot of land where now sits a…

Conservatives oppose bans on e-juice flavors

As is typical the Republicans are the ones fighting for freedom and Democrats want you all to be their slaves. Remember it was Republican Abe Lincoln that finally ended slavery, albeit on it’s way out on it’s own, and albeit by declaring a massacre on US Citizens that killed 625,000 of them. FDA is hell…

CBD burns vape coils fast

read more Sweetners in electronic cigarette juices also burn coils.

The most fantastically engineered RDA ever made

Claims it won’t leak but when I look at the design I see a spot where it can leak. So it’s not as fantastical as I thought.

Indestructible vape mod with bluetooth

As you can see in the photo it did get destructed, but the thing basically worked after being slammed at walls and concrete over and over again and it vaped and played tunes through bluetooth. Amazing.

FDA plans to ban e-flavors, does nothing about sugar

Typical of our fucked up government priorities, TEETH ROTTING SUGAR and fruity flavored cereals will not be banned, but the “harmful” e-fruity flavors that are added to vegetable glycerine which is harmless will be banned to protect underagers from getting hooked on vaping. Vaping is harmless, but if these hacks don’t go after it, they…

SMOK gun shape vape lousy colors

The vaping industry has so many bright colors and so few muted tones. I can’t stand all these bright colors. SMOK introduced what Mike Vapes calls the most comfortable mod of any mod ever yet they only provided 4 colors, and they all look like crap, too bright, too shiny, just awful. Black with red?…

Ring Lord: a most fantastic new RDA design

The air flows through these “rings” down onto the coil. This has got to be the best RTA ever in that it stops spit back almost completely and that leaking is probably non-existent. The pyrex dome may make it harder for the heat to dissipate than metal would though and is certainly not going to…