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WARNING: Astronomical amount of nicotine & trash

Sikary disposable sub-ohm tank. E-cigarettes are saving lives while killing the environment. The resistance is 1.5. You shouldn’t be putting nicotine salts in a device like this it’s not safe, the amount of nicotine you are going to get is astronomical. as per Jai Haze. Watch!


I have looked at probably 10,000 different vape products now from RTA’s to RDA’s to mods to kits to pod systems, to wires to coils to juices to rules and regulations and this new one by VooPoo called the VFL is THE winner in design and portability. You can buy them here.

Instructions that any retard can understand

Handsome vape dude points out how big the instruction booklet is and that it’s so easy to use that retards will not have a problem with it. He’s so funny, making me laugh! And DD gorgeous! feature image of Mike Goodwin from his you tube presentation on vaping with the Aramax Power 55W integrated 5000…

Drips on side of coil seems not necessary

I have been watching thousands of hours of vaping review videos. All of them suggest doing something when replacing a coil called priming it. They say put a few drops of oil (vape liquid which is made of glycerine and glycol) in the inside of the coil and on the outside. I think this makes…

Yosta Livepor 160w is click city OMG click click click click

Shopping for vape mods I find this one, a Yosta Livepor 160w. It’s nice if you like clicking noises. This segment shows how clicky the plastic door is. We haven’t even gotten to how CLICKY the buttons are OMG they are so annoying. Another mod that’s also annoyingly clicky is the Vaptio N1 Pro 240W…

Worn Detonator

This detonator tank and mod is made by Squid Industries. This is the first time I have ever seen a mod presented as it WILL look after it’s worn. I LOVE/THIS. Makes it real. Visit Roadside Vapes which is where the image came from here.

I predict leaks

The Crystal Ball RTDA.  

Beware mesh coils

“Dry hits” are a big problem with mesh RDA/BUILDS. This vaper says he sucked a flame down using his Digiflavor Themis RDA with mesh coil. This could also be a problem caused by top air flow tanks as excess juice stays in the bottom rather than spilling out all over the place. It might just…

Smoke bubbles

Vaping keeps kids off the streets.

Alcohol kills 5% of the population

World Health Organization, which over dramatizes HIV/AIDS massively, says that 300,000,000 people routinely die of alcohol. Yet there is no warning label on fine wine or beer like there is mandated on vaping products now. Vaping doesn’t kill anyone yet the Food and Drug Administration Nazis of the United States made it a requirement to…