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Anti-vaxxers biggest threat to world health organization profits

The cons at the WHO are claiming that those who don’t inject voodoo medicine into their bodies as directed by those who profit immensely from these procedures that often kill people are using their scare tactics claiming that those who don’t vaccinate are a threat to the health of others.

Yawn. They do this all the time and the argument is so incredibly flawed. It’s not logical at all. Those who get vaccines are the threat, they are the ones being injected with the very thing YOU DON’T WANT IN YOUR BODY, the viruses that cause the diseases you want to avoid. Staty the fuck away from me after you get that flu shot or weasles shot.

Vaccines inject you with the virus, your body develops antibodies as a defense, your antibodies “fight off” and they remain prepared to fight off any new invadors that call themselves “flu” or “pox” later. Like duh. That makes no sense, just let antibodies develop IF and only IF you ever get exposed to them.

But see if they told you that, they would drive themselves out of business.

HIV tests only find antibodies, and they are not even specific, you can test positive if you had the FLU. It’s a con game to make money and provide some mental relief from the fear they instill in you.


Human Immunoeieiodeficienceieio Virus Fawlty Test Results Infected man is being accused of infecting 75 teenagers.

The madness continues.

The information age has made more zombies than ever who cannot understand the most simplest of concepts, that if a virus can travel on a needle it can travel on a needle, and thus, since mosquito knitting needles are not causing transmission of the virus, neither can dicks.

Or better put, if there actually was such a thing as “HIV” as is described as a virus that attacks immune systems, and transmitted by dicks, and needles, well then there would be viruses being transmitted to everyone via mosquitoes just like malaria.

LIES/ARE everywhere on the matter. Governments everywhere have been duped. They just can’t seem to understand.

Eat a burger, get vaccinated

The con artists of government and medical science have declared that if you ate at a certain Florida burger joint you should get injected with virus as a precaution, that is, get vaccinated.

The restaurant is called Ybor. A worker there has “Hepatitis A”.

So this is the logic, try to follow, you get exposed to a virus so in order to not get exposed to it you get exposed to the virus in vaccine form.

Vaccines expose you to the viruses they are supposed to protect you from. Antibodies in the body form, attack the virus, then linger around in case need be to attack again. Sorta like when police presence lingers after a 9/11 attack.

Thing is, if you ate at that restaurant you may have already been attacked, thus, you body produces antibodies to attack the virus, then linger around in case need be to attack again. Sorta like when police presence lingers after a 9/11 attack.

Starting to see through the smoke and mirrors yet?


feature image by Chevanon Photography free use see more of that photographers images here

Astro-nots play tennis in space

They saw a unicorn fly by and HIV as well.

What prevents HIV from ending up in space?

Ask those at the top of the $cientific $tudy chain pyramid.

They will say lies like it doesn’t fly in the air because it does not have wings. Astronauts are tested for HIV before they go shoot their sperm craft into space so it never goes there. And aliens will not get HIV because they are not human. Nanoscopic particles have a way of knowing if someone is human or alien and they check passports.

Things like that.

Actually when HIV does end up in space it circles the Earth at speeds of 254,000 miles per hour and this time it crashed into a tennis ball.

The game went on as planned.

While those examining the images of space men playing tennis look so fake, they must be real-fake.


Spiders carry AIDS

Technically AIDS cannot be carried by anything other than the body that is carrying it, nothing else carries or transmits AIDS.

AIDS is a structure. It’s not something that is caught, it just is built and remains as itself like a building does. Buildings don’t catch other buildings and a human that has AIDS is like a building that has a redesign that ignored structural integrity. The building next door does not catch this structural problem.

The unicorn claim though is that a virus that CAN BE CARRIED travels to the building of the body.

They say only dirty hypodermic needles and the massively broad category called bodily fluids which would include sweat causes a transfer of this spooky virus, correction, RETRO VIRUS.


Mosquitoes, the air, and flying spiders can all carry the virus as it’s light enough for them to carry it.

The problem was that anytime the logic kicked into the discussions on HIV/AIDS the sanity went out the window with the itsy bitsy spider.

Fear, hysteria, panic, and media distortions of this one said that and that one said this took over in the 1980’s and the idea that it’s caused by a virus took hold infecting the mind.

Article on spider flight.

Read that and explain to me how something that is 70 billion times smaller than that spider cannot be carried by flying spiders, flying needles, and flying unicorns.

So to be clear, spiders cannot carry AIDS, they can carry viruses and retro viruses, and unicorns can carry fantasies further distances than anyone ever imagined.

Ooooooo the Keystone Virus!

Now they claim that they discovered the very first transmission of Keystone Virus in humans by a mosquito.

Not that this has never happened before based on the laws of physics, it’s just a nano particle that gets picked up by a flying syringe and gets injected in human as it always has, it’s just that we someone “discovered it”.

They say that Christopher Columbus also lied about being first to discover America.

Someday they will discover that HIV infects humans via mosquitoes as well.

And then of course, that person will get the Nobel Prize and instead of realizing that a mistake was made, that there is no HIV, they will exterminate all flying syringes while doctors in hospitals continue cutting off baby dick parts which will remain legal and even applauded.


Species smeices

The experts at deceit now claim that Zika may be carried by another species of mosquitoes.

Prior the belief was that only certain ones ate their spinach.

Never fear though, HIV can’t be carried by these Zika species mosquitoes because HIV weighs a ton. If a mosquito tried it would crush him flat.

Anyone who believes this garbage that states that a virus can only be carried by certain species of viruses or rocks should have their testing examined.

Feature image of hypnotic trance that reflects what everyone that believes in HIV is in by David Cossolato see more of his work here


HIV Rates Rise

Google news snapshot Marche 16 2018 presents a story presented for about the 700 trillionth time that there is such a thing as a virus that only travels through a mans dick and ass and through drug infused dirty hypodermic needles and not those dirty needles that mosquitoes carry and use to inject into HIV tainted veins.

The HIV theory is such bullshit. If there was a virus causing it (what is it? = it is immune deficiency) everyone would be getting it from mosquitoes and the air because both of those things carry any and all viruses.

And this new thing to take a pill before sex to protect you from getting HIV is such a joke.


The website says HIV is more likely gotten by gay guys because they fuck ass holes.

They say it’s scientifically proven that ass holes have HIV in them much more than cunt holes.

Obviously and scientifically this is because of shit.

Nevermind that HIV is shit, cell shit, science and Simon says it’s found there a lot so that’s why gays get it.

So let’s have science and Simon and The Cat In The Baseball Cap explain what happens to shit when it’s sitting in the wast treatment facility before processing and flies get on it.

Flies on shit with HIV.

Flies fly.

Spot runs and tries to catch the flies.

He eats the fly that was on HIV shit.

He licks his shit hole and kisses his owner.

Can’t get HIV any more cuz it’s now DIV.

But what about that pesky mosquito. It’s drinking the raw sewage water. HIV is all in that water because as we know scienterrifically that HIV is in gay shit and gays use toilets and the shit ends up exposed to mosquitos. These mosquitoes then stick their hypodermic needles in H’s.

Terrific. Mosquito Immunodeficiency Virus now infected the human and it becomes HIV again.

Circle of HIV life.

Look at all those HIV viruses in orange. Orange is the new HIV obviously.

Image snapshot acquired on 1/8 two thousand 18 years after Christ birth found at the website noted above

Feature artists rendering of ancient humans that all shit is in the public domain Gaudenzio Ferrari, Stories of life and passion of Christ, fresco, 1513, Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Varallo Sesia (VC), Italy

GaudenzioFerrari StorieCristo



The dengue vaccine was halted when they saw it was worsening the plague. This would never happen in America because they just would never allow such a declaration to be made. It’s always blamed on something else.

It’s all about selling us stuff we don’t need. It’s the American way!

What could have caused this problem with vaccines causing more cases of the fever than without it? Gee Louise, maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that they are injecting dengue viruses into the body?


Feature image snapshot capture of Fox News story dated December, 4, 2017


Try that sample of lipstick in the department store and you being a LGBTQI could get stuck with a sample of herpes.

Of course “authorities” in the fields of virus studies will say that you can’t get HIV from lipstick, cups, toilets, mosquitoes, or the air, because the virus dies when exposed to air and mosquito syringes are too small for the virus to enter or whatever made up story they tell you but if their claims were true wouldn’t herpes die too on lipstick?

Viruses are not living things.

HIV can be sneezed out of the lungs or when someone shits in the toilet the HIV that’s there can be flush/sprayed into the air so anyone can get it.


The reason we are where we are is politics and terror hysteria which came into play in the dark ages. That time began in George Orwell’s 1984 when Margaret Heckler announced “The probable cause of AIDS is HIV”.

Probable. Not absolute. At least the government health secretary didn’t say absolute they knew enough to not claim that at the time.

So since it was claimed “probable” media hype took hold, interviews were done asking what do you think about this, and all responses were assuming “it” was the cause of 29 different diseases labeled under a broader category stupidly referred to as acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Now it’s considered real.

AIDS, what a stupid name. Actually it’s not a name at all it’s a description/category/broader.

If a virus was the cause of 29 different diseases called AIDS that prior to Hysteria In Virology they had different causes, we would see anyone kissing or trying on lipstick  or breathing air getting it.

Image snapshot of Huffpost article dated 10/31/17. This publication used to be called Huffington Post.

Feature image of lipstick by Stephencdickson

California enacts the backyard BBQ law

Having Bar-B-Que’s in ones’ backyard or side yard could land the owners in jail if they don’t warn their guests in writing that they could get HIV from flying backyard syringes aka shared needles. These syringes are attached to mosquitoes and spread HIV.

April Fool.

What do you mean that’s not funny? Sure it is.

April is fooling you like they have about HIV.

April is fooling only about the jail thing and a California law warning requirement with backyard mosquito syringes, but the fact remains, a shared needle is a shared needle, blood from humans is attached to both and the infection risk of getting HIV from mosquitoes is 10,000% higher because they are everywhere where as sex is not always available.

So since April Fool’s is about pointing out foolishness, one must understand that they keep fooling the public into believing their crap about disease causations, and these bureaucracies go as far to as to enact public policy that if you don’t notify someone you have sex with that you allegedly have HIV, that you can go to jail.

That is real.

Even though they have no such warnings to visitors of national parks and all the flying syringes there that can spread HIV to people, they continue to spread like a disease their illogical claims, and people believe the claims, like those who followed Hitler believed his.

The good thing about all this though is that if you get infected by a dirty mosquito needle that has HIV, and it injects you with it, you are now immunized.


Featured image is of the Great Seal of the Bureaucracy of California. Note a bureaucracy is not something that can be caught, it is created, like disease.

Rainbow outbreakitis

Once again we have reports of another out-break of a communicable disease.

This time it’s YF – YELLOW Fever.


It of course is transmitted by mosquitoes like all viruses are because all viruses are stupid particles of matter.

They do not get rejected from mosquito’s dirty shared needles because they don’t have their bus pass.

And what do they recommend? Vaccines of course!

Where’s that vaccine for HIV again?

30+ years and still no vaccine? They have used trillions of dollars and they have pictures of it and tests find it and they can not develop a vaccine.

ROFL – you believe that crap?

How ’bout just sending a batch of mosquitoes to that GOT+TESTED neighbor’s house.

Why doesn’t the medical community tell us that to get vaccinated all we have to do is contact the mosquito community?

Image snapshot of Google News on January 30, 2017 at about 9:22 pm pacific time

Feature image of العربية: فيروس الحمّى الصفراء. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Publich Health Image Library. Author Erskine Palmer, Ph.D. image in the public domain. It is a TEM micrograph of the yellow fever virus (234,000X magnification).

Deutsch: Gelbfieber-Virus. Gelbfiebervirus im Transmissionselektronenmikroskop.
Esperanto: Viruso de flava febro.
Español: Fiebre amarilla (Flaviviridae).
Suomi: Keltakuumevirus.



Once again upon a time the news is presenting what mad scientists keep claiming, that there are super transexual lady bugs that are resistant to being told to leave. Kinda like those party guests that get drunk and don’t understand the words “go home” anymore.

Yes I equally write in a theme of fantasy as they do.

So this one is part of the Smith family, correction, the Enterobacteriaceae family, and of course there is an acronymized version, CRE.

Let’s study what these are. First, let’s take off the prefix “entero”, we have bacteriaceae. That’s bacteria.

What is entero? Wikipedia states that “In biology and medicine, the prefix entero- refers to the intestine”.

Ok, so let’s just call it intestinal bacteria, duh. We can acronymize that as IB.

Oh but they love to confuse people with fancy term$. If they just say intestinal bacteria, who will care, everyone has those.



The other thing that’s really fun, is how for so long we have been told to avoid infections by wearing condoms to protect ourselves from peanut butter. Take a gander at the second article featured about how Dr. Spook is now suggesting to immunize babies from peanuts by giving them peanuts. Let’s do this with viruses!

Inject us with HIV to become immune to HIV.


Hey it makes perfect sense. They say go get infected with peanut butter and viruses (as in with vaccines) to be immune. Thing is this happens daily as we breathe and as we get mosquito bites.

Oh it’s just so much fun watching mad scientists at work. Now I really want to get by a Mad Scientist so that I’m immune from all their nonsense gone viral.

Speaking of seeing things that go viral here is the 1934 film “Maniac” where Phyllis Diller (comedienne) was also in this film, where it features a mad scientist.

Mad/scientists have routinely created motion pictures in/our minds that “the virus” is a maniac (which is a fantasy like many slasher films) as seen in this movie trailer from the 1980’s, it’s like the HI virus is the killer and is randomly slashing cells to death.

Remember, they are all just moving images be they in film, digital, or in the mind.

Feature of mad scientist by director: Dwain Esper, cinematographer: William C. Thompson, studio: Roadshow Attractions, via Wikimedia Commons and is a screenshot from the public domain film Maniac (1934) showing Horace B. Carpenter as the character “Dr. Meirschultz” and this represents what I see in my mind with those who are hot to develop nuclear weapons in the war on AID$.

The image snapshots of Google news were from 1/16 and 1/17 in the year twenty 17.


Immunodeficiency vectors and immunoliposomes

When they are in humans they are HIV’s.

HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Vectors

HIV – Human Immunoliposome Visitors

The Human Immunodeficiency Vector is a mosquito or any carrier of a virus.

Thus HIV and HIV causes HIV transmission.

Vectors and Visitors. One carries things, the other comes and leaves.

If you have HIV you have viruses, vectors, and visitors involved.

Viruses are also vectors and visit.

So really we should be calling it HIV to the third power.


THUS when we understand their operations and syncronivity we can faithfully/say that HIV is an annoying Immunoinlaw that Visits and arrives by Vector. How does one deal with inlaws that visit by vector?

Simple, have them leave.

Then there’s HIV the Human Immunoliposome Virus.