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Goal to end HIV/AIDS

Press release from Desert Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Project. I will make no comments here in this post on this. This is for reference.

August 22, 2018

Palm Springs, Calif., August 22, 2018—It was 34 years ago today that Desert AIDS Project started out of desperation, with little else but heart and soul to get it off the ground. It was the same year the HIV virus had been identified, and founders sought to keep the community educated about AIDS, and to provide social and psychological support to those suffering from it. As decades passed, medical services came in-house, dental and residential access was added, and eventually, the status of Ferally Qualified Health Center was achieved.

As we mark D.A.P.’s 34th anniversary, we recommit ourselves to providing holistic care to people living with HIV, and getting to zero new HIV infections. We also commit ourselves to responding to the unmet needs of our neighbors struggling to find health and a path out of poverty, regardless of HIV status.

“Using the road map created during the earliest years of the AIDS crisis, Desert AIDS Project continues to be led by the communities we serve to improve the health and well-being of the whole person,” said David Brinkman, D.A.P. CEO.  “We are humbled and grateful for the community’s partnership in creating lifesaving solutions for people in need.”

Our expansion, known as Vision 2020, will enable us to care for twice the number of patients and clients than we do today, increasing from 4,000 to 8,000. This will add more than 20,000 square feet to our campus footprint and includes 60 additional housing units.

The needs of our community have increased since 1984, but we remain ever mindful of our roots. Providing compassionate care and bringing an end to the HIV/AIDS epidemic will always be our number one priority.

George Sonsel, L.C.S.W., a founder and D.A.P.’s first Executive Director, remembers the disarray and disorganization in the community when he and seven others started D.A.P. Conflicting local interests, apathy among healthcare clinicians and civic institutions, and homophobia were only some of the impediments they faced in those early days. The tenacity and passion to meet those challenges created a standard that permeates the organization today.

“The respect shown for the initial efforts of your founders is evidenced by the dedication to D.A.P.’s long-term existence, breadth of services, sound administrative and fiscal practices, and building sufficient reserves for the perpetuation of the organization,” said Mr. Sonsel. “To the extent that I can represent those who came before, thank you for the consistent leadership, ongoing insight and creativity, and provision of quality services.”

Until there is a cure for HIV, D.A.P. stands by the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) 90–90–90 goal; ensure 90 percent of HIV infected individuals know their status, and that 90 percent are on antiretroviral therapy (ART), and that 90 percent of those treated achieve viral suppression.

There is no limit to the passion and effort D.A.P. and its partners bring forth to ensure that everyone living with HIV receives care and everyone at risk for HIV receives education and interventions.

To find out more about D.A.P.’s expansion plans, please visit

About Desert AIDS Project 
Desert AIDS Project (D.A.P.) is a Federally Qualified Health Center in Palm Springs, CA offering D.A.P.

Total Care – a combination of medical, dental, behavioral health, social services, support groups, alternative therapies, in-house pharmacy and lab, and other health and wellness services.  D.A.P.’s sexual health clinic, The DOCK, offers low-cost STD testing and treatment, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP), and free HIV and HCV testing. D.A.P.’s Get Tested Coachella Valley campaign, the nation’s first region-wide HIV testing and access to care initiative, was recognized by the White House for helping to bring about an AIDS-free future.

Visit, and to learn more.


Truvada for (4) Pre Exposure Prophylaxis

This is what the gays are being conned into doing as a preventive measure against the fantasy virus.

Another way of describing this is it’s taking the HIV med when you don’t even have HIV.

It’s the same med given to “treat” HIV “infection”.

Huh? That sounds stupid. I will leave it for you to judge.

I think it’s like:

  1. taking aspirin when you don’t have a headache to prevent a headache.
  2. taking blood pressure medication when you don’t have high blood pressure to prevent high blood pressure
  3. MJF taking Parkinson’s disease medication to prevent getting that disease as he went back to the future
  4. adding more air to your tires when they are normal and at the PROPER temperature, in fact tripling it so you are proprotected
  5. making yourself have a fever so you are protected from having too low a temperature
  6. using DDT to kill every insect in the entire world to protect you from insects and possible disease from flying shared needles on mosquitoes
  7. putting gasoline in a completely full tank so that you prevent running out of gas
  8. putting a large vacuum cleaner on the front seat, rear seat, and driver’s seat so that if you ever have dirt that needs to be removed you are prepared
  9. watching a movie in case you might want to watch it someday
  10. jumping into a lake that’s 35 degrees Fahrenheit because someone said to go jump in a lake

I also think it’s like ignoring that your body makes antibodies* that attack any virus that comes at it and that’s all HIV tests ever find.

Your body does this every time you have the flu, creates it’s own custom built supply of antibodies to remove any virus no matter how mutatilicious it may be and that’s all HIV tests find, antibodies, but many who promote testing make it sound like HIV tests find a specific virus, that super scary one that is falsely claimed to come from dick on ass sex and not on mosquito shared needles.

Those tests only find random defenders/antibodies. It can be positive if you had the flu or anything close to the flu.

They sell you fancy dancy new improved treatments “to rid you of it” but it’s like a door to door sales MAN/WO selling you 3 vacuums even though you already have those in your car. You already have virus killing antibodies in you.**

*Ask your doctor what antibodies are for if you cannot lick it up yourself.

It is always recommended to Take Antibodies As Prevention (TAAP) as a treatment for any viral infection.

Testing positive for HIV shows your body did just that.

Taking T4PEP is not something you could even pay me to do.

Keep in mind though that some have pills to sell that are said to super duper zap zowie kill viruses better than your body can naturally. I think using those 3 vacuum cleaners in your car as an example would do a better job, as what they called that scary thing HIV is nothing more than cellular debris which is found in your human body and car body and unlike a car, you shit the stuff out every day.

And like a car, when you “kill HIV” there is still a need to vacuum it out.

HIV tests do not determine whether you have dead or living HIV in it.

In fact, viruses are not living things anyway. Look that one up.

Why try to kill things that are not living things. It’s like trying to rid the world of unicorns so that you don’t get jabbed by that mosquito that’s landed on it’s horn.

** these pills they offer may kill bacteria thus some people do notice an improvement as the immune system is mostly in your gut but there are other better less toxic ways of supporting the immune system


KTLA anchors ask the question “Is it bullying to public shame people when they steal”.

Yes it is.

The individual is accused. Does not get a jury trial. Assumed guilty.

Becomes a target of massive harassment and abuse.

Try to tell that to anyone who is on the anti-bullying bandwagon and see what happens.

You will be publicly shamed and harassed.

This happened to everyone who has ever tried to speak logically about viruses that magically started causing 29 different diseases that all HAVE different causes.

They call it HIV/AIDS and it’s the stupidest most illogical definition ever devised by hucksters that spread like wildfire by bandwagoneers due to hysteria and fear.

The Hulk is hospitalized after getting vaxxed

Fuck your insertion of potions via needles into living things.

Vaccinations are dangerous.

Many people and animals die or become sick from these fanatical chemical formulas found in vaxxes.

Mercury is found in vaxxes. MERCURY. They say it’s safe.

They sold you a bridge.

Truvada for PrEP

Ads appear on TV mind control boxes selling you a prevention for HIV.

Yet they say that it might not prevent HIV.

OMG why bother.

Truvada is EXACTLY the same thing given to someone who already has HIV as a treatment to do something to the viruse, maybe take it out to dinner, but of course, it might not work, and it might dump you like that lousy date or ex.


Arguments about translogicality are fruitless

“The reason why engagement with the most militant trans activists is fruitless, and yields only a slew of empty mantras and false stereotypes, is that one cannot argue with religious faith. “

This whole discussion about transgenderality being a futile excersize similar to talk about religion reminds me of how it is to deal with people who follow the HIV/AIDS model religiously.

Some key similarities include how HIV actually cannot be seen as similarly one’s feelings inside about their gender cannot be seen, both have to be believed.

With transgender matters the reality in 99.999% of those cases there is a real outward gender that also inwardly can be biologically verified.

With HIV, there is no real measure. That will sound so far out of the realm of possiblities to some but it’s entirely true, there is no real measure for HIV, for one, it doesn’t actually exist, two, what was thought to be an image of HIV is 100% subjective to how the individual looking at it interprets it.

The world’s most renowned electron microscope imaging expert stated that what the co-discoverers of HIV were looking at were merely pieces of cellular debris. It’s like a witness that with no camera recording of an event, saying they saw someone steal something, the jury believes that testimony, and the innocent person does some jail time. The testimony of these co-witnesses was believed by the world. Although with the electron microscope there is an image, static as it may be, it is merely an image of a thin slice of a virus, and thus, the weight is on INTERPRETING what is there. To blame what was seen for matters of incredible complexity in the human body is beyond a stretch being that it’s never been photographed with moving pictures. There is no movie showing it in action in the body anywhere on the planet because there is no such technology, thus claims of what was seen and what it does and can do are a stretch of imagination.

In this case with the co-conspirators in scientific discovery the cellular debris they saw was deemed guilty of causing 29 diseases, all which had various causes, now put in a broader category called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The offender was given a prison name HIV. Testing modalities were formed to look for this cellular debris and when found, dictates were announced as to how to deal with the offender but in all reality, again, all it was is cellular debris.

In other words cell trash, or cell poop. Although poop can cause problems in the body (the word used is sepsis as in “septic tanks”) to claim that it’s only transferred by sex, and needles that are hypodermic, and also claim that it cannot be transferred by a mosquito needle which is similar to a hypodermic needle by all means of viral travel methods (think West Nile Virus), is absurdly false, yet the religious belief system of HIV is what prevails, no amount of logic can change that perception in many individuals.

For those who can let go of emotional attachments of “the cause” being a new virus “HIV” and look at the contradictions of all that is claimed about it, well they are the lucky ones. They can choose to rather focus more on the actual diseases they may have rather than dealing with a broader category.

Compare to studying the universe in dealing with Earth’s problems, to studying how to drive a car in dealing with the actual problem at hand of getting to work every day. HIV/AIDS is taking a virus that does not exist in it’s fantastical form, but rather exists as a normal process of human bodies, that is, cellular debris is in everyone every day. Anyone that can grasp this is better off than following a path of what I watched destroy my friends lives, taking those lives away, by using medicine that was horribly toxic to all cells in their bodies in a quest to rid them of cellular debris which the body already took care of on it’s own as it does every day.

Hocus pocusry

China scientist says he edited DNA creating HIV/PROOF babies.


This is like saying they are creating unicorn proof babies.

Eat a burger, get vaccinated

The con artists of government and medical science have declared that if you ate at a certain Florida burger joint you should get injected with virus as a precaution, that is, get vaccinated.

The restaurant is called Ybor. A worker there has “Hepatitis A”.

So this is the logic, try to follow, you get exposed to a virus so in order to not get exposed to it you get exposed to the virus in vaccine form.

Vaccines expose you to the viruses they are supposed to protect you from. Antibodies in the body form, attack the virus, then linger around in case need be to attack again. Sorta like when police presence lingers after a 9/11 attack.

Thing is, if you ate at that restaurant you may have already been attacked, thus, you body produces antibodies to attack the virus, then linger around in case need be to attack again. Sorta like when police presence lingers after a 9/11 attack.

Starting to see through the smoke and mirrors yet?


feature image by Chevanon Photography free use see more of that photographers images here

Looks like a rat and smells like HIV

Adenovirus is now being blamed for causing paralysis in some children as some “new disease”.

It’s more likely they are suffering paralysis from bug spray and Roundup weed killer. Kids do play in the grass.

Wikipedia states it causes a cold and some respiratory problems.

So let’s look at the picture of the virus, as we know as long as we have a picture we know everything said about it is real.

Look ma, it’s HIV.

This photo is by Wikipedia user Graham Colm and used with permission and is taken with an electron microscope.




You figure it out. Maybe it’s a new disease. Maybe it’s an old one. Maybe it’s old and new.

After all that’s what they make you do with “HIV/AIDS” which is the “new definition cause for the same old diseases”.

HIV/AIDS is like saying that car crashes are caused by rain when it’s actually caused by slipping. The rain does not cause the crash, it causes the pavement to be slippery like SLIPPERY/SCIENCE causes all sorts of declarations to be made that are false/allegations.

HIV does not cause the AIDS, just like the rain does not cause the crash.

What is labeled HIV is not even harmful. Just like rain is not harmful.

I suppose when rain gets all bunched up together like activist behavior it can cause harm, but there is no bunching up of virus named HI as they couldn’t even find it in the blood with any test to this day, all they ever find is RANDOM antibodies. Finding antibodies is like finding hospitals in a rain storm, it’s even like finding hospitals in a tidal wave.

What was that sound, we just heard HIV/SCI/FIENCE crash.

Gee what could have caused that.

The diseases that were named “caused by the human immune deficiency virus” back in Orewellian 1984, yes really it was in 1984, all had other causes. The label acquired immune deficiency syndrome was a new label that lumped together 28 different diseases that all have different causes, suddenly supposedly all caused by one thing, which anyone with a brain would say MAKES/NO/SENSE.

WI/FI has standards why doesn’t HIV

802.11ac and 802.11n are names for newer standards for transmitting and getting wi-fi signals.

802.11a and 802.11g and 802.11b are names for older standards for transmitting and getting wi-fi signals. Those are called protocols.

These are named differently because they way they function are different.

There are no standards though when it comes to HIV/SCIENCE. Every country decides it’s own protocols.

You can get one of those lauded tests that “find HIV” in Canada and test negative, get a passport, then cross over into the US, get tested there, and you blood can test positive or negative. This is because there is not any standard. Tests are different. Why?

The liars in the HIV/GAME who’s kings and queens of the game make millions of $ pass down their declarations and the village people accept what they say without question.

None of what they say makes any sense.

HIV should be a virus again

Researchers – what a funny field. The loudest voices become gospel.

In the case of HIV this has remained classified as a “serious threat”. In the case of planetary science, we have Pluto, which once was a planet, then became a rock, and now is being said that it should be a planet again.

It’s easy to occilate in science when it comes to classifying a celestial body, but with the human body and what can affect it, that’s a different monster.

Pluto was deemed to be a rock in 2006, after all that time of planetary science giving us all the impression that science is science, calculations are exact, and once something is deemed something that is what it is because after all it’s science.

Those who think this do not understand science at all.

When it comes to measuring and analyzing something that is allegedly billions of miles away there are factors that can cause a miscalculation that is not seen.

When it comes to measuring things that also can’t be seen in the human body which has a billion calculations in cell division and a billion other processes there are too many variables.

You may think you know what HIV is but you likely do not.


Pluto should be a planet again

Marketing HIV

You can have the most incredible product, better than anything by leap years, and galaxies, but if you label it in such a way that it invokes FEAR/TERROR or other negative emotions including death, you might not sell a single item.

Take for example a new electric car that is 1/10th the cost of any other, charges 3 times faster, drives 600 miles at 65 mph at minimum on one full charge, and does your taxes for you, if you label it HIV you won’t sell a single one. Call the car a Virus and it won’t sell either. Call it HIV/AIDS and they couldn’t pay you to even sit in one.

It doesn’t matter what you do to try to sell it, no one will buy it without the right name. The name doesn’t change the physical properties of what was manufactured and assembled, the name only changes the wiring in the brain.

It shows how the human mind cannot get past certain associations. Humans have associated the letters HIV with terror, infections that come from sex that cannot be gotten rid of, death, misery, prejudice, and a billion other negative things.

HIV is a belief system much like religion. It is religion. HIV is treated like Satan himself.

Like with religion, they tell you to go to confession, tell them you had dirty sex, and believe that you are smaller than and have to follow a certain doctrine in order to find some salvation.

For me, they couldn’t pay me a billion dollars to take HIV drugs and they couldn’t pay me a TRILLION to take a HIV test. To do so would require selling my soul and that is priceless.



Never apologize to the left

So says a friend of Roseanne.

In an interview she stated, “(T)hey would put me in the same box where they have people who call for the death of all Jews and want to enslave all black people. [The same box as] real racists that actually exist,” she said. “They put me in a box with them. And how do they think that’s gonna affect me? They don’t think. They’re under mind control.”

So are those who believe HIV causes 26 different diseases that all had different very complex causes before a new label came along to put those diseases into a cute little box called AIDS.

HIV/AIDS makes no sense what-so-ever-after.

I would never apologize to the left for my understanding of HIV/AIDS and it’s lunacy.

The spinoff that ABC has coming next month features Roseanne being killed off.

This new series called “The Conners” will not last. Who gives a flying fuck about the Connor family without Roseanne. Mostly the looky loos curious to see what they will do, the die hard liberal retards, and those curious ones won’t come back after one or two episodes.

There is no way they would get 18 million viewers either like they did when “Roseanne” remake was first aired. Lucky if they get 2 million.

FCC should kill off ABC and replace it with a network named “Roseanne”.


Treet ment

I ment to say treat meant, no, treatment.

The story captured on 8/26/18 at 6:12 ampt reports that 2 in Africa that were treated for Ebola with an experimental treatment recovered.

“They” don’t mention if 2 who didn’t get treatment with the drug also recovered.

I notice “they” do and did this with HIV treatments saying the person recovered but don’t tell you who wasn’t treated. They don’t care to study that usually and when they do they gloss over the results that show those who get better without treet  ment.

They also say “HIV never ever leaves the body” which is a clever way for you or taxpayers to be stuck buying their products for the rest of your lives because you believe what they say as they are experts, which gets them and investors that new car they wanted.

I don’t trust these treaters they often play tricks. They all make gobs of money. They all have investments in drug companies.

With HIV I watched the hype play out in the 80’s and 90’s. Their claims were outrageous. They gave a drug with the acronym AZT to my friends in high doses when it was already proven that the drug was deadly. Gee guess what they all died. The hit hard hit early” campaign also murdered my friends. They hit hard like they did for sure, like watching a person who cannot stand killing bugs because “they are living beings” being told to hit them hard and hit the buggers early with a baseball bat

Everyone I have ever known and heard about who hit hard died. Then of course “they” blame the virus, not the drug. Eventually smart enough doctors saw this happening and stopped prescribing it, reported it, and quietly doses were lowered so that it at least wasn’t a killing field.

These were supposed to be experts. Experts at what, throwing whatever they lost money on decades prior so that THEY can recover?

It’s a worse holocaust than that in Germany, at least there it was obvious what happened, here we have the Nazi party of medicine gassing millions of Jewish red blood cells in order to kill the one bad cell “infected with HIV” amongst them all.

The H in HIV stands for Holocaust in my mind.


HIV in space

The space all around us contains HIV.

It travels all over the earth with dust.

If it doesn’t please provide evidence of this. All discussions that claim that it cannot travel by air or it “dies” are absurd.

Viruses are not living things and can be blown around easier than dust, they are a billion times lighter.

There is no latching mechanism on them either that would make it so they only attach themselves to humans.

Here is a NASA public domain image of dust all over the Earth.

Who needs accuracy

From the website:

“All HIV antibody tests are highly inaccurate. One reason for the tests’ tremendous inaccuracy is that a variety of viruses, bacteria and other antigens can cause the immune system to make antibodies that also react with HIV. When the antibodies produced in response to these other infections and antigens react with HIV proteins, a positive result is registered. Many antibodies found in normal, healthy, HIV-free people can cause a positive reading on HIV antibody tests. (23) Since the antibody production generated by a number of common viral infections can continue for years after the immune system has defeated a virus — and even for an entire lifetime — people never exposed to HIV can have consistent false positive reactions on HIV tests for years or for their entire lives.”

And they keep telling u$ to get te$ted.

All LGBT testing organizations are influenced by the drug companies that make these tests.

They refuse to believe anything other than “official” HIV claims.

The claims do not pass even the most basic logical scrutiny.

Hysteria, fear, repetition all prevail.

Government agencies have made many mistakes thrughout history. This is one of them.

STOP testing.


Astro-nots play tennis in space

They saw a unicorn fly by and HIV as well.

What prevents HIV from ending up in space?

Ask those at the top of the $cientific $tudy chain pyramid.

They will say lies like it doesn’t fly in the air because it does not have wings. Astronauts are tested for HIV before they go shoot their sperm craft into space so it never goes there. And aliens will not get HIV because they are not human. Nanoscopic particles have a way of knowing if someone is human or alien and they check passports.

Things like that.

Actually when HIV does end up in space it circles the Earth at speeds of 254,000 miles per hour and this time it crashed into a tennis ball.

The game went on as planned.

While those examining the images of space men playing tennis look so fake, they must be real-fake.


Where there’s smoke there’s HIV

Biggest California wildfires in history are a result of a couple of things, one was arson, the other is that liberal retards that control that state are tree huggers. They won’t allow logging so there’s no clearing of any of the old growth.

Granted in nature this system of fires that have ruined forests for millions of years has occurred and is a healthy part of the ecological system (note the word logical after eco) but this is America where we have people and homes to think about. People died in these fires.

Rather than get too in depth on that topic let’s look at the CNN snippet that appeared in Google News on 8/10/2108 at 8:35ampt which is titled “Smoke from the California wildfires is spreading 3,000 miles to New York City”.

It shows a map of the smoke pattern.

HI viruses are in that pattern too. If they are not please explain how they are not. Avoid rediculous arguments like “It’s only TBS (transmitted by sex)” as there is no evidence of that. That’s how it got from California to New York, sex in fires.

Some are going to think I am insane. Fine, please provide a logical explanation why a particle of ash dust that has sex with another particle of ash dust and caught HIV cannot be carried across the nation to other forests where it can have sex with other particles of ash dust coming out of chimneys.


feature image of smoke and HI viruses through the trees is by Pixabay

CDC says do not wash or reuse your clothes

Actually they officially stated because they are “officials” that people should not wash and reuse their condoms but this might as well apply to underwear.

The Centers for Disease Control and not the Centers for Disease Elimination is so full of crap and like their stance on condoms that should be thrown away this organization should be dumped into a landfill.

People have been brainwashed with the garbage science that claims that viruses cannot fly over back yard fences as this worthless government agency promotes.

Actually not worthless, their declarations make a lot of people a lot of money.

If HIV was real it would leave the bedroom of that AIDS patient and get into the lungs of the nurse and family visiting like ALL VIRUSES travel.

Maybe CDC believes that the virus needs a passport. Let’s give the scientists there 100 more Teslas to find out.

feature image by pixabay

Renowned mathematician denounces HIV/AIDS theories

Calls them politically formed.

Said the government merely commanded the National Institutes of Health to state the cause of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome was a virus without the cause actually identified nor a connection logically established.

From that point things took off. Once government says something is so everyone jumps on the $$$$ bandwagon.

“In the last years of his life one of his big fights was about HIV” as stated on page 15.

He submitted Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences which was on the state of HIV research and government actions on so called HIV drugs. It was so cavalierly rejected it was stunning.

He pointed out that David Ho’s paper on the subject of HIV slash AIDS lacked rigor and used mathematics inappropriately.

An excerpt of his statements:

Even if one virus could cause the twenty-six infectious and non-infectious (!) diseases that are now defined as AIDS, the following would be true:

  1. AIDS would be contagious. But, there is no case report in the peer-reviewed literature of even one doctor who ever contracted AIDS from one of the 929,985 (2004) American AIDS patients in twenty-three years. Moreover, not even one of the thousands of AIDS virus researchers ever contracted AIDS from their “deadly virus”, as the New York Times calls it.
  2. AIDS should appear within days to weeks after infection, because the AIDS virus, like other viruses, replicates with multiplication rates of 100 to 1,000 within twenty-four hours. But AIDS is said to appear only five to ten years after infection by its hypothetical viral cause.
  3. The epidemic would spread randomly like all viral epidemics. But AIDS cases in the U.S. and Europe are highly nonrandom, 80% are males, of which 1/3 are intravenous drug users and 2/3 are male homosexual users of toxic, recreational drugs like nitrite inhalants and amphetamines and are prescribed DNA chain-terminators.
  4. The epidemic would have formed a classical bell-shaped time curve, increasing exponentially and then declining exponentially owing to natural immunity within weeks to months, like a seasonal flu. Instead AIDS increased slowly over a decade and has since leveled off, without ever inducing immunity against itself. Thus AIDS fits a lifestyle—but not a viral epidemic. I hope, therefore, that those who saw Lang’s AIDS engagement as an Achilles heel might reconsider.


Studying viruses

The myriad of “different viruses” and studying them all is on par with studying the variety of ear shapes and sizes or studying the differences of fingerprints in humans.

It’s basically a waste of time.

Ears are still ears no matter how they look, even when they are vastly different as in comparing a dog and a human ear.

The claims about what viruses do is mostly fairy tales.

Claims about what this virus does and that virus does is like claiming one fingerprint caused the goods to disappear from the jewelry store.

It’s not the design stupid. It’s not how this virus looks or is shaped.

Viruses are cellular debris.

Inspired by this statement “As unique as a fingerprint or the shape of the human ear, every smoker has different needs as far as nicotine levels.”

as found here

Spiders carry AIDS

Technically AIDS cannot be carried by anything other than the body that is carrying it, nothing else carries or transmits AIDS.

AIDS is a structure. It’s not something that is caught, it just is built and remains as itself like a building does. Buildings don’t catch other buildings and a human that has AIDS is like a building that has a redesign that ignored structural integrity. The building next door does not catch this structural problem.

The unicorn claim though is that a virus that CAN BE CARRIED travels to the building of the body.

They say only dirty hypodermic needles and the massively broad category called bodily fluids which would include sweat causes a transfer of this spooky virus, correction, RETRO VIRUS.


Mosquitoes, the air, and flying spiders can all carry the virus as it’s light enough for them to carry it.

The problem was that anytime the logic kicked into the discussions on HIV/AIDS the sanity went out the window with the itsy bitsy spider.

Fear, hysteria, panic, and media distortions of this one said that and that one said this took over in the 1980’s and the idea that it’s caused by a virus took hold infecting the mind.

Article on spider flight.

Read that and explain to me how something that is 70 billion times smaller than that spider cannot be carried by flying spiders, flying needles, and flying unicorns.

So to be clear, spiders cannot carry AIDS, they can carry viruses and retro viruses, and unicorns can carry fantasies further distances than anyone ever imagined.

How do you get flu on a deserted island?

The man was on the island for 30 years until medias did story on him in 2012 and eventually he was sick with the FLU in his 80’s and someone who visited the the island forced him back to civilization according to the Fox News report found here.

A comment posted was asking how someone could get the flu on that island when there really is no one ever there.

Answer is easy, he caught WIND/FLU.

He had sex with the wind.

Viruses go everywhere via the wind.


Diagnoses sellers, drug treatment sellers, test kit promoters, all these people keep lying to you.

Flu is created not caught. HIV/AIDS is created not caught.

Naming of things in order to scam you is a disease.

Now throw me that baseball with that virus on it, I won’t catch it.


feature image of a deserted island by Ingus Joseph see more of his works here

Ooooooo the Keystone Virus!

Now they claim that they discovered the very first transmission of Keystone Virus in humans by a mosquito.

Not that this has never happened before based on the laws of physics, it’s just a nano particle that gets picked up by a flying syringe and gets injected in human as it always has, it’s just that we someone “discovered it”.

They say that Christopher Columbus also lied about being first to discover America.

Someday they will discover that HIV infects humans via mosquitoes as well.

And then of course, that person will get the Nobel Prize and instead of realizing that a mistake was made, that there is no HIV, they will exterminate all flying syringes while doctors in hospitals continue cutting off baby dick parts which will remain legal and even applauded.


GLTB White House correspondent can’t get his questions answered boo hoo

Chris Johnson of the gay rag “The Blade” says Sarah Sanders only called on him once in January, has not been called on to ask questions since so he says in the article on

Hmm. My first guess is that she knows that he’s on the fascist RESIST MOVEMENT side that HATES TRUMP and can’t be bothered. I would have to agree.

Of course as to be expected the claims run the gammit, from Trump being the bad guy for banning people in the military who clearly have a mental issue with their sex they were born with, to hysterical gay couples that insist they be treated differently yet equally different when it comes to FORCING SOMEONE TO DO SOMETHING THEY DON’T WANT TO DO in decorating a cake.

I don’t have much respect for all the gay rags out there, they have to earn it. They never once earned it with me in decades since the Hysterical Information Virus took hold of everyone’s brain. They continually push this insane inane concept of a killer virus that lurks in cum and ass holes and dirty needles while completely ignoring the obvious fact that if this thing was real it would be transmitted by mosquito needles like all other viruses are, and transmitted by the wind like all other viruses are.

These rags now push this ludicrous PReP garbage. According to these publishers who are all making gobs of money off the advertising of these prophylactics, and poisons that killed and maimed my friends, we now have to take pills before having sex to be safe. I give those pills to my back yard mosquitoes before I have sex now. That way I know they won’t get it from neighbors who claim they are HIV+ on Grindr. This way those mosquitoes are protected and thus I am protected from their dirty HIV+ tainted needles because PReP kills it instantly.


Speaking of boo hoos, these gay rags all have continually done the same thing taking questions maybe once from those who are inquiring as to what the hell is going on with this ludicrous theory that viruses that change constantly but are unique (note the contradiction) and why the true experts in the field of retro virology, especially the father of such Peter Duesberg who rang the alarm on this HIV/SCAM in the 1980’s only to be drowned out by hysterical idiots, con artists, and people in positions of power who merely were doing their jobs to inform by bosses who were misinformed.

The rags and blogs went and go to great lengths to completely make Deusberg out to look like the fool. Everyone jumped on that bandwagon claiming that “Duesberg has been discredited long ago” they say. It’s exactly like how Hitler came to power and unfortunately the Human IV regime is still in power killing people.

That truly is something to cry about.

It’s also worth noting other headlines, look at the snapshot of the article taken on June 16, 2018 at the lower right column of other news items, the one that says “Are Cadbury products tainted with HIV?” Apparently there are some bits of logic poking their heads around still as some people do understand that viruses travel by air and by mosquito needles and that they could end up in all sorts of places, including candy bars. The band wagoneers quickly scoff at that though, forcefully boisterly asserting that it’s been shown that HIV cannot be transferred that way yet they never have once provided solid proof of this assertion which contradicts how viruses can easily go places. I mean really now, think about this, a virus is like a speck of dust. Imagine your house keeper telling you that there are certain specks of dust you can catch only through sex. All specks of dust, and viruses, are blown about everywhere.

Catching viruses is not the problem. We catch them all day long. We let go of them all day long. They attach themselves to all sorts of things. We touch them, we breathe them in, and we shit and piss and exhale them out. There is no such thing as one that can’t escape.

If only we could let go of those viral Hysterical Information Vortex* concepts that affect the mind……the ones that seem to always have $ attached to them pushing preventive medications, treatments for the rest of your life which makes many trust fund babies happy.

And don’t leave here expecting to learn about this from your government officials, doctors, TBLGQWERTY counseling and “get tested” centers.

The are the problem.


Reference article


Imagine a marathon runner inactive. He sits on the side lines. Doesn’t even wave or cheer. Inactive.

Medical community hucksters of which there are many want us to believe for their lucrative sake that viruses can be inactivated, be sent on a marathon through the running paths of your body, and make stop viruses that are just like themselves.

It makes no sense, but that’s what they want you to believe in their constant quest for pushing influenza vaccinations and others.

The concept is simple, introduce the very thing you don’t ever want in your body if you can help it so that you can avoid getting the very thing you don’t ever want in your body if you can help it.

In other words give yourself the flu so you can avoid the flu.

The premise is that if you introduce the virus the body is stimulated to produce antibodies which then attack the intruding virus and what remains is antibodies specifically designed to attack those again if they ever show up again, thus making you immune.

The claim of immunity is rather shady though, as you can still get the flu.

It amazes me how stupid the public is. Take for example this section of an article on “health myths”.


Myth: Getting the flu shot can give you the flu.

You’ve probably heard this from your friend who is dead-set against getting the flu shot. But turns out they’re mistaken because, “the flu shot cannot make you sick with influenza,” Dr. Tania Elliott, board-certified Allergist and Internist and Chief Medical Officer at EHE, told INSIDER.

According to Elliott, vaccinations may contain viruses, but they’ve been inactivated and are incapable of making you ill. However, because the flu shot can lead to potential side effects like body aches and low-grade fever that may overlap with certain flu symptoms, people mistakenly conflate the two.

“It’s extremely important to be vaccinated against the flu, which makes this myth damaging to individuals and the community alike,” she explained. The Centers for Disease Control recommend that most people without extenuating medical circumstances get an annual vaccination for their own health, and the public’s.


Their claim is that the virus you don’t want in your body that is injected in your body with the flu shot is “inactivated”. That’s like a security guard who is at a running marathon who just died of a heart attack and is inactivated and expecting to be protected from harm. Harm may never attend that event and so what these medical hucksters do is when it doesn’t in their studies of people who had the flu shot, they claim that it was because of the vaccination. They compile all their statistics and present those to governing bodies and advertise “get a flu shot”. But like that event where the security guard was inactivated and nothing went wrong, it’s not that the security guard was there, or the flu vaccine was there in your internal running track, it’s that nothing happened.

It makes no sense that an inactive item would be able to pretend it’s something living any more than a wax museum statue can pretend and fool the public into believing that it’s real.

So next time you go anywhere make sure you ask for inactive security guards to protect you or an inactive police department. That will vaccinate your community or place your are attending so that you are protected.

Feature image by kinkate at see more here

Species smeices

The experts at deceit now claim that Zika may be carried by another species of mosquitoes.

Prior the belief was that only certain ones ate their spinach.

Never fear though, HIV can’t be carried by these Zika species mosquitoes because HIV weighs a ton. If a mosquito tried it would crush him flat.

Anyone who believes this garbage that states that a virus can only be carried by certain species of viruses or rocks should have their testing examined.

Feature image of hypnotic trance that reflects what everyone that believes in HIV is in by David Cossolato see more of his work here


The inaccurate tests can be positive for the flu with no way of determining if it’s flu or a million other virus combinations, so when it’s a LIE/TEST that’s called HIV test and they are positive (could be flu) drugs are given that poison viruses AND cells.

This is what killed my friends when they were HIT/HARD/HIT/EARLY like with bombs. Blood cells splattered inside the body everywhere.

My friends were murdered by these poisons in the 1980’s and 1990’s and into the 2000’s.

Today the poison concentration is a lot less, thus now they claim they are saving lives.

That claim is a crock of shit because they are not dying of HIV/FLU as much because they are not bombing the blood cells like they were before.

The concept of going to war with viruses is a stupid one. Rebuild the fucking army, then no one fucks with you.

Rebuild your internal army of white blood cells, the antibodies, that’s all the HIV test finds anyway.

HIV tests only find antibodies. If they are found it’s like finding the police in your neighborhood. These hucksteritians in the medical community keep claiming that because the police are there there must have been a crime and that you were the one affected.

That is how stupid the HIV theory is.



HIV Rates Rise

Google news snapshot Marche 16 2018 presents a story presented for about the 700 trillionth time that there is such a thing as a virus that only travels through a mans dick and ass and through drug infused dirty hypodermic needles and not those dirty needles that mosquitoes carry and use to inject into HIV tainted veins.

The HIV theory is such bullshit. If there was a virus causing it (what is it? = it is immune deficiency) everyone would be getting it from mosquitoes and the air because both of those things carry any and all viruses.

And this new thing to take a pill before sex to protect you from getting HIV is such a joke.

Tattoos might cure HIV

The article stated, “the permanence of tattoos is caused by something called macrophages — immune system cells that swallow up foreign debris in the body” so if you get a bunch of tattoos it would stimulate the immune system and swallow up HIV.

Of course that flies in the face of conventional wisdom that claims that nothing can swallow up HIV, once it’s there it’s there forever though that persistent claim makes as much sense as saying that once a human enters a building it is there for ever and cannot be removed. Even a criminal that enters a building will be removed eventually.

HIV cannot remain there forever, unless maybe they are like an illegal alien whereas when it enters someone’s body in the sanctuary state of California, it cannot be removed, it’s protected by the body governing removing such invaders.

ISC’s swallow up foreign debris. HIV is foreign. It gets swallowed. Immune System Cells have a deep throat.

Get tattooed.

I am basing this idea merely on what is said by others that one could reach this conclusion. It’s really not much different than how they reached the conclusion that HIV is ONLY transmitted by sexual fluids and syringes made of metal.

Since tattoos stimulate the immune system which swallows up HIV/CUM one could investigate how this process works for more fun and profit.

feature image by Dan Prado in the public domain found at


Dog had rubies

There is no test yet the headlines say there is a test.

Google news Mar 4 2018 6:12 am pt

Testing goes something like this, “Hey dog do you have rubies, all the other dogs say you do?”

The dog doesn’t respond.

The person then says, “Ah, just like when I asked if you have HIV and get tested, you evade the question, that means you have it right?”

Still no response from the dog.

The person then says, “Confirmed”.

The reporter sees the published report by the authority and republishes the findings.

Bloggers see the published republish and rerepublish.

See people run to get shot with viruses as a pre caution.

Where’s that HIV vaccine again?

Oh yea, it’s in that dick you just sucked and that mosquito knitting needle.

Oh no, it’s that thing they now call PReP but you have to take it every day!



They don’t get it

Cancer, some people just don’t get it.

And because of that, for those who do/might get it, the medical scientificastical community claims that cancer can be prevented by getting shot at.

BTWayside, that’s HPV/NOT to BE/CONFUSED/WITH the ATV (All Terrain Virus), that one hidden in the garage.

‘Tiz being touted as preventable by getting vaccinated.


The claim was for a long time that cancer in the private part of women was caused by the human form of the papilodopolusifragilistic virus, again, not the automated form, not the sheep form or the insect form, no just the human form, thus the all important capitalized H.

Then they added boys because of course viruses don’t discriminate by sex.

They do discriminate by sexual behavior though, they are turned off to those who have gay sex because they are FCV – Fundamentalist Christian Viruses.

Image google news snapshot dated February 19, 2018 at 7:20 am pt

I grew up in the 70’s. I’m in my 50’s now. That makes me pretty wise at 70 – 50 = 20.

I have seen the evolution of medical sci-fience P/R.

P – progress

R – regress

They are hucksters. Cancer was never caused by a virus until the marketing virus made it possible.

Some people just don’t get it.

The “cancer vaccine” is IT – Immune Therapy.


The V is V

The Virus is Virulent so they say, especially virulent this VIRUS/FLU season.

ROFL, their statements are so stupid.

Notice the first four letters V I R U. Gee if we add an S what have we got?

Yeah team, give me a V, give me a I, give me a R, give me a U, give me a S, what have we got, VIRUS.

Wikipedia definition of virulent:

In other words the virus is the most virus like in years where it can act like a virus and infect like a virus, thus the term virulent.

In other years the virus acted more like a snowflake and fooled everyone.

Viruses are not THE/CAUSE of the FLU.


Now viruses are the good Dr.

It just never ends, they say one thing then they contradict themselves. It all sticks to some people.

Ewwww gewey.

Others throw it in the trash.

This time they say that viruses helped kill bacteria.

Yep, you heard right, V’s kill bacteria.

Here’s a few fantastic bits from the article in Ars Technica:

  1. Loyola University Chicago researchers found the sac-like organ brimming with never-before-seen viruses that can kill and manipulate bacteria.
  2. Phages have long been considered potentially valuable tools for manipulating and killing bacterial populations.**

Phages is pronounced FAGS or FEYGES.**

They devour bacteria. They are more commonly referred to as bacteriophages like the term immunodeficiency.

In reality this is not a new discovery, the concept goes back to the 1920’s.

Wikipedia page clearly states, “Phages were discovered to be antibacterial agents and were used in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia (pioneered there by Giorgi Eliava with help from the co-discoverer of bacteriophages, Felix d’Herelle) and the United States during the 1920s and 1930s for treating bacterial infections.

Oh this would be absoulutley fabulous if someone came along and published a study saying that HIV actually was there to eat bacteria, that they got the whole thing wrong.

Oh how quickly we forget (or never even been told by authorities) about how Peter Duesberg and many others did already, telling us HIV was Little Red Riding Virus and the BBW (Big Bad Wolf i.e. HIV) is something entirely different.

Deusberg, father of retrovirology, said that RETROVIRUSES have no ability to harm big bad wolfs or humans. They are like bunny rabbits in a forest.

See HIV theory run.

They laughed him out of grants. No one can seem to understand these simple concepts.

HIV is a bacteriophage. It infects dead cells. The popular claim is that HIV infects cells, yes it does, I agree, but it’s dead ones. Healthy ones are not that stupid. To believe the standard old fashioned disco daze fashioned HIV/THEORY that claims all cells are infected, would be like expecting us to believe that the builder of a bank is going to let the protection around the millions of $$ stored in all of the safety deposit boxes be broken into and not be stopped. The only way that could happen is if there were no humans anywhere to be found protecting that bank.

Here is a phage that is “attached to a cell wall” used with permission by Dr Graham Beards

Looks just like HIV. HIV is a phage.

Let’s now call it HIP.

The Human Immunodeficiency Phage.

Turn the phage.

Another thing that is said about HIP (HIV) is that it infects the cell, killing it.

This is like saying bugs are getting inside the carcass of a dead cow and that in order to save the planet we must kill the bugs getting inside that dead cow.

No stupid, it’s nature says the farmer.

But then the goons at the CDC show up and say spray insecticides to kill the bugs.

Feature image of another fairy tale where the wolf wants to eat a girl which is like the fairy tale of how viruses eat bacteria and HIV is a big bad wolf is in the public domain By Jessie Willcox Smith (1863 – 1935) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

** it is very interesting to note the use of the term phages when describing killing bacteria. They stop using the term virus. It is important to understand that phages is the broader category, A bacteriophage (bacteria associated phage) is a virus that enters the bacteria. Phages can infect



When I was growing up gay, it was called gay, not QWERTY+whatever, the HIV/AIDS holocaust was in full force.

The AIDS war had massive casualties. Gay sex was deemed irresponsible if you were not shielding the world from your dangerous sperm or spit fluids. Condoms were used as artillery. They were flying everywhere.

Then they added chemical war-fare to annihilate sperm which was claimed to be the enemy. The chemical was called nonoxynol-9. I told all my friend that adding chemical warfare to sex was not a good idea, nor necessary, much like how today good people state that chemicals shouldn’t be used in and for so many things, deleting them now from killing bad bacteria in the chicken we eat (that makes no sense – reference trend of having chicken with no antibiotics).

Of course, as with many things during the war, officials later declared chemical weapons to not be a good choice. Like duh.

These chemicals caused more war injuries than prior.

From 1996 to 2000, a UN-sponsored study conducted in several locations in Africa followed nearly 1,000 sex workers who used nonoxynol-9 gels or a placebo. The HIV infection rate among those using nonoxynol-9 was about 50% higher than those who used the placebo; those using nonoxynol-9 also had a higher incidence of vaginal lesions, which may have contributed to this increased risk.

Reference: Wikipedia Nonoxynol-9

Apparently no one told them about iodine.

“Tincture of iodine effectively destroys virus and fungus on contact. Ninety percent of bacteria is killed on the skin within ninety seconds.”

No million$$$$ to be made promoting iodine.

Hmm. I remember seeing iodide on my salt shaker. Iodized salt. I wonder what problems arise without iodine in the diet?

“Iodine deficiency is a lack of the trace element iodine, an essential nutrient in the diet. It may result in a goiter, sometimes as an endemic goiter as well as cretinism due to untreated congenital hypothyroidism, which results in developmental delays and other health problems. Iodine deficiency is an important public health issue as it is a preventable cause of intellectual disability.”

Reference Wikipedia

Apparently those who prescribe nongoodidea-9 suffer from this deficiency.

Just say the word

Today the EC is getting clobbered with snowflakes in a cyclonic fashion. NY, NJ, VA are all getting hit with the biggest SS ever seen.

Reading an article in an advice column in the newspaper that covered the SS, PTSD was mentioned.

Ahhh acronyms, why can’t people just say the words?

Well the answer is sorta complex. Sometimes it’s because if they did just say the words instead of the stupid acronym the drama would be minimized and drama can equal $. Other times it’s because if they used the words they would add to climate change due to all the extra CO2 exhaled.

So the article had hundreds of words that were just words, but when it came to stress disorder they had to use the stupid acronym PTSD.

This is done because the acronym works as a tool to make it appear worse. Adds drama. Adds fear and many emotions.

They could easily print Post Traumatic Stress Disorder over and over again but since people hate long words they would tend to in conversations in their head say Stress Disorder because saying Post Traumatic is rather unnecessary, I mean yes, it more specifically defines the stress, but who cares. In conversation it’s not that important and really saying Stress Disorder covers it, I mean like what the fuck is post traumatic? Anything traumatic is post when it’s being talked about so POST is ridiculously not necessary.

They also could just say Traumatic Stress but why when we can create acronyms to confuse and give whole new drama to what was previously just stress like every fucking human has endured. In WW2 and WW1 people came back and didn’t whine about what happened. Today we have a bunch of whiny bitches everywhere, that is, because of population growth, there are dogs that need to go outside to relieve themselves, sit at the door, and whine until their owners let them out.

Is there a term PTSD for Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder? Obviously not as seen in this search but why not? People are stressed in a disorderly way quite often BEFORE a trauma.

Oh of course, PTSD stands for both pre and post. That reminds me I have to go to the Post Office which I guess is an office that isn’t there anymore.

Saying Post Traumatic Stress Disorder would be as stupid as saying “My 1973 American Made Chevrolet Sedan With 8 Cylinder Engine” each time instead of “My car” all the time.

It’s as stupid as saying “My 1973AMCSW8CE” if it were to of course as is the current trend, be acronymized.

These acronyms are stupid to the N8Xth degree.

Just say Stress. It’s just Stress.

This stupid acronymization is the same thing that happened with Gay Health Issues or GAY/HI.

The cause for HI* was determined to be a virus, oh, but not just any virus, a virus that affects Humans so they called it a Human Virus that affects Immunity.

Problem is, scientifically, all viruses mutate, that is, they change clothes, they are never the same, just like snowflakes.

We wouldn’t go around calling all the snowflakes in the world “Immune Snowflakes” when they attacked immune systems, because all snowflakes could do this.

But with the virus scam, naming become$ BIG/BUX.

With HIV, which when stated appears in the mind as some unique killer virus which is completely absurd logic as they are all just like snowflakes, I mean like if a snowball became an avalanche yes we could say that the snowflake virus kills people whereas one snowflake virus doesn’t, but with viral studies, non-absurd logic goes out the window.

They make one alleged virus into a certain type of killer, and another one alleged virus has completely different magical Satanic Unicorn properties, etc. giving them different names.

It’s all one big snowballing scam.

Snowflakes can kill just like viruses can kill but to have thousands of different names for what is basically the same thing is a con job. Notice how with each new name there are different drug$.

I look at viruses like snowflakes when it comes to dealing with them.

1. plow them away

2. wait for them to leave on their own

I do not fear viruses or snowflakes. When they are overly abundant I just take steps to work around them.

Look at the image of the snowflake of what could be called the snowflake virus or the virus of snowflakes. These snowflakes could be acronymized in infinite ways just like what is done with viruses, as there are no two snowflakes alike yet they remain exactly the same.

Feature image is By Jason Hollinger (Feathery Snow Crystals Uploaded by Amada44) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

* HI is for Health Issues and/or/but Human Immun-eieio-deficiency

Unicorn virus on AIDS council fired!

OMG this is so great, the president of the United States, with no warning, fired all members of the STUPID/HIV/AIDS presidential advisory council.

The Gabriel Mondalo stated as quoted from the gay rag: “It feels like retribution against members of the committee who have spoken out against the Trump administration for their inaction on issues related to HIV/AIDS.” – Gay Pop Buzz


I suppose if I trashed the advisory council on how they repeatedly lie about viruses that cannot be transmitted by mosquito needles any more than they can be transmitted by knitting needles, I would be fired by Gabriel Mondalo the same way, with no notice.

And if he read all the shit on my blog I’d be considered worse than the disease itself.

The presidential advisory council oh virus myths perpetuates the MYTHS/ABOUT/STUPD/DEAD/PARTICLES that travel on needles on mosquitoes as well as in the air and on dicks and lesbian pussies and dirty filthy bastard needles on plastic tubes, but not on toilets that homosexuals piss in and the horrific effects of obtaining one of those stupid dead particles of unicorn breath.

These baffoons on these stupid councils have been wrecking our country and population for 30 + years. They keep pushing the fantasy, the erroneous claim there’s a Satanic cult of dead particles of matter that have ungodly abilities to destroy things and that to fix it we have to create nuclear war against these particles.

Then stupid presidents that listen perpetuate these lies more.

They keep the lie going that wearing drugs and swallowing condoms and taking a test and checking it twice is the answer.

The whole thing is a LIE/AIDS.

Bravo to the man who has strength, courage, and insight like no other in our lifetimes.

Finally we have a leader who doesn’t accept the lies.

Feature image from Google News on December 29, 2017




The dengue vaccine was halted when they saw it was worsening the plague. This would never happen in America because they just would never allow such a declaration to be made. It’s always blamed on something else.

It’s all about selling us stuff we don’t need. It’s the American way!

What could have caused this problem with vaccines causing more cases of the fever than without it? Gee Louise, maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that they are injecting dengue viruses into the body?


Feature image snapshot capture of Fox News story dated December, 4, 2017


HIV – the virus that is the premier religious symbol of being gay – is now said to be preventable from becoming infectious.**


When you read the gobbledygook these sci-fientists write about this stuff it’s like taking a trip with Dr. Spock through space, except he actually uses logic, these guys don’t.

The fantastical journey through HIV/SPACE is wrought with scientific mumbo jumbo, used to confuse.

Then of course, since this is coming from “experts” in the field, when it’s presented, what lay person can grasp anything other than the statement of HOPE that like OMG/HIV infection could be stopped! Hail science!

**The article is archived here at and for convenient and important study it is also archived here with highlighted areas of primary concern:

A new study had found a way to prevent HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) from developing into an infectious agent. The virus, responsible for AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) caused the death of more than 35 million people across the globe so far and continues to run largely unabated once it infects someone. 

This new study brings hope that the scenario might end for good. It was led by researchers of both the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the University of Delaware (UD). The findings appeared in Nature Communications on Nov. 24. The interdisciplinary research team conducted seven years of detailed studies on the structure of HIV, both in early and later stages of its life cycle before making their breakthrough.

“People used to be fixated on the static structures of viruses, but they are not rock solid,” said Tatyana Polenova, professor in UD’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. 

“Viruses like HIV and their constituent protein and nucleic acid molecules are dynamic entities that are constantly expanding and shrinking, Their motions are like breathing,” she said.

Before looking at the way the team broke the virus’ progress towards an infectious agent, a little background into what happens while the HIV virus develops would be useful. When the virus develops, the protein building blocks in its body get cleaved from the master protein termed Gag. But the final step in the virus’ evolution — from being noninfectious to infectious — had remained a mystery. In the present study, the team sought an answer to this.

With the aid of cutting-edge technology, the team found that a major peptide called spacer peptide 1 (SP1) needed to be very mobile if the final stage was to happen (peptides are short chains of amino acid molecules). Otherwise, the enzyme that acts as a cleaver wouldn’t be effective.

Polenova mentioned this curious phenomenon when she said, “This peptide is always there in the final maturation step, but we were surprised that it is so disordered and dynamic.”

Now that the researchers found that the SP1 peptide getting cut was a key reason why the virus turned infectious, their next search was to prevent that from happening. After numerous experiments, they found Bevirimat, an anti-HIV inhibitor could interact with the SPI peptide and prevent the virus from turning infectious. However, the efforts to create an administrable drug to prevent HIV from turning infectious are still going on.

“We have to have a sense of these short-lived molecular fluctuations and processes — of protein cleavage and capsid generation. To add a new generation of capsid inhibitors to prevent HIV, you have to have very specific times and rates at which these drugs will works,” said  Juan Perilla, an assistant professor at UD.

Interestingly, this study also points to a new direction in which plenty of scientific research seems to be moving — from a lone scientist or scientists from the same discipline working hard at the lab to a more inter-disciplinary effort.

Other than the universities already mentioned, teams from the University of Illinois, National Cancer Institute and the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, collaborated for the study.

Ok, let’s now get out the frog, time to dissect this garbage. I am going to do the stuff that you would want to cover your eyes for –

Ok that’s done, now you can look. Here are some of the key points I want to address:

  • structure of viruses are not rock solid
  • they are dynamic, always changing
  • the master protein called Gag – comon’ this is obvious – inside joke!
  • final step from being not infectious to infectious has always been a mystery – if this is so how is it possible that they can create all these drugs that have forever claimed such lofty goals of controlling HIV
  • SP1 – Spacer Peptide 1 – Greetings Captain – this journey through spacer we arrive at the peptide galaxy
  • peptide getting cut is a major factor of it becoming infectious – ‘scuse me why is it now being said to be “a factor” and not “the factor” – this is the most obvious huckster ploy that used car sales men/women/transexuals use – say one thing then say another – they just contradicted themselves
  • protein cleavage and capsid generation – picture protein which is used by cells for repair being broken down into pieces – this is more sales talk, extra words that really don’t mean anything – this is the natural process in the body, protein is cut into pieces by the chef with a protein cleaver – nothing new
  • capsid generation – capsid is the protein shell of a virus according to Wikipedia “the capsid contains the genetic material of the virus”

Ok, so the capsid is what they are attacking. Take for example the CMV virus (note I just said virus twice). CMV is the CytoMegaloVirus. It’s Herpes. Who knew. It has a capsid coating like crispy rice cereal can have a sugar coating. To supposedly kill the coating, you kill the way the coating operates. That is basically what they are trying to get whomever they can to believe this garbage to believe. Sugar also has a , that way you are not getting too much sugar in your diet. The coating (capsid) contains the genetic material of the crispy rice is what they want you to believe. This is what they are presenting, unicorns that have a sugar coating.

So if A – structures of viruses are not rock solid and B – the capsid (shell of the virus) is what they are supposedly stopping with an inhibitor, how on God’s rainbow unicorn filled Earth is the inhibitor (drug) going to inhibit moving targets? Likely, as with all AIDS/DRUGS they will drop nuclearinhibitor drugs to bomb the hell out of it all, or better put, they will use drug cleaver inhibitors to stop it from being cut it all into pieces as that is the newly discovered last step in the process of HIV/REPLICATION.

Problem is, inhibitors can’t pick and choose what they inhibit on what. So what you have is another sales pitch. The process of inhibiting via drug modalities cannot pick and choose what proteins it stops getting cleaved. In other words, since your body needs cleavers, that is breaking down proteins, the inhibitors stop protein break down (thus replication of HIV) but it also stops break down of protein needed for cells to rebuild into muscle, organ tissue, blood cells, etc.

Great plan.

To make this more visually understood, picture a fine cleaver manufacturer in Paris, France that produces/replicates the best cutlery on Earth. The liberals in the USA influence their election on Twitter, putting in a president that approves laws to control guns and knives in order to save lives – part of the law states that all cleaver manufacturers need to be buried in cement, thus stopping replication of cleavers, thus putting an end to death.


Feature image shows a real Unicorn that was discovered by scientists while traveling through vast space of the medical community mindiverse and  is by Royroydeb (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


It’s completely stupid to use LG in LGBTQ.

It should be HBTQ.

Lezbos and gayfags are homos.

Bi’s are bisexual.

Trans are transexual.

Notice the word sexual in all those terms.

Now let’s use this in a sentence:

“The HBTQ community mostly believes in unicorn viruses and thus they allow testing centers to be set up right in front of HBTQ/BARS and I find this disgusting. The HBTQ community doesn’t want to hear the truth about unicorn viruses though so this practice continues.”


Feature image of two homosexuals being burned By Unknown – Diebold Schilling, Chronik der Burgunderkriege, Schweizer Bilderchronik, Band 3, um 1483 (Zürich, Zentralbibliothek), Public Domain,

I declare

The HIV/MESS pretty much has it’s history of declarations coming from one man, Anthony Fauci.

For 30 plus years he’s declared what HIV is and isn’t and the villagers have believed it.

Then all the villagers declared it, and those who listened to the villagers declared it, and because 99% of the world declared it, it was true.

Now Fauci declares HIV is not a threat if it is undetectable. Didn’t he once declare it was a threat when undetectable?

How is it that this man can change his stories and still be found credible? He declared it a death sentence decades ago. Hiv drugs killed people then. He never declared how they did that. Now he declares how Hiv drugs are keeping anyone from detecting the truth.

The declaration makes as much sense as saying you are safe in your home because government doesn’t yet detect any intruders. Then when the masked man robs you, or worse, government declaration is made that there was no threat until you opened the door even though you try to tell them that the intruder did it himself.

It’s like they want us to believe that even though the neighbor saw the intruder enter your home, and you suspect that he’s hiding somewhere, that he can’t come out and rape you because you took a pill that stops intruders.

So many of the statements made over the years contradict in this immune problem mess. Immunity is a complex system, with basic simple premises of how to take care of it. The entire concept of someone who has a virus that “can’t be deleted” where they claim once infected you are infected for life is scientific horseshit.

Viruses are not even living things and they are swept out of the body daily.

Now if we say that a blood cell was being buried in cell shit and couldn’t survive in the body, thus the body breaks down because of all that shit, that might be some cool shit, but in that case we would have a test to find such shit now wouldn’t we?***

All “HIV testing” does is look for antibodies, not virus, there is no test in the world that can find “the specific HIV virus”. There is only one way to find “the virus”  looking through an electron microscope, and when the world’s premier expert did that, he said that what the co-discoverers of “HIV”** saw there is what they wanted to see.

The expert in electron microscopy said he saw cellular debris.

In other words, what was there was CELL/SHIT, not HIV.

So who are we to believe? Government declarations, those who have financial interest, or the expert in electron microscopes and what is INTERPRETED from the photos.

All “human immuno-eieio-deficiency virus” terror induced research is based on random antibody study. Antibodies are the army of defenders that come in. When they finish their battle, some hang around. If someone sees antibodies (positive result) all that means is that they may have had the flu or other things.

Why isn’t government telling us this?

Because if they did, we would have to wonder why they told us the opposite, and we would see how these declarations killed our friends.

Or government is just stupid.

Declarations keep being made to get tested with tests that cannot find any specific virus, and then the story telling begins. They tell us that we are positive but undetectable or other things.

“Look ma, I’m positive I see a ghost but of  course it’s undetectable” is what they are telling us.

Fauci wants us to believe in ghosts.

Imagine Fauci in 1987 or 2017 saying “Oh we made a mistake, your friends died of AIDS drugs or recreational drugs”.

What they keep doing is all these round about explanations to keep the thing going, in part, because it’s what makes sense to them.

It’s rather complicated to explain to most people, as most are so infected with the standard buzz on this, but it’s really not that difficult to understand once you get rid of trusting all declarations on this subject handed to us by Fauci, finding the real experts, removing the terror/fear, and start using simple logic based on some basic understandings of what viruses are and are not and what so called HIV testing is and what it is not.

If it is true that HIV testing only finds random antibodies not specific to anything that could be realistically labeled HIV, the whole thing crumbles like a house of playing cards during a category 5 hurricane, and all statements made by Fauci appear as a baby talking gobledey gook trying to sell us used cars.

Hiv testing never finds virus. Period. Why on earth would any one get an Hiv test that doesn’t find Hiv???

It’s a bogus approach to what is most responsible for harming people, D*/AIDS and Aids (Alcohol Immune Deficiency Syndrome) which is what killed Rock Hudson. What do you mean who’s he? He was an alcoholic. Alcohol kills people.

Someday, when Fauci declares those things, and takes responsibility for causing the Holocaust In Virology, or when individuals start making their own declarations that they see the HIV/LIES, then we are making progress worth declaring.

All this other stuff about undetectable viruses and undetectable robbers is nonsense.

Image snapshot of Salt Lake Tribune article that was archived at on 11/26/2017

Feature image of hurricane Harvey is in the public domain because it contains materials that originally came from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, taken or made as part of an employee’s official duties. 

*D – drugs, both recreational and pharmaceutical, with AIDS drugs of the 80’s and 90’s being the crux of the homo holocaust

** co-discoverers Gallo and Montagnier agreed to share credit

*** viruses are cell shit and if they were the cause of aids whereas the immune system was being covered in it, we would easily be able to find all that crap instead of all that crap we keep getting from government declarations regarding complex immune system problems where as it blames something a trillion billion times smaller than alcohol and drugs


Gay Star News thinks that unicorns can be defeated.

It claims “This is how we will end the spread of HIV worldwide”.

I would say the way to end fantasies is to end fantasies. HIV is a fantasy.

Here’s some reality. The body processes everything that enters it. It also eliminates everything that enters it, well, not exactly, it does keep protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. to use to rebuild cells. What it doesn’t want or need it eliminates. That would include pathogens. Don’t expect to hear THIS/FACT from the HIV pushers though.

The wacky world of HIV wants you to believe in unicorns and other fantasies, and it’s been promoting this for decades, like that of believing in a virus being an intelligent creature that has a nuclear arsenal that kills mosquitoes that would never be able to carry viruses like a vampire would carry bags of fresh blood from a hospital to feed it’s young. The wacko world of science that is more about politics than it is anything, has dictated like a king that the virus isn’t carried by mosquitoes, cups, or flies on shit, and people buy it.

Those concepts like with unicorns just don’t make any sense though. So again it’s fun to read about these kooky claims that keep being made, latest again, for the billionth time, how we are going to finally end the spread of the virus which is “only spread by superhumans and super dirty needles” and this other fun one, that flies carry more bacteria THAN PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT.


HUH? More than suspected before? What the fuck is that?

Suspected? I thought science concluded, not suspected.

It’s one of those headlines that gives us clue to how the world of science really operates. It suspects things, rarely proves things. Yet that doesn’t stop humans from declaring things proven. Those are called LIES/DECEIT.

HIV/AIDS is that very thing LIES/DECEIT.

Basically this is another $tory just to sell $tories told by $tory teller$.

Now when we read all about it, instead of saying bacteria, the other article quoting from the original story, says flies carry pathogens. That would then include viruses as pathogens is a broader category. It’s like saying the world carries carriers compared to saying the United States carries carriers.

“A new study finds that flies could carry several hundred pathogens in their bodies that they can spread to the environment. Despite this, researchers believe that they can also use flies to monitor disease outbreaks.” – Tech Times

It’s also fun to read how in this story they tell how flies are important as pollinators.

Bees are pissed.

The story also states how the researcher$ want to breed flies that are free of bacteria, let them free, where they can collect bacteria, then these flies can be captured and studied.[2]


NSF (Not So Funny) though is how these same claims were made by gay communities 2 decades ago with their wacked out “Hit Hard, Hit Early” campaign which killed so many of my friends with the killer HIV drugs. Later, quietly those killer drugs that would “save lives” were “adjusted” to “safe levels”, killing the virus and the host of the drug softer and slower.

So then there’s the Gay Star News which paints gays as being “at the center of how we stop HIV” universe. How dare they blame gays.

How is it that gay rags keep blasting their own as carriers and as the center of the universe in what is causing this “thing”? That’s not equality. It’s disgusting. They have been doing this since this whole HIV/LIE started. They keep doing it. They will likely continue.

The gay community keeps bashing itself in the head with this HIV/LIE. It’s the very thing they say in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) about the definition of insanity.

DOI – Definition Of Insanity – keep doing the same thing over and over again which doesn’t give you the intended result, while expecting a different result.

So they preach that “we have the tools necessary to stop it”. The article is so terribly wrought with flaws in it’s assertions.

— EDIT ADD POINTS HERE LATER reference this article which has been archived and also saved in pdf on my computer

One of the funniest things I see now happening though in the acronym/world is the pushing of PrEP and PEP. It’s also disgusting and sad as it’s becoming that you can’t cruise online anymore without people proclaiming their HIV status and being on PrEP. So now if you are one of those guys like me who don’t get tested with tests that are bogus, you get labeled a risk and they don’t want to have natural sex with you, but rather, they insist you use condoms, which have holes in their natural membranes that are bigger than viruses, thus wearing condoms to stop HIV is like leaving a screen door open while expecting flies to simply realize they are not welcome in the house and stay out.

About that new term PrEP, it’s catchy, though I wouldn’t recommend anyone catch these hung sales and marketing tools as fighting HIV with PrEP and PEP is like fighting unicorns with swords.

Since HIV does not exist (it cannot exist or it would be transmitted by flying needles and PATHOGEN RIDDEN FLIES that cannot select who and what gets attached to themselves) then using PrEP and PEP is absurd, except in that it is making Gilead, the maker of the products, and those investors who own the public company, richer.

Need more? How about the “side effects”. These are direct effects actually, not sideways or upside down effects. Taking these PrEP medications can cause liver failure. OMG. Why do that? Although some of these listed are said to be rare, others are said to be common like stomach pain and decreased weight. Seems to me that stomach pain is an indicator of a problem. Maybe it’s just at war with unicorns and the stomach is getting poked with it’s horn.

Here is what is seen on the website as of November 25, 2017.


[1] Google News snippet dated November 25, 2017

[2] Tech Times as captured by the Wayback Machine archiving tool

*Flies On Shit

The Global Fund to fight ATM*

Amazon is offering their ECHO speaker device thingy in RED as a way to “fight AIDS”.

I find this stupid. If I want something in red I don’t want to be forced to give to a charity to get a color for a product. Hey let’s do this with drapes! Only way to get them is to donate to an AIDS charity.

The lunacy makes me think of how the claims about a virus causing complex disease syndromes echos through out the land.

An echo is a reflection of sound. Like an image in a mirror, it’s not the original.

This is how retroviruses are, like echos.


So does anyone know when is this war going to end? Maybe we should ask the echo.

Even Presidents of the United States have set timelines for the ending of a war, not so with RAIDS – (R for Routine).

Routine AIDS – RAIDS

Are we to believe that we are less powerful than particles of matter that are rezillions of times smaller than dust?

I wonder where the DONATION/MONEY goes.

First let’s see where it comes from. 95% comes from the public sector (your taxes) from government. There are also concerns of conflict of interest [1] and there are references regarding corruption – $34 million in fraud [2].

It goes to The Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, & Malaria, not just Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.

Accelerating the “end of AIDS”??

I am so tired of this war on AIDS because it’s like fighting RTS (Routine Traffic Stops) with nuclear bombs. The approach reminds me of accelerating the end of war where they dropped the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. Sure it ended the war, but it also ended civilization as they knew it. My friends were there and hit by that AIDS bomb they call anti-retroviral treatment.

They are NO/where to be found.

*ATM – AIDS, Tuberculosis, & Malaria

Feature image of Mount Hood and it’s reflection or “echo”. Try climbing that reflection. It’s about as easy and possible as it is for a reflection of a virus (retrovirus) to do any harm because it’s NOT/REAL – Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory. –, Public Domain,

Image snapshot of Google News November 21, 2017

Image snapshot November 21, 2017






No treats for you

They claim the “plague” in Madagascar might mutate and become untreatable.

This makes no sense.

With the flu they say the virus constantly mutates and they have to change the flu vaccine formulation each year. They basically guess what the strain is going to be which is stupid but here’s what we have:


They claim HIV mutates also, constantly, which is how they explain why they cannot create a vaccine, and yet it keeps being treatable.


It’s all such bullshit.

Oh wait! Take a closer look at that 2nd headline, “Black Death plague scare”.

Black Death is caused by a bacteria. So now we have bacteria that mutates and can’t be treated?

Yersinia pestis is what the bacteria is called. It’s said to be transmitted by a flea that jumps off a rat’s back.


They say that wind can’t transmit it as if there is some magical unicorn property of fleas jumping whereas air can’t jump.

It’s said to cause -> the disease plague, which takes three main forms: pneumonic, septicemic, and bubonic plagues.[2][3][4]

Pneumonic??? That’s pneumonia-ic.

Pneumonia is said to be caused by a virus.


With pneumonic plague, the first signs of illness are fever, headache, weakness and rapidly developing pneumonia with shortness of breath, chest pain, cough and sometimes bloody or watery sputum.[5]

So they want us to rapidly believe that bacteria causes pneumonia? But it’s also stated that pneumonia is caused by viruses.

Pneumonia is usually caused by infection with viruses or bacteria and less commonly by other microorganisms, certain medications and conditions such as autoimmune diseases.[4][5]

Viruses or bacteria???

Contradictions are catchy!!!

Image snapshot from Google News aggregator featuring headline from Metro dated November 13, 2017

Feature image by MarianneBirkholz

References are caused by Wikipedia

Fake virus

Fake news is in the news quite a bit today but fake human immuno-eieio deficiency virus is not.

A fake/real web site that calls itself “” claims it’s pointing OUT/OUT what is fake news and what is not.

It repeated a well known erroneous concept (as highlighted) that HIV cannot live outside the body thus cannot be transmitted to a banana or any fruitcake outside the body. This is one that is well adopted “as fact” and the were using this point it seems to prove that the story was “fake” because everyone knows that a banana cannot be infected with HIV because “HIV does not live outside the body”.


The “fake news” story they are commenting on is actually from a parody site, or what is considered FNFF (Fake News For Fun) but what’s highlighted above is an interesting thing to look at regarding what is fake and what is not and based on WHAT/PERSPECTIVE are we looking at, the looking glass, or clear 20/20 vision.

HIV “science” or what I call sci-fience disregards the most obvious flaw in the “causation of AIDS”. They say HIV causes AIDS but viruses travel in the air. If you doubt this just sneeze in someone’s face and ask if they are afraid they are going to ‘catch a virus’.

Regarding what is considered true in this supposed “fake news” story that “HIV cannot live outside the body” it doesn’t matter if 10,000 scientists believe that to be true, what matters is that non of them can explain with any sense of logic why a dead thing cannot live outside the body.

Not one scientist or whom-ever has explained this wild phenomena properly using logic, which is what is science is supposed to use.

Since viruses are not living things actually, they cannot die then outside the body, yet they keep claiming that this is fact, that “HIV cannot live outside the body”.




In the article notice the window to the right where I opened up the archived story. That is real news and fake.

I mean, it’s real in the sense that if HIV is real, then it IS POSSIBLE for a banana to be infected.

It’s fake in that this event in Walmart and bananas and a boy did not happen, but it obviously COULD happen.

The primary seething problem with their claim that HIV cannot be transmitted to a banana is that if HIV can (by all accounts of majority opinionators) be transmitted by non-living hypodermic needles, then it can be transmitted to a banana.

Thus any banana that’s taking drugs and not using clean needles can get the virus.

For that matter anyone that fucks themselves with a banana and is HIV positively, and they share that fruit with someone else, that virus can spread to the banana and the banana acceptee.

Thus anyone that believes the fake news that “HIV is real” is fucked.


Image of banana cultivars by By User TimothyPilgrim on en.wikipedia – Taken by TimothyPilgrim., CC BY-SA 3.0,

Snapshot of banana story from dated 11/4/2017

Take the plunge

Find out more about little critters.

Named after the television character which is not real but like HIV appears to be real because it’s all in our imaginations, sponges have different attributes like people so they get named differently.

Basically they all do the same thing.

We have this same problem with naming viruses.

Some are named like this: Horrors In Virology (HIV) and others are named like this: FLU for inFLUenza.

They are all viruses, which are cell shit and how they name these things is all over the place.

Some of the names are scary in themselves, like naming a movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” where many chainsaws got chopped up into pieces.

When we get over the flu they should call it outfluenza.

Flu viruses are immune deficiency viruses in humans.

These should be called HIIDV – Human Influenza Immune Deficiency Virus if we are to be consistent with naming things.

Feature image of the cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants ride at the Mall of America by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH and is in the public domain

Additional image snapshot of Wikipedia entry on the Spongebob fungus

Coordinating viral planes & tangents

Why on Mars would anyone want to inject the flu in order to not get the flu?

It’s sheer lunacy.

To inject the very thing you don’t want in order to develop “immunity” is a concept that belongs on the Moon.

Let’s take that concept to a new level, say to Uranus. To immunate the entire population of ever viral, bacterial, fungus caused disease we would inject 10,000 different things into our veins.

Black mold causes disease. Where are the black mold vaccines?

Hey ma, look, I’m getting a black mold vaccine, isn’t that great, they inject the mold so my body reacts. It’s like if government was to release the criminals from all the prisons to infect our towns with violence, theft, and mayhem, in order to get us prepared in case it happens.

Makes perfect percents.

Oh they say it’s not a live strain. So it’s what, a dead one?

Are they saying my body is so stupid that it will not be able to tell the difference between a live and dead virus?

My body is not that dumb.

All viruses are dead anyway. They are not living things.

Who tell$ u$ thi$ $tuff.

Feature image By Jorge Stolfi iThe source code of this SVG is invalid due to 11 errors, caused from superfluous hyphens. (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons and shows the Cartesian coordinate system method of coordinating space which could be used to diagram what goes on inside the mind of humans when they adopt concepts that are from other worlds

Image snapshot of Google News on October 1, 2017

Getting hosed

The virus got hosed by the City of San Diego.

The city announced (see image below) that to “combat a Hepatitis C outbreak” from the Human Immunodeficiency Hepatitis C Virus, that they will be, get this, adding bathrooms on the streets and power washing the sidewalks with a bleach solution.

Who knew that bleach kills viruses!

Side effect – the killing off by combat of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus as well, which again takes us to the simple fact that MPPI (Medical Science Populist Ideas) don’t seem to ever accurately portray…….viruses can be killed by bleach even though viruses are dead things, even though no virus is a living thing.

Bacteria, fungus, parasites, they are living things.

People who have to go to the bathroom on the streets and businesses and residents around these areas have for decades have begged the city to install more PUBLIC TOILETS so that the sidewalks would not smell of piss but they often will not because the trend has been in order to stop sex from occurring in public and to “curb disease and spread of HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV to close toilets at night, lock some permanently, and remove some.

Feature image of city sidewalks by By 123df (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Other image found on the City of San Diego Twitter feed on September 18, 2017


Jam, Zika, and Mosquitos – JZM virus

The latest ROFL scientificterriffic discovery is that “Zika mosquitos” can transfer 3 different types of viruses in one bite!

First, let’s clarify they say “may”. Next, let’s discuss how the wind also carries viruses and can enter the lungs and such all day long.

No let’s not discuss that. Let’s notice it’s “researchers” at a University, which means it’s a school science project.

Now someone explain what the fuck are “Zika mosquitos”? There are mosquitos that only will pickup and deliver certain viruses? That concept is laughable. But let’s look at the absurd use of adjectives. The noun is “mosquito”. The adjective that describes the noun is “Zika”. If we are going to use Zika as an adjective now to describe nouns, we need to then mention how the Zika air can also carry 3 variations of viruses.

The world is so incredibly duped, it is dumbfounding to watch. There are no specific properties that cause a “Zika virus” to be only carried by certain brands of mosquitos. If there are properties, pleeeze send me the information, send the exact explanation as to what those properties are, is it that some mosquitos are weaker than others?

And when you find that info, have their unicorn deliver it.

Feature image of dentures by Le Chirurgien Dentiste (1728). Reprinted in: Moriyama, N., & Hasegawa, M. (1987). “The history of the characteristic Japanese wooden denture”. Bulletin of the History of Dentistry 35 (1): 10. and represents a possible reason that some mosquitos don’t carry certain viruses, because they don’t have any teeth and can’t bite (they can only gum you) much like the absurd claims that viruses can only be delivered by blood transfusions and cocks.

Google news image spotted on May 21, 2017 at about 7:22 am pt.


The packaged “salad” of cut up lettuce leaves was found to contain a dead bat.

“Due to the animal’s decayed condition, the CDC couldn’t immediately rule out whether this particular bat carried rabies, but recommended the two people who ate the contaminated salad receive treatment for the disease.” said the article at NPR.

Seems odd that they could not determine if it had rabies “due to it’s condition” when it’s also claimed by them that there is no test for rabies.

So rabies is both a virus and a disease? This is said like, “rabies causes rabies”.

HIV causes disease called AIDS so they say zillions of times now, not HIV causes HIV.


Flu causes flu?

HIV causes flu, not flu causes flu. We would never say flu causes flu so how is it that rabies causes rabies.

HIV causes flu. Human Influenza Virus causes flu.

Or was it all the crap we ate over the holidays with alcohol and the cold affecting how high the body furnace has to heat to stay warm while being provided motor oil for fuel was what caused the flu.

AIDS – Alcohol Inserted Directly Systemically

HIV – Hucksteritis Infecting Virology

If these rabies carriers were baseball players we would call them baseball bats and the CDC would claim that baseball bats caused baseball bats.

Feature image of various Bats – Chiroptera
Clockwise: Common Egyptian Fruit Bat Rousettus aegyptiacus, Mexican Free-Tail Bat Tadarida brasiliensis, Myotis myotis, Lesser Short-Nose Fruit Bat Cynopterus sphinx, Horseshoe Bat Rhinolophus ferrumequinum, Common Vampire Bat Desmodus rotundus. based on works by Uwe Schmidt, C. Robiller /, User:Zoharby, Prof. emeritus Hans Schneider (Geyersberg), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters, Anton 17

California enacts the backyard BBQ law

Having Bar-B-Que’s in ones’ backyard or side yard could land the owners in jail if they don’t warn their guests in writing that they could get HIV from flying backyard syringes aka shared needles. These syringes are attached to mosquitoes and spread HIV.

April Fool.

What do you mean that’s not funny? Sure it is.

April is fooling you like they have about HIV.

April is fooling only about the jail thing and a California law warning requirement with backyard mosquito syringes, but the fact remains, a shared needle is a shared needle, blood from humans is attached to both and the infection risk of getting HIV from mosquitoes is 10,000% higher because they are everywhere where as sex is not always available.

So since April Fool’s is about pointing out foolishness, one must understand that they keep fooling the public into believing their crap about disease causations, and these bureaucracies go as far to as to enact public policy that if you don’t notify someone you have sex with that you allegedly have HIV, that you can go to jail.

That is real.

Even though they have no such warnings to visitors of national parks and all the flying syringes there that can spread HIV to people, they continue to spread like a disease their illogical claims, and people believe the claims, like those who followed Hitler believed his.

The good thing about all this though is that if you get infected by a dirty mosquito needle that has HIV, and it injects you with it, you are now immunized.


Featured image is of the Great Seal of the Bureaucracy of California. Note a bureaucracy is not something that can be caught, it is created, like disease.

Some viruses are Jewish

See if you can keep up, this may be hard for some to get……

First, the vaccination Nazis are in full force. We see this reflected by fake news outlets like the Washington Post which publishes the non-SENSE of mandatory vaccinations being “critical” as they put it and that they can help you visualize why (notice the link to the right).


I will not provide a link to the article, I view that as click bait.

So I was thinking, it’s like they are on the hunt for my viruses, just like Nazis were on the hunt for Jews.

These virus hunters are just like those who created The Holocaust, they label a group as all bad, and try to exterminate them, forcing everyone (if they were to have their way) into vaccination camps. In this case, some of them are after Jewish viruses.

If one of those lives are saved from vac-pushers it’s all worth it.

My viruses all have different belief systems and shall be respected. Some are Jewish and ceremoniously hack off a part of a baby’s dick because God told them to.

Others are Athiest. Some are refugees. A few are bad.

Harmless retroviruses, that’s what HIV’s are, yet they are treated as though they are Jewish.

Vaccination pushers don’t care about facts.

They don’t care about the deaths that occur DIRECTLY due to vaccinations.

They have this fantasy that if everyone is shot up with anti-virus venom that they will be safe. It’s exactly the mentality of Hitler, vaccinate the world from certain threats in order to be safe. It’s stupid, it’s evil.

If any of these Nazis come to my veins with their needles I will inform them that their holocaust is not happening in my body.

Feature image of Mughal aristocrats hunting a blackbuck alongside an Asiatic cheetah By James Forbes (d. 1819) – Drawn by James Forbes in South Gujarat. Oriental Memoirs, Vol. I, 1812., Public Domain,

Retropanels got a new look

Trying to make sense of medical terminology is like trying to make sense of the flat earth theory and the conspiracy think that man never LOTM (Landed On The Moon) but let’s look at what CPANEL says about things that are RETRO.

As we notice in the image on the left it is a current version that is widely used. The one on the right is a RETRO version. They look different but mostly function the exact same way.



Things that look different can act the same way?

So what you are telling me is that a virus that was created in the 1980’s that is constantly mutating can look different than one that is made in the 2017’s?

That means that the test kit that was made in 1999 and designed to find viruses that look a certain way cannot recognize one that looks another way correct?

Or is it that these test kits find how they act?


I just said “good question” FYI.

HIV is said to be a retrovirus.

It’s also said to be a virus, that’s just because it’s easier to say and a retrovirus is a subset of the broader term virus.

Technically the label should then, to be more precise, be HIR.

Even better would be to use HIDR (Human Immune Deficiency Retrovirus) as it’s also said to hide.

So does that trap of a test kit actually determine how the thing acts? Let’s say it does, then what does it matter how it looks?

There can be 500 changes in how CPANEL looks over the years, and then many of those are RETRO, all acting the same way.

Then again, there can be changes where the CPANEL looks the same yet acts a different way.

Oh there goes that  monkey throwing wrenches into everything again.

Monkey see monkey figure out things better than doctors and $ientists.

Apparently the tests look for how they look, basically finding a glass with liquid in it.

The tests find antibodies in the most general of shapes. They can be from a flu, a cold, an infection of a zillion kinds or HIV.

They are not precise. They are no more precise than satellite imagery finding a drink. What’s in the drink is a whole different story.

What the drink does and how it gets anywhere is like creating a blockbuster Hollywood film, the devil’s in the details, the processes of figuring all that out is not at all possibly by simply looking at the glass.

Antibodies, what the test finds, are like what we see here.


Testing by appearance does not tell us if there’s a sexual proclivity drug in any of them.

Thus one way to avoid rape is by not drinking from glasses and one way to avoid confusion is to not necessarily believe that a picture is worth 3 words – Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

Feature image of 3 glass with something in them is in the public domain as shown here

CPANEL snapshot of a way to “change style” found under “preferences” from a standard website administration area.


Rainbow outbreakitis

Once again we have reports of another out-break of a communicable disease.

This time it’s YF – YELLOW Fever.


It of course is transmitted by mosquitoes like all viruses are because all viruses are stupid particles of matter.

They do not get rejected from mosquito’s dirty shared needles because they don’t have their bus pass.

And what do they recommend? Vaccines of course!

Where’s that vaccine for HIV again?

30+ years and still no vaccine? They have used trillions of dollars and they have pictures of it and tests find it and they can not develop a vaccine.

ROFL – you believe that crap?

How ’bout just sending a batch of mosquitoes to that GOT+TESTED neighbor’s house.

Why doesn’t the medical community tell us that to get vaccinated all we have to do is contact the mosquito community?

Image snapshot of Google News on January 30, 2017 at about 9:22 pm pacific time

Feature image of العربية: فيروس الحمّى الصفراء. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Publich Health Image Library. Author Erskine Palmer, Ph.D. image in the public domain. It is a TEM micrograph of the yellow fever virus (234,000X magnification).

Deutsch: Gelbfieber-Virus. Gelbfiebervirus im Transmissionselektronenmikroskop.
Esperanto: Viruso de flava febro.
Español: Fiebre amarilla (Flaviviridae).
Suomi: Keltakuumevirus.


Give ME $ to study dust

I read the headline snippet that shows that yet another group of scientific terrific studiers are getting million$, this time 500 of those, to study what is basically dust.

Did you ever get paid to study in high school or college?

Why should these people get paid to study?

Since viruses are cellular DEBRIS I think I will ask congress and stupid donors of their $ and taxpayer $ to allocate money to me so I can study dust.

I will do some house cleaning, and take breaks to study it. I will look at the dust under a microscope and make all sorts of stories up I will call determinations.

I will publish my findings after creativly writing all sorts of dust.

I will call my dust problem an epidemic.

I will then say that dust kills.

I will then ask for more money.

This of course will take years, lifetimes, so I will set up foundations to pass this cash cow on for future generations.


The photo above is a snapshot from Google News on January 20, 2017 at 8:09 am pacific time.

Feature image of a dust storm is how a creative writer (scientist/studyer/getting fundinger if he could convince the public) would describe “an epidemic of dust that in studying this appears to have destroyed the entire United States and all of it’s cells where population was located”. The image is actually a Dust storm approaching Stratford, Texas 1935 April 18. Dust Bowl surveying in Texas – credit: NOAA George E. Marsh Album


Once again upon a time the news is presenting what mad scientists keep claiming, that there are super transexual lady bugs that are resistant to being told to leave. Kinda like those party guests that get drunk and don’t understand the words “go home” anymore.

Yes I equally write in a theme of fantasy as they do.

So this one is part of the Smith family, correction, the Enterobacteriaceae family, and of course there is an acronymized version, CRE.

Let’s study what these are. First, let’s take off the prefix “entero”, we have bacteriaceae. That’s bacteria.

What is entero? Wikipedia states that “In biology and medicine, the prefix entero- refers to the intestine”.

Ok, so let’s just call it intestinal bacteria, duh. We can acronymize that as IB.

Oh but they love to confuse people with fancy term$. If they just say intestinal bacteria, who will care, everyone has those.



The other thing that’s really fun, is how for so long we have been told to avoid infections by wearing condoms to protect ourselves from peanut butter. Take a gander at the second article featured about how Dr. Spook is now suggesting to immunize babies from peanuts by giving them peanuts. Let’s do this with viruses!

Inject us with HIV to become immune to HIV.


Hey it makes perfect sense. They say go get infected with peanut butter and viruses (as in with vaccines) to be immune. Thing is this happens daily as we breathe and as we get mosquito bites.

Oh it’s just so much fun watching mad scientists at work. Now I really want to get by a Mad Scientist so that I’m immune from all their nonsense gone viral.

Speaking of seeing things that go viral here is the 1934 film “Maniac” where Phyllis Diller (comedienne) was also in this film, where it features a mad scientist.

Mad/scientists have routinely created motion pictures in/our minds that “the virus” is a maniac (which is a fantasy like many slasher films) as seen in this movie trailer from the 1980’s, it’s like the HI virus is the killer and is randomly slashing cells to death.

Remember, they are all just moving images be they in film, digital, or in the mind.

Feature of mad scientist by director: Dwain Esper, cinematographer: William C. Thompson, studio: Roadshow Attractions, via Wikimedia Commons and is a screenshot from the public domain film Maniac (1934) showing Horace B. Carpenter as the character “Dr. Meirschultz” and this represents what I see in my mind with those who are hot to develop nuclear weapons in the war on AID$.

The image snapshots of Google news were from 1/16 and 1/17 in the year twenty 17.


Are you FLU positive?

If you are FLU+ I can’t have sex with you.

You know, it’s like I go to the bar – gay bar – and the guys sometime ask me “Are you HIV+”?

I always wait for the “….plus what?”

Like how about asking if I have colon cancer. For Christ sake what a stupid question.

How the fuck does anyone know? The tests are so inaccurate, flawed, bogus, don’t even find virus, they find random antibodies none specific to what is claimed to be specific.

Let me be specific, most of them don’t know that though.

They also thought Hillary was a slam/dunk and that Trump is Hitler.

I tell them “I don’t get tested, I believe HIV is a fantasy”.

The response is either they walk away, scream in queer shock, awe, and horror, or say something to the effect of “OMG you are nuts.”

Sometimes it’s all of that.

I never get a chance to ask back “Are you FLU positive? Did you get tested for FLU? You can transmit FLU to me and I can die.* FLU can destroy my immune system. It is an acquired immune deficiency. FLU kills more people each year than HIV, in fact, HIV is FLU. Were you tested each month for the FLU like you were for HIV? If you haven’t been tested for FLU, a sexually transmitted disease, as well as through sneeze, I can’t have sex with you nor can I even talk to you as I practice safe sex and discussion. If you tested positive for FLU are you on antivirals the rest of your life? No? Why not, you said you are on antiviral medications for other viruses.”

It’s too bad because if they understood this concept they would get blood tested for HIV as much as they get blood tested for the FLU, which would be not at all.

Then we could use that money that’s being totally wasted on HIV testing and HIV expense accounts to house homeless faggots like me.

Instead, all that money goes to house people in Palm Desert, Beverly Hills, and other nice places as they get all this money pour into their bank accounts from their drug stocks to pay their mortgages.

Anti-retro things

Anti RETRO virals are the rage. Where are all those daily anti RETRO viral meds again for FLU?

I don’t see any prescriptions for those.

Why aren’t they prescribing AZT for FLU? It stops the replication of viruses along with stopping the replication of friendly life repairative blood cells.

I don’t have sex with anyone who ever had the FLU because once you have the FLU virus you always have it.

I also don’t talk to anyone who has ever had the FLU because all it takes is one sneeze to transmit the deadly FLU virus along with HIV.

In other words, I don’t have sex with anyone because that is what safe sex is, no sex.

It’s also time everyone practice safe discussion.

We need to put a condom on our mouths or we might start another HIV+ pandemic that killed 100,000,000 people 100 years ago.**

*The 1918 flu pandemic (January 1918 – December 1920) was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic, the first of the two pandemics involving H1N1 influenza virus.[1] It infected 500 million people across the world,[2] including remote Pacific islands and the Arctic, and resulted in the deaths of 50 to 100 million (three to five percent of the world’s population[3]), making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history.[4][5][6]

** HIV – Human Influenza Virus

To put things in perspective (for those not wearing blinders and rainbow glasses) the year 2005 saw the peak of “AIDS related deaths” at “An estimated 34 million people worldwide have died of AIDS-related illnesses since the beginning of the epidemic. Tuberculosis (TB) continues to be most common cause of death among people living with HIV”.

The term “AIDS related deaths” means that they died of any of 26 different diseases that are all called “AIDS related”. This includes pneumonia and liver failure. Categorizing like this is like calling a death from the sky falling on someone a sky related death. What does it mean? It’s too ambiguous to mean anything. Blame the sky for the death? Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is such a broad categorization blaming 26 different diseases on a breakdown of an immune system of which is a very complex mult-faceted process.

Excess sugar consumption is in itself an immune deficiency causation. So are oil slicks in the diet. They wreak havoc on immune systems. Don’t forget alcohol and recreational drugs.

If “HIV is there” they blame this fantasy of a virus being the cause, recommending the way to deal with the enemy is war on the virus, with of all things chemical warfare, and then if someone dies of pneumonia that is “AIDS related” they blame HIV, not the chemicals, not the cold spell in December, not the oil slicks that bogged down heat production in the body and made it impossible for healthy cells to replicate, and not the millions of other complex processes that were destroyed by excessive holiday cookies and alcohol where HIV/FLU+ is at it’s peak, no they blame a virus.

So even if we use the peak death rate of official HIV/AIDS statistics, we still only have about 1 million per year worldwide deaths, called “AIDS related” yet they actually are dying of things like pneumonia and liver failure due to toxic medications like AZT primarily, not a virus that does not exist except in the world of HIV related malformed concepts of causation.

We can compare this to what HIV did between 1918 – 1920.


I opened a gay/rag and was astonished to see this odd term referencing the Virus Imagined Human.

It presented a lot of Spanish words to describe what looks like HIV treatment, PrEp, and such.

The term VIH reminds me of so called “Satanic” backmasking made popular by The Beatles.

Anti-backmasking legislation was actually proposed to protect the public.[2]

Reminds me of California’s attempt to make porn stars all wear condoms to protect the public (which failed to pass).

Backmasking was alleged to be contained in the song “Stairway To Heaven”.

Here is a sample of that song played backwards

Here is what the CDC website presents:


Now let’s watch the overlay of a version of Stairway To Heaven on top of Gilligan’s Island introduction.

This is an example of editing and overlays in moving images and sound.

Reel to reel tape recorder was used for backmasking. Here is more backmasked words and sounds.



Feature image of Hawaiian flower called a SIDA credit by Forest & Kim Starr [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Image of reel to reel tape recorder and player often used to “backmask” music and video by Nixdorf at the English language Wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Fighting “the world”

Fighting the world, really? More like fighting a small pool of elitist/sharks that are in a climate funding feeding frenzy, not the world.

This claim reminds me of how “the world” adopted HIV into it’s family.

What is HIV? Everyone knows what HIV is! It’s a virus, transmitted sexually, or by needles.

Anyone who challenges this, like how Trump is going to decimate “climate change” funding thus challenging “the world” of sharks in the pool, is considered a fool.

The real fool is anyone who cannot understand that needles, whether they be hypodermic or flying mosquito needles, transmit viruses.

Thus if there was a shred of validity to the wack job claim that a virus causes ISP – Immune System Problems – or HIV/AIDS/QWERTY, these flying needles would be spreading it like back yard bar-b-q’s transmit mosquitoes from one arm to another.

Fighting the world.


Climate Changes Daily


Zika Virus, Dengue Fever, Horrors In Virology, and Acquired Information Deficiency Syndrome all have one thing in common, they are caused by too many things going viral. The latest to the addition of wacky claims is that both Zika and Dengue viruses can be transmitted by mosquitoes in one whammy shot!

Well well, if that’s the case, and that mosquito was just at a hospital where an HIV patient just got drilled with a ZIKA/DENGUE carrier mosquito, and it goes to a family’s backyard BBQ, well then it’s a triple whammy!


When you mention this to anyone though they just can’t understand it one bit.

So to confuse these simple concepts even more I say “The Syringe mosquito transmits HIV just as much as dickheads do”.

Blank stare.


And the war on flying objects madness doesn’t stop there, it’s spread to 2 Israeli cities.

To get rid of them they are spraying rid the area of pests, namely mosquitoes, maybe some red blood cells too.

That will help stop the spread of HIV, Dengue, Typhoid, and ten billion other viruses as well as it’s primary target, Zika. Yaaaaaa.

Problem is, they are not spraying the entire globe with viricide, they are only using pesticide.

Pesticides kill pests, they don’t kill viruses. Thus when the dead critter falls from the sky along with honeybees and birds, and other ways of explaining sex, the virus gets picked up by the air and transmitted worldwide anyway.

Point is, the concept that viruses cause all this stuff is non-sense. These things are in the air everywhere.

Will the world ever get it? Not as long as they are hypnotized.

Image credit Johannes Jansson/ [CC BY 2.5 dk (], via Wikimedia Commons

Blank image credit by United States Mint –, Public Domain,

Testing goes vending

Oh this is so hilarious, HIV, the Human Imagined Virus, can now be tested for (so they claim) by buying a urine sample kit in a vending machine.

Hey it looks like a candy bar.

Hey what’s that warning label say, “DO NOT EAT and do not swallow the load of crap called HIV”?

If a killer virus was real, everyone who has ever been bit by a flying syringe would already have it, actually, the majority of the population already does have it obviously because flying syringes are everywhere and dirty needles and dirty dicks are “how you get it”.

Thing is people are not dropping like mosquitoes which carry every virus there is known to man and others that are not known as these little viruses are 10 billion times smaller than mosquitoes so they have no trouble picking them up now do they.

So we can continue to buy THE/LIES or we can throw the whole thing in the trash along with a tasty candy wrapper which is loaded with so much sugar it compromises your immune system and instead of blaming things smaller than dust for immune system problems that weigh 7 billionths of a gram, let’s look at that 10 grams of sugar you just poured into your coffee and that 40 grams of sugar soda to compare which is harder for mosquitoes to carry.

I haven’t met one mosquito yet that infected me with even one gram of sugar, yet people do it to themselves every day, then blame things that are 700 trillion times smaller for not feeling well, where the doctor then says “Are you a fag because if your dick travels like mosquitoes pricking everyone then you are spreading viruses or they have been spread to you so let’s test you hon for HIV but not test you for your intake of immune system compromising sweets”.

source of original story Fox News


All I need is a third leg

Wow was I impressed! It’s one of those new products where you ask your self “Why didn’t I think of that”. It’s a new take on an old fashioned skateboard. The video presentation from this new company is awesome! Looks like so much fun to ride it. I’m sure it is. But like all marketing hype, like that which is routinely presented in the fantasy world of viruses and how to get rid of them (as if the body never shits them out) the Devil is in the details.

Watch the video and be WOWed first, then look below for what the tiny little issue is. Hint’ it’s in the title of this article.

The thing is, how the fuck do you propel the thing? You need a third leg. The representation of all the fun they are having is hyped up so massively because in real life you need to propel to have that much fun. The user of this device cannot take one foot off the thing as it would throw it off balance entirely and make it stop instantly. On a skateboard one foot is in the middle of all four wheels. The skateboard remains stable while the rider uses one leg to propel it. With this piece of nonsense/hype which we could acronymize as NS/H you have to have a third leg to really use it like on the beach or on level pavement. The presentation is terribly misleading.

And like wow man. I never knew I would see such a thing sold in the marketplace for a whopping $1499. Have a cow dude.

Viral/sexual WAR/PEACE

Do viruses have sex? If so we need to add a “V” onto that QWERTY community thingy. We wouldn’t want to not treat viruses equally.

iWonder if they war? I am always hearing about the never ending liberal and conservative war on viruses.


Image credit – The MacMag virus as it was displayed on a Macintosh computer displaying “Universal Peace” in March 1988 by Mike Evangelist

AIDS mosquitoes

Say “hello” to the Aedes mosquito (pronounced “AIDS”). It’s said that this particular type of mosquito is the sole flying method of transfer of Zika dika do viruses. Never-you-mind that their flying dirty shared needles are all the same, and air molecules can carry anything lightweight, science can make all the claims it wants, just try to prove them wrong, they will stand there and say “Prove it”. Then you say “No, you prove it (because they haven’t)” and they say “I did prove it” and you say “No you didn’t” and they say “I have mountains of data that proves it” and you say “But Sir, what about flying dirty shared needles” and they say “What the fuck are those?” and you say “You have just proven that you haven’t proven anything”.

Aedes mosquitoes (actually pronounced ay-ee-deez according to the free dictionary) are said to have been discovered by and first described and named by German entomologist Johann Wilhelm Meigen in 1818, the generic name comes from the Ancient Greek ἀηδής, aēdēs, meaning “unpleasant” or “odious”.[1]

Used in a sentence: “The mosquito I just discovered has an odor so I am going to call it the Greek name for odorous isn’t that scienterrific?”

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Family: Culicidae
Subfamily: Culicinae
Tribe: Aedini
Genus: Aedes

The chart above from Wikipedia shows the scientific classification. In other words the mosquito that transmits Zika (and all viruses) is an Animalia Arthropoda Insecta Diptera Culicidae Culicinae Aedini Aedes mosquito. We can do what was done with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and shorten this to AAIDCCAA.

We could also be more generalized and refer to it’s kingdom, rather than it’s specific name. This is like calling one of 7 billion people “human” instead of calling them by their race and first and last names, so instead of saying “Zika the Aedes virus” we could just say “The patient is infected with an Animalia virus” or since viruses are parasites we could equally gramatically correctly scientifically say that “The patient is infected with a parasite”.

Image credit – snapshot of Google News health section August 16 2016

[1] Wikipedia entry on Aedes mosquitoes

Naming viruses and other gods

If we could think of viruses as races, or better yet, Gods, the races to find solutions in virus relations would come into focus. Mixed marriages between those viruses that commit to each other would end, or flourish as the governments that create laws forbidding such homoparacitic acts would be repealed as they were in South Africa for mixed marriages between humans [1] which are all made from viruses [2] whereas such mixups were ended only one year after the United States of A Mania started other mixups and declared that the probable cause (not definite cause) of immune problem acquisitions was only one race of viruses named LHIV or Lavender Human Immun-e-i-e-i-o-deficiency Viruses [3].


[1] Immorality and Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Amendment Act, 1985 – Wikipedia, December 9, 2014

[2] “We are all made from viruses” –, July 5, 2016

[3] Lavender Marriage – Wikipedia, May 17, 2016

Image credit – Diagram of the names of God in Oedipus Aegyptiacus made by Athanasius Kircher in the 17th century and is in the public domain is a drawing of the many names given to the same thing, God or GOD. Take a look at some of his other works by clicking on his name. Oedipus Aegyptiacus is the name of the Supreme Work of Athanasius Kircher. It has a subcategory (like viruses have subcategories) called Bembine table of Isis‎. Isis is a Roman goddess as seen in Egyptian statues. Starting in 2014 ISIS is also the name given to certain terrorist organizations that practice extreme religious ideas. The two terms are said exactly the same, yet are very different in what they describe even though they are pronounced identically and can look identical, much like how viruses can look identical yet be very different whereas testing modalities cannot distinguish these differences. 

Viruses are not competing in Rio

Fortune published an image of some Olympic athletes supporting the use of condoms to stop the spread of Zika.

OMG/ROFL – that stands for Oh My God causing Rolling On Floor Liking like how HIV/AIDS stands for Humanities Immunodeficiency Vehicles Are Indiscriminate Differential Sanctions

Oddly, nothing is stated about breathing in the virus. All virus particles become airborne. All claims of certain forms of transmission are erroneous and/or fradulent. Any virus there is can enter the body by lungs, mouth, anus, broken skin, or eye, nose, ear canal.

Viruses are not the problem! Bad information that goes viral is the problem.

If a virus was the problem than anyone who breathes can get Zika or Immune-o-deficiency like they do In-flu-enza viruses.

Similarly, the body creates IR (Immune Response) with antibodies to wipe it off the map. Basically this is like how a cleaning lady or man will come in and get rid of the dirt. Unfortunately the dirt returns but it’s not the same dirt, it’s different dirt that looks the same and named the same.

If people could understand that naming viruses is like looking at all the names in the phone book (do those still exist?) and naming dirt and worrying that all the “Smiths” or dirt particles are killers because the news reported that someone named Smith killed someone or the dirt was found to have caused a malfunction in a bearing, people might just get a clue.



Trans Mission Routes

“Zika virus and West Nile virus can be transmitted through a mosquito bite” so it is said by the officials.

To keep this in perspective, Hitler was also an official. Dads and dads and moms and moms are also officials in their equal marriage at home with their kids. They can be loving and kind and/or rule with an iron fist. They can be correct, they can make mistakes and insist on being correct just like that person with whom you debate political issues.

Questioning the judgement, rules, orders, and conclusions reached by officials is paramount, especially when finding the world in an endless virus war.

So here we once again find ourselves bombarded with the claim of a particular transmission route of particular viruses that are particularly interested in only hitching rides on particular mosquitoes. Let’s ask ourselves though, even though we are not officials, what particular property make these two viruses transmissionable by only certain mosquitoes and not others? Are the other varieties of viruses too heavy for certain breeds of mosquitoes to carry? Do certain mosquitoes say “Buzz off!”?

We should ask all scientists and those who disseminate their claims, to provide precise explanations regarding that question and ask if the viruses they claim are transmittable by mosquitoes can also be transmitted by syringes (or dirty needles). Seems all viruses, since they are stupid particles of matter that are not living things, which are all in similar size and weight, are able to be found attached to many things and routes. By all indications viruses receive equal treatment by many transmission routes.

You may want to stick that male information into this female connection and see where it goes from there.

image courtesy of user Asim18

a computer router that transmits 2 numbers electronically – image courtesy of user Asim18

If it’s good enough for Harry

Prince Harry of Wales, youngest son of (deceased) Princess Diana and Prince Charles publicly got an HIV test.


Must have been worried about being infected by that flying dirty needle attached to that mosquito that came over the royal fence to one of the royal backyard BBQ’s, a mosquito that came from that hospital that had a few HIV infected patients and that gay bar in the area.

Next test he needs to get publicly, Zika and Ebola, ahhh Ebola, no one talks about that anymore.

Then get tested for every other virus there is including the viruses that make up the human body as all of them are transmissible by air and dirty flying needles.

Or, maybe we could understand that they aren’t the threat they are made out to be and that other things are the cause of disease like oil slicks and feeding bacteria it’s favorite foods.