4th time is a charm

Happy 4th of July America. When you see the fake bombs bursting in air this day, you might remember the Civil War and how it relates to freedom, and how Lincoln assassinated 625,000 US citizens by declaring it on the people of the United States, … Continue reading4th time is a charm

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Fall down go boing

The supposed “downfall” of Milo Yiannopolis is fun to watch. The medias claim all this shit on him. It’s all out of context. It’s all distorted as usual. It’s like they are reporting on someone on a trampoline and their “downfall” from their high point. … Continue readingFall down go boing

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Scerry Christmas!

I don’t get it, when I see this man I am terrified. Some people keep claiming there’s a war on Christmas. The war on Christmas is like the war on bugs, good luck with that. So I don’t get how Milo can be all in … Continue readingScerry Christmas!

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Are you FLU positive?

If you are FLU+ I can’t have sex with you. You know, it’s like I go to the bar – gay bar – and the guys sometime ask me “Are you HIV+”? I always wait for the “….plus what?” Like how about asking if I … Continue readingAre you FLU positive?

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Renew the fight

While most of the world is tired of all the fighting, and realizing that most war strategies are failures and/or way too destructive, those who wage war on viruses want the wars to never end. There are those in this war business that do make … Continue readingRenew the fight