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The Global Fund to fight ATM*

Amazon is offering their ECHO speaker device thingy in RED as a way to “fight AIDS”.

I find this stupid. If I want something in red I don’t want to be forced to give to a charity to get a color for a product. Hey let’s do this with drapes! Only way to get them is to donate to an AIDS charity.

The lunacy makes me think of how the claims about a virus causing complex disease syndromes echos through out the land.

An echo is a reflection of sound. Like an image in a mirror, it’s not the original.

This is how retroviruses are, like echos.


So does anyone know when is this war going to end? Maybe we should ask the echo.

Even Presidents of the United States have set timelines for the ending of a war, not so with RAIDS – (R for Routine).

Routine AIDS – RAIDS

Are we to believe that we are less powerful than particles of matter that are rezillions of times smaller than dust?

I wonder where the DONATION/MONEY goes.

First let’s see where it comes from. 95% comes from the public sector (your taxes) from government. There are also concerns of conflict of interest [1] and there are references regarding corruption – $34 million in fraud [2].

It goes to The Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, & Malaria, not just Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.

Accelerating the “end of AIDS”??

I am so tired of this war on AIDS because it’s like fighting RTS (Routine Traffic Stops) with nuclear bombs. The approach reminds me of accelerating the end of war where they dropped the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. Sure it ended the war, but it also ended civilization as they knew it. My friends were there and hit by that AIDS bomb they call anti-retroviral treatment.

They are NO/where to be found.

*ATM – AIDS, Tuberculosis, & Malaria

Feature image of Mount Hood and it’s reflection or “echo”. Try climbing that reflection. It’s about as easy and possible as it is for a reflection of a virus (retrovirus) to do any harm because it’s NOT/REAL – Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory. –, Public Domain,

Image snapshot of Google News November 21, 2017

Image snapshot November 21, 2017






War brings out the best gay in people

In 1939 September 27 posters and leaflets were distributed announcing the Soviet liberation of Belorussians.


4th time is a charm

Happy 4th of July America.

When you see the fake bombs bursting in air this day, you might remember the Civil War and how it relates to freedom, and how Lincoln assassinated 625,000 US citizens by declaring it on the people of the United States, and study up on it and ponder it’s implications.

There is nothing Civil about war, except when a president declares it on it’s own civilians.

Comparatively makes all the “horrors” of the Donald Trump presidency look like a blowing bubble festival.

Feature image of fireworks display By © William Crochot / Wikimedia Commons /, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Fall down go boing

The supposed “downfall” of Milo Yiannopolis is fun to watch. The medias claim all this shit on him. It’s all out of context. It’s all distorted as usual. It’s like they are reporting on someone on a trampoline and their “downfall” from their high point.

  • Milo resigned from Breitbart of his own accord, no pressure from them
  • CPAC is a bunch of ultra-conservative freaks (i.e. Ted Cruz) so their dropping him is nothing

If liberals were consistent, they would be rushing to Milo’s defense and aide with slobbering sympathy of being sexually “abused” but no, they are not, they are like vicious laughing hyenas ripping their prey apart. They don’t give a flying fuck about what he endured or any of that stuff that others who are sexually abused allege fucked them up, all they care about is taking him down because he exposes their hypocrisy constantly, exposing them for what they are, wolves in fairy dust clothing.

Watching Milo’s press conference makes this clear.

Milo states that he plans to still publish his book “Dangerous” without Simon & Sheuster who dropped the deal they had with him. He also states that his leaving Breitbart was not that they fired him or made him leave, he chose to do that because he felt it was best for them.

On another note in this less flamboyant production, we hear him apologize to anyone who is a victim of “sexual abuse” who might have been offended by anything he has said. Hmm. That’s quite the contrast of how he never apologizes for all the “food abuse” victims he has harassed for being fat, which some were offended by his brash/nasty comments made about fat people.


Feature image of Milo Yiannopolis at press conference dated around February 22, 2017. Image of woman at a Milo talk flipping the finger as she and some “fat people” walk out is snapshot from the video found here

The QWERTY community does not believe in forgiveness and forgetness

Kim Burrell (who the fuck that is I have no clue) preached a pretty vomitive sermon in her FAV/CHURCH saying, “The perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women.”

So she was supposed to be on Ellen (in case you are reading this in 2050 that was a talk show hosted by an L) and when Ellen got word of the HATE speech (hate towards the act not the person) her appearance was cancelled.

Kim apologized we guess in a 9 minute speech posted online. Does that still exist in 2050? I only got up to 9 seconds, it’s so boring.

“I never said all gays were going to hell. I never said ‘LGBT’… I said ‘SIN.'”

No one says LGBT and OK, so it’s the SIN that’s going to hell, yea right. I have been in those fundamentalist whacko churches for years and they never once said SIN was going to hell, it was the person, the soul, that was going to hell if they didn’t repent and do 100 straight pushups every day while fucking their sanctified marriage partner after begging God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and the pastor, and congregation and the collection plate for forgiveness.

Perez Hilton says though that even when she apologized, she wasn’t at all, saying she stated, “I make no excuses or apologies. My love is as pure as it comes.”

Well, that sorta is an apology although she’s not apologizing for HER/SIN which will be sending her straight – TO/HELL if she gets tested for it and her sin comes out positive.

So Ellen bans her from her kingdom! Of course! That is how we handle these things! Ban this ban that, and don’t forget BOYCOTT!!!

By first appearances that seems like it’s appropriate, but since no one could ever prove that the woman actually hates homos as human beings, as God’s creatures, this might be typical gay drama.

I think Ellen is blowing a great opportunity to interview her on this subject and turn it around so that it shows everyone where she errs while also showing how we can work together, which is one of the themes she is always touting, TO WORK TOGETHER AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

In her show she always ends it with “Be kind to one another”.

Show me where Kim wasn’t kind to anyone.

So Ellen’s just as much of a hypocrite.

God is banning gays from His kingdom so Kim and others believe, unless they repent, and Ellen is banning Kims and others from Her kingdom, unless they repent.

They are two of a kind.

Feature image snapshot from Kim Burrell asking forgiveness & forgetness posted here

China and viruses are killing us

Trump has oddly picked a film maker for Trade Advisor. The man’s name is Peter Navarro. He crafted a motion picture documentary on par with Michael Moore’s trash heap, whereas China is made out to be an assassin of the United States.

In reading Politico’s article on this, a section struck me similar to what happened with blaming a virus for complicated disease causation matters.

Here is what it stated:

“These are all standard tactics in the agitprop documentary playbook: Present one side of a political argument with a dizzying array of semi-credentialed talking heads, leaving dissenting voices on the floor of the editing bay. When your logic is lacking, appeal to emotion instead….” Politico

In the world of blaming a man’s cock for shooting viruses into another man we have this same thing happening. Emotions and hysterics rule. Try to argue that,

  1. If a virus can be transmitted by shared hypodermic needles
  2. Then shared mosquito needles can also transmit the virus

This most basic and 100% valid argument that annihilates viral causation is always met with denial.

Some responses that are completely absurd and stand no test of scientific scrutiny are,

  1. The virus is too big to fit into the needle of a mosquito

That gets a big ROFL. It’s ridiculous to assert that yet that is what is stated by experts.

So for 3 decades now, with the dizzying array of claims made to try to support the virus causation theory, the concept continually falls flat on it’s face. There is no viral cause. There cannot be.

Yet the documentary keeps playing like a rerun of a bad B movie.

Roll em:

HIV causes AIDS

You have to get tested

When you test positive you have to go to war

And these same people get pissed off when Republicans win because “they start never ending wars”.

See the awful trailer for the Peter Navarro movie “Death By China”.

The A.V. Club called it “the documentary equivalent of a raving street-corner derelict.”

I have a similar view of the GVD (Gay Virus Documentaries) playing repeatedly in minds, the keep presenting the flawed concept that certain UMT’s (Ultra Minuscule Things) only have the ability to hop onto cocks and not planes, trains, self driving cars, mosquitoes, and AIR.

Scerry Christmas!

I don’t get it, when I see this man I am terrified.

Some people keep claiming there’s a war on Christmas. The war on Christmas is like the war on bugs, good luck with that. So I don’t get how Milo can be all in the camp of “Woe is Christmas”. That thing will never go away as disgusting as it is. Worse though is how people can trust their kids with old fat men they don’t even know who promise them candy and toys and even promise to come into their homes.

That’s scerry!

Maybe someday those fighting will win the war and save the world.

Are you FLU positive?

If you are FLU+ I can’t have sex with you.

You know, it’s like I go to the bar – gay bar – and the guys sometime ask me “Are you HIV+”?

I always wait for the “….plus what?”

Like how about asking if I have colon cancer. For Christ sake what a stupid question.

How the fuck does anyone know? The tests are so inaccurate, flawed, bogus, don’t even find virus, they find random antibodies none specific to what is claimed to be specific.

Let me be specific, most of them don’t know that though.

They also thought Hillary was a slam/dunk and that Trump is Hitler.

I tell them “I don’t get tested, I believe HIV is a fantasy”.

The response is either they walk away, scream in queer shock, awe, and horror, or say something to the effect of “OMG you are nuts.”

Sometimes it’s all of that.

I never get a chance to ask back “Are you FLU positive? Did you get tested for FLU? You can transmit FLU to me and I can die.* FLU can destroy my immune system. It is an acquired immune deficiency. FLU kills more people each year than HIV, in fact, HIV is FLU. Were you tested each month for the FLU like you were for HIV? If you haven’t been tested for FLU, a sexually transmitted disease, as well as through sneeze, I can’t have sex with you nor can I even talk to you as I practice safe sex and discussion. If you tested positive for FLU are you on antivirals the rest of your life? No? Why not, you said you are on antiviral medications for other viruses.”

It’s too bad because if they understood this concept they would get blood tested for HIV as much as they get blood tested for the FLU, which would be not at all.

Then we could use that money that’s being totally wasted on HIV testing and HIV expense accounts to house homeless faggots like me.

Instead, all that money goes to house people in Palm Desert, Beverly Hills, and other nice places as they get all this money pour into their bank accounts from their drug stocks to pay their mortgages.

Anti-retro things

Anti RETRO virals are the rage. Where are all those daily anti RETRO viral meds again for FLU?

I don’t see any prescriptions for those.

Why aren’t they prescribing AZT for FLU? It stops the replication of viruses along with stopping the replication of friendly life repairative blood cells.

I don’t have sex with anyone who ever had the FLU because once you have the FLU virus you always have it.

I also don’t talk to anyone who has ever had the FLU because all it takes is one sneeze to transmit the deadly FLU virus along with HIV.

In other words, I don’t have sex with anyone because that is what safe sex is, no sex.

It’s also time everyone practice safe discussion.

We need to put a condom on our mouths or we might start another HIV+ pandemic that killed 100,000,000 people 100 years ago.**

*The 1918 flu pandemic (January 1918 – December 1920) was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic, the first of the two pandemics involving H1N1 influenza virus.[1] It infected 500 million people across the world,[2] including remote Pacific islands and the Arctic, and resulted in the deaths of 50 to 100 million (three to five percent of the world’s population[3]), making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history.[4][5][6]

** HIV – Human Influenza Virus

To put things in perspective (for those not wearing blinders and rainbow glasses) the year 2005 saw the peak of “AIDS related deaths” at “An estimated 34 million people worldwide have died of AIDS-related illnesses since the beginning of the epidemic. Tuberculosis (TB) continues to be most common cause of death among people living with HIV”.

The term “AIDS related deaths” means that they died of any of 26 different diseases that are all called “AIDS related”. This includes pneumonia and liver failure. Categorizing like this is like calling a death from the sky falling on someone a sky related death. What does it mean? It’s too ambiguous to mean anything. Blame the sky for the death? Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is such a broad categorization blaming 26 different diseases on a breakdown of an immune system of which is a very complex mult-faceted process.

Excess sugar consumption is in itself an immune deficiency causation. So are oil slicks in the diet. They wreak havoc on immune systems. Don’t forget alcohol and recreational drugs.

If “HIV is there” they blame this fantasy of a virus being the cause, recommending the way to deal with the enemy is war on the virus, with of all things chemical warfare, and then if someone dies of pneumonia that is “AIDS related” they blame HIV, not the chemicals, not the cold spell in December, not the oil slicks that bogged down heat production in the body and made it impossible for healthy cells to replicate, and not the millions of other complex processes that were destroyed by excessive holiday cookies and alcohol where HIV/FLU+ is at it’s peak, no they blame a virus.

So even if we use the peak death rate of official HIV/AIDS statistics, we still only have about 1 million per year worldwide deaths, called “AIDS related” yet they actually are dying of things like pneumonia and liver failure due to toxic medications like AZT primarily, not a virus that does not exist except in the world of HIV related malformed concepts of causation.

We can compare this to what HIV did between 1918 – 1920.

Racist or simply derrogatory?

A Mayor in a city/town in Pennsylvania has been censored by the city council over what is called “racist memes” posted online disparaging the Barackas in the white house (Barackas is short for Barack Obamas meaning the entire family – I don’t have a good acronym yet in all these 8 years of his office tenure).

One of the racist memes that West York, Pa. Mayor Charles Wasko posted to Facebook

So the standard view is it’s racist because monkeys have been used in the past to refer to those races of African decent living in the US as monkeys, and it has inflamed many prior to today.

Now as we delete the drama and remove all emotion, and look at this with logic and reason, ask yourself, could this image not refer to ANYONE of any race because WE ALL CAME FROM MONKEYS? This same image can be used to refer to the Bush family leaving the White House as it refers to monkey business.

I would still have to argue though, even though I feel this can apply to anyone and is not really racist in my opinion (it’s maybe homosapienist) that the city council is correct in it’s actions of censoring the mayor as no mayor who is representing the entire community and government of the state and country should be purposely posting or referring to people in such negative ways.

There is a difference in a mayor saying “I don’t agree with this policy of the white house” and such and maybe posting a meme with someone tearing up policy papers, but this kind of derrogatory inflammatory speech by a public representative is not representing the public properly and should be censored, but again, not because it’s racist as it clearly is not as we are all monkeys if we believed in evolution, but rather, because it is derrogatory.

Then again, maybe all he is saying is that the White House has been more fun in the last years than a wheeled barrel of monkeys!

Medias really should be reporting that the image is derogatory, not that these things are racist, because race is not the matter, it’s about monkey business, something pretty routine in Washington, CD.

Ain’t gonna happen though as that would tone down the drama and end the fighting, and without fighting, who would watch TV?

So in the theme of ending all wars at the dinner tables and bars and at work lunch tables, let’s just look at this and how this barrel of cute adorable animals that are so loving and kind represent all of us because we all came from that barrel and ignore the monkey business of media goons that love watching everyone fight.

image credit Charles Darwin at 51 years of age, he is known as the father of the theory of evolution and this image is in the Public Domain

other images are of the internet domain

Renew the fight

While most of the world is tired of all the fighting, and realizing that most war strategies are failures and/or way too destructive, those who wage war on viruses want the wars to never end. There are those in this war business that do make a pretty penny off it you know…..

So here we have a Yahoo! News headline dated 7/21/2o16 (click on image to read story) that says Prince Harry says world must revive urgency in the A fight (A stands for AIDS).


Inaction?? I just saw little smart cars, brand new, with logos on them in orange and white that say “Ge+ Tested” displayed in authoritative glory in front of the Palm Springs Desert Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Project. Those annoying buggers run around town and infect gay neighborhoods, street festivals, and gay bar parking lots (not straight bars or hotel bars where straights go to pick up sexual partners, noooooooooooo we wouldn’t have them go there because these people wouldn’t stand for it).

So at taxpayers expense we see that the fight is expanding, the disgusting homo blood ban wall still there not allowing us entry into the country of blood donations remains intact unlike our cock foreskin that Jewish doctors gleefully removed from our unsacred bodies making them sacred again, and that discrimination continues to hold it’s head up high because of this disgusting war.

I doubt Prince Harry has done any real research on this topic like I have and others have who don’t listen to contradictory mainstream theories that really make no sense at all. I don’t think he understands or ever heard how the images of “the virus” are thin slices and are so riddled with interpretation possibilities which the true experts in understanding how to understand such electron microscope imagery say that it’s quite the stretch to claim that what is seen in these thin slices is a threatening virus. These TRUE/EXPERTS say it’s nothing more than cellular debris (cellular shit) being pooped out of the cell.

Alas, he’s just doing what all politicians, salesmen, and famous figures do, and what all warmongers do, constantly call us to arms, entertain and sell us stuff that we don’t need or sell us stuff that we feel can’t live without, and keep the war machines running.

Oh wait, I am wrong, movie stars usually say END/THE/WARS. My bad. But wait, they keep calling to arms with the AIDS/WAR. My good.

Dear dear Harry, (and other celebrities who we can totally trust will never mislead us with other people’s money and bad information) please come to Palm Springs and let me show you how the war has bombarded this area, the casualties, and what can be done to STOP/THE/WAR. I will gladly pick you up and give you a tour showing you all the destruction so you can go back and start telling everyone to END/THE/WAR/ON/AIDS instead of expand it.