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Neil Degrassie Tyson or something is accused of sexual whateverness.


It’s like watching the used car salesman scum that ripped you off get scammed.


Human Immunoeieiodeficienceieio Virus Fawlty Test Results Infected man is being accused of infecting 75 teenagers.

The madness continues.

The information age has made more zombies than ever who cannot understand the most simplest of concepts, that if a virus can travel on a needle it can travel on a needle, and thus, since mosquito knitting needles are not causing transmission of the virus, neither can dicks.

Or better put, if there actually was such a thing as “HIV” as is described as a virus that attacks immune systems, and transmitted by dicks, and needles, well then there would be viruses being transmitted to everyone via mosquitoes just like malaria.

LIES/ARE everywhere on the matter. Governments everywhere have been duped. They just can’t seem to understand.

Where’z the beef¿

The woman “ran out of gas” she says on the highway and a homeless man gave her $20.

She “was so pleased” at his self-less-ness that she set up a go fund me page.

Now it seems a year later that she and her pal seem to have gone and funded themselves, that’s the allegation and the homoless dude seems to have a lawyer who says the money is gone, all $400k that was collected from good people who were touched by the televized and internetized story.

When I first hear this sob story a year ago, listening to Kate McClure tell it, I had a sick feeling in my stomach.

That was because I ate too much sugar which for some reason does not contain WARNING: labels.

I did not trust her. I heard her tell her story again on other interviews, something was amiss. I felt like it was a con game, too unbelievable, seemed set up though the homeless guy seemed real.

Now they missed the deadline to provide the judge an accounting of where all the money went, they are in contempt.

The dude’s lawyer says that Kate McClure and Mark D’Amico have a new BMW and have taken trips to Las Vegas.

I would guess that’s where the money went.

Go fund me says they will cover the money lost so reports NPR.

I am often very suspicious of those who go public with their stories when there seems to always be money flow involved.

This happened with the Holocaust In Virology (HIV) early daze in it’s hysterical founding. It’s so much harder though to prove something amiss with viruses though as no one can see them. Testing doesn’t even see them yet the liars in the industry keep claiming it does. It’s a stretch how they define it but it’s obvious to those who understand how deceit works in channeling psychic energy.

Armed shopper stops mass shooting at Walmart

He had a concealed carry weapon and stopped what could have been yet another mass shooting.

“In the parking lot of the Walmart, the carjacker allegedly got out of the first stolen car and tried to steal another vehicle. The carjacker then shot the driver before he was shot dead by an armed bystander.”

This was in Washington. It’s got a lot of liberal retards that want more restrictions on guns while no restrictions on knives, rocks, axes, or scissors.


Now viruses are the good Dr.

It just never ends, they say one thing then they contradict themselves. It all sticks to some people.

Ewwww gewey.

Others throw it in the trash.

This time they say that viruses helped kill bacteria.

Yep, you heard right, V’s kill bacteria.

Here’s a few fantastic bits from the article in Ars Technica:

  1. Loyola University Chicago researchers found the sac-like organ brimming with never-before-seen viruses that can kill and manipulate bacteria.
  2. Phages have long been considered potentially valuable tools for manipulating and killing bacterial populations.**

Phages is pronounced FAGS or FEYGES.**

They devour bacteria. They are more commonly referred to as bacteriophages like the term immunodeficiency.

In reality this is not a new discovery, the concept goes back to the 1920’s.

Wikipedia page clearly states, “Phages were discovered to be antibacterial agents and were used in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia (pioneered there by Giorgi Eliava with help from the co-discoverer of bacteriophages, Felix d’Herelle) and the United States during the 1920s and 1930s for treating bacterial infections.

Oh this would be absoulutley fabulous if someone came along and published a study saying that HIV actually was there to eat bacteria, that they got the whole thing wrong.

Oh how quickly we forget (or never even been told by authorities) about how Peter Duesberg and many others did already, telling us HIV was Little Red Riding Virus and the BBW (Big Bad Wolf i.e. HIV) is something entirely different.

Deusberg, father of retrovirology, said that RETROVIRUSES have no ability to harm big bad wolfs or humans. They are like bunny rabbits in a forest.

See HIV theory run.

They laughed him out of grants. No one can seem to understand these simple concepts.

HIV is a bacteriophage. It infects dead cells. The popular claim is that HIV infects cells, yes it does, I agree, but it’s dead ones. Healthy ones are not that stupid. To believe the standard old fashioned disco daze fashioned HIV/THEORY that claims all cells are infected, would be like expecting us to believe that the builder of a bank is going to let the protection around the millions of $$ stored in all of the safety deposit boxes be broken into and not be stopped. The only way that could happen is if there were no humans anywhere to be found protecting that bank.

Here is a phage that is “attached to a cell wall” used with permission by Dr Graham Beards

Looks just like HIV. HIV is a phage.

Let’s now call it HIP.

The Human Immunodeficiency Phage.

Turn the phage.

Another thing that is said about HIP (HIV) is that it infects the cell, killing it.

This is like saying bugs are getting inside the carcass of a dead cow and that in order to save the planet we must kill the bugs getting inside that dead cow.

No stupid, it’s nature says the farmer.

But then the goons at the CDC show up and say spray insecticides to kill the bugs.

Feature image of another fairy tale where the wolf wants to eat a girl which is like the fairy tale of how viruses eat bacteria and HIV is a big bad wolf is in the public domain By Jessie Willcox Smith (1863 – 1935) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

** it is very interesting to note the use of the term phages when describing killing bacteria. They stop using the term virus. It is important to understand that phages is the broader category, A bacteriophage (bacteria associated phage) is a virus that enters the bacteria. Phages can infect