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Never apologize to the left

So says a friend of Roseanne. In an interview she stated, “(T)hey would put me in the same box where they have people who call for the death of all Jews and want to enslave all black people. [The same box as] real racists that actually exist,” she said. “They put me in a box…

Typical Male Macho Piffle

TMMP was mentioned on an episode of “The Facts of Life” that aired this morning. Today it’s called TM.* It’s the exact same thing. TM/TMMP. I like that term, typical male macho piffle. It was stated when Blair was trying to break up a fight that was threatening to occur between two male sports rivals….


HIV – the virus that is the premier religious symbol of being gay – is now said to be preventable from becoming infectious.** ROFL When you read the gobbledygook these sci-fientists write about this stuff it’s like taking a trip with Dr. Spock through space, except he actually uses logic, these guys don’t. The fantastical…

Game changer!

So it’s all a big game. Now confirmed. snapshot from Google news on June 15, 2016