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Rise and fall

The headline says that MUMPs are on the rise again regardless of vaccination. OMG this is hilarious!

Ok, ten minutes later after I stopped laughing, I thought we might use logic once again, which 97% of the population does not do regarding immune-I-zations.

Vaccinations are claimed to provide immunity, immune from mumps for example, once vaccinated.

Libtard states like California have enacted laws based on the hysteria of contracting mumps and other diseases, forcing this garbage into the bodies of children, otherwise they become illegal schoolers if they go to school every day with out these shots of mump virus.

They are not allowed in school without these “immunizations”.

I put that in quotes because they do not provide immunity, as we finally even see here presented by the Atlanta Journal Constitution which headlined “Vaccinated or not, the mumps are on the rise again”.

Th flawed but very lucrative concept of “immunization” is based on the idea that by forcing the immune system to kick in and fight an injection of mump virus when a person is fairly well, the body develops antibodies to fight off any infection later.

Makes as much sense as forcing someone into the cage boxing ring with a professional fighter in order fight off the attacker, to make your body defend itself later in case it ever finds itself in attacked by a professional fighter.

Who are these claimants? Medical industry! Drug manufacturers! County health officials! TV personalites! They know everything!

Obviously the vaccines don’t work. Duh.

Speaking of personalities, Chuck Norris says his wife was harmed by standard medical practices, saying she was harmed by an MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imagery scan where they inject into the body (like they inject mumps) a chemical to help with the imaging. According to the article in found here the chemical used is called Gadolinium.

Mmmm delicious!

Let’s inject this lovely piece of metal into ourselves so we can take pictures!

Image snapshot of Google News from 11/7/2017

Feature image showing forces affecting Earthlings by User:Stannered

Image of a metal found in the table of elements that is injected into bodies by By Unknown –, CC BY 3.0,



Only rainbows

No more clouds and rain coming from that TV/BOX where we used to hear rants from Bill O’Reilly on FOX/NEWS, only rainbows.

Well not exactly, but for now the vocal giddyites are extatic, parading around like they are at Mardi Gras throwing their underwear to the crowd.

So now with the firing of Bill O’Reilly, when we watch T/V there will be nothing but sunshine and Teletubbies.

No more nasty/speak. No more shouting. No more offensive behavior. No more prejudice. No more fighting.

Just like how it is when people are all drugged up on pain killers.

Sorta like an old folks home.

Just how we want the planet.


Feature image of rainbow which will never appear again because when Earth fires storms for being too harsh they no longer appear, nor does the rain that makes them, nor does the flowers in spring appear anymore, all because storms are politically incorrect in our new libtardastic society.