Health issues are complex.

A certain virus particle is widely believe to lurk in men, be transferred by cocks, and wreak havoc on immune systems.

The Devil is also widely believed to wreak havoc and is equally a fantasy.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you it can only be a certain way.

HIV is a big fat lie, unless you are referring to Holocaust In Virology, then that is the truth.

Think and study for yourself and ask yourself, if this so called virus is lurking and can be “transmitted by dirty needles” why aren’t the experts telling us about flying dirty needles attached to mosquitoes and to be afraid, very afraid of those?

Apparently there is no virus as they claim, because if it was real, everyone would be “getting it” by having sex with their back yards.

some key points on health may be discovered here

Feature image of Borch lady washing her hands – 1655 – by Gerard ter Borch [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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